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Never Say Never Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

Lu Xinran cried sadly, her whole body broke down and pulled at Fu Shen Yan, looking like a lost child, pitiful and helpless.


Fu Shen Yan held her in his arms and soothed her, “Xinran you are not alone, and you will not be alone, calm down!”


Lu Xinran looked at him, her eyes already red and swollen, “Don’t let her give birth to the baby, okay? I beg you Brother Shen Yan, don’t let her have this baby, or I will die!”


She spoke with determination and seriousness.


Fu Shenyan looked at her, his deep brows already stained with anger, “Xinran, don’t be ridiculous!”


Seeing this, Lu Xinran violently pushed her away, and with great speed, she picked up the fruit knife placed aside and slashed down on her wrist.


I didn’t expect Lu Xinran to go to this extreme, and Fu Shenyan probably didn’t either, his whole body was full of coldness, and he picked Lu Xinran up and sent her towards the emergency room in a panic.


Lu Xinran was tugging at the bedside railing and wouldn’t let go, looking at Fu Shen Yan with red eyes and saying, “Don’t let her give birth to the baby!”


I froze, how much did Lu Xinran really not want me to have this baby? Looking at Fu Shen Yan, this time I didn’t wait for him to say anything, but said, “Lu Xinran, don’t worry, this child, I ……” suppressing the pain in my heart, I took a breath and said, “I won’t have it! ”


“Shen Shu!” Fu Shen Yan was completely furious, a pair of black eyes infested with blood.


“If you don’t get her to medical attention, you’ll suffer even more if she dies!” I spoke, holding back the sourness in my throat.


Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips, his dark, night-like eyes giving me an unfathomable glance, before picking up Lu Xinran horizontally and leaving the ward.


In the empty ward, I stared at the streak of blood left by Lu Xinran’s slit wrist, blinding and cold.


The fever had receded and I had to be given nutritional fluids, so I was in no mood to stay in the hospital and simply refused to be discharged from the hospital with the fluids.


After a night of heavy rain, the whole of Jiangcheng was brand new. After leaving the hospital, I did not go back to the villa, but went directly to the Fu Group.


When I came to the downstairs of the company, the lady at the reception desk saw me and hurried up and said, “Director Shen, the wife of President Lu of the People’s Hospital is waiting for you in your office, she’s been here for about fifteen minutes or so.”


I nodded, pressed the lift and looked at her, “Tell Han Shuang to prepare some gifts for me to bring back to Mrs. Lu later, they don’t have to be too expensive, but they have to be thoughtful enough.”


The receptionist nodded her head.


When I got on the lift and pressed the floor, I called Cheng Jun Yu and just in time, he answered after two rings, “Shen Shu!”


I frowned slightly and said, “Do you have time tonight? See you?”


He seemed surprised and said after a moment, “Yes, exactly when and where.”


“I’ll send it to you later!” When the floor arrived and the lift doors opened, I hung up the phone and sent the time and place to Cheng Junyu.


I then went to the bathroom to fix my makeup before returning to the office.


After two years with Fu Shenyan, I have not gained nothing. Apart from not being able to make him fall in love with me, I have gained a lot in terms of work.


At least, I have grown from being an ignorant workplace white to now being able to at least handle various problems with ease.


In the office, a middle-aged woman in a plain peony cheongsam sat elegantly on a black leather sofa, holding her mobile phone in her hand, seemingly reading a message.


I knocked lightly twice on the hidden door, then pushed it open and walked in, smiling, “Mrs. Lu, I’m really sorry for the traffic jam and for keeping you waiting!”


When she saw me, Mrs. Lu got up and shook my hand in greeting, smiling, “No hurry, I’ve just arrived too.”


Chapter 18

The two of them were subtle for a while, then Mrs. Lu went straight to the point and said, “Mrs. Fu, I’m really sorry for delaying your work at this time, but as you know, our parents just signed a cooperation contract with Mr. Fu some time ago, but now that something so big has suddenly happened, can you see if you can talk to Mr. Fu on your side, so that you can postpone the start of construction, and also give me and Mr. Zhang a room for d├ętente.”


Fu’s cooperation with the hospital belonged to the state-owned system, Fu’s was originally a construction and trading company, and the cooperation with the hospital belonged to the construction piece, which Fu Shenyan currently handed over to me to deal with, and the long-standing figure referred to by Mrs Lu was also President Lu.


Originally, we had signed a contract that the completion of the hospital was to be settled this month, and then the official start of use was to begin, but since President Lu had used the funds originally intended for the completion of the hospital elsewhere, it could not be completed for a while.


In fact, to put it simply, the final payment could not be paid to Fu’s finances at the time the contract was signed.


After hearing Mrs. Lu’s words, I smiled with some difficulty and said, “Mrs. Lu, you also know that although I have been married to Shen Yan for so many years, but we are not that good, this money is not a small amount, Shen Yan usually works strictly, if I make a mistake in this matter, I can’t explain his side.”


Mrs. Lu was a bit anxious, her face was not very good, and after some thought she said, “Just one week, just one week of accommodation on your side, and when the long-haired man comes around, I will definitely thank you properly.”


This was not difficult to do with me, but, after a pause, I said, “Mrs. Lu, you know that Fu’s is not a small company after all, and the risk control management in this piece of capital turnover is particularly strict, if I help President Lu on my side, then I will have to bear certain responsibilities, unless ……”


At this point, I stopped and looked at Mrs. Lu, not continuing.


As if she had caught a life-saving straw, she hurriedly asked, “Unless what?”


Looking at her, I hesitated for a moment before saying, “Unless I have a valid reason on my side to delay the work.”


Without waiting for Mrs. Lu to say anything, I added, “Now that I think about it, there’s just one thing I can use as an excuse.”


“What is it?” Mrs. Lu asked, holding the gla*s of water in her hand and looking at me.


“I need to trouble President Lu to arrange a gynaecologist and obstetrician for me and arrange a time for me to have an abortion!”


Just as my words left her mouth, Mrs. Lu’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at me and said, “Mrs. Fu is pregnant?”


I nodded, “Six weeks!”


“Why do you need an abortion when you’re already six weeks, does Mr. Fu know?” She was a bit puzzled and after a pause said, “You and Mr. Fu are not young, this baby is just in time!”


I laughed, not being able to say much, and looked at her and said, “Shen Yan and I are not ready to have this baby yet, so ……”


After a pause I said, “It’s also just in time, I can take this time to put off the completion for a few days, and I have to trouble Mrs. Lu and Dean Lu to speak about this.”


“Does Mr. Fu know?” She seemed a little uncomfortable with this and looked at me and spoke.


I nodded, “He knows.”


At this point, she was not in a position to say much more, she just sighed slightly and said, “It’s a pity!”


At this point in the conversation, the matter was considered done.


Han Shuang prepared the ingredients for Mrs. Lu’s health, and after sending her away, I looked to Han Shuang and said, “Go to the president’s office and find Chen Yi, and ask him to give me a copy of the divorce agreement that Fu Shenyan had drawn up earlier.”


Han Shuang froze and looked at me and said, “Director, you ……”