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Never Say Never Chapter 33-34

Chapter 33

“What are you fuming about, aren’t you bored? Let’s go, Sis will take you to a nice place.” Muzi gave me a nervous pat on the shoulder and tugged me out the door.


I followed her out of the bar, unsure, “Where to?”


“You’ll know when you go!”


The street was full of bars, I thought she was dragging me out to go shopping and said breathlessly, “Aren’t you bored taking me out to wander around instead of guarding the bar?”


“What are you talking about?” She pointed to the opulent nightclub not far ahead and said, “The bar is guarded, aren’t you bored, I’ll take you out to see the world!”


I rarely went anywhere else but Muzi’s bar, and when she dragged me into the glorious nightclub, my ears were blown off by the blaring music for a while.


Muzi made light of the situation and found a prominent spot on the first floor, then approached the manager and spoke, “Find us two young men!”


Seeing her stance, the manager nodded his head and said, “Yes, bring someone over right away to pick for the two of you.”


I looked over at Muzi and the corners of my eyes twitched a little, “What are you calling little brothers for?”


“To keep us company!” With a matter-of-fact face, she placed a gla*s of juice in front of me and spoke, “Let’s show you the men out there, picking a random one whose skills are gentler than Fu Shen Yan’s, don’t spend your mind on him all day, you need to have a bit of a temper of your own.”


Before I could say anything, the manager, who had just left not long ago, brought a dozen male models, and I froze for a moment.


“Pick one, there are all types, don’t you like the dominant president type? Look at that man in the suit, that looks and temperament, not worse than your family Fu Shen Yan!” Mu Zi said, while ordering a male model of the little titty dog type.


The male model was very kind and went straight to his side, carefully poured her a gla*s of wine, and took her hand intimately in his, and Mu Zi did not resist, and even leaned her body in the male model’s arms.


I was so shocked that my jaw dropped, this one doesn’t come around often, does she?


No wonder she’s not looking for a boyfriend ……


“What are you looking at us for, hurry up and pick one!” Muzi opened her mouth to urge.


I really didn’t know what to say and laughed, “I …… I don’t need to!”


After giving me a white look, she pointed directly at the male model in the suit and said, “You stay with her!”


After picking out the people, the other models left, and I was extra uncomfortable with the male model in the suit sitting next to me as Muzi took the little titty dog and prepared to go have some fun.


Left with me and the male model in the suit, looking at him, I said with some embarra*sment, “That, I’m not ……”


“Miss no need to explain, I know!” He looked at me and smiled lightly with his eyebrows, “It’s always like this the first time you come, just get used to it!”


I ……


I was surprisingly speechless.


“What does Miss usually like to do?” He was enthusiastic and took the initiative to find topics to talk to me.


I smiled, “Read books!”


“Poetry and books nourish people, no wonder Miss has a special temperament!”


I really didn’t know what to say and got up, “I’m going to the bathroom!”


After walking around the nightclub for half a day, I didn’t find a restroom, but I met someone I knew.


Lu Xinran and Qiao Zhuan Yan.


The two were walking side by side, meeting in the aisle, and I couldn’t avoid them even if I wanted to.


When she saw me, Lu Xinran’s smile immediately dropped and she looked at Qiao Zhongyan and said, “What’s she doing here?”


Qiao Zhuan Yan was also surprised and shook his head slightly, “When we were in the herb garden, Third Brother had already told her to go back and didn’t let her come with us!”


Chapter 34

Listening to this conversation, I did guess a few things. I think it was because these few people had come here to gather for a while and were afraid that I would follow them, so they let me go when they were in the herb garden.


“Shen Shu, why do you follow Third Brother everywhere he goes? Why are you so thick-skinned?” Qiao Zhuan Yan has always had nothing good to say about me, and when he saw me, he spoke up without a care in the world.


I didn’t bother to explain, I just said, “I’m here with my friends, you’re thinking too much.”


I wasn’t that bored, I often followed Fu Shen Yan.


Lu Xinran looked me over and narrowed his eyes at me, “Didn’t you just get rid of your baby? Why are you running around?”


“She’s lonely and empty, so she can only go out to look for her.” Qiao Zhongyan’s words had no bottom line.


I twisted my eyebrows and held my breath, “Mr. Qiao should go home sometime and rinse his mouth before he pollutes the air.”


I didn’t have a good feeling about these two, so I turned around and was ready to leave.


I was blocked by Lu Xinran, who looked at me and said cynically, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, but you’ve grown in your ability to speak eloquently again. You haven’t signed the divorce papers yet? You don’t think your brother Shen Yan will still keep a woman who died in her stomach around?”


I looked at her coldly, laughing before I spoke, “A dead man in your stomach? Lu Xinran you’ve forgotten your stomach after only a few days?”


“You ……” she turned red with anger and raised her hand to hit me.


I blocked it, “Since you want to go the route of the white rabbit, act like it, you look like this, when Fu Shen Yan sees you, I’m afraid he will dislike it!”


I shook off her hand and prepared to walk away.


But I didn’t expect that Lu Xinran would dig a hole for me here, and just as I let go, she fell down smoothly and without warning, she mounted the wall on the side.


From a distance, it looked as if I had pushed her.


There was no coincidence that Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu, who had just come over, caught the scene in their eyes.


“Shen Shu, is there something wrong with you? What’s wrong with Xinran and her saying a few words about you?” Qiao Zhuan Yan went to help Lu Xinran on the ground while shouting at me.


What do you mean, what’s wrong with saying a few words about me? I deserved to be talked about by her?


“If Mr. Qiao’s eyes and brain are useless, please donate them to someone who can use them, don’t waste resources.” This man was really particularly cla*sless, I just couldn’t understand how Fu Shen Yan could have such a person around him.


Seeing Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu looking on with their hands in their pockets, I took a look at the two of them and was so angry in my heart that I was ready to leave without even saying hello.


But my hand was pulled by Qiao Zhongyan, “You want to leave after beating and scolding people, what’s wrong with your upbringing, Shen Shu?”


“Are you sick, Qiao Zhongyan? Which one of you saw me push her? Saying I cursed, didn’t you?” I was already in a bad mood, and I didn’t want to get involved with all this, so I shook off Qiao Zhuan Yan’s hand and walked away.


When I brushed shoulders with Fu Shen Yan, my wrist was tugged and I paused to look at Fu Shen Yan.


The man’s face was blackened to charcoal, and his dark eyes were tinged with frost, so I could see that he was angry.


“Mr. Fu, something wrong?” Here, I felt that I was not Fu Shen Yan’s wife, but an outsider.


The more this happened, the harder it was for me.


The way I looked at Fu Shen Yan was also raw with anti-bone.


“Apologise!” He spoke, in a completely commanding gesture.


I twisted my eyebrows, furious, “Fu Shen Yan, what’s wrong with you? Why are you telling me to apologise?”


“You pushed someone!” He spoke, his voice low and vaguely displeased.


I pushed someone? I laughed in anger, “Fu Shen Yan, if you were blind, you would have buttoned up earlier, don’t waste it!”


“Shen Shu!” He called me by my name, his voice low and cold, “Go and apologise!”