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Silly Teen Chapter 79-80

Chapter 79

There was a sudden lull in her father’s words. And as I listened to his words, I thought wrongly for a moment. Could it be that …… her dad really wants me to sleep in Ouyang Xiaxue’s room?

“Dad, although Jin Chao is my boyfriend, but at home, sleeping in my room is not too good!” Ouyang Xiaxue said very sulkily. These words, I thought, should have come out of her dad’s mouth. But at this point it was reversed. Instead of not minding, her dad wanted something to happen with us.

And her dad’s character was making me laugh a little.

“Fine, fine, it’s okay if I don’t let him sleep in your room, but in mine!” Her dad said with a harsh laugh.

“Eh, my old man is going to sleep on this hard as hell couch at night.” Her dad said even more jokingly.

“Dad ……” Ouyang Xiaxue became even more discontented.

“What, I can’t sleep on the couch?” Her dad asked back.

“But don’t you have to work tomorrow?” Ouyang Xiaxue just asked worriedly.

“What’s the fear of going to work? At most, I’ll get up and have some kind of pillow fall or soreness or something …… that’s fine.” Her dad said lightly instead.

“Okay, okay, I know. Jinchao sleeps in my room at night! Dad, you’d better go back to your room and sleep.” Ouyang Xiaxue beamed, discontented. And the look on her face was immediately causing her dad to laugh out loud with a harrumph. I was on the sidelines, but I was watching very speechlessly.

How I felt, her dad was just like those parents who are old enough to want their daughter to sleep with her boyfriend for one night, and then …… hope their daughter is pregnant the next day.

I followed Ou Eye Xiaxue into her room.

Her room wasn’t too big either, but just about ten square feet. The bed, desk and wardrobe took up most of the room. Although the room was not big, there was quite a lot of stuff. Rather, I didn’t feel any particular cramped feeling when I stood in it.

But with a bedroom of this level …… even if I wanted to sleep on the floor, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Jinchao, you go ahead and take a shower. For towels, use mine. The pink one on the wall.” Ouyang Xiaxue said.

“Wouldn’t it be good for me to use your towel. You’re a girl and I’m a boy.” I said instead, a little embarra*sed.

“My family didn’t buy new towels either. At this hour, the kiosk on the side is closed. Don’t worry about it, use mine first!”

She stressed with me.

“Okay then.” I agreed.

I stood in the bathroom with Ouyang Xiaxue’s towel in front of me.

While I was between baths, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about Ouyang Xiaxue bathing here. Ghostly, I actually picked up her towel and sniffed it between my nose. But then, a jolt went through my body. I hurriedly put the towel down.

“What am I doing all this for?” I laughed dryly and muttered to myself.

“What’s wrong Jinchao?” Ouyang Xiaxue’s voice came in right from outside.

“No, it’s nothing.”

I said hurriedly, more than a little nervous.

Even though I was in the bathroom, I was a bit afraid that Ouyang Xiaxue would find out what I was doing in the bathroom.

“Give me your clothes and I’ll wash them for you. I’ll give you my dad’s clothes, so you can put them on first.” Ouyang Xiaxue said to me just outside the door.

“No need. I’ll just wear my own.” I said to her.

“But your clothes are quite dirty and you have footprints. Is that how you’re going to go home tomorrow?” Ouyang Xiaxue asked me back.

I listened to her and had no choice but to agree.

I poked my head out from behind the bathroom door and handed her the clothes, and then also took her father’s clothes from her hands. The whole time, the most I showed was to the point of my collarbone. But I was still quite embarra*sed and she was a bit uninterested.

After the shower, it was time to watch her drying her clothes.

She asked me to go and sit in her room first while she went to have a shower and came out. But I was sitting on her bed with a rather awkward feeling in my heart.

Was I really going to sleep in the same bed with her tonight?

By the time she came out, she was already wearing a lovely change of pyjamas.

Her figure, which was already taking shape, was completely tucked in by the loose pajamas. I looked at her and stood up from the edge of the bed, “Xia Xue, I’d better go sleep on the sofa. Sleeping in the same bed with you, I’m also afraid that after I fall asleep, in case …… makes a move on you, that would be a problem.”

“It’s fine. The bed is big enough anyway, so we’ll just space it out a bit.” She said hesitantly.

“But is that really okay?” I asked, worried.

“But we can’t really let you sleep on the couch, can we? If my dad sees this, he’s going to blame me.” Ouyang Xiaxue then said.

“Alright Jinchao, don’t worry so much about it. It’s getting late, go to sleep …… me and trust you!” She said to me very solemnly. And her last words even calmed my mood down a bit. I had only known her for three days and had only seen her a few times, and she was able to let me sleep in her room.

She had said that, and if I dared to do anything to her, I would be a beast!

I lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. It seemed that Ouyang Xiaxue, who was beside me, was also like me. Although I had been in bed with many women thanks to 1908, I was lying with Ouyang Xiaxue. But when I was lying with Ouyang Xiaxue, I was instinctively nervous, and I don’t know why.

It was just that I was lying in bed and didn’t even dare to turn over, just because I was afraid of waking her up.

“Jinchao, you’re still awake?”

Ouyang Xiaxue asked in a sudden rush at me.

“Yeah …… insomnia.” I didn’t expect that it was 3 or 4 am and she was still awake too.

“Is my bed too hard?” She did ask, a little embarra*sed, at me.

“That’s not true. I sleep in a hard bed at home too ……” I explained.

“Then why didn’t you fall asleep?” She then asked back, “Is it because you couldn’t sleep because I was next to you instead?”

I listened to her words with even more embarra*sment. The reason I couldn’t sleep was because of her. But I couldn’t possibly say that to her face, could I? Not to mention the fact that more of the reason I wasn’t sleeping was on me too!

“So why didn’t you fall asleep again?” I asked instead of answering her.

“I ……”

“Uh huh?”

“It’s not much, I just thought about something and then I lost sleep too.” Her words were more of an excuse in general.

“It’s not about the night, is it!”

I asked her half-jokingly.

But along with my words, the atmosphere became even more awkward. In the darkness, I even felt that her face, all of a sudden, was flushed ……


Chapter 80

The air, too, was suddenly ambiguous because of my words. What I said about the night included her kissing me, and her grabbing my hand and placing it on her chest. And given her reaction, I’m afraid that what she was thinking about was, in all likelihood, what I was talking about.

But she forcefully retorted, “No. I wasn’t thinking about that nonsense.”

“Haha, even if you did, I wouldn’t laugh at you.” I continued to make jokes about her instead.

“You …… hate it!”

She pouted very shyly.

She then was changing the subject and said that she would pay me back the medical bills as soon as possible. There just wasn’t much of that money, and I wasn’t in a hurry.

We talked for a while and then it was off to sleep. I don’t know when I fell asleep, but because I didn’t get enough sleep, I had a headache the next day after the gas. When I woke up, Ouyang Xiaxue’s father had already gone to work, and Ouyang Xiaxue had already prepared the noon meal.

When she saw me come out of the room, she greeted me and asked me to sit down at the dining table and wait for her for a while.

In no time, she brought out two bowls of noodles.

“Wow, you’re quite good at cooking. It’s almost on par with me.” I said honestly.

“You can cook too?”

She looked at me quizzically.

“That’s for sure. When my uncle goes to work, I’m the one who tosses up meals at home.” I explained to her as I ate my noodles. I basically learnt my cooking skills from Uncle Chen’s end. Plus I learn things quickly and master it, and it’s only a matter of time.

“What’s wrong, you don’t believe me? Do you want me to show you my hand!” I still had some confidence when it came to cooking.

She laughed softly at my words, “It’s not that I don’t believe it. It’s just that I’m a bit surprised. It’s really rare for you, a boy, to be able to cook.”

I laughed and said, “It depends on what kind of environment one is from. If you come from a good family, that’s strange. But an adopted one like me has to learn to be a family man early on.”

“You’re very open-minded.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it. Conditions, that’s all.” I looked at Ouyang Xiaxue very seriously.

After the bowl of noodles was over, I saw that it was about time, and just got up and prepared to leave. But my clothes hadn’t dried yet, so I had to go back in her dad’s clothes and bring them to her some time later. But in terms of my promise in front of her dad last night …… the next time I see her, I’m sure it won’t be any less.

“Take care on your way then, I won’t see you off.” She said with a wave of her hand at me.

“It’s okay. I’m a big boy, and it’s daytime, so it’s hard to get abducted?” I said with a harsh laugh. I turned my head to look at her. At this moment, standing in front of her house, she made me feel more like a young daughter-in-law looking at her husband leaving.

I looked at her and suddenly my heart was a little touched.

I smiled back at her and waved my hand at her, telling her to go back first.

In between my departure, I contacted Cao Ge and the others. Cao Ge and the others had changed their Internet cafe and it was now the one next to our school. I took the bus there. And Cao Ge looked at my outfit and was a bit amused. Suit trousers, shirt and very ill-fitting.

“Chao, what’s wrong with you? I haven’t seen you for a night, you’ve become quite civilised!” Cao Ge laughed at me harshly.

“Eh, don’t mention it.” I said with a lot of egg on my face.

“Could it be that you went to flip some girl’s cards last night and got caught, and then you turned out like this!”

Cog asked me with a bad laugh.

“Go go go, it’s not like that.” I said with an embarra*sed smile.

“Then how was it? Tell me about it!” Cao Ge said, still unconvinced.

“Last night, I met Fatty Zhu ……” When my words came out, Cao Ge’s expression, at once, was serious. I just told him what happened last night, in general. As he listened, his whole person was even more gloomy. Because of the change in his mood, the atmosphere around him was also tense.

His little brother was on the sidelines, waiting for his next words.

Cao Ge was not in a hurry.

He lit a cigarette and took a long breath. The one who followed, snapped to attention. His little brother, who was standing at the side, was even more tense at once because of his action.

“D*mn it, this Fatty Zhu dares to touch my men, he simply doesn’t want to get involved anymore!” Cao Ge waved his hand, “Brothers, let’s go! Go and give Chao, get the scene back!”

“Brother Cao, do you know where Fatty Zhu is now?” I asked at him as I followed him.

“Just ask and we’ll find out.”

Cao Ge affirmed down.

Between his words, he was making a phone call out. On the other end of the line, it was a man called ‘Ah Chang’. While he was talking, was leading us out of the cyber cafe. Just between their phone calls, it seemed that by a man called Ah Cheong, was also coming over. A group of us then went ahead to the meeting place to wait for Achang and the others.

I was still in Cao Ge’s car.

It was after we arrived at the point. It didn’t take long to wait and a dozen of them came over. Among them I also saw Little Spot, and the slab-headed Rico whom I met last time at the Sheung Shui Tea House. When Brother Li saw me, he was still a bit embarra*sed. Little Spot, on the other hand, nodded at me eagerly and said hello.

And that so-called ‘Ah Cheong’ was a very strong man. Giving the first impression of being a fitness freak.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s go!” With an order, Cao Ge led us away.

At this moment, Fatty Zhu was said to be on Tie Shan, on his own turf. And Tie Shan, is a village on the outskirts of Xuancheng. It is basically Xuancheng going outwards, not more than two kilometres away at most. We all slowed down because there were more big cars and dragons and horses out of the city.

With a gang of nearly thirty of us and nearly twenty booster cars, it was quite an imposing drive down the road.

“We’ll give Fatty Zhu’s mahjong parlour a direct charter later, and if he’s not in there, then we’ll wait inside. I don’t believe he can hunker down and not come out.” Cao Ge then spoke to Ah Chang and the others.

“No problem.” Achang agreed.

This guy, Achang, was the boss of Little Spot and Li and the others. A group of us, according to the plan, directly surrounded Fatty Zhu’s mahjong pavilion. When the people in the pavilion saw this, they hurriedly ran out.

“Brother Cao, what kind of wind is blowing today? Why have you come over?” Fatty Zhu’s little brother asked with great earnestness.

“Am I not welcome?”

Cao Ge asked with a sneer.

“It’s not that I’m not welcome. It’s just that Brother Zhu has just gone out to do some business and didn’t come back so soon ……,” the little brother on the side explained.

But as they spoke, they saw me standing by.

They looked at me and were all frozen for a moment.

And I felt their eyes, the corners of my mouth raised a smile, and greeted them!