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Silly Teen Chapter 47-48

Chapter 47

Cao Ge’s sudden words were more than enough to give me a moment of consternation. I didn’t know whether I should believe him or not, but from his point of view, there was absolutely no need for him to lie to me again. When I was trying to save Guo Xuefu and clashed with Cao Ge, Cao Ge’s little brother was on the sidelines saying that it was Guo Xuefu who had seduced Cao Ge.

And after that, I just ignored this remark of theirs as if it was a whisper. But at this point Cao Ge’s rehashing of the old story was making me feel that things, seemed to be a bit different from what I had imagined!

“Chao, this is the most faithful advice I can give you, but if you don’t listen to me, there’s nothing I can do.” Cao Ge said, just spitting out a smoke ring: “Anyway, anyway, you really need to pay attention to this woman! I’m very serious about this statement, and I’m not joking with you either!”

“I understand.”

I said with a nod of my head.

“Alright, you go back to school first. I’ll take up the machine for you at the end of the school night, come over and play a few games before you go back.” Cao Ge and I said, also watching our departure.

The internet cafe was not far from the school, only five or six minutes away at most. We spent most of the way back discussing the results of the battle we had just fought. As for Guan Dongxuan’s abduction, we didn’t let everyone know about it. As for those people like Guo Xiaoming and Zhao Yangbo, they still didn’t know about it.

When they saw that I didn’t say much, they thought it was because I didn’t play very well at noon and blamed myself for pitting them. They then came up and relieved me, telling me not to be so concerned. After all, I had only been exposed to LOL for just over nine hours plus my lunch time, and to be at this level was good enough.

But they didn’t know that I didn’t talk much, not because of the noon game, but because of Guan Dongxuan and also because of Guo Xuefu.

When I arrived at school, Guo Xuefu’s whole body was slumped over his desk, looking listless.

I came in through the back door.

And it was when I pa*sed the hygiene corner that I saw the two boxes of cakes that Guo Xuefu had thrown into the rubbish bin. When she saw my approach, she even tilted her head to the side, not wanting to see me at all. I took the initiative to go over and talk to her, but she simply ignored me.

We came back just as cla*s was about to start, so I listened to the bell ringing outside and sat back in my seat.

The teacher on stage was spouting off, but I couldn’t listen to her. My seat was at the front, but Guo Xuefu’s seat was closer to the lectern than mine. I looked at her from time to time, and she too looked listless and in no mood to listen to the lesson.

“Xuefu, what’s wrong with you lying on your desk?” The teacher also asked at her with concern.

“It’s just that my stomach is a bit uncomfortable.” Guo Xuefu gave an explanation. Her feeble appearance convinced the teacher even more.

“Then should we go to the infirmary first?” The teacher even deliberately paused the cla*s for a while for her sake.

“No need teacher.”

Guo Xuefu said, shaking her head.

As soon as the teacher heard that, she continued with the lesson. Then, from the back, Xu Dazhi pa*sed me a note: “Brother Chao, is sister-in-law still angry with you?”

I sighed and was the note came back, “Eh, go find her after cla*s and apologise to her.”

“Go for it then, Chao.” Xu Dazhi even spent a smiley face at the end, but as I watched, why did it feel so unkind?

That is, after the teacher left the cla*sroom, I was rushing to Guo Xuefu’s voice. But Guo Xuefu looked at my arrival, but straight away she got up, turned around and left the cla*sroom. I followed after her. She turned her head to look at me with some impatience and questioned me.

“Jin Chao, what are you doing following me?”

I listened to her words and was embarra*sed: “Xue Fu, about what happened at noon, I want to explain to you.”

“There’s nothing to explain!”

Guo Xuefu said.

She dropped this sentence and turned around to leave, not giving me a chance. I looked at her back and thought about it, but followed her.

“Why are you still following me?”

Guo Xuefu’s brow furrowed for a moment.

“Xuefu, listen to my explanation. I came out of the internet cafe at noon, it’s not what you think.” I hurriedly spoke to her.

But she looked at me with an indifferent expression: “You came out of the Internet cafe because of what exactly, and what does it have to do with me? Why are you explaining so much to me? I didn’t misunderstand anything, and I don’t want to. Jin Chao, if you don’t have anything else, I’ll go to the toilet first.”

Her words were clearly asking me not to follow her over. And as I looked at her words, my heart felt even harder.

She was the only person I counted as a friend in this school. But the look in her eyes at this moment was the same as the disappointment Ms. Lin had for me.

Xu Dazhi walked up to me and asked me, “How’s it going, Chao? Has your sister-in-law still not forgiven you?”

I sighed and walked back, “Okay, Xu Dazhi, don’t mind calling Xue Fu your sister-in-law. It wouldn’t be good if people misunderstood you later.”

Xu Dazhi looked at my low mood and had no choice but to go along with my wishes.

But when I was about to walk back to the cla*sroom, Chen Xuan’er, my cla*s monitor, came towards me. She told me that Mr. Lin was looking for me, and as soon as I heard that, I headed for the office.

I already had an answer in my mind as to why Ms. Lin was looking for me.

After Ms. Lin looked at me, she took me to the corridor of the office: “Jin Chao, do you know what your teacher wants to see you about?”

I asked with a nod, “Is it because of the kidnapping of Guan Dongxuan?”

A look of surprise flashed across Teacher Lin’s eyes, and then her face turned even darker, “How did you know about this?”

Faced with her question, I was telling her roughly what had happened at noon. I didn’t hide the fact that I had gone to an internet cafe, mainly because I was afraid that if I didn’t make it clear, she would not believe my words.

“Then the teacher asks you, this matter of Guan Dongxuan being kidnapped, did you have any involvement in it?” Teacher Lin asked in a very serious manner.


I said underhandedly.

I explained to her that there was absolutely no need for me to do so. At this juncture, I had a conflict with Guan Dongxuan. There was definitely no way I could do that, after all, with something like this happening, it would undoubtedly lead the spearhead towards me. I wasn’t so stupid as to not even have this bit of common sense.

“Teacher Lin, my words are right here. If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do.” I said helplessly.

“Well, with something like this happening, the teacher needs to understand clearly too.” Teacher Lin’s attitude was flat.

“Well, you go back to cla*s first.”

I listened to her words and was turning around to walk in the direction of the cla*s.

But just as I was about to walk to the cla*sroom door, my mobile phone, suddenly, rang!

It was a call from Xu Ying!


Chapter 48

“Hello, Manager Xu, what can I do for you?” I picked up the phone as I walked to the bathroom between cla*ses.

“Something’s up. Jin Chao, do you want to know where Guan Dongxuan is now?” Xu Ying then asked at me.

“You know?” I was surprised.

“Of course I know!”

Xu Ying was rushing me down with certainty.

She said to me that this was something that she hadn’t wanted to care so much about. But Guan Dongxuan’s disappearance would make people suspect me. Given my current situation and the relationship with her, it was not appropriate for me to make too much of a fuss now. So, she took the matter in hand.

She told me that Guan Dongxuan had been found, and that the next step was up to me.

“If you want to get Guan Dongxuan out, I’ll pick you up from school now.” Xu Ying on the other end of the phone then said to me.

“Good! Then I’ll go and ask for leave with the teacher now.” I said hurriedly.

Although I was still a bit upset with Guan Dongxuan, in my heart. But with things going so wrong, I also instinctively didn’t want anything to go wrong with Guan Dongxuan. If I could bring Guan Dongxuan back, I could at least make Ms. Lin less suspicious of me.

And after hearing my words, Mr. Lin looked at me even more suspiciously, “Jin Chao, do you really know where Guan Dongxuan is?”

I nodded very seriously.

“Then the teacher will go with you!”

Teacher Lin said in the following.

I listened to her and was instantly anxious: “Teacher Lin, this isn’t a trip to have fun. You wait for me at school, I will bring Guan Dongxuan back as soon as possible. My friend, has her own way. If you go over there together, it would be a problem if you mess up her plans.”

And she was hesitant for a moment before agreeing, “Good, then the teacher will wait for you at the school. Until ten o’clock at night, is that much time enough?”

“Enough!” I affirmed down.

“But if you don’t come back with Guan Dongxuan at 10pm, teacher will get the police involved and have them look into it from your side.”

Teacher Lin’s words were more like a threat to me.

When I heard that, I had to be the one to agree to it through clenched teeth. Her suspicion made my heart feel even worse, but there was nothing I could do about it.

The security guards at the entrance didn’t stop me when I walked out of the school because I had Ms. Lin’s leave slip in my hand.

In between my waiting, a BMW pulled up in front of me.

“Jin Chao, get in!” Xu Ying’s voice, was coming down from the car.

“Where is Guan Dongxuan now?”

I asked the first time I got in the car.

“Don’t ask so many questions first, just follow me.” That was all Xu Ying said. As she said that, she stepped on the gas’s and left. But it was between our departure that Xu Ying also called a number of people. There were more than twenty of us, divided into four or five cars, and we all headed for the countryside.

And between parking, we were arriving at an abandoned chemical factory in the outskirts of Xuancheng.

“Let’s go.”

Xu Ying spoke at me.

She led me towards the interior of the chemical factory. Because this chemical factory had been abandoned for several years, the iron door in front of us even made a tooth-aching scraping sound when we pushed it open. The concrete floor was littered with cracks. There were even weeds, which had burst out from between the cracks.

The interior of the chemical plant was huge.

And Xu Ying was leading me straight ahead, into a factory building.

“The people are inside.”

Xu Ying and I explained.

“Let’s go in then!” I didn’t hear any movement inside.

“Don’t rush yet, the key people, they all have to come out last.” Xu Ying, however, was still joking with me. With her command, those sociopaths beside her, opened the door of the factory. I watched their entry, but waited outside, with Xu Ying.

Xu Ying, however, looked aloof and stood right beside me, holding a cigarette in her long, slender fingers.

She felt my eyes and asked me with some amus*ment, “What? Do you want one?”

“Forget it.” I shook my head.

She laughed softly, and it was between her light smoke that there was a sudden commotion from inside. It was the people inside who had spotted the ones she had sent and the two groups clashed. During the process, I asked her, somewhat puzzled, what was the reason for Guan Dongxuan’s abduction.

But she told me that if I wanted to know, I could ask Guan Dongxuan when he came out.

And it was between her words that the movement inside suddenly became much less. Then her phone rang, and it was a text message from someone inside.

“Okay, we should almost be out.” She said, and led me inside the factory.

The grey concrete floor was a thick layer of dust. It also highlighted a series of footprints. It was the particles of dust that, between our walks, raised even more gently around our feet.

“Sister Xu, it’s all taken care of.” Those sociopaths, who were each fierce and vicious, looked at Xu Ying’s walk and said. Beside us, a bunch of thugs fell to the ground. They were wearing different T-shirts, not like Xu Ying’s people, all of them were mainly black.

“Where’s Guan Dongxuan?” Xu Ying looked at those who had fallen to the ground, and on her lips was a question.

“Over here!” At the side, someone brought out Guan Dongxuan.

Guan Dongxuan’s body was covered with a black hood, and his eyes and nose were not exposed. His hands were tied behind him and his clothes were torn, revealing the injured flesh inside. His clothes were stained red with blood and he had obviously suffered some abuse.

The man beside Guan Dongxuan then removed his hood, revealing his bruised nose and swollen face.

I told the men on the side to release Guan Dongxuan, but in the process, Guan Dongxuan looked at me with an extraordinarily sinister look. It was as if I was one of the people who had abused him last night.

“Alright, since the person is fine, take him away!” Xu Ying then said.

“Don’t even think about leaving!”

The men suddenly stood up again.

“I’ll leave it to you guys! Guan Dongxuan, you come here.” Xu Ying said, and waved at Guan Dongxuan. Guan Dongxuan listened to her words and hesitated for a moment, but still rushed over to us. His eyes were wary, and Xu Ying laughed lightly at this, “Don’t worry, we won’t harm you.”

As Xu Ying spoke, the gang at the back fought again. But Xu Ying acted as if nothing had happened.

“Manager Xu, you can take me and Guan Dongxuan to school first, I need Guan Dongxuan and me to go back and give my teacher an explanation.” I then said to Xu Ying.

But Xu Ying was the one who suddenly said, “Don’t rush, I happen to be looking for Guan Dongxuan for something else!”