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Never Say Never Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

Han Shuang has been with me for two years and knows a lot about me and Fu Shenyan, hearing me say this, she wrinkled her eyebrows and said, “If you really agree to the divorce, won’t you be failing Grandpa Fu’s instructions to you?”


“Besides, if you agree to a divorce now, all the equity that Grandpa Fu originally transferred to your name will have to go back to Mr. Fu’s side, Director, you’ll lose more than you gain!”


Knowing what she was worried about, I looked at the time, it was already late, didn’t explain too much to her, just said, “I have my own plans, you hurry up and get it for me, I have something to go out later.”


Seeing that I couldn’t listen to her, Han Shuang left the office in a hurry and angry.


I simply packed up, found my car keys and waited for Han Shuang directly at the stairway. Luckily, she was quick and fetched her things in no time.


Handing me the bag of papers, she still said reluctantly, “Director, it’s not the best time for you to sign the divorce papers, you ……”


“Fine!” Interrupting her, I got into the lift and looked at her and said, “Work well, I know what to do.”


She wanted to say something else but the lift doors had already closed.


Coming to the garage, I started the car and went straight to the place I had arranged with Cheng Junyu.


Nanwan Xiaozhu is a relatively elegant Chinese restaurant, elegant and atmospheric Chinese style, with delicate and small dishes. Since the consumption cla*s is relatively high, so although this side is elegant and quiet, usually those who come over are relatively rich people.


Because I had booked a table in advance, when I entered the restaurant, I went straight to my reserved seat, and to my surprise, Cheng Junyu arrived early.


I was surprised to see him in a clean and tidy casual style, sitting by the window with a distinguished air, his long and slender fingers tapping on the table with one hand, but leisurely and at ease.


“Sorry I’m late!” I opened my mouth as I sat down opposite him and called the waiter to prepare my order.


He was staring out of the window, but when he heard the movement, he turned around, and when he saw me, his handsome eyebrows rose, and he said with a reckless smile, “How can you be late when a beautiful woman is treating you?”


It was rare to see him smile, so I pushed the menu to him and laughed, “Has anyone ever said that when you smile, you’re especially gentle and clean?”


He raised his eyebrows and didn’t touch the menu, instead he gestured for me to order, his phoenix eyes slightly narrowed as he looked at me and said, “You’re the first!”


I smiled and didn’t push my luck with him, simply ordering a few dishes and trying to order something he might like.


Handing the menu to the waiter, I took a shallow drink of water and saw him just looking at me with a smile, not saying anything.


I froze slightly and put the gla*s of water down wondering, “I have something on my face?”


The corners of his mouth rose and he could tell he was in a good mood, “First time I’ve had dinner with a brother’s woman and I feel ……”


He paused, the smile in his eyebrows dispersed, and continued, “It feels pretty good!”


It is said that things gather in groups and people are divided by groups, the people around such a cold and indifferent person like Fu Shen Yan, naturally, will not be people who can be well controlled.


I didn’t question his words too much, nor did I pursue the meaning of his words, I just looked at him and went straight to the point, “If I have a favor to ask Dr. Cheng, will Dr. Cheng help me?”


He raised his eyebrows, leaned his slender body back, looked at me and said, “What kind of help?”


“Chinese herbs for a woman’s health after a miscarriage!”


He frowned, “That’s it?”


I nodded, “I have long heard that Dr. Cheng is a wizard of Chinese medicine, I would like to ask Dr. Cheng for some medicine to nourish my body after a miscarriage, I wonder if Dr. Cheng will do this favor?”


Chapter 20

He looked at me, one handsome brow slightly furrowed, his dark, night-like eyes fixed on me, as if he was probing the truth of my words.


I sat quietly with a smile on my face and let him look me over.


After a long time, he said, “Yes!”


“Thank you, Dr. Cheng!” When dealing with a smart person, you don’t need to say too much, just a look and everyone will understand.


As the waiter served the food, he swept a glance at me and said inscrutably, “Miss Shen’s cleverness has always been so unobtrusive?”


I smiled, “I’m flattered, it’s just a ploy to save my life, besides, Fu Shen Yan and I were originally incompatible, and this child came at a bad time.”


He took a few bites of the food and seemed satisfied, looking at me he said, “When do you plan to leave?”


I looked up at him with a slightly shocked look. I had only wanted to take care of the child and divorce Fu Shen Yan, but I had not yet decided which city would be more suitable for me to leave Jiangcheng.


I was surprised that he had even guessed my last step.


Putting down the chopsticks in my hand, I paused and said, “Maybe in these two months, I just haven’t decided which city to go to.”


“Go to Jingcheng, it’s a good place to live.” He spoke, probably having finished eating, putting down his chopsticks and drawing a tissue to wipe his mouth elegantly.


That was a good idea, and I nodded, “I’ll consider it!” Although Jingcheng is not as prosperous and developed as Jiangcheng, the pace of life is slow, so if I were to choose a city to live in for the rest of my life, it would be an ideal city.


After the meal, which was originally on me, I didn’t expect the bill to have been settled by him in advance, and as I exited the restaurant with him, I looked at him and said, “I owe you for this meal, next time I’ll treat you!”


He arrived, “I hope we can have our next meal together in Jingcheng.”


I froze and smiled, not really knowing how to answer him.


It was getting late and it was time for me to go back, walking to the car, he suddenly spoke, “Have you made an appointment for the surgery?”


Looking back at him, I nodded and said, “Tomorrow!”


Now that the decision had been made, it was natural to make it quick.


He said, “Does Fu Shen Yan know?”


“No!” I shook my head, “I have no intention of telling him either!”


He frowned and made no further comment.


I started the car and saw him frowning at his own car, so I couldn’t say much, so I said hello and drove straight back to the villa.


I didn’t get out of the car, but sat down and took out the divorce papers that Han Shuang had given me.


I originally thought that unless one day Fu Shen Yan put a knife to my neck and forced me to sign it, I would not have thought that I would take the initiative to go to him with this divorce agreement.


The divorce property, Fu Shen Yan has always been generous, this villa and Fu’s annual dividends of most of the he promised to give me.


I wanted to laugh a little when I looked at these, perhaps from the beginning Fu Shen Yan thought I was here for these things, as long as I was given everything I wanted I had no reason not to agree to sign.


After a long time, I signed the papers.


When I returned to the villa, I saw that the hall was dark, changed my shoes, reached out to turn on the light and saw a cold man sitting in the hall.


I was startled to see his dark eyes looking at me in a deep, bottomless way, unable to detect any emotion, and for a moment I couldn’t decide.


Slowing down to look at him, I said, “Why don’t you turn on the light? Have you had dinner yet?”