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Silly Teen Chapter 57-58

Chapter 57

With a harsh laugh, I just left the alley. Although I had made a joke before leaving, it was a good feeling. It was like a breath of relief from the drunkenness in my chest.

Cao Ge, who was smoking a cigarette and watching me come out, asked me with a smile if I had gotten the contact information of the young girl.

But I shook my head.

I asked instead, “I just saw the wrong way, what contact information do I need!”

“Come on, don’t pretend. Would you have helped if you hadn’t looked at someone else’s good looks?” Cao Ge gave a harsh laugh.

“Of course I would!”

I said solemnly.

But Cao Ge and the others were laughing at my words, and also looked completely unimpressed. They then drove the car and drove me back with them. When we arrived, however, I suddenly was smelling a strange question. Cao Ge instead laughed harshly and pointed at me at Guo Xiaoming who was off to the side.

I looked at Guo Xiaoming in his wretched state and watched him sit alone in a plastic-backed chair.

He was seated away from the table where the crowd was sitting.

I hadn’t really thought that Guo Xiaoming had actually fallen into the ditch.

And as I looked at Guo Xiaoming, I couldn’t help but laugh. As for the dirt on Guo Xiaoming’s body …… we were the first to get him clean before finding someone to send him home first. After I arrived home, I lay down on the bed. Because of the relationship of drunkenness, I get brain is also a little up uncomfortable.

When Uncle Chen saw how drunk I was, he didn’t say anything, but made me a sober tea. I had been leaving early and returning late for some time recently, and my lifestyle was very different from that of the past.

But Uncle Chen was looking at the eyes, but said nothing.

“Ah Chao, you stay well at home first. Uncle Chen has to go out and may not be able to come back tomorrow.” Uncle Chen said abruptly to me after he had helped me wipe my body.

“Uncle Chen, it’s so late, where else are you going?” I asked Uncle Chen as I held one hand to my forehead.

“The office has suddenly come to task and wants us to go out as a group.” Uncle Chen explained to me.

“Is it a dangerous mission?”

“A bit. We need to go catch a fugitive.”

“Then, Uncle Chen, be careful.” I was in a daze, but I still gave a reminder at Uncle Chen.

“You can rest a*sured of that.”

Uncle Chen put on his police cap and was instantly a brave and compelling figure. As I looked at Uncle Chen, I also recalled my childhood dream. I was so serious about my studies, but I actually wanted to get into a military academy that required higher scores more than anything else. To become a people’s police officer just like Uncle Chen.

And all along, I had been noisily striving for this goal as well. It wasn’t until after Chen Tingting went to prison that my mindset began to change slightly.

It was after Uncle Chen helped me turn off the lights that I lay on my bed, breathing heavily, while Guo Xuefu’s figure came to mind.

How was I going to get Guo Xuefu to forgive me again?

That was the question that gave me a bit of a headache!

When I woke up, my mind was dizzy. Uncle Chen hadn’t returned yet either. Before Uncle Chen left, he had put a gla*s of water on my bedside and told me to drink it all when I woke up. By myself, I was busy in the kitchen, cooking some random noodles to go down.


The doorbell rang suddenly.

“Coming coming.” I opened the door, but the person standing outside the door was a real shock: “What are you doing here?”

He had several bandages wrapped around his body, even on his head. He smiled softly at me, “Can’t I?”

“But how did you know where my house was again?” I hurriedly gathered up my surprise and calmed myself down a bit. How could I have imagined that Wah, who I had saved only yesterday, would come to my door today. Could it be that he had found out that I was broken? Could it be that he already knew about my collaboration with Xu Ying?

I looked at him, my head was filled with all kinds of questions for a while, while my heart was unusually tense.

“You don’t have to be nervous either. The location of your home is what Xue Fu told me.” He explained so.

“What about Xue Fu?”

“I didn’t come with her. …… Why, you feel as if I’m not welcome. Is there someone at home?” Wah then asked at me.

“No no, everyone in my family has gone out.” I said, and welcomed him in. He walked into the house and his eyes were glancing around. He looked at the pictures hanging on the walls, at Uncle Chen in his police uniform, at Chen Tingting, and also at the three of us together.

He must have known about my relationship with Uncle Chen before he came. But he just looked but didn’t say anything.

I sat him down on the sofa and made him some tea.

I said with a dry laugh, “What a coincidence about yesterday. You’re actually still Snow Flo’s brother?”

“Yeah, I kind of grew up watching Xuefu. But I didn’t see much of him for five years because I did something wrong and went to jail.” Hua said with a sigh, “Speaking of which, things are really unforgiving in this world. Five years ago, I was in such a good position. It turned out that the first day I came out, I was beaten up by my enemies in this state.”

As he said that, he took out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and just handed one to me, while I was hesitating for a moment, I still took it.

“Your enemies? Is that the gang from yesterday?” I asked at him pretending not to know anything.

“Yeah, it’s a very powerful group of people. Even most of my inner circle that I trained five years ago have all been poached by 1908 in the intervening five years.” Wah said, and looked in my direction. I felt his eyes and subconsciously was trying to avoid it, and my heart beat faster from the tension.

“Then why don’t you go and find them? Since they are your beloved, they must have served you well. If you go and make things clear, they’ll surely turn around and help you, won’t they?” All I could do in my nervousness was to speak as calmly as I could.

“Eh, you’re still young, you don’t understand the viciousness of this society yet. There are some things, some people, that can only be measured in terms of money.”

Wah said ruefully.

“But there are still some people who have a conscience!”

I added.

When Wah heard this, once again, his eyes were focused on me. There was a strange look in his eyes, which made me feel even worse: “But even people with a conscience still have weaknesses, and will still be threatened. They can also choose to betray and compromise when forced to do so. Don’t they?”

His words suddenly left me unsure of how to respond.

More than anything, I felt that he was simply saying something!

“By the way Jinchao, where is your uncle?”


Chapter 58

Wah asked me plaintively, but his words put me on alert for a moment.

“My uncle has gone on a mission.”

I asked carefully, trying not to reveal my nervousness as much as possible, “What, do you and my Uncle Chen know each other?”

“Haha, sort of.”

Hua said, and stood up, “Well, since your Uncle Chen isn’t home, I’ll withdraw first. When he comes back, I’ll also ask you to tell him for me that I, Zheng Hua, have returned.”

“Oh, okay ……”

I froze and agreed.

I walked him to the door, he suddenly remembered something, is to look back at me: “By the way Jin Chao, you have time tomorrow, right?”

“Yes, why?”

“I just want to take you to dinner tomorrow to express my gratitude for yesterday. Also by the way …… ease the relationship between you and Snow Float.” Hua said, and laughed harshly.

Wah told me that the reason why Guo Xuefu would mind so much about me becoming that ‘gangster nature’ of a delinquent student. As long as it was because of his influence. Guo Xuefu had watched him being taken away by the police. And the reason Guo Xuefu minded so much was that he was afraid that the same thing would happen to me again.

And with Hua’s explanation, I understood what Guo Xuefu was thinking.

What I wasn’t sure about was whether Wah was here with hostile intentions or as an ‘old friend’.

I exchanged phone calls with Wah, who then waved his hand at me, “See Jin Chao tomorrow, wait for my call.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about the snow float. It’s not supposed to be a big deal, I’ll definitely get it done for you.” Wah said, and with a wink at me, disappeared between the stairs. As I thought back carefully, the whole time, Wah gave me the impression that he was nothing more than a big brother next door.

Instead, it was my nervousness and concern that made me feel that what he said was with a strong sense of purpose.

What was going on here?

According to Manager Xu, wasn’t Wah supposed to screw Uncle Chen after he came out? And Wah, being a very powerful man, shouldn’t have been beaten up by Xu Ying’s men on his first day out of prison. Plus, Hua’s earlier remarks made me feel that something was not right.

As if the whole thing was not what Xu Ying had said!

But what was going on here? Was Xu Ying lying to me, or was it this sudden primary election of Hua? I don’t know!

After waiting all night, I still didn’t wait for Uncle Chen’s return. Because Uncle Chen said before he left that he went on a mission, I didn’t give the courage to call him either.

The next day, I went to my appointment after a text message from Wah. I waited for a while at the appointed place, and this was when I saw the appearance of Wah with Guo Xuefu.

“Jin Chao, let’s go.” With a harsh laugh, Wah led the two of us away.

And this time when we met, Guo Xuefu’s face towards me was considered a little better because of Hua Chai.

“Jin Chao, Xuefu, aren’t you cla*smates? Say something! Do you expect me, someone who hasn’t been back for five years, to help you guys find something to talk about?” Hua sat right across from me and joked.

“Xuefu, that time I went to the internet cafe, it was my fault. Will you just forgive me?” I looked at her very sincerely.

“It’s none of my business if you want to go to an Internet cafe. You can go if you want to, I’m not stopping you.” Guo Xuefu then beamed and said very sulkily. Her tone, however, had improved in comparison to before.

“Xuefu, are you being petty again?”

Hua laughed harshly.

“What do you mean by playing small? I’m just telling the truth!” Guo Xuefu even gave Hua a disgruntled glance.

“Xuefu, do you still refuse to forgive me?” I asked hastily.

Guo Xuefu paused for a moment and then gave me a step, “You haven’t even realised what’s wrong with you yet? How can you ask me to forgive you?”

And her words left me in the dark. Was it not because of my visit to the Internet cafe that she was angry?

I thought about it for a while, but I couldn’t think of anything else I had done wrong apart from going to the Internet cafe. I apologized to her very sincerely, and I really wanted to reconcile our relationship. But she said so …… Could it be that there was something else I hadn’t realised?

Hua was laughing on the sidelines and also reconciling from it.

He told Guo Xuefu to say whatever she was angry about, just say it plainly. After all, we boys’ minds are not as delicate as girls’. Even if I were to guess what Guo Xuefu was thinking at this moment, I would not be able to guess.

Because of Hua’s words, Guo Xuefu was the one who said her heart’s dissatisfaction with me in front of my face.

“Jin Chao, what I’ve been angry about all this time is your attitude. You lied to me and went to an internet cafe. And then had to find other excuses to continue lying to me to cover up the fact that you went to an internet cafe. Haven’t you ever thought of being open and honest with me about this matter of you going to an internet cafe?”

Guo Xuefu said with her arms around her chest, looking at me very seriously.

“I was afraid that if I told you, you would get even more angry.” I fell back and scratched my head a little embarra*sed.

“Yeah, I’m definitely going to be angry!”

Guo Xuefu suddenly said so, “Look at yourself, how do you still look like a student these days? I wouldn’t even care about you going to an internet cafe if you said your academic performance could go up. But you’re kind of degenerate now! Can you stand up to Uncle Chen who loves you so much?”

As soon as Hua heard this he just very helplessly interjected on the side, “Xue-fu ah, why do I feel that you are talking about it and putting me in it all together?”

“Brother Hua, you too. Five years ago I watched you get taken away, do you know how worried I was?” Guo Xuefu said, and glared towards Hua.

And as soon as Hua heard that, he hurriedly was making a face of surrender, “Fine, fine, what happened five years ago was my fault, I admit my mistake. Please also ask my good sister Xue Fu to forgive me.”

Guo Xuefu rolled her eyes and said, “You two are really the same, you are obviously grown men and you need others to worry about it!”

“Right brother A-hwa, since you’re out, find a normal job and go to work. Jinchao, and you, you should also hurry up and get your grades up. Both of you, do you hear me?” Guo Xuefu surprisingly just had the presence of mind to lecture the two of us.

Hua and I smiled at each other and agreed with a smile.

Wah was a very good mediator of the atmosphere. With his presence, there was no awkwardness at all at the dinner table.

But just as we were about to finish eating, a group of people suddenly rushed into the restaurant ……