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Silly Teen Chapter 63-64

Chapter 63

Guo Xiaoming is a total loudmouth, if he knew I was here to buy sanitary napkins, then Zhao Yangbo and his gang would basically know. And if Zhao Yangbo knew, Xu Dazhi would definitely know too. If Xu Dazhi knew, our cla*s would know that I was buying sanitary napkins.

My head was full of black lines, and I hurriedly hid the things in my hands, under my clothes, so that he wouldn’t see them.

“Hey, what are you doing!”

The cashier at the front desk was looking at me warily.

“Nope, not doing anything.” I smiled dryly and all I could do was take the tampons out again.

“Holy sh*t …… I’m a big gra*s! Chao, you came to buy sanitary napkins?” Guo Xiaoming looked at me in surprise.

“Hahahaha, Chao, you actually came to buy sanitary napkins!” Guo Xiaoming was even covering his stomach in laughter. There were not many people at the side, but I was also very embarra*sed by his laughter. Because of his downward birth, the waiter at the side was also looking in our direction.

There was something odd in the waitress’ eyes. And the look in her eyes made me feel even more embarra*sed inside.

“Okay, okay, can you stop laughing? Several people are watching!” I whispered to Guo Xiaoming.

And as soon as Guo Xiaoming heard that, she stopped laughing, “Right Chao, you came to buy sanitary napkins, surely it’s because of your sister-in-law, right?”

“It’s just a friend.”

I checked out at the cashier.

“Just a friend and let you come to buy sanitary warp? Holy sh*t, this kind of friend can develop well!” Guo Fu Ming looked at me in amazement. As if this was some great big deal.

“What the hell! It’s not like I want anything between me and her.” I said with a blank look at Guo Xiaoming. I took a black plastic bag from the cashier’s hand and walked out, ignoring Guo Xiaoming behind me. When Guo Xiaoming saw that I didn’t wait for him to settle the bill and didn’t even want what was in my hand, he hurriedly chased after me.

He followed me.

But I was even more speechless as I tried to shake him off.

“What are you still following me for?”

“It just so happens that I’m fine, too, Chao.”

Guo explained just like that.

“Why are you following me if you’re fine to go home? I’ve got things to do later!” I looked back at him and spoke to him very seriously.

“Oh, I understand I understand!” Guo Xiaoming said with a bad smile, “Then I’ll leave first?”

I gave him a blank look and cursed with a smile, “Get lost and hurry up.” Hearing my words, Guo Xiaoming turned around and left with a smile. I made sure that Guo Xiaoming left before I went upstairs. I stood at the door of the toilet and looked around, but I didn’t see Ouyang Xiaxue’s figure.

I was a bit puzzled, I had clearly asked her to wait for me here, where had she gone all of a sudden?

“Xiaxue?” I called out from the doorway.

“I, I’m in there.”

Her voice came out of the toilet.

“You come out and get it. I didn’t know which brand you were going to use, so I stopped by the shelves and grabbed a few extra packs of the smaller ones.” I explained. But it was between my words that she still showed no sign of coming out from inside. I stood in the doorway, not daring to also look inside the toilet as hard as the perverts did.

I was standing in front of the ladies’ room and I didn’t want to be mistaken for anything else!

“Jin Chao, can you bring it in for me for a moment?” Ouyang Xiaxue’s voice came out weakly from inside.

“I bring it in?”

“Yes. …… I can’t leave now.”

Her voice was tinged with embarra*sment.

“But ……”

I said, was looking around. Since this was the corner of the mall, not many people usually walked here either. Plus it wasn’t the peak time of the mall, I stood in the doorway for a minute and still didn’t see any other people. I was beating my head against the wall and was hesitant to go in.

“Well, I’m coming in!” I gritted my teeth and stepped into the middle of the ladies’ room.

The toilets in the mall were not compared to the toilets in the school. When I walked in, I could even ask for a faint scent. Inside was a row of separate cubicles with a sink and mirror at the front. The orange light coming down from above accentuated my reflection in the mirror.

My mood grew more and more tense.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“In here …….”

Ouyang Xiaxue was quietly opening a slit. From my angle, I couldn’t even see inside. Instead, I carefully handed the plastic bag in my hand to her. Her silky and delicate little hand touched me inadvertently, which made me even more nervous.

“Ah!” A sudden shriek came from the toilet door, directly to me.


My body accidentally bumped the door on the side, and Ouyang Xiaxue’s appearance inside was exposed to my view in a flash.

“I… I didn’t mean to!” I hurriedly turned around, and then explained to Ouyang Xiaxue.

“It’s alright, since someone is here, you should hurry up and go out first.” Ouyang Xiaxue’s face, too, turned red all of a sudden.

I listened to her words and was rushing to walk out with my head down. I didn’t dare to look at that woman’s face at all. If I did, I was afraid I would be even more embarra*sed. And it was when I pa*sed by that woman that I smelled a perfume, very faint, but very charming.

This kind of perfume, I had only smelled on Xu Ying’s body. Just asking once made it unforgettable for me.

“Wait, where are you going?”

The woman spoke to me abruptly.

I turned my head to look, but I froze in my tracks for a raw moment. How could I have ever imagined that I could be here on top of her!

“Jinchao, you’re not just learning badly now. You even dare to enter the ladies’ room in the mall?” She looked at me very seriously.

“I’m just helping my friend deliver something and I don’t want to ……” I said with a bitter laugh.

“Anyway, you’re wearing our school’s school trousers. It would be a disgrace to our school if people saw that. Have you thought about that?” She said and asked me with a ‘very serious consequences’ tone.

“Jinchao, what’s wrong?”

Ouyang Xiaxue asked me.

“It’s nothing, I just ran into my cla*s teacher.” I explained to Ouyang Xiaxue.

“When I come to cla*s next Monday, I want to see your review on the podium.” Teacher Lin said to me with a stern face then.

“Teacher Lin, it’s not that serious!”

I asked hastily.

I had a reason for this!

“It’s a matter of nature and I don’t want to repeat it again.” Teacher Lin said and was about to head for the toilet.

“Teacher Lin, Guan Dongxuan is already back, can you stop taking it so personally?” I couldn’t get angry at all in the face of Teacher Lin. It was just more of a chagrin in my heart.

“He’s back?”


Chapter 64

Ms. Lin listened to my words with a look of complete disbelief. And I was nodding at her very seriously, affirming, “Yes, Guan Dongxuan has returned. I met up with him just an hour ago at the lounge bar not far ahead.”

“And when did he come back?” Mr. Lin then asked at me.

“I don’t know about that, he didn’t tell me either. I approached him to ask something and he had to make a deal with me.” I explained to Mr. Lin without hiding anything.

“So can he come to school next week?” Mr. Lin continued to ask at me.

“No. ……”

I said, but shook my head.


Mr. Lin frowned deeply.

“I just met with him and told him to come to school next week. But he made sure I agreed to his request, otherwise he would never come to school.” I explained what I had learned to Ms. Lin. More than anything, I didn’t want her misunderstanding of me to grow.

“Did you threaten him with something again!”

Ms. Lin’s words were more of a chill for me.

I had previously kept up the appearance of a good student in front of Ms. Lin for over a semester. But it was within this night and day, within no time at all, that my impression in her heart had become like this. When she heard about it, she thought and said that to me!

“I didn’t threaten him, instead he blackmailed me.” I laughed deeply and bitterly, and explained to Ms. Lin.

“And what was the purpose of his blackmailing you?”

Mr. Lin pressed me.

“Forget it, I’d better not say anything. Even if I try to explain, you definitely won’t believe me.” I said, about to turn around and walk away. But Teacher Lin listened to my words and blocked me even more. She said instead, “I haven’t explained yet, so how do I know she doesn’t believe it?

But was there any need to explain?

Ms. Lin now had the preconceived notion that I had something to do with Guan Dongxuan’s disappearance for over a week. In addition, the purpose of Guan Dongxuan’s threat to me was to become my little brother and to hang out with me …… What would be the point of telling Ms. Lin even if I did?

If I said it, I would instead be looked at with even more suspicion by Ms. Lin!

Rather than that, I might as well not say anything!

When Ouyang Xiaxue heard the commotion at our end, she hurriedly came out of the toilet. She stood beside me and just looked at me, casting a relieved look at me. And I looked at her and with a sigh of relief, I led her away with me.

“Jin Chao, what kind of misunderstanding did you and your cla*s teacher get into?” Ouyang Xiaxue was puzzled rushed me to ask.

“Eh, it’s better not to mention this matter.”

I said with a long sigh.

“Brother Chao! Is this the sister-in-law? So pretty!” Guo Xiaoming asked right at me with his sudden appearance. I saw him and froze for a moment. Looking at him it was obvious that he had pretended to leave earlier but was following behind me. Otherwise the mall was so big, how could he have come across me so easily?

“This isn’t your sister-in-law!”

I said with a blank look at Guo Xiaoming.

“But she’s so pretty, she’s really not my sister-in-law?” Guo Xiaoming asked me very reluctantly.

“I’m just Jin Chao’s friend.”

Ouyang Xiaxue explained.

“Sorry Xiaxue, let you be misunderstood.” I hurriedly said then.

“It’s okay.” She shook her head with me instead.

She then had to exchange phone calls with me before she left first. Guo Xiaoming looked at her back and stood beside me with a smile.

“Chao, be reasonable, this girl called Xia Xue is so good looking, are you sure you don’t want to make a move?” Guo Xiaoming then asked at me.

“Down with you, D*mn it! You’re practically an animal, you can’t help yourself when you see a pretty girl.” I said, looking at him speechlessly.

But Guo Xiaoming didn’t think so: “It’s only human to be moved by the sight of a beautiful woman. Chao, if you’re not going to do it, why don’t you give me her contact information and let me ……”

“F*ck off! How many girls have you spoiled? You’re not going to do this one!” I said to him in a somewhat serious manner instead.

“Chao, you’re still trying to do it yourself? Don’t explain, I understand everything!” Guo Xiaoming fell back and laughed.


I listened to his words and walked ahead even more speechlessly.

Ouyang Xiaxue was indeed quite pretty, especially after I pinned a demon red rose on her ear, it revealed all her temperament at once. She is a shy girl. A rose between her ears gave her that shyness that was waiting to be released.

And between her and Guo Xuefu, she is two very different kinds of girls. One is spooky, and the other is a little homely.

Just one Ouyang Xiaxue was what made Guo Xiaoming excited all afternoon.

Until we were about to leave the mall, all that came out of Guo Xiaoming’s mouth was still about Ouyang Xiaxue. It was after we walked out of the mall’s gate, but we saw a group of people surrounding the roadside. A woman in an OL uniform was looking very anxious, as if something was happening in that circle of theirs.

“Hey, Chao, isn’t that your cla*s teacher?” Guo asked in a puzzled voice instead.

“Yeah, come on, let’s go over and take a look.” I said hurriedly.

“This woman is really something, she knocked someone’s old man down and didn’t help him up.”

“Young people nowadays know less and less about respecting the old and loving the young!”

“Could this old man be a porcelain bumper?”

“Do you think that all people who are old nowadays are out to bang porcelain?”

We stood outside the circle, listening to the words of the people on the side, and it was kind of clear what was going on. And as I listened, I hurriedly pushed my way through the crowd and went over to the old man’s side. The old man was still sitting on the ground, wearing a tattered vest and suit trousers that had seen some age, and just looking at Mr. Lin dumbly.

And Mr. Lin was standing, arms around his chest, and even more so with a stern face, looking somewhat moved with anger.

“Old man, get up first.” I said and was about to help the old man who had fallen to the ground.

“Jinchao, get out of the way. This matter, you stay out of it!” Teacher Lin said very seriously right at the side.

“But Mr. Lin ……”

“I told you to stay out of it, don’t you understand!” Teacher Lin bellowed even more angrily.

“What’s wrong with this girl, right? People want to help, and she won’t let them?”

“Teacher Lin? How can a woman like that still be a teacher?

“Yes, how can such an unqualified woman be a teacher.”

With the people around her talking, Teacher Lin instantly became the target of all. And their vociferous comments even made Teacher Lin’s face cold. From my point of view, it didn’t look like Teacher Lin would do such a thing.

But what was the reason for her to do so?