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Silly Teen Chapter 73-74

Chapter 73

It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten five kills!

In the end, it was too many minions and I didn’t get killed by the spring, instead I ran out. We sued the opposite side of the base and ended the game. And I turned my head to look at Cao Ge, and I was so excited.

I, a person who had only been exposed to this game for a mere ten days or so, had …… driven the pace of the game!

“Ah Chao, I told you that you can Carry the whole game!” Cao Ge laughed once and lit up a Furong Wang.

“Chao, the wave of five kills you just did was just ++++ ——– too handsome!” Cao Ge’s little brother was complimenting me from the sidelines.

“What’s wrong what’s wrong?”

Guo Xiaoming, who was on the side, then asked at me.

“Chao just took us to play the platinum game, not only did he Carry the whole game, he also overpowered and killed five people!” Brother Cao’s little brother gave a very excited explanation.

“Holy sh*t …… Chao, you are now able to Carry even platinum games?” Guo Xiaoming looked at me with a blank stare.

“Just lucky.”

I said with a dry laugh.

“You don’t call that luck, do you? It’s simply an operation explosion!” Cao Ge looked at me with amus*ment and said.

“Chao, do you have time to take me, a gold one, to platinum?” Guo Xiaoming looked at me very attentively.

“Go go go, go play aside. I’m still planning to rush for a bit of platinum 2 today, I can’t give up Chao to you.” Cao Ge just smiled and refused for me. When Guo Xiao Ming heard this, he gave a sarcastic laugh. He also put the game in his hand and stood right beside us.

He said he was coming over to observe me in action, but he was also the one who disrupted my rhythm in the process.

Guo chattered away and kept making all sorts of noises to disrupt my concentration too. Even Cao’s friend, on the other end of the voice, was a little too much for me. I had no choice but to push Guo Xiaoming to the side and let him find a corner to sit in first.

After the new start of the second game, I continued to pick the fielding position and carried the pace of the whole game.

As the afternoon thought on, we were close to being on a winning streak, also carrying Cao Ge’s account towards the Platinum 2 ranking.

“Platinum 2 now!” Cao Ge also said with a long sigh of relief.

“My hands are going limp.” I couldn’t stop rubbing the back of my hand. The muscles on the back of my hand had been in a state of high tension due to the rapid operation, and only now were they relaxed.

“It’s about time, let’s go out for dinner.” Cao Ge suggested.

“Sure, it’s my treat today. We’ve made so much money today anyway!” I said with a chuckle. Since there was Guo Xiaoming’s participation in it, I discussed with him and simply took the money out and treated Cao Ge and the others to a meal, and saved any extra for the next cigarette purchase.

“Good, good, today Boss Chao is treating us, we’re going to rip him off hard. Right? Brothers!” Cao Ge then smiled, asking the crowd for their opinion.

“Yeah!” The crowd laughed and agreed.

I said indifferently, “It’s okay. There’s only nearly ten of us anyway, how much can we eat?”

“Maybe until you go bankrupt!”

Cao said with a laugh.

We were talking and laughing and we just left the internet cafe. Since Cao Ge knew of a good stall nearby, we didn’t ride our bikes. As a group of us walked in the evening dusk, it touched my heart quite a bit. Looking back, I used to walk by myself.

But at this time, beside me, there were Cao Ge and Guo Xiaoming and the others. It also at least gave me a sense of clock filling.

As a group of us sat in the stall, the owner of the shop came out with the menu. She walked around, but swayed a pair of plump buttocks, attracting the eyes. As Guo Xiaoming watched, he couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded, his eyes completely following the boss lady’s body and moving.

Liu Bingbing on the side noticed the scene and pinched Guo Xiaoming.

Guo Xiaoming screamed out in pain.

And every move between them was watched by us, moreover, it made us laugh.

“A few people, order what you want to eat oh yourself. Today’s meat, all just bought in the morning, very fresh.” The boss lady speaks between, but with a mature female flavor, but also has been a human – wife kind of charm.

“Let’s say what kind of meat are there?”

Cao Ge asked with a harsh laugh.

“Pork, beef, mutton and rabbit too, depending on how you want to eat it.” The boss lady gave a serious explanation.

“And is there any human meat?”

Cao Ge blinked at the boss’s wife.

The boss lady’s face instantly turned red: “What are you talking about! We are a regular shop here, how can we have human meat!” With that, she threw the menu on the table and told us to order it ourselves. And what Cao Ge said about ‘human flesh’ was just flirting with the boss’s wife.

What Cao Ge was implicitly saying was actually asking the boss’s wife: Are we going out? And when he asked such a question, could the boss lady not blush and run away!

“Brother Cao, you’re really something. You dare to talk to the boss’s wife like that, you’re not afraid that the boss will come out and beat you up.” Guo Xiaoming said with a hahaha laugh.

“What are you afraid of? This boss’s wife is just a little widow, I’ve even asked her out before!” Cao Ge said smugly instead.

“That’s fine Brother Cao! How does the boss’s wife feel?” Guo Xiaoming smiled, his eyes narrowed into a line.

“That a*s …… is simply great.”

Cao Ge said, with an even more reminiscent anon.

“Ahem. There are girls at the table.” I said with a dry laugh. And it was between Guo Xiaoming and Cao Ge talking, Liu Bingbing on the side was lowering her head. The big-hearted Liu Bingbing had a somewhat shy look on her face, which made me laugh a little.

After I reminded them, they all noticed Liu Bingbing’s state and laughed.

After we ordered the food, the boss’s wife had the waiter bring it up.

The meal, because of the drinking, went from nearly half past six to nine o’clock. Guo Xiaoming did send Liu Bingbing off first. But whether they went home or not, only they knew. Since Cao Ge and the others were already drunk, I just took a taxi back by myself.

When I was in the car, I suddenly felt some pain in my stomach, so I got out and bought a bottle of yogurt.

As I was still some distance away from the entrance of the district, I carried the yoghurt in my hand and walked back. But as I was walking, I had a vague feeling that someone was following me. I turned around and saw that there were really five or six people behind me. I felt even worse as I watched their aggressive approach.

And one of them was someone I had seen only this afternoon!

It was that so-called Fatty Zhu!

“Jin Chao, come here for a moment, I’m looking for you for something.” Fatty Zhu then waved at me.

And for him to appear here, surely, was no coincidence!

He must have deliberately come here to squat on me!


Chapter 74

“What’s wrong Joo.” I hesitated for a moment, but walked up. I was drunk, but I still retained a few moments of sanity and was even more aware of the danger.

It was logical how Fatty Zhu wouldn’t know where I lived ……

“I’m a bit short of money these two days. I heard that you made a lot of money today, lend me some first?” Fatty Zhu just said to me in a contemptuous tone.

“How much do you want, Brother Zhu?” I asked Fatty Zhu in a very wary manner.

“It’s not much, just two thousand.” Fatty Zhu then said to me.

“But Brother Zhu, I don’t have that much on me either.” I said to Fatty Zhu in a very embarra*sed manner. The figures he said were obviously aimed at the ones I had won this afternoon. And along with my words, Fatty Zhu’s face, instantly darkened and he looked at me with an even more unkind look.

“What do you mean it’s not that much? What about the money you earned!” Fatty Zhu then asked directly at me.

“I’ve already spent almost all of it for the night.”

I explained to Fatty Zhu.

“No matter what, you get the money out of me now, immediately, right now. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences!”

Fatty Zhu then gave me a threat.

I looked at him and he didn’t hide the fact that he was coming over on behalf of the arcade! Maybe, just because I was a ‘kid’ in high school and had won so much money from the arcade, the arcade end would be upset and would want him to get his money back.

But no matter what, Fatty Zhu was not coming in good. And if I didn’t come up with the money now, I was afraid I would be in big trouble!

I hurriedly tried to call Cao Ge.

But when Fatty Zhu saw me move, he hurriedly asked his little brother to snatch my phone away.

Fatty Zhu took my phone from his little brother’s phone and looked at me with an even lighter expression: “Yo, you want to call Cao Ge? Are you ready to ask for help with him!”

I listened to his words, my face ashen, but didn’t respond to anything.

“This matter, do you think if you call Cao Ge, he will help you?” Fatty Zhu walked up to me and said with a cold laugh, “Do you think Cao Ge will break up with me just because you’re a high school student? Oh, don’t dream!”

“Yeah, I’m sure Cao Ge isn’t so stupid as to offend my brother Zhu just because you’re a high school student.”

“Kid, I advise you to give up this idea! Even if you make the call, Cao Ge will definitely not come.” Fatty Zhu’s little brother then said from the sidelines.

Although I was, in my heart, sneering at their words, I didn’t show it. They, now, held the initiative. And even my mobile phone was in their hands. Even if I wanted to call the police or get Uncle Chen to come over, there was nothing I could do now.

At this moment, if I were to fight them, let alone whether I could beat them.

But if my behaviour made them angry. Then they wouldn’t treat me the way they are now! If they started to be ruthless with me, then I would be in big trouble!

“Jinchao, hurry up and take out the money. The money isn’t yours anyway.” Fatty Zhu then said to me.

“But I really don’t have any more on me.”

I said with a frown.

“Are you joking with me?”

Fatty Zhu’s expression went cold.

“There really isn’t any! Brother Zhu, I really don’t have any money on me anymore.” It was at him that I gave an emphatic cry.

“Search it for me!”

Fatty Zhu snorted coldly. And the little brothers beside him agreed at once after listening to his words. They walked over to me and just searched me up and down my body. I didn’t resist anything either.

“Brother Zhu, this kid really doesn’t have a dime on him.” Fatty Zhu’s little brother then said.

“Go to his house and ask for it.”

Fatty Zhu’s face was ashen.

“But Brother Zhu …… I heard that this kid lives with his uncle.” Fatty Zhu had a little brother who was embarra*sed to explain.

“And what’s wrong with that?”

Fatty Zhu then asked back in disbelief.

“But the thing is, his uncle is a cop!” Fatty Zhu’s little brother put the emphasis on it. What’s more, it made Fatty Zhu’s face look even more ugly.

“Brother Zhu, what should we do now?”

“What else can we do? Isn’t there a bank card in this kid’s wallet? Take him away! Tell him to take out all the money in the bank card for me!” Fatty Zhu said in a cold voice.

When I heard this, I became anxious: “I won’t touch the money in the bank card to death! Inside. It’s my money for college!”

“What do I care about you so much? Take it away!” Fatty Zhu said with a big wave of his hand. It was between his words that the little brother beside him, was driving according to his instructions. I resisted. But the two men beside me had a death grip on me and simply made it impossible for me to escape.

All along the way, I was thinking of ways to get help. But those pedestrians on the road saw it and simply didn’t care.

When Fatty Zhu saw that I was making a lot of noise, he turned around and punched me hard in the stomach. My stomach was in a spasm of pain. And while Fatty Zhu looked at me, he just told me to be honest, and then just ignored it and took me to the door of the bank.

He told me to hurry up and give up my pa*sword.

But I just wouldn’t say it to death.

“OK, you’re tough, aren’t you? I’ll tell you to be f*cking tough!” Fatty Zhu landed another punch on my stomach.

At once, I felt like I was going to throw up everything I had eaten at night.

“Are you going to say it or not?”

Fatty Zhu asked at me again.

But I still clenched my teeth and shook my head. When Fatty Zhu saw this, he landed another punch on my stomach. I felt my stomach churning and I finally threw up. Because I had drunk a lot of wine at night, I vomited all over Fatty Zhu.

Fatty Zhu’s hand was vomited on by me.

“My God! How dare you throw up on me? You’re dead, you’re dead!” Fatty Zhu was simply so angry that he was trembling.

“Brother Zhu, it’s not good to do it in front of the bank, let’s go to the alleyway on the side.” The little brother on the side gave a suggestion.

“Well, take him away!”

Fatty Zhu nodded. Walking in between the alleys, he had someone drop by and buy a few bottles of water and just rinse the filth off his body.

He looked at me with disgust and his tone was filled with anger, “Jin Chao, I’m giving you one last chance. Are you going to tell me your bank card PIN or not? If you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to save yourself the pain and suffering of the shop! But if you don’t tell me, hehe, what will happen to you, you know clearly!”

As I listened to his words, I naturally understood in my heart. But what I knew even better was that even if I gave him the pa*sword, he would definitely still do it.

“The last five seconds are up, if you don’t tell us, we’ll have to do it.” Fatty Zhu reminded me at once.

“Five, four …… three, two.”

His words suddenly got stuck here!