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Silly Teen Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

The old man beside me, who was over half a century old, looked at Ms. Lin and sighed as he listened to the words of the crowd.

“Well everyone, none of you should say anything about what she is not. This matter, too, is my responsibility.” He said in a very reasonable manner.

“I don’t need you to stand up for me!” Teacher Lin, however, drank at him angrily.

“What’s wrong with you, Mr. Lin?”

I was even more puzzled.

“Teacher Lin, calm down first, so many people are watching at the side.” Guo Xiaoming, who was on the side, also stood out to advise her.

“Alright, I’m the one at fault for this, that’s enough! Are you satisfied!” Teacher Lin pouted more like she was furious and rushed at the half-century old man. At the corners of her eyes were tinged with hidden tears. Perhaps it was the words around her that had aggravated her heart.

“Teacher Lin, we didn’t say that either. You calm down.” I tried my best to persuade Ms. Lin.

“But that’s what you guys meant!”

Teacher Lin said with great paranoia.

And her agitation made me puzzled for a moment. As far as I knew Miss Lin, she wasn’t like that at all. She was a very amiable person, although she was also very scary when she was unkind to people. But as far as her character was concerned, there was certainly no way she could wear the hat of ‘teacher’ and tarnish her image out in the open.

The old man beside me was helped up by me and let out an even longer sigh, “Daughter, after all these years, you still refuse to forgive me?”

“Daughter?” I literally froze for a moment.

“You know what you’ve done! Why should I forgive you?” Ms. Lin was more like a barrel of dynamite that had been ignited, venting her emotions in front of everyone.

“It’s true that I was the one who wronged you back then …… but after all these years, and I’m the only family you have, why do you just refuse to let go of this matter?” The old man said in a very feeble manner. And along with the old man’s ‘daughters’ out, the atmosphere on the field was completely different.

It was a shift from the earlier moral issue to an issue within the family.

“Would you be able to accept it if I got someone to do something like that to you?” Under the excitement of Teacher Lin, the corners of her eyes, even squeezed out a few teardrops.

“Then this matter, are you only going to forgive me when I die?” The old man then asked a rhetorical question.

“Even if you die, I will still not forgive you!” Mr. Lin’s words were very serious and very absolute.

“Well, then there is no point in my living so alone. Daughter, I only hope that when I die, you will collect my corpse.” The old man said, and his face went gloomy all of a sudden. As soon as his words were spoken, the atmosphere in the room became tense.

Those who were watching from the side were no longer accusing Mr. Lin of anything, but were all waiting for Mr. Lin’s answer.

I thought that even if Ms Lin was angry, she would definitely soften her heart when she heard these words, right? What’s more, it was her own father!

But instead, Teacher Lin said with a cold face, “If you want to die, then hurry up. Don’t worry, I will collect your corpse for you!”

“That’s fine.”

The old man nodded his head.

“Hey pretty girl, aren’t you going too far with that? This is your father!”

“What kind of a daughters’ daughter tells her dad to hurry up and die? Has your conscience been eaten by dogs!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, I’ve seen what it means to have a snake’s heart today. If I were you, I wouldn’t have the face to live in this world long ago.”

It was between the words of the crowd of onlookers that the old man was standing beside me, constantly urging the crowd to stop accusing Teacher Lin. But the more the old man said this, the more the focus of the crowd’s accusations became directed at Mr. Lin!

And the crowd was completely watching with the attitude of not minding the situation and continued to let the matter fester.

When I looked at Mr. Lin, I felt that there was something hidden. It’s just that right now, I don’t know it yet.

“Forget it, you guys can talk about whatever you like. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.” Teacher Lin said, about to turn around and leave. In the face of the accusations from the crowd, she didn’t care anymore.

“Yo-ho, when things come to this, you simply look like you don’t care, and you still want to leave?”

“Heartless thing, hurry up and get lost!”

Along with Teacher Lin’s words, the accusations from the crowd against her, rose even higher. The accusations and insults from the crowd against her rose to an even higher level. As the old man watched from the sidelines, he became even more anxious. As loudly as he could, he told everyone to stop saying that.

But Lin’s teacher listened to the old man’s words without any change in expression at all.

She then really did turn around and walk away.

I took a look and hurriedly followed her. It was only because the moment she turned around, I saw the teardrops slipping down from her face.

“Brother Chao, where are you going?”

Guo hurriedly asked.

“Stay here for a while, or take the old man to get something to eat first, I’ll be back in a while!” I responded.

“Oh, okay.” Guo Xiaoming agreed. But there was clearly a note of uncertainty in his voice.

And when Teacher Lin, who was walking ahead, saw me following him, she even barked at me, “Jin Chao, what are you doing over here? Go away!”

Between her words, she did not dare to look at me, perhaps because she was afraid that I would see the tear marks on her face.

“Teacher Lin, things have turned out like this, don’t you want to explain?” I asked her as soon as I followed her.

“There’s nothing to explain.”

Her voice was choked with sobs.

“But Ms. Lin, this is your father after all!” I said emphatically to her.

But Ms. Lin said, “You don’t know anything, so don’t get involved in this. And don’t you just want to see me laugh when you come forward? I just said that about you in front of the toilet, and now I’m embarra*sing myself in front of so many people …… Don’t you just want to laugh at me? Laugh!”

“Teacher Lin, how can you think like that?” My face froze and my heart chilled even more.

“But you came out to help, in your heart, you really don’t think like that?” Ms. Lin turned her head and just rushed me with a rhetorical question. I was standing in the middle of the zebra crossing with her, and the tear marks on her face irritated my eyes even more.

When she saw that I didn’t answer, a cold snort escaped her lips and she just walked on alone, not even noticing the speeding traffic. As I watched the motorbike coming at high speed, I hurriedly grabbed Ms. Lin’s hand and gave it a sharp tug.

Ms. Lin was caught a little off guard.

She turned around and fell into my arms. There was not much difference in height between me and Miss Lin. The softness of her breasts touched my chest. But I didn’t care so much, I hugged her and hurriedly turned her around to avoid the danger on the side.

“Miss Lin, are you all right?”



Chapter 66

As soon as my words fell, Ms. Lin slapped me across the face.

I felt the hotness on my face and my whole body froze for a moment. I would never have thought that after I had saved Ms. Lin, she would respond with a slap. The motorbike that was just there continued on down the road as if nothing had happened.

“Jin Chao, are you now so reckless that you dare to even put your hands on your teacher?” Teacher Lin asked me with a stony face.

“Teacher Lin, there was a car just now ……”

I responded with great embarra*sment.

“Even if there was a car, I would have dodged it myself!” Ms. Lin was obviously still angry now, and even took her temper out on my end.

And I listened to her words, but didn’t know how to respond. I watched her walk away, and only then did I react and rush to get away from the zebra crossing. The attitude of Ms. Lin towards me now was becoming more and more different from before, but I didn’t know how to make it right.

I then called and asked where Guo Xiaoming was now.

When I arrived at the shop where Guo Xiaoming was now, I saw Ms Lin’s father, with his back to me, eating noodles from the shop. His back was very mournful and helpless, and it reminded me of the way I watched him leave after every visit to my dad in prison.

Miss Lin’s father must have had his helplessness.

But Ms Lin, too, must have had her reasons and insistence.

One of those things that I, as an outsider, didn’t want to interfere with so much. He told us that he had been in Xuancheng for several days, but had not yet found a place to stay. Even the ticket to go back had fallen off when he got off the bus. Without even thinking about it, I went to the bank and withdrew 300 yuan for him to go back to the countryside first.

From my point of view, that was all I could do.

It was after we parted that Guo Xiaoming handed me a cigarette and asked me suspiciously, “Chao, your cla*s teacher treated you like that, so why did you treat her father so well? You even gave someone three hundred yuan for the bus fare.”

I sighed and said, “Eh, Teacher Lin was also very nice to me before. I just wanted to do what I could too.”

“But even if you did, she definitely doesn’t know about it. And even if she knew, she definitely wouldn’t appreciate it!” Guo asked me rhetorically.

“I don’t need her to know either. I just want to be true to my conscience.” I said as I exhaled a smoke ring.

“Chao, look at you, you’re quite melancholy here too. Why don’t I take you somewhere and we’ll go have some fun?” Guo Xiaoming said with a bad smile.

“Find what kind of fun?”

I froze for a moment.

“You’ll find out when you and I go.” Guo Xiaoming said, and led me to his booster. I subconsciously thought that he was going to take me to an internet cafe to play LOL, but it wasn’t. Instead, he took me to a roller skating rink by the arcade and was about to take me in.

I was embarra*sed to tell him that I didn’t know how to play roller skating at all, but he insisted on taking me in.

“It’s just a try! It’s not a big deal anyway. And there are lots of pretty girls in there!” Guo winked at me.

“F*ck you. You’re basically just trying to come over here to pick up girls!” I looked at him with a very sterile look.

“Just by the way. It might even develop a bit and if we’re lucky, we won’t have to go home at night.” Guo then said. I was practically drooling at the way he was talking. I was a bit puzzled though, and I asked him if the girls inside were really that open?

I saw that most of the girls in there were junior and senior high school girls, individually from the community, with a faint social air about them.

I instinctively thought that it was basically impossible for Guo Xiaoming to find a f*ck-buddy inside.

But Guo Xiaoming patted his chest and a*sured me: the girls inside, absolute Sl*t. As long as they know you have some power, they will go with you. Some of the relatively conservative ones have to start with their sisters first. Then lure them step by step and finally trick them into bed. Once in bed, you will find out that they are actually all very Sl*tty.

I was even more speechless as I listened to Guo Xiaoming’s words.

“Brother Chao, just don’t worry about coming with me. I can be considered an old hand in this scene!” Guo Xiaoming laughed harshly.

“Then, before you pick up girls, do you want me to call Brother Cao over and station you at the venue?” I asked him breathlessly.

“No, no, no! Forget about that!”

Guo said hurriedly.

“Why? Wouldn’t a stop by Brother Cao looking at you make you look like the bully-boy you want to make? Wow sh*t, this guy even knows Brother Cao in the community, he must be a very powerful person. I, I, I …… I must be his sister.”

I mimicked it backwards in amus*ment.

Guo Xiaoming laughed dryly, “Brother Chao, don’t bury me. If Brother Cao came over, all those girls would be surrounding him, so how could there be anything for me?”

“So if I stand there, I won’t cause you any problems?” I asked him rhetorically.

“That can! You’re on my side, you’re my little brother at best. Haha!” Guo Xiaoming joked.

As I listened to him, I snapped and gave him a heavy slap on the shoulder. My move was also meant with a joke. To be honest, I couldn’t raise any interest in these non-mainstream girls in the venue. But Guo Xiaoming wanted to play, so I had no choice but to buy a ticket and come in with him.

The shoe locker at the rink was quite smelly, like a pair of worn out socks that had been sitting around for half a month.

Guo Xiaoming beside me handed me two plastic bags, and I was a bit of a cargo: “Xiaoming, are these plastic bags dry wool?”

“Of course they’re for your feet! Do you want to get infected with foot fungus?” Guo Xiaoming then explained to me.

“Er …… can I just watch you slip?” I said, embarra*sed.

“What do you think?”

Guo Xiaoming instead gave me a blank look, “Chao, didn’t you get up to speed quickly playing LOL? If you’re rollerblading, it’s surely not that hard for you either.”

“Holy sh*t, those two, they’re not the same thing at all, okay?”

“So why don’t we go play video games?”

“Yeah wow!” I agreed.

“I’m just kidding with you …… we’ve bought all the tickets!” Guo said with a silly grin.

I looked at him like he owed it and straight away just kicked at him as he stood up. I thought this guy would fall on all fours, but instead he used my strength and slid out smoothly.

“Chao, come on come on.” Guo Xiaoming said to me in a very flirtatious manner, imitating a woman’s accent.

“Come on your sister!”

I almost was trying to smash my roller skates over.

But at that moment, a junior high school-looking girl skated over and stopped next to Guo Xiaoming’s voice: “Brother, why are you here?”

“Brother Chao, let me introduce you to precisely that. This, is my sister!”