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Never Say Never Chapter 45-46

Chapter 45

At this point, he suddenly stopped, and I couldn’t help the curiosity in my heart and looked up at him and said, “What happened after that?” My voice was hoarse because I had just cried.


Seeing that I took the initiative to ask him, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a few smiles, and he lightly dropped a kiss on my forehead.


Continuing, “Later, my grandfather and I both fled all the way back to the territory, fleeing all the way, so it was very messy, on the way we met a pair of siblings, they went from Kyoto to do business outside the country, my grandfather and I lost basically all our finances and documents on the way to escape, so we had to borrow money with this pair of siblings to return to the country, but I didn’t expect those desperadoes would follow us all the way, and later even dragged this pair of siblings ……”


Having said that, I probably guessed something.


Looking at him, he said, “It’s Lu Xinran and her brother?”


He nodded, “Lu Yan hurt his heart at the time, I took him back home to recuperate for some days, originally he could have been cured, then something happened and after he left, he entrusted Xinran to my care.”


“They saved your lives as brother and sister, why didn’t grandpa agree to you and Lu Xinran?” It stands to reason that if Grandpa could agree to me marrying Fu Shenyan, why not Lu Xinran? After all, she had appeared early and the siblings had saved them?


Seeing me looking at him with big bulging eyes, he suddenly smiled and said, “No hard feelings anymore?”


It was the first time he had ever smiled at me, gentle and clean, no longer cold and violent, only joyful.


I froze, a little embarra*sed for a moment, and broke away from his embrace, “You haven’t answered me!”


“None of that matters, it’s late, we should go to bed!” As she spoke she pulled me into her arms again and pressed my hand between his legs, her voice hoarse and low, “Shen Shu, if you light a fire, you have to put it out!”


I stared at him for a moment, unbelievably, my face turning red to blood, this man ……


“I have not recovered well!” I spoke, my voice small as a mosquito.


He was breathing a little heavily.


I ……


I was ashamed of myself this night ……


The tossing and turning of the night did not end until the latter part of the night, when he held me and cleaned me before embracing me and falling into a deep sleep.


In the early morning, the sunlight spread into the room through the cracks in the floor-to-ceiling windows, dappled light falling like starry candle flames.


I slept too late last night, and Fu Shenyan left early for work. I dawdled for half a day before I got up from the bed, looking at the messy bedroom, still vaguely filled with the scent of last night’s confusion.


The scene in my mind about last night came up unconsciously and embarra*singly.


I never knew that Fu Shen Yan had such a side to him!


I had to go to the office today, and by the time I finished packing myself up, it was almost 10 o’clock. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, so I drove straight to the office.


I parked my car in the garage and when I got on the lift, I met Qiao Zhuan Yan, who was holding a pile of documents in his hand, and his secretary.


He said sarcastically, “Director Shen has not yet taken up the position of ceo and has started to put up a show as president, is this Fu’s going to change into Shen’s?”


The Fu’s originally started with real estate, but over the years it has also started to plunder other markets, Qiao Zhongyan originally also ran his own company, but because Fu’s went public and needed capital flow to support it, Qiao’s merged with Fu’s.


Although I was also a shareholder, I did not have many shares, and these shares were left behind by Grandpa Fu, and although they were in my name, my right to use them was basically in the hands of Fu Shenyan.


I didn’t start out in the director’s position, I climbed up through the ranks over the past two years. Of course, in the eyes of outsiders, it wasn’t difficult for me to climb up the ladder with my status as Mrs. Fu.


In Qiao Zhongyan’s opinion, I was only able to sit in the position of director because of Fu Shenyan, so he did not think much of me.


Chapter 46

Scanning the paperwork in his hand, it was his electronic technology filing, and it seemed that there was another new product coming to market recently.


“Mr. Qiao is very serious, Fu’s will always be Fu’s, I’m just a small director but I’m not feeling well and I’m taking two days off, I’m really grateful to have Mr. Qiao’s attention, but I think Mr. Qiao is quite busy with his work, it’s better to mind your own business, if you put too many things in your heart, you’ll inevitably make mistakes.”


The three of us were alone in the lift, and I didn’t mean to give in to him, but after all, his secretary was still there, and it would be embarra*sing to argue with him like that.


The lift opened and the words he was about to say were stuck in his mouth, but he just gave me a cold look and left.


When I returned to my own office, before I could sit down, Han Shuang came in and looked at me and said, “Mr. Shen, Mr. Fu wants you to go to his office.”


I hadn’t even sat down yet, how did Fu Shen Yan know that I was coming to the office?


I nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll be up later.”


Fu Shen Yan’s office.


The large office area is empty and silent, and only Fu Shen Yan could live in this environment.


I swept around and saw that Chen Yi was busy with something on the computer in the secretary’s office, so I walked up and knocked on the door of the secretary’s office.


Hearing the movement, he raised his eyes and looked over, seeing that it was me, he froze and said, “Mr. Shen, the president is in Mr. Qiao’s office, he’ll be here in a moment.”


I nodded my head, “You get busy!”


I then went into Fu Shen Yan’s office, found a book on the bookshelf and sat down in the lounge area to look at it, a bunch of things came up after the completion of that project by Dean Lu, so the company didn’t continue to arrange any projects for me.


Fu Shen Yan called me up this time, mostly to arrange for the next period of work.


But when I thought about my plans for this period of time, I was torn again. It would have been better if Fu Shen Yan had remained indifferent to me, but his attitude had changed so much recently that I began to hesitate.


What does leaving at this time mean for me and for the children?


“Third brother, when Lu Yan left, you promised him that he would take good care of Xinran, but now that you are treating Xinran like this, have you considered Lu Yan’s consideration for Xinran? Besides, that woman Shen Shu and you don’t fit at all?” The voice was agitated and eager, and I could hear that it was Qiao Zhuan Yan’s.


I wasn’t eavesdropping, but they just walked in and spoke so loudly that I couldn’t help it even if I didn’t want to listen.


Fu Shenyan and Qiao Zhuangyan entered the office and when they saw me, Fu Shenyan raised his eyebrows, “When did you get here?”


“Just now!” After answering his words, I glanced sideways at Qiao Zhuan Yan and saw that he looked indifferent.


“There are two companies under Huayu that have new factory products listed this month, you go and follow up on them, and also keep an eye on Huayao’s movements.” This is what Fu Shen Yan said to me, he handed me the file on the desk and continued, “In addition the company’s annual audit is coming up, the original deadline for cooperation with ac has arrived, you go and look at it with the finance, if it is necessary to continue cooperation you go and follow up, if not continue cooperation, you go to the credit audit and talk to their boss Chen Xing. ”


“Haven’t we always worked well with ac? Why should we suddenly change audit companies?” Qiao Zhongyan took over, puzzled, “Besides, Credit Audit has only been established for a short time, it’s a small company, and it would be a problem if something happened if Fu’s such a huge capital chain was handed over to them.”