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Never Say Never Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27

I didn’t know how much the man had drunk, so I helped him shakily down to the first floor, where Muzi looked at me with her arms around the bar and said, “Do you need my help?”


I shook my head and looked at her, “Has he settled his bill?”


Muzi gave me a blank look, “He’s going to own this bar, so what’s the point of settling the bill!”


I didn’t look into what she meant by that, but nodded and helped Fu out of the bar.


It took a lot of effort to put him in the car, and when I got in, I took half a day to ease up, my back was sweating and my clothes were damp.


I finally knew why they say pregnant women are delicate, this was a big deal and I felt like I was going to fall apart.


The man in the pa*senger seat, a pair of black eyes slightly closed, no longer the usual harsh cold, but in the night a few more soft, handsome eyebrows, three-dimensional silhouette with a sense, but really seems to be God’s deliberate preference general, rich, face, body is also good, the best of the best.


As I was looking at him, he suddenly opened his eyes, and my heart stuttered as my eyes met.


“Mmm!” I really did not react, the strong smell of alcohol with a man’s unique tobacco fragrance filled my brain, half a second tongue by his light bite, I eat pain.


My thoughts retracted, why did Fu Shen Yan suddenly kiss me?


I couldn’t catch my breath, my brain was buzzing and my oxygen was almost drained before he let go of me.


I froze and looked at him uncertainly, at this time he did not have the overriding coldness, instead his gaze was complex, but still unfathomable.


“Fu Shen Yan ……”


“The child, you have to return it to me!” He spat out these words coldly, and then leaned back in the car seat again and closed his eyes.


Me: ……


Confused for a moment, I froze, seeing that he didn’t know whether he was asleep or closing his eyes, I couldn’t spy for a while, so I simply started the car and went straight back to the villa.


The words of Fu Shen Yan kept echoing in my heart, “The child, you have to return it to me!”


Did he actually not reject this child in his heart?


When I thought of this, my heart was a bit complicated.


I think it’s a good idea to take a look at this.


If he knew that I had kept the child, he would be in an even more difficult position, originally only three people were entangled, plus a child, it would be even more difficult.


I chose to leave, is the best outcome, at least the result is all happy.


The car pulled up underneath the villa and I was a bit broken up. Bringing Fu Shenyan up to the first floor from the ground floor was really not an easy task.


After a pause, I still got out of the car, walked to the pa*senger side, opened the door and tugged on Fu Shen Yan’s sleeve, “Fu Shen Yan!”


I’m afraid he had too much to drink and his stomach was uncomfortable, and he couldn’t fall asleep, but he woke up when I called.


I opened my eyes slightly to look at me, after the speed of the black eyes swept around, his voice light, “You brought me back?”


I nodded, not knowing if he was sober or drunk, and said, “Come down, it’s getting late!”


It was almost midnight and I really didn’t have the energy to stay up with him as a pregnant woman.


He sat up straight, his slender body standing on the seat, seemingly with no intention of coming down, and not speaking, his dark eyes open, looking harmless, but I knew his temper, cloudy and uncertain.


After some thought, I spoke anyway, “Do you need me to help you down?”


“I’ll get some sun!” He spoke, and then sat still in the car.


I was shocked out of my mind by his words, now sunbathing?


Chapter 28

This is not a light drunk ……


“Okay, take your time with the sun!” I really do not have the energy to accompany him here tossing and turning, uncomfortable all over, simply I went straight back to the villa.


I was worried that he would run away at midnight, but what if something happened to him?


Struggling from side to side, I got up and went downstairs. I was surprised to see that, somehow, he had already entered the villa and was lying on the sofa in the hall.


Well, I could sleep in peace.


After tossing and turning in the middle of the night, I slept rather hard this time, and when I woke up it was already afternoon.


As I had an appointment with Dean Lu, I got up and washed up briefly before hurrying out the door and when I arrived at the office, Dean Lu was already waiting.


When he saw me, he rose with a smile and said apologetically, “I’m sorry to have delayed your work, Miss Shen!”


I calmed my breathing and asked Han Shuang to pour him a gla*s of water, then signed the completion contract and the transfer contract.


After finishing the business, Dean Lu took the initiative and said, “It’s already noon, Miss Shen hasn’t eaten yet, has she? Why don’t we have dinner together, my wife has been wanting to thank you, I don’t know if you have time?”


Originally, there was nothing to do, but when I saw Han Shuang looking at me, she seemed to have something to say, so I smiled and said, “You’re welcome, Dean Lu. Let’s find a more generous time some other day, we can get together again, I really can’t leave today!”


Seeing this, Dean Lu couldn’t say much, so he left after exchanging a few pleasantries.


I looked at Han Shuang and saw her say, “Director, Mr. Fu has asked you to come to the company, so go to his office and look for him!”


Looking for him?


I froze and said with a wrinkled brow, “Has our department made any mistakes at work recently?” Usually Fu Shenyan wouldn’t look for me at the office if he had personal matters.


Unless it was a work-related matter!


Han Shuang nodded, “The matter on Dean Lu’s side, the finance side went to General Manager Fu, who seemed quite unhappy and asked you to go to the President’s Office company!”


“Mm!” Responding to her, I went straight to the top floor.


The office area of Fu Shen Yan and his person a glance, cold and serious, big summer to come to him here can feel a cold and eerie aura.


The large office area, cold, looked around, saw the door of the conference room closed, Chen Yi saw me, looked at me and said, “Director Shen, Mr. Fu is in a meeting with Mr. Qiao and Dr. Cheng!”


I nodded my head and thought for a moment, “Dr. Cheng I know is Cheng Junyu, and Qiao is Qiao Zhuan Yan?


I walked to the sofa in the hall and sat down, looking at the time, it was already noon, I was in such a hurry to go out this morning that I hadn’t eaten anything, my stomach was unbearably hungry.


Chen Yi poured me a gla*s of water and said coldly and rustily, “Wait a moment, Director Shen, the president will take about half an hour.”


I took the gla*s of water, ignoring his cold face, and spoke, “a*sistant Cheng, has Mr. Fu been drinking a lot lately?”


Yesterday, Muzi said that Fu Shen Yan often went over to the bar, so I couldn’t help but try to ask why Fu Shen Yan bought drunk.


Hearing me ask this, Chen Yi froze and said, “Probably the president is in a bad mood!”


“Why?” The matter of the child shouldn’t have made Fu Shen Yan so up in arms, it was usually a matter for Lu Xinran.


Seeing me looking at him with a face full of curiosity, Chen Yi coughed lightly and said, “I’m not too sure about the president’s affairs!”


I ……


This person is not on the right track!