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Silly Teen Chapter 94

“Don’t you run, I won’t chase you anymore.” I was watching Guo Xuefu’s trotting figure from behind and felt so happy that I shouted while making a fast running motion, in reality keeping a distance from Guo Xuefu.

Our chase attracted a large number of sideways glances and, because of Guo Xuefu’s reputation, also led to the blocking of the self-styled flower protector.

“Hey kid, stop, don’t chase my goddess.” When I heard more and more voices coming from the crowd as well as many of my fellow boys in PE cla*s, I had to stop in my tracks and watched as Guo Xuefu rushed through the crowd and ran ahead. When Guo Xuefu heard the voices behind her, she even took the time to twist around and make a face at me. I gave her a fierce glare.

Looking at Guo Xuefu, who was already running away, and the growing crowd, my heart was filled with melancholy.

“Chao, how come it’s you?” Suddenly a voice came in through the crowd, and I fixed my eyes to see that it was Guan Dongxuan, and I felt very happy to see him.

“Dongxuan, hurry up and help me out here.” I gestured to the crowd around me and waved excitedly at him to help figure out what was in front of me.

“Disperse, disperse, what’s there to gather around, hurry up and disperse, D*mn it, all have nothing to do, right?” With Guan Dongxuan’s words, the crowd slowly dispersed, looking at the eyes that glared at me before they left, I was really afraid that they would tear me apart.

“Chao, it’s alright, don’t be afraid, with me here, they won’t dare to do anything to you.” When the students surrounding me had finished walking away, Guan Dongxuan walked up to me and said with a smile on his face.

“Dongxuan, it seems you’re really doing well at school, everyone knows you and everyone buys your face.” I looked at Guan Dongxuan, although I didn’t want to pursue the past, but looking at his face made me feel uncomfortable.

“It’s not true, Brother Dong, isn’t mine yours? If that’s what you want, I’ll find a way,” Guan Dongxuan said, lowering his posture and begging me for mercy.

“Forget it, I don’t want to be famous like this, if there’s nothing else I’ll leave first, I have things to do.” I patted him on the shoulder and then spoke quickly.

“You’re busy, Chao, I don’t have anything to do.” I glanced at Guan Dongxuan and felt that he was smiling a bit falsely, in a way that gave the weasel the feeling of worshipping a chicken.

I shrugged my shoulders and ran quickly towards the table tennis table, after all I had been away for too long, there wasn’t much time left in PE and if I didn’t play then I wouldn’t be able to play table tennis with Zheng Hua in this cla*s.

When I arrived, I saw Guo Xuefu and Zheng Hua talking and laughing. I quietly walked up next to Guo Xuefu and violently covered her eyes. Guo Xuefu squirmed as if she was in great shock. With a firm grip on her, I deliberately changed my voice: “Guess who I am?”

When she heard my words, Guo Xuefu suddenly did not move, then muttered, “Stinky Jinchao, D*mn Jinchao, let go of me, really, how old are you, still playing such games, are you annoying and childish?”

I sarcastically let go of the hand that was blindfolded over Guo Xuefu’s eyes, and stared at her with some embarra*sment.

“Hmph, Jin Chao, if you keep playing such games, I’ll really beat you up, hmph.” Guo Xuefu was a little angry, but before she could finish her words, Guo Xuefu laughed at herself.

I looked at Guo Xuefu, who was angry and happy at one moment, and was a bit puzzled, not knowing what was wrong, and lamented in my heart that a girl’s mind is so hard to guess.

“Haha, well, well, you guys, don’t show your love in front of me, really, hey, Jin Chao, where did you put the ping pong paddle when you left? Xue Fu and I searched for half a day and couldn’t find it.”

Just then, Zheng Hua’s voice reached my ears, which was like a life-saver to my ears, which were already a bit overwhelmed at that time, I hurriedly answered and quickly walked towards the equipment room, after all, I didn’t know where Guo Xuefu was at that time, there was no way I could run around with the ping pong paddle.

I found the paddle and walked somewhat dawdlingly to where it was.

“Geez, you’re really dawdling, I was hoping to see how you were going to get hung up on Brother Hua? Really.” I looked at a somewhat pouting Guo Xuefu and replied somewhat foolishly starting right away to begin right away.

“Right, let’s make a deal first, if you get hung by brother Hua in a while, I want you to promise me one condition,”

“Fine, fine, whatever you say.” I was full of promises, wait wait wait, what if I win in a while, I suddenly realized, feel myself in front of Guo Xuefu more and more become as no intelligence, some dissatisfied with their own state, back to the mind hurriedly asked Guo Xuefu who has turned around.

“That is impossible, you can never win brother Hua’s.” Listening to the somewhat mocking voice, I always felt something was wrong, having been taunted by the person I liked that I was inferior to other men, even though I knew that this man could not possibly steal Guo Xuefu from myself, but it just felt like a wave of anger was wracking my heart.

I didn’t really want to play ping pong, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t play. I stared viciously at Zheng Hua across the table, making him puzzled ……

“Teacher, I’m not going to go soft, huh.”

“Yeah, let’s go, I’d like to see how much you know.” Zheng Hua responded loudly.

The ideal was bone-chilling reality was cruel, to the sound of my pain and Guo Xue-fu’s laughter, I was literally left hanging, without an ounce of wiggle room, this fight, was like an adult fighting a three year old child, there was no comparison at all.

“Alright, no more fighting, cla*s is almost over, but Chao you need to practice this, otherwise I won’t even have the desire to play for you next time.” At Zheng Hua’s scoffing, I hurriedly threw the racket in my hand to him.

“Well, Brother Hua, you don’t even think about how good your skills are, let Chao practice for sure he’s better than you.” Hearing this, my heart was filled with emotion.

“We’re leaving, bye, Brother Hua.” After saying that, Guo Xue-fu took my hand and walked towards the cla*sroom.

“Look at it, isn’t it asking for trouble to let you fight Brother Hua? I haven’t seen him lose at table tennis since I was a kid.” Guo Xuefu pinched the soft flesh of my lower ribs with hatred on the way.

“Fine, fine, Xuefu, I’ll go down and definitely practice my skills hard, and next time we’ll get the game back.” I confessed.

“That’s fine, make sure you remember your words, you hear me? By the way, you promised me something if you don’t win, don’t forget it.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget that, have you thought about it yet, what is it?”

“Well, nothing, I’ll tell you when I think of it, you just remember.” Guo Xuefu frowned a little and said cutely.

“Ah, okay, I’ll remember.” My serious expression amused Guo Xuefu as she laughed straight.