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Never Say Never Chapter 23-24

Chapter 23

Looking at his back, I sighed, having come this far, it was the best possible outcome.


“Miss Shen isn’t afraid that Mr. Fu will hate you?” A low, old voice came from the doorway, seeing that it was Dean Lu who came in with the medical records and checked my condition, he looked natural and said, “As far as Mr. Fu is concerned, this child is after all half his bloodline, even if you fooled him this time, what about next time? Paper can’t cover fire after all.”


I smiled, sat up from the hospital bed, took the case book from him, looked at it and said, “There won’t be a next time, thank you Dean for your cooperation!”


Putting the case book away, I was ready to get out of bed and leave when Dean Lu stopped me, looking at me he said, “Since you’re doing a play, you have to do it in full, have you ever seen that person who has just had a miscarriage who can get out of bed in less than half an hour?”


And yes!


I lay back on the bed again and looked at Dean Lu and said, “With Fu Shen Yan’s suspicion, he might send someone to look at my case for you, I’ll be in trouble then, Dean Lu.”


He smiled, and his old face became a little more helpless as he said, “You youngsters, really! You have to make so much trouble when you don’t live a good life! But since I’ve agreed to help you, I’ll naturally take care of the rest!”


I nodded my head and thanked her, “I’ll be grateful to Mrs. Lu.” The less people know about this, the better.


He smiled, nodded, and then left without saying much.


I lay in the hospital bed all morning until the doctor came over and explained what to look out for after the operation and took the medication, and only then did I come out of the hospital.


Han Shuang drove and waited for me at the hospital entrance, helping me into the car as I looked to her and said, “Find a way to let Lu Xinran know about my miscarriage.”


She nodded, started the car and drove me straight back to the villa.


Fu Shen Yan was not there, so I sent Han Shuang back to the office. I had just come out of surgery and had nothing to do, so I simply went straight to bed.


However, before I could fall asleep, the sound of a siren came from downstairs and I went to the balcony to see if it was Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu.


As I thought, Fu Shen Yan didn’t even want to look at me now, he just asked Cheng Jun Yu to come up and see if there was anything else wrong with me.


When I got on the bed, Cheng Jun Yu came in with his medicine box, and when he saw me, he raised his eyebrows slightly and walked beside me, gesturing for me to give him my hand to check his pulse.


I gave him my hand and looked at him and said, “Did you bring the medicine?”


He raised his eyes and looked at me and said, “That’s a good way of hiding something from the world!”


I didn’t reply, he checked my pulse, took out the medicine from the medicine chest, looked at me and said, “These are all good medicines to protect the fetus, take them regularly, as long as you don’t suffer any big blows, the fetus will develop very well.”


After a few simple words of explanation, Cheng Junyu went downstairs, and I replaced the medicine I had brought back from the hospital with the medicine Cheng Junyu had brought.


I then lay back down on the bed again. Since it was a miscarriage, I naturally had to do a small monthly period, and while it was fine to delay the project for a week, it was really a bit of a shock to have to stay in the villa for a week.


Originally I thought that aborting the baby would only be a momentary exasperation for Fu Shenyan, meaning that maybe he might just put the baby down when he saw that Lu Xinran had stopped making a fuss.


But what I didn’t expect was that the entanglement between Fu Shen Yan and I had only just begun.


There was no one at the villa, and Fu Shen Yan hadn’t returned to the villa because of the child.


In order to look good, I basically stayed in the villa without leaving home, and asked Han Shuang to send me anything I needed.


Chapter 24

Late afternoon.


Han Shuang in the refrigerator full of things, after instructing me how to eat, walked to my side and looked at me and said, “Director, the final payment of the People’s Hospital has been delayed for several days, the financial side has been calling to ask the situation, you look at your side or not to give President Lu a call?”


I ate a few bites of the durian in my hand and couldn’t stand the smell, so I simply threw it in the trash. Seeing Han Shuang still standing in a disciplined manner, I gestured for her to sit down and wiped my hands before saying, “How many days has the delay been on President Lu’s side?”


“About two or three days!” She paused and said, “It’s not a long time, but the funds over here are rather large and the company was originally expected to use them for new market development. Now it’s been delayed and it’s affecting the amount of revenue the company will make in the next quarter.”


I nodded, Fu’s liquidity is relatively fast, any partner delay will more or less cause some impact, Dean Lu’s side of the original funds is huge, these money even if it is not used to invest, even if it is put in the bank, two or three days will have a good return.


After a pause, I said, “President Lu has always kept his word, I’ve been at home these days to recuperate and have forgotten about this, the responsibility is on my side, you say hello to the finance side, as soon as I’m a little better on my side, I’ll go back to deal with it.”


“Mmm!” Responded, she got up and prepared to go cook.


I opened my phone and looked at the message from Mrs Lu, “Is Mrs Fu feeling better? The funds have been turned around on the Longchamp side, thank you for this time.”


It seemed there were no more problems on Dean Lu’s side, so I was able to go to work early, and after typing a few words back, I called Dean Lu to make an appointment to sign the completion contract after the final payment was settled.


I saw that she was in a hurry, so I said, “I’m almost well enough, so you can stay at the office tomorrow and take care of things, I have an appointment with Dean Lu tomorrow, so I can finish this.”


She looked at me and said with some concern, “Are you sure you’re okay? I thought you had to rest for half a month after a miscarriage, how many days have you been here?”


I laughed, “Do I look like I’m not okay? Besides, if I don’t step in on Dean Lu’s side, the matter will continue to drag on and the company will lose a lot of money. By then Fu Shen Yan won’t simply be cold talking to me.”


I have not had a miscarriage yet, and staying like this every day will delay a lot of things. This stomach is getting bigger every day, and if I haven’t gotten completely clear with Fu Shen Yan, I’m afraid the trouble will be even bigger.


I can only make the most of the time now to get things sorted out and then find a time to leave Jiangcheng.


Seeing me say that, she sighed and said, “Alright, but you still have to put your body first.”


After sending Han Shuang away, I returned to the table to continue eating. It was really no fun to eat alone, but now it was late and I was too lazy to go out.


I had nothing to do when Fu Shenyan didn’t come back, so I spent the next two days at home reading books and looking for a house in Jingcheng on the internet, so that if we settled in Jingcheng in the future, we would have to find a comfortable place for mother and son.


A phone call came in cold, I froze, saw the caller ID was Muzi, answered the phone, I even opened my mouth, my ears exploded.


“D*mn woman, you got rid of the baby?”