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Never Say Never Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39

Cheng Junyu walked over to the sofa and sat down, gave me a look and said, “This has nothing to do with love, if you have a heart to be with Shen Yan, just confess this to him, he has his own way of dealing with it.”


What way?


I didn’t ask this, everyone has their own way of thinking, I don’t know what Cheng Junyu’s way of dealing with it is, but I know that this child is mine alone after all.


Fu Shenyin originally didn’t have much love for me. If grandpa was still alive, I could rely on him to keep Fu Shenyin captive for a few years, but with grandpa gone, I’m not confident I can hold onto him for long.


It’s not a wise choice to take a risk with a child.


After a moment of silence, I said, “I’ll trouble you about the child, other times, I have my own plans, thank you Dr. Cheng.”


Perhaps feeling that I had not listened to his words, Cheng Junyu frowned slightly and said no more.


Sighing, he said, “I have something to do this afternoon, remember to take your medicine, I’ll leave now.”


After sending him off, I didn’t eat the bowl of brown sugar eggs that Fu Shen Yan had cooked, my stomach was a little upset, it was probably too early in my pregnancy to have a reaction to pregnancy vomiting, but I really didn’t want to eat anything.


I went back to the bedroom and continued to lie down for a while, then my phone rang, it was an unknown number, I picked it up.


The caller said, “It’s me, Lu Xinran!”


I froze and frowned, “What is it that Miss Lu wants to see me about?”


“Let’s talk! I’ve sent you the address on your phone.”


After saying that, without giving me a chance to retort, she hung up the phone.


I was a little confused as to what Lu Xinran was looking for me for at this time.


However, it seemed that it was basically all related to Fu Shen Yan.


But, why should she say she wants to see me and then go and see me like hell? Looking at the address sent by Lu Xinran, I leisurely sent the screenshot to Fu Shen Yan with the message, “Miss Lu asked me to talk, I was afraid that if I got excited, I would beat her up again, so I declined.”


A moment after the message was sent, Fu Shen Yan’s phone call came.


When I answered the phone, I leaned on the balcony of my bedroom and looked out the window, and said in a rather leisurely manner, “Mr. Fu, what’s up?”


As soon as I said this, I could clearly detect the man on the other end of the phone frowning slightly, a little unhappy, “Where are you?”


“At home!”


“Hmm!” After a pause, he spoke, “Rest well at home!”


I nodded, “Got it.”


I hung up the phone, unable to sleep and with nothing else to do, I simply went straight to Fu Shen Yan’s study.


I was so busy with work that I seldom had time to come to the study to look through the books, but when I had time to rest, I could be lazy.


Fu Shen Yan’s study is very large and has many different kinds of books. I was bored and flipped through some books with pictures for a while, and it didn’t take long for my back to ache.


I had to put down the books in my hands and wander around the study, when I overlooked a small, old-looking cabinet in the corner of the calligraphy.


Out of curiosity, I looked through it and found some photos, all of which were dated, but I could tell that they seemed to be pictures of Fu Shenyan as a child.


I had never met Fu’s parents, but I saw a yellowing photo of two young men and women holding a doll in their arms, smiling benevolently.


The man’s eyebrows look a bit like Fu Shenyan’s, and he looks a bit like his grandfather, so he should be Fu Shenyan, while the woman is gentle and elegant, so she should be Fu Shenyan’s mother.


As I continued to scroll back, I felt that something was wrong. In the next few photos, the doll Fu Shenyan’s parents were holding became a girl, so I was a bit confused.


The first time I looked at the photos, I found that there were indeed several photos of a girl of two or three years old standing next to Fu Shenyan’s parents, and that Fu Shenyan’s parents had only one son, and did not seem to have a daughter.


Then who was the little girl in the photo?


Chapter 40

Because I couldn’t figure it out, I guessed it might be a child from a former neighbour’s house, and without thinking much about it, I went on to the next page.


The photos at the back were of Fu Shenyan at school. Grandpa was so thoughtful, he had written down every process of his growth.


When I turned to the back, I saw a group photo, which looked to be a few years old, Lu Xinran, Cheng Junyu and Qiao Zhuan Yan were all there, but there was another person in the photo.


It was a boy with clear eyebrows, looking sunny and enthusiastic, several of them were originally the pinnacle of life, all extremely good-looking, but this boy did not look well, looked a bit sickly, because I did not know him, I did not look into it.


In the middle of the four boys stood a girl whom I knew as Lu Xinran, who at that time was still a bit green and looked pure and lovely.


She looked like a little princess who had been held in her heart, and was really happy.


After flipping through the photos, I felt a little blocked in my heart, Lu Xinran and Fu Shenyan had so much past, and I had only met Fu Shenyan for two years.


If it wasn’t for my grandmother’s illness and the fact that she was desperate so she brought me to Grandpa Fu, I wouldn’t have been able to marry Fu Shen Yan.


It is true that I only married Fu Shen Yan because of my grandmother and Grandpa Fu, and it is also true that he had no feelings for me.


After all this time, I had never given much thought to why Grandma and Grandpa Fu knew each other. It was logical that the Fu family was a high family and Grandma was an old rural woman nestled in the countryside, so how could these two people have known each other?


As I thought about things more, I couldn’t help but get a little lost in thought.


I didn’t know if it was because I was pregnant, but I didn’t feel hungry even though I hadn’t eaten anything all day, only that my stomach was uncomfortable.


I went downstairs and searched the kitchen for half a day, but Han Shuang had sent me enough ingredients, and after searching for half a day, I saw that there were still cucumbers in the fridge.


I didn’t notice Fu Shen Yan coming back, and only when I came out with the wet cucumber did I see the man sitting in the living room.


When did he come back?


When he heard the movement, Fu Shen Yan turned around, his dark eyes fell on the cucumber in my hand, a pair of handsome brows knitted, his voice low, “What are you doing with it?”


I froze and said rightly, “To eat!” What else can I do with this thing but eat it?


Fu Shen Yan sneered, “I didn’t satisfy you? You need it?”


I ??????


I couldn’t follow his train of thought, what do you mean I need it?


Seeing him get up and walk towards me, his face cloudy, I was a bit confused as to what was wrong with him, I raised the cucumber in my hand and looked at him and said, “Do you want one?” I had just washed two by hand.


Fu Shen Yan’s gaze became unusually deep, “No need!” With that, he had already taken the cucumber out of my hand and tossed it aside, wrapping a large hand around my waist and brushing my lips with his other fingertips.


I knew what he was going to do at this point, even if I was stupid, and subconsciously tried to avoid it, but he circled me hard, and his voice was low and dark, “It’s been a few days, it should be fine!”


This is said inexplicably.


“Fu …… um!” My voice was blocked by him, I raised my hand and tried to push him away, but men and women are different, and he was so strong that I was powerless to shake.


A sticky wetness began to spread through the air, and I stared at him ……


“Fu Shen Yan, don’t …… hiss ……”