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Never Say Never Chapter 35-36

Chapter 35

“What if I don’t apologise?” Suppressing my anger, I looked at him, all four eyes facing each other, not fearing his cold eyes in the slightest.


He frowned, his thin lips pursed, coldness infiltrating the air around him, “Woody’s bar has been quite peaceful lately?”


I was horrified, threatened, this man had used such a despicable tactic to threaten me to apologise to Lu Xinran?


I looked up to see the man’s face, the curve of his jaw still taut, with green scruff emerging, a kind of unrestrained S*xiness.


But at this moment, I didn’t care to admire this face, a coldness flooded my heart, and for a moment, I spoke, “Okay, I apologize!”


I broke his hand and walked over to Lu Xinran, suppressing all my resentment, and looked at her and said, “I’m sorry!”


Lu Xinran looked pitiful and helpless at this moment, as if I had really bullied her.


Qiao Zhongyan, who was just idle, saw me apologize and said with disdain, “A light apology for hitting someone is all that matters? What do you need the law for when you can just say you’re sorry for killing someone?”


F*ck me!


I looked at him and said in a cold voice, “What else do you want?”


He clasped his hands and said with a matter-of-fact look on his face, “We have a rule among our brothers, whoever did something wrong must be sincere in his apology, so half of us can drink and make a few friends happy and this will be over!”


F**k you!


Is this a F**king apology?


“Zhuan Yan, don’t be ridiculous!” Cheng Junyu, who had been watching, spoke up, his eyebrows knitted a little deeper.


Qiao Zhuan Yan didn’t look at him, but looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Third brother, what do you think?”


Fu Shen Yan’s black eyes were slightly averted, his dark gaze fell on me, his brows were slightly knitted, and he looked at Lu Xinran for a long time and said, “What do you think is the right way to handle this?”


Lu Xinran slightly bowed her head, her voice was very small, but everyone could hear her, “Sister Shen is after all brother Shen Yan’s wife, brother Shen Yan do as you say!”


This was green tea.


I held my breath and looked to Qiao Zhuangyan, “Say, where to drink?”


Cheng Junyu stepped forward and looked at me with wrinkled brows, “You don’t want to die?”


I knew what he meant, I still had a little life in my belly, I was already careful, another meal of wine, I was afraid that the baby would have problems.


Qiao Zhongyan was afraid that Cheng Junyu would cause trouble and looked at him and said, “Junyu, don’t mind your own business!” Then he looked at me and said, “Let’s go, Miss Shen!”


We then went to the private room they had booked in advance.


Fearing that he might not be able to kill me, Qiao Zhongyan ordered ten bottles of whisky and two cases of beer!


Looking at me, he said, “Can you afford to play, Miss Shen?”


“Heh!” I wanted to laugh, is this a game?


After asking for ten gla*ses, all filled with alcohol, Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at me and said, “The rules of the game are that you can ask anyone here to drink for you, anyone, but it depends on your ability, if you don’t have the ability, you can drink by yourself!”


Looking at the full gla*s of wine on the table, I wrinkled my brow, my hand involuntarily brushed the small of my back, and prayed in my heart, “Wa, you have to hold on!”


Lifting the gla*s, I tilted my head and downed the full gla*s, but within a few sips my stomach lurched.


“Vomit!” With a wave of nausea, I couldn’t hold back and ran towards the bathroom, lying down on the toilet and dry heaving.


Behind me came Cheng Junyu, smoothing my back and saying, “Show your weakness to Shen Yan, you are his wife, he won’t let Zhuan Yan fool around.”


I laughed coldly, I am not Lu Xinran, I can make a few men obedient just by pouting and shedding a few tears.


Without answering him, I said, “Is there any medicine that can reduce the damage to the fetus?”


Chapter 36

He nodded, “But it’s medicine at the end of the day, it hurts more or less!”


“It’s okay, I’ll trouble you to give it to me later.”


When I got up and went out of the bathroom, Qiao Zhuan Yan ordered a song on the big screen, singing a line or two, and when he saw me coming back, he narrowed his eyes and said, “What, just one gla*s and you can’t?”


I didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and took a look at the table, except for the one I had just drank, all the others were left untouched.


Fu Shenyan and Lu Xinran were sitting next to each other, I didn’t know what Lu Xinran was saying to him, but I saw him nodding with a shallow frown.


When he saw me, his dark eyes sank, and then moved away indifferently.


My heart was clogged with pain, I walked to the table and looked at Qiao Zhuan Yan and said, “I hope Mr. Qiao won’t go back on his word!”


I said I lifted the gla*s I had poured, resisted the urge to retch, and poured a few gla*ses down, I was not a good drinker, and by the third gla*s, my belly hurt.


Cheng Junyu saw what was going on and held down my hand as I lifted the gla*s and looked at Fu Shenyan, “Shenyan, she’s still your wife, you know her body, if something goes wrong you’ll be too late to regret it.”


“You let go of me!” I was already a little dizzy, and at this point I was holding my anger and aggression in my heart, pushing Cheng Junyu away and reaching for the next gla*s of wine.


I was violently blocked by a force, and then I was pulled into a familiar embrace, Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at Fu Shen Yan and wondered, “Third brother you?”


“She’s my wife, I’ll drink the rest!” After saying that, he proceeded to drink the rest of the wine, and Lu Xinran looked at him, her eyes turning red for a moment.


My stomach was uncomfortable and I repeatedly tried to dry heave several times, being held by Fu Shen Yan, unable to break free and holding back with what was left of my consciousness.


I don’t know how much Fu Shenyan had drunk, but Lu Xinran suddenly stood up and looked at Qiao Zhuan Yan and said, “You send me back!”


I could hear that the voice was tinged with anger and aggravation.


Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at Fu Shen Yan with a complicated expression, opened his mouth, did not know what to say for a while, simply followed Lu Xinran and left.


Cheng Junyu was left, and he snatched the gla*s of wine out of Fu Shenyan’s hand and looked at him, “If you don’t want anything to happen to her, then hurry up and take her back!”


She here means me!


I was a little dizzy and didn’t know how Cheng Junyu had gotten there. When I was put in the car by Fu Shen Yan, I just felt my belly hurt like hell.


The whole person covered his belly and curled up, Fu Shen Yan wrinkled his eyebrows, his big palm fell on my belly and spoke, “It hurts?”


I nodded my head, and a fine slurp of sweat had begun to spill from my forehead.


He started the car and said, “Hold on, let’s go to the hospital!”


I broke out in a cold sweat and hastily tugged at him, looking into his dark eyes and shaking my head, “Take me back to the villa, get Dr. Cheng to come, he has the medicine!”


He frowned, slightly displeased.


Afraid he would think too much, I opened my mouth to explain, “He’s the one who’s been helping me to recuperate after the surgery, he knows what to do!”


After a pause, he started the car and walked in the direction of the villa.


I breathed a sigh of relief.


Fu ShenYan’s car is good and fast, it didn’t take long to get to the villa, Cheng JunYu was originally going back to get the medicine and came quickly.


The pain in my belly slowly subsided.


I was so dizzy and sleepy that I fell asleep in a daze.


In my sleep, I heard Fu Shen Yan calling me, but I was too deep in sleep to open my eyes. I vaguely knew that he seemed to be changing my clothes and carrying me into the bathroom to give me a bath.


Subconsciously, I wanted to refuse, but I couldn’t wake up.