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Silly Teen Chapter 77-78

Chapter 77

I felt her hand and my emotions flared up. I hastily pushed her away, “Xia Xue, wake up!” My heart was pounding even faster between my words. Her hand was already on the waistband of my trousers, almost slipping into my underwear.

“Sh*t, why isn’t the doctor coming?” I said even more anxiously.

On the side, Ouyang Xiaxue looked at me, but quietly put her hand into her panties. I looked at this scene and even more suddenly exploded. I hurriedly just grabbed her hand out. But my action drew an even more sultry look from her, which drew even more displeasure from her.

“Jinchao, it’s really hard for me. Why don’t you even let me fix it myself?” She then asked at me.

“But if you solve it by yourself, you are not ……” I felt more than anything that it was definitely still the first time for a girl like Ouyang Xiaxue. If she took care of it herself in this situation, then I’m afraid she could spoil her first time, in a state she didn’t dare to envision.

And if this were any other woman, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even care if she had to take care of it herself!

It was between my very balls that the doctor who had arrived called me and asked me what floor I was on. I rushed to give them the room number. The doctor’s arrival was a long sigh of relief for me. They examined Ouyang Xiaxue in the bathroom and took her to the hospital.

I followed them there.

The doctor and I said that Ouyang Xiaxue’s problem was not serious. I advanced the medical bill, and just after the doctor had finished with her, I looked at Ouyang Xiaxue, who was lying on the hospital bed in a drip bottle. It was the female nurse who helped her change her clothes because they were soaked through.

I looked at her lying peacefully on the hospital bed, and that was when I finally relaxed.

“Well ……” she wailed and woke up, “Jin Chao, where am I?”

“In the hospital! How are you feeling now, are you still uncomfortable?” I rushed to ask her.

“Not anymore.” She spoke, but seemed to be remembering what had happened earlier and made a big red face.

“That’s good, that’s good.” In this awkward atmosphere, however, I suddenly didn’t know what to say. Under the stagnant air, we were both in our own minds, one lying and the other sitting. I looked at her, but my head couldn’t stop recalling what I had seen in the bathroom now.

And the more I looked at her, the more her face flushed. Within a few moments, her face was so red it was unbelievable.

So red that it looked like a ripe apple!

“By the way Jinchao, thank you for what happened just now.” She lowered her head in shame and spoke to me in a soft tone.

“It’s alright. I’m just trying to help out when I see something wrong. And I had a problem with that guy, too.” I said to her with a dry smile.

“A problem?” She looked at me suspiciously instead.

“Here’s the thing ……,” I told her, explaining in general terms what had happened between Fatty Zhu and me. She listened attentively on the sidelines. It looked like she didn’t have a repulsive attitude towards me as a ‘delinquent student’, and after all, I had helped her twice!

As she listened to my words, she became worried, “So, if you do this, won’t you be in danger next?”

I gave her a relieved look, “It’s okay. I don’t know how powerful this Fatty Zhu is. But he, for sure, can’t kill me either!”

I only had to talk to Cao Ge, who could take care of it for me.

If Cao Ge couldn’t, then I could still look for Xu Ying!

“Jin Chao, no matter what, you should be more careful yourself. People are in society after all.” She looked at me solemnly.

I did look at her with some amus*ment, “I think, you’d better watch out for yourself. You are so pretty, and if Fatty Zhu didn’t get you once, there will definitely be a second and third time …… By then, your situation will only be more troublesome than mine.”

My words, too, made her look gloomy.

When I looked at her, I hurriedly turned the conversation around, “But if you have any problems, you can call me immediately, I will definitely come over to help you!”

“Really?” Her eyes came alive for a moment and she looked at me even more expectantly.

“Of course!” I affirmed down.

“But I’ll definitely get you in trouble here. So …… better forget it.” She said, her eyes falling silent again for a moment. And the way she looked touched the softness of my heart. I used to be like her now. I wanted someone to protect me, but I was afraid of attracting more trouble.

What she was thinking at this moment, I could completely empathise with. After all, I was the one who had been through it.

“Xia Xue, it’s okay. This is my number, if you have anything, remember to call me first.” I entered my number on her phone. She had also asked me for it yesterday, but I didn’t give it to her.

“Jinchao, you’re so …… much that I don’t know how to thank you.” She looked at me gratefully.

“It’s okay, no need to thank you. I was a person who was often bullied before, and now I’m up. Naturally, I’m not used to seeing other people encounter my previous experiences again. Not to mention, it’s such a good looking girl like you.” I said with a chuckle and a joke.

And as she listened to my words, he couldn’t help but blush even more.

“Well, now that you’re awake, I’ll have the doctor come over and take a look. If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll send you back first.”

I said as I stood up.

“Mmmmmm, please.”

She responded to me with a nod.

I hadn’t been gone for a while when I heard Ouyang Xiaxue’s faint voice coming out of it, “Yikes, how could I have just done that …… It’s simply humiliating!” I listened to her words, my heart was even a little funny. However, I still acted as if I didn’t hear it and went to call the doctor.

After the doctor confirmed that she was fine, I told her to wait in the ward and went downstairs to buy her a set of clothes.

The clothes she had earlier were still wet. There was no way we could let her go back in wet clothes!

“Jinchao, can you come back with me? I want to trouble you to help me explain to my dad what just happened.”

She asked me with embarra*sment.

“That’s no problem, of course.”

I was rushing her to agree.

Ouyang Xiaxue’s dad was a middle-aged man in his forties, with a smell of motor oil. Coupled with the uniform he was wearing, it was easy to see that he was a repairman.

“Xiaxue, why are you back so late?” His expression was somewhat serious.

“Something happened just now ……”

“Did you go on a date with your boyfriend?”


Chapter 78

Ouyang Xiaxue her father’s sudden words, not only let Ouyang Xiaxue froze, also more let me startled. I hurriedly came forward and explained to her, “Uncle, this matter is not what you think …… I am not Xia Xue’s boyfriend. I’m just an ordinary friend of hers.”

“Haha, I didn’t think crooked either, you don’t need to be so nervous.” Her dad laughed, which also relaxed me.

“Come on, come in.” He said and welcomed us in, pouring me a gla*s of water as well.

I sat down on the sofa in the living room and surveyed the surroundings, although this small home was not large, it was extremely homely and homely. And it was between my sitting down that he looked at Ouyang Xiaxue and asked, “By the way Xiaxue, the clothes on you, why are they different from when you went out during the day?”

“Uncle, it’s better for me to explain this matter to you.” I looked at Ouyang Xiaxue’s embarra*sed face, so I stepped forward and said.

“Oh?” Her dad looked at me in confusion instead.

I took a sip on my gla*s of water and explained the matter clearly to her dad. And as her dad listened, his expression grew even more serious. Her dad sat next to me and couldn’t stop smoking a cigarette. It was all about the vicissitudes.

“Eh, it’s all my fault …… for being so old and still so useless that I couldn’t even protect Xia Xue! At that time, I shouldn’t have tried to be brave and had to get Xia Xue around. At that time, if I had let Xia Xue follow her mother. Her life now wouldn’t be so miserable.” Her dad said with great difficulty.

“Dad, please don’t say that. I don’t care how life is going. As long as our family is safe and sound.” Ouyang Xiaxue hurriedly sat down beside her dad and grabbed his hand, her eyes couldn’t help but get a little red.

“But you’re an adolescent girl too. But your requirements, dad many can not meet ah …… still have to let you go out to work to earn money. I really am ……” her dad said, and couldn’t help but lower his head even more.

“Dad, don’t say that, okay! I went out to work, that’s what I wanted to do!” Ouyang Xiaxue cried.

I watched from the side, but was touched by their emotions.

I didn’t interrupt them.

Instead, because of their situation, I thought back to my dad. Thinking back to when I was five years old, my dad grabbed bread from the mini-mart because I was hungry. Biscuits and water. He, for one, was just trying to fill my stomach. More so because I had been hungry for days at the time.

And every time I think of my dad and recall what happened when I was five years old, I have trouble controlling my emotions.

I even wanted to be like Ouyang Xiaxue, crying and letting out the emotions inside me as well. But I couldn’t! It was only because my dad had repeatedly stressed to me that a man should not cry lightly when he has tears!

“Xiaxue, you’re a good boy. It’s just that Dad is sorry for you.” Her dad said in a very painful way.

“Dad, it’s really alright!”

Ouyang Xiaxue stressed once again.

“By the way kid, thank you so much for what happened today. If it wasn’t for you, Xiaxue would have been …… today.” Ouyang Xiaxue’s father’s words were interrupted by me.

I didn’t let him go on: “It’s okay uncle, as long as she’s okay …… Right uncle, this matter, what are you going to do? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get the Golden Cross to intervene.”

Those people are socialites, even if they go in, their people will still come to the door. Then when that happens, I’ll be even less able to protect Xia Xue.”

“Dad, why don’t we leave here and go to another city?” Ouyang Xiaxue suggested.

But her dad shook his head and said, “No. Since I was a kid, I’ve been taking you around for so long because of me. What’s more, you are now in high school, which is the most crucial period. If it affects your education and your life, I will regret it even more!”

“It’s okay, Dad. Even if I go to another city, I will definitely be able to guarantee my studies.” Ouyang Xiaxue said very seriously.

“No, I don’t promise!”

Her dad said through deadly clenched teeth.

“Uncle, otherwise how about this. I usually don’t have anything to do after cla*s, I can go pick up Xiaxue.” I stood up and said, even more so because I was a bit overwhelmed. The original me, helping Ouyang Xiaxue was more because I was just ‘seeing injustice in the road’. But at this moment, I was truly touched by them.

And I am now considered capable.

I really intend to help Ouyang Xiaxue!

“Uncle, I know some people on the outside too. If something goes wrong with Xiaxue, I can help. If we really can’t solve it, my uncle is still a police officer. I can ask him to step in and help us out.” I was afraid that Ouyang Xiaxue’s father would not agree, so I hurriedly added.

Her father was even more hesitant as he listened to my words.

According to my thought, maybe he mistook me for those delinquent students who were just like the gangsters after listening to my words.

I even told her dad about my situation, even the fact that my dad was still in prison, in order to make him believe me. And they listened to me with amazement.

“Uncle, as long as I am here, I will protect Xia Xue as much as I can!” I said very solemnly.

“But it’s too much trouble for you.”

Her dad’s expression was clearly hesitant.

“It’s okay. And when something like this happens, I have a better solution than you do.” I was afraid her dad wouldn’t agree.

“But why are you so determined to help Xia Xue?” Her dad was a little suspicious of my motives.

“Because …… because Jin Chao is my boyfriend!” Ouyang Xiaxue suddenly said so.

Her words were so raw that I froze.

How could I not have expected that!

“He’s your boyfriend?”

Her father looked at me suspiciously instead.

“Yes! We …… we’ve even kissed.” Ouyang Xiaxue was proud of herself in front of her dad and had nothing to hide!

“And did it have S*x?”

“Dad, what are you talking about? We’re both still young!” Ouyang Xiaxue lowered her head in shame and pouted even more.

“It’s not like I’m an old curmudgeon, your father. Think back to when your-mother was that age, she was already married to me. What’s having S*x?” Ouyang Xiaxue her father broke into laughter instead.

For a while, the atmosphere in the room also eased.

And while Ouyang Xiaxue her father laughed, he turned his head to look at me and asked me, “Son, your name is Jin Chao, right?”

“Yes, uncle.”

I said with a nod.

“It’s getting late, why don’t you call home and rest at my house for now?” Ouyang Xiaxue’s father suddenly said. His words immediately made me dumbfounded.

Did he really take me as Ouyang Xiaxue’s boyfriend?

“If you sleep, Xiaxue’s room ……”