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Winner Takes All Chapter 347-348

Chapter 347


Sparks flew.

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong deflected his head, raised his knife and instinctively blocked.

The bullet pierced through the blade and came whistling, grazing Chen Dong’s face and sweeping across the face.

In a flash.

A hot burning sensation swept across his face, causing Chen Dong’s eyebrows to knit.

The sudden gunshot brought the courtyard to an abrupt and dead silence.

Elder Long and Kunlun looked towards Chen Dong in panic.

Seeing that Chen Dong had only injured his face, he was simultaneously relieved, but his expression was tinged with a slight grimace.

Old Madam Chen and Chen Tiansheng were also horrified.

After a moment of shock, Old Mrs. Chen turned red with excitement and laughed out loud.

“Good, good, good!”

Three good words in a row revealed the pleasure she felt at this moment after her robbery, and she laughed loudly, “Which of the Chen family sons is it that has blessed the old body, this is a great achievement!”

If not for a cold shot in the dark just now.

Old Lady Chen had no doubt that the long knife in Chen Dong’s hand would have actually fallen on her.

What else would such a rampantly disobedient person not dare to do?

Chen Tiansheng’s eyes were shadowy to the extreme.

Listening to Old Madam Chen’s praise, his face was even more resigned.

Just now, he had already prepared himself to block the knife for Old Madam Chen.

With his skills, it should not be difficult for him to block Chen Dong’s knife.

But in front of Old Madam Chen, this was an absolutely great feat!

In the future, when competing for the position of family head, this merit will directly affect the support or otherwise of the old lady.

It’s just that …… is now being robbed of its merit!

“Grandma, it’s serious.”

A laughing voice suddenly came from a corner of the mansion, “Protecting grandma is the duty of every Chen family member.”

The crowd followed the voice and looked.

Chen Dong’s brow was knitted tightly, his killing intent steaming.

This shot just now was clearly aimed at killing him.

If he hadn’t dodged in time.

If he hadn’t dodged in time, he would have been shot in the head!

His cold gaze followed the sound, but a young man, about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, was lying on top of the wall of the mansion.

The man had an inch haircut, with his hair standing up like steel needles, and his eyebrows were not as shadowy as Chen Tiansheng’s, or as fierce as Chen Tianyao’s, but had a bit more composure and determination.

He has knife-sharp features, bronze skin and tight lips.

He gave people a cold and resolute feeling like a lone wolf lying dormant in the desert, quietly waiting for its prey.

“Chen Tian Fang!?”

Almost at the same time, Kunlun exclaimed, his expression fiercely becoming somewhat scornful: “You, when did you come back?”

Chen Tianfang?!

Chen Dong was stunned in his heart, there were not many people who could make Kun Lun look like this.

“Tian Fang child, it’s good, it’s good, it’s you who saved grandma, if it wasn’t for you just now, grandma would have been killed by this disobedient beast!”

Old Mrs. Chen looked at the young man on the wall and was instantly excited and ecstatic.

On the other hand, Chen Tiansheng’s face was dark and gloomy, and he cursed in his heart, “D*mn you!” He said, “D*mn it!

With his pistol in hand, Chen Tian Fang leapt off the wall.

He ignored the old lady’s excitement and praise, but with a smile on his face, he respectfully said to the exclaiming Kunlun, “Brother Kunlun, I am glad to have been honoured with a letter of recommendation from you, and now that the western border has been pacified, Tian Fang is returning home with his merits.”


A thunderstorm of words.

It made Kunlun, Elder Long and Old Lady Chen and Chen Tiansheng in the mansion look shocked at the same time.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows were grave as he looked profoundly at Chen Tian Fang.

He did not know this man, but between the words, there should be a deep connection with Kunlun.

And, a man of merit who had crossed the sands!

Kunlun smiled, only a forced smile.

He said slowly, “Young Master Tian Fang is joking, that is just something I should do.”

How could he have ever imagined that the man he had single-handedly recommended, who had now returned in gold, would be the first to point his gun at the person he needed to protect the most?

At the same time.

Elder Long slowly approached Chen Dong and said softly, “Young master, this son is named Chen Tian Fang, he is a member of the Chen family, he was stubborn, violent and ruthless in his early years, when the successor of the Chen family was established, he was not included in the list of successors due to his character, so the master ordered that he be nominated to the western border to join the military in the name of Kunlun.”

Not an heir?!

Chen Dong was faintly surprised.

After a deep glance at Chen Tian Fang, he suddenly had some clarity.

Returning from the military, he had fired this shot brazenly, was the purpose …… so clear?

Sensing Chen Dong’s gaze, Chen Tianfang collected his smile for Kunlun and turned to become morose and solemn, looking towards Chen Dong.

“This is in the Chen family, I don’t care who you are or what your status is, if you want to disrespect grandma in a big way, you have to ask the gun in my hand first, yes or no!”

The words were strong and resounding.

As he spoke, he was slowly raising his pistol and pointing it at Chen Dong once again.

“Tian Fang!”

Kunlun’s expression was hostile, and he angrily chided.

But Chen Tian Fang responded in a cold voice: “Brother Kun Lun, I respect you, but as a member of the Chen family, since I have changed my ways and returned from the military, I must return to the Chen family with my merits. If I allow this person to harm my grandmother, what is the use of returning to my hometown with my brocade clothes?”


Old Mrs. Chen’s face glowed red as she cried out in excitement, her eyes shining brightly as she loudly praised, “Good Tian Fang, you are worthy of being a good boy of the Chen family. It was the family head who wrongly blamed you!”

“My Chen family, just what we need from a good boy like you!”

The praise was lavish, not mincing words.

However, it caused Chen Tiansheng beside him to look gloomy to the extreme, his eyes flickering with essence.

These words clearly have a different rhyme!

The heir …… really has enough!

Raising compulsion competition, it is not so much, right?

At this moment, Chen Tiansheng could not help but feel jealous, but at the same time, he was secretly chagrined.

With just one shot, it made grandmother say such words to Chen Tian Fang, if it was me who blocked the knife for grandmother just now, the position of family head would have had a fifty percent chance!

With Old Madam Chen’s praise.

Chen Tian Fang could not hide the smugness deep in his eyes, and a proud smile surfaced on his cold face.


Not waiting for him to open his mouth to respond.

Chen Dong suddenly snorted out a laugh.

“Crowning, don’t force your face!”

The laugh instantly caused Chen Tian Fang to look stunned.

Chen Dong, however, said sternly, “Words are earnest and well-spoken, you stubborn waste of a man, who was not favourably chosen as the successor back then, and now that you have returned, you want to lend me to the throne? Use me to show your filial piety and loyalty to the Chen family?”

“As a way to win the favor of the old immortal and use it to seek an heirship?”

“You ……”

Chen Tian Fang’s right hand that was holding the gun could not help but tremble, wanting to retort, but he was speechless, instead, his expression looked a bit flustered.

Because, it was all right by Chen Dong!

“Do you really think I’m a foolish person to the core? No one has been able to lend me a hand to get to the top!”

Chen Dong said coldly, his qi tumbling and his gaze as harsh as a sword: “Since you are so loyal, then fine, come over here and I will cut you down, and today’s matter will be over! Otherwise, you and I will bet on whether my sword is faster or your bullet is faster!”


The long knife was raised and stretched across the sky.

Under the sunlight, the blade reflected a blindingly cold light.

The panicked Chen Tian Fang could not help but narrow his eyes and subconsciously dodge.


Chapter 348

Everyone in the audience paled.

Chen Tian Fang’s expression was certain, and the blue veins at the corners of his eyes stood out in a hideous manner.

“How dare you!”

“I, what wouldn’t I dare?” Chen Dong laughed teasingly, overbearing.

In an instant.

In the mansion, swords were drawn.

The smell of gunpowder was strong.

Elder Long and Kunlun had the heart to try to dissuade them, but both of them knew clearly that things had reached a point where they could not be undone.

It had been so from the moment they struck out with Old Lady Chen.

And Chen Tianfang’s appearance was, as Chen Dong had said, nothing more than a desire to step on Chen Dong to get to the top, and by doing so now, Chen Dong had simply smashed Chen Tianfang’s wishful thinking.

Suddenly, a burst of laughter rang out.

Old Mrs. Chen lowered her head and laughed as her whole body trembled.

It caused the crowd to watch in dismay.

Suddenly, Old Madam Chen raised her head, “Tian Fang, back then, Grandma wrongly blamed you for not giving you the heirship, if you kill this wild beast today, then his heirship will be taken over by you!”

“Old lady!”

As soon as the words left their mouths, Elder Long and Kunlun drank at the same time to stop them.

This was just like trying to entice Chen Tian Fang to kill Chen Dong with the huge benefit of the heirship!

And such a huge benefit, among the younger generation of the Chen Family, no one was yet able to refuse.

“Many thanks, Grandma!”

Chen Tian Fang was smiling happily, fierce and cold, but his right index finger had already fallen to the trigger of the pistol.

Having his mind torn apart by Chen Dong had made him a little flustered.

But now Old Madam Chen’s promise was just what he wanted!

Back then, Chen Tianfang was indeed stubborn and naughty, but he still dreamed of obtaining the heirship.

To lie drunk in the lap of a beautiful woman and wake up to the power of the world!

This was what every man longed for.

And as a member of the Chen family, if he became the head of the family, he would be able to fulfil his dream.

It was precisely because of his character back then that he lost out on the heirship and was sent to the West to join the military.

Now that he has returned to his hometown, he has come across such a shocking event as Chen Dong’s attempt to kill Old Lady Chen, which has given Chen Tian Fang a chance to “change his fate”.

He believed that with the merits he had, he was strong enough to compete for the position of family head, and the status of successor was his qualification!

“Elder Long, Kunlun, you two, one is an old slave of the Chen family, the other is a close bodyguard of the Chen family, you eat the food of the Chen family, haven’t you raised a strong dog and are now joining this wild animal to turn against its master?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s voice was so stern and fearful that Long Lao and Kun Lun’s faces changed greatly and they were silent.

The next second.

Old Lady Chen spoke again, “If you want to kill me, then you should die, even if …… you are Dao Lin’s own son!”

“Then, take a gamble!”

Chen Dong was not afraid, his right hand clutched the hilt of his long sword, faintly emitting a creaking sound.

Time, at this moment, seemed to have frozen.

The air was even more suffocating.

It was as if the invisible hand had a fierce stranglehold on everyone’s throat.

The confrontation was a stalemate.

Chen Tiansheng subconsciously dragged old Mrs. Chen back a step, and stepped half a body shape forward himself.

This …… is also considered protection.

If you can’t grab the head credit, you have to have the secondary credit.

“Tian Fang! Shoot ah!”

Old Mrs. Chen spoke in a stern voice, her pale face covered with a grimace, as if a fierce beast in a frenzy.

“Young Master!”

Almost simultaneously, Elder Long and Kunlun rushed towards Chen Dong at the same time.

“Hit the road, this time, I’ll really lend you to the throne!”

Chen Tian Fang’s eyebrows were fierce as his right hand slowly pressed down, he didn’t mind killing people, three years from the Rongsi Realm, his hands had long been stained with the blood of foreign enemies.

What was wrong with taking the blood of one more of the Chen family’s wild sons?

And yet.

“The family head has arrived!”

Outside the mansion, a loud shout suddenly sounded.

A boom!

It was like a great thunderclap.

It brought everything within the mansion to an instant halt.


Without Old Madam Chen’s permission, the door of the mansion was kicked open with a brutal bang.

Daoist eyes looked at the sound.

Chen Dong’s eyes were filled with expectation and worry.

Old Mrs. Chen’s face was stunned and her eyes clouded.

Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianfang showed fear at the same time.

“Master is here, Master is finally here!”

Elder Long was excited and ecstatic, his face red, his right hand clutching the equally excited Kunlun beside him.

Only the Master, now, could save the young master!

As the door was pushed open.

Chen Daolin’s cold face was the first to appear in the crowd’s line of sight.

He was sitting in a wheelchair, his gaze like lightning, locked directly onto Old Lady Chen.

And behind him, Fan Lu pushed the wheelchair and slowly walked forward.

A dozen other members of the Chen family followed to his left and right.

The atmosphere was gloomy and oppressive.

Even though he was sitting in a wheelchair and oozing with weakness, Chen Daolin’s body exuded a fearful and intimidating pressure that sent chills down people’s spines.

“Is it Fan Lu who has found Dad?”

When Chen Dong saw Fan Lu, he instantly understood and subconsciously glanced at Elder Long and Kunlun, it seemed that he had made the right decision to leave Fan Lu alone outside the courtyard just now.

“Dao Lin, this is my mansion, what kind of sense is it for you to barge right in?”

Old Lady Chen was the first to snare.

“Barging in?”

Chen Daoling hooked the corners of his mouth, “Sanniang is joking, I am the head of the Chen family, where can I not enter throughout this manor? You don’t think that you really consider this mansion as your own forbidden place because of the respect I have for you?”

“You ……” Old Mrs. Chen’s face turned pale and she gritted her teeth.

Chen Daolin raised his hand to interrupt, “Don’t be angry, Sanniang, I just heard that there is a lot of activity in your house, so I thought I would come over to see what’s going on.”

“How dare you barge into my Chen family’s place!”

Old Mrs. Chen gritted her teeth and looked at Fan Lu angrily.

Fan Lu’s expression changed slightly and she was a little frightened.

“What are you afraid of? You invited me to come and watch the fun, what’s wrong with that?”

Chen Daolin tilted his head and smiled as he rea*sured Fan Lu, then looked at the crowd and casually shrugged, “I just came to watch the fun, you guys go on.”

Carry on?

Old Mrs. Chen, Chen Tian Fang and Chen Tiansheng panicked at the same time.

Now it was to kill your son, how could you continue when you were a father present?

Especially Chen Tianfang.

When Chen Daoling entered the courtyard just now, he was pointing his gun at Chen Dong.

This scene, unless Chen Daolin was blind, there was no way he could not see it.

In an instant, Chen Tian Fang’s mind was in a trance and fear was thickening.

The gun in his hand, too, slowly dropped.

“Tian Fang, why are you dropping the gun?”

Chen Daolin smiled teasingly, “You want to hit my son with a gun, go ahead instead?”

There was a poof!

Chen Tian Fang was struck by lightning and fell to his knees in fright, busily arguing, “Family head, please you must listen to my explanation!”

“Explain what? A good man of the Chen family, a man of merit returning to his hometown in brocade, how can there be any need to explain?” Chen Daoling raised his eyebrows and smiled, turning to look at Old Mrs. Chen: “Sanniang, do you think I’m right?”

“Chen Daoling, you are deceiving me for being old and powerless!”

How could Old Lady Chen not hear Chen Daoling’s sinister tone? She gritted her teeth and pointed at Chen Dong: “You are injured, so I am in charge of the Chen family for you, but this B*****d son of yours entered the house and maimed Tian Yang and injured Tiansheng.


Chen Daolin gave a startled eek.

His eyes looked at Chen Dong.

Chen Dong lowered the long sword in his hand and met Old Lady Chen’s man-eating gaze without flinching.

“I only came to visit my father, and when I first arrived at the Chen House pagoda, Chen Tianyang drove me away with the name of wild child… Shouldn’t I take action for such humiliation?”

“In the Green Corridor, where thousands of ordinary clansmen and household slaves were present, Chen Tianyang branded me a feral child and threatened to kill me, should I not have fought?”

“In this mansion, you have turned black and white upside down, trying to oppress me with your power, to take away my hands and feet, to take away my heirship, do I have to put up with it?”

The three questions were straight to the heart.

They caused Old Lady Chen Tiansheng’s face to pale.

Chen Dong’s aura was majestic, looking down upon everything.

“You all think that I, Chen Dong, am a wild child, weak and bullyable, who can be stepped on by anyone, but you don’t know that even Buddha has three points of fire.

“You, you are simply arrogant, you deserve to be killed, simply deserve to be killed!”

Old Mrs. Chen was flustered by the questioning and pointed at Chen Dong in a frenzy of rage.

“You should be killed! Indeed, he should be killed!”

Chen Daolin suddenly echoed loudly, causing Old Lady Chen to freeze in horror.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Daolin’s face was as cold as frost, his killing intent surging.

“To bully my son into such a state, indeed he should be killed!”