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Silly Teen Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43

Guan Dongxuan was finally unable to hold back his outburst.

“What do you mean by sycophantic? How did you treat Chao before, have you forgotten?” Xu Dazhi was still standing in my shoes, helping me to respond to Guan Dongxuan.

“Xu Dazhi, who are you again? Jin Chao hasn’t even spoken yet!” That was how Guan Dongxuan topped back.

“Chao, what are you guys doing here?”

Cao Ge and the others suddenly appeared.

“I’m here for dinner. Why did you guys come over too?” I looked at him with some confusion.

As he listened to me, he instead pointed at me to Xu Dazhi at the side, meaning that Xu Dazhi had called him over. And I had no good impression at all of such an anti-bonehead as Xu Dazhi.

Cao Ge came up to me with his men and a cigarette in his mouth.

He asked me what was going on here, and I told him without much concern: it was just a little scuffle. But he waved at Guan Dongxuan in a very serious manner and called him to us.

“Guan Dongxuan, you can do it. Yesterday’s ten slaps were waived for you, and you still don’t know how to restrain yourself, and you still want to be arrogant in front of my Ah Chao. Are you looking for death?” Cao asked directly with a stern face. Along with his words, Zhao Yangbo and the others at the table, all the more, did not dare to speak.

“Brother Cao, because of a Jin Chao, there is no need to make the relationship between us so stiff, right?” Guan Dongxuan then asked.

“What the hell do you know! Do I need you to tell me what I want to do?” Cao Ge just topped it off with this statement.

I walked up and shook my head gently, “Cao, let’s forget it. Guan Dongxuan, don’t you have to go to the hospital? Hurry up and get out of here!”

But Guan Dongxuan was still frozen in place as he listened to my words.

“Why don’t you hurry up and get out, why are you standing here?” Cao Ge didn’t have any kind words for him.

He listened to Cao Ge’s words, and only then did he turn around and leave with resentment. I knew he was very unconvinced.

It was also after he left that Xu Dazhi, a few people, was taking the initiative to give Cao Ge and the others a seat. Cao Ge ordered some wine and approached us for a couple of drinks. Because of Cao Ge’s intervention, the people at the table were more ambiguous towards me. Once Cao Ge sat down next to me, there was no need to explain many things.

Over the course of the meal, both Zhao Yangbo and Guo Xiaoming turned against me! All took the initiative to fight with me!

“Chao, let’s go to the internet cafe later and play a couple of games?” Guo Xiaoming, who was usually very close to Guan Dongxuan, suggested.

“But I don’t know how to play games.” I said awkwardly.

“It’s okay, it’s just for fun.”

Cao Ge said with a chuckle.

“So what should we play later, LOL, or DOTA, or Overwatch?” Guo then asked at us. I listened to him, not even knowing what they were talking about. I had never been to an internet cafe before, nor had I ever been exposed to online games.

I had heard them talk about some of the LOL characters before, but I couldn’t understand any of it because I didn’t know anything about it.

Even the first time I came to an internet cafe, I couldn’t even find the boot button! It was Cao Ge, who was sitting next to me, who laughed while helping me turn on the machine.

And while I was still in novice training mode, they were having a great time in a group battle on the side. I watched their excitement, and my eyes, too, could not help but be drawn to them. Men, by nature, aspire to war and bloodlust. And the pattern of LOL is an abbreviated version of war.

“Crap, Chao, you actually even played the training mode for newbies to death?” Xu Dazhi on the side froze for a moment.


“Holy Sh*t, it’s true!”

The crowd looked at my window and it was a roar of laughter. And I was even a little blushing, the reason why I died was also because I I looked at Cao Ge’s platinum level operation and saw that I had forgotten even my own novice training.

“Chao, it’s better if I take you.” Xu Dazhi was laughing, but he was also willing to teach me some of these operations.

“So, are we still going to cla*s this afternoon?”

“Go, my a*s! What a winning streak!” Zhao Yangbo laughed harshly from the side.

During their team ranking, I was rather ignored by them. I had nothing to do with watching Cao Ge’s moves, some of which were particularly flashy and showy to the other team, and I had nothing to ask about them. For the first time, I experienced what it was like to skip cla*s and also played 1V1 all afternoon in the company of Xu Dazhi.

“Chao, you can do it. It’s been a fast progress this afternoon!” Xu Dazhi complimented me, but I knew that he was just bragging about me more than anything else.

“Quick hands, just missing the action.” Cao Ge also commented from the sidelines.

“Chao, you’re just getting started, so don’t obsess over those showy operations either.” Guo reminded me.

“Yeah. It’s like my dad said, trying to fly before you can run. Haha ……”

I listened to the joking tone of the crowd and didn’t take it to heart. But it was the sudden appearance of a group of people while we were playing. I had already familiarized myself with the basic operation of LOL, plus Xu Dazhi was only at the silver level. By the time 8pm rolled around, I was able to distract myself while operating.

I looked at the people standing at the door and was feeling a bit out of place. They seemed to be looking for someone to come over.

Guan Dongxuan then came in.

He led the gang, looked around, and locked on to our direction.

“Brother Cao, Guan Dongxuan is bringing someone here!”

Cao Ge’s little brother warned.

“Don’t care about him!” Cao continued to play the game.

“Cao Ge, what do you mean? What does it mean to target my brother? I don’t seem to have offended you in any way!” A man with big earrings in his ears, wearing a loose black vest and a big back haircut then walked over and spoke at Cao Ge in a very irritated manner.

But Cog simply didn’t care.

“Hey Cao Ge, did you hear me?” The man with the earrings asked at Cao Ge in a very irritated manner.

“Can’t you see I’m playing a game? Get out of the way, I don’t have time to talk to you right now.” Cao Ge responded arrogantly.

“Cao Ge, what you’re saying now is that you really want to make a big deal out of it? It’s not like you don’t know what conditions Dongxuan’s family and I are in. If we use our family’s power, just you, a little punk head, will have to disappear from Xuancheng tomorrow!” The man with the earrings threatened.

And when Cao Ge heard the other man’s words, he just let go of the game in his hand and turned his head’s to look at them.

“If you guys want to come, you can come. If you guys are so tough, are you as tough as 1908?” Cao Ge just said the same thing back.

“1908?” the earring man froze for a moment.

Cao Ge nodded: “Do you understand now? If you understand, then get lost!”

The man with the earring sneered, “Cao Ge, you’re blowing up your cowl now. 1908 can help a small player like you? Don’t be ridiculous!”


Chapter 44

The earring man listened to Cog, obviously in great disbelief. And Cao Ge’s words also made me flinch. I was thinking in my mind, is it because of what happened on my end that 1908 all gave Cao Ge a backing?

It seemed a bit unrealistic again!

My relationship with Xu Ying, at this stage, is said to be that of an ally though. But there’s no way she would come to Cao Ge’s aid just because of what happened to me. She could have just threatened Cao Ge and just skimmed it off!

“Guan Zhe, you don’t believe it either. Guan Dongxuan’s father, now lying in the hospital, is because of 1908!” Cao Ge said, just looking towards me.

And the man with the earring, who was called Guan Zhe, also had a dark face. On his face was a look of indecision.

When Guan Zhe hesitated, Cao Ge lit a cigarette on the side. He also simply gave up the game and looked at Guan Zhe unhurriedly, just waiting for Guan Zhe’s reply.

“Guan Zhe, have you thought it through or not?” Cao Ge asked just afterwards.

“Cao Ge, I’m asking you now, are you bluffing me or not? You also know that I only need a day at most to check it out thoroughly.” Guan Zhe asked with a stern face and a serious expression.

“Do you think I would bluff you with something like that?” Cao Ge just asked him rhetorically.

Guan Zhe listened to his words and was silent for a while: “Okay, then I’ll believe you! Let’s go!”

“But cousin, I this ……”

Guan Dongxuan’s embarra*sed for a moment.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. If you really want to know, go back and ask your father, he knows it well!”

And once Guan Dongxuan heard that, this was the time he collected his face and followed Guan Zhe and the others to leave. Before he left, he was completely just in a state of being so angry that he was about to storm out. Unwillingness and resentment …… were all written on his face!

“Crap!” Xu Dazhi suddenly shouted.

“What’s wrong?” Cao Ge was taken aback.

“Xu Dazhi, have you been F**king nailed by the mainframe, shouting so loudly! You’ve scared the old man into a wave of group destruction!”

Across the table, Zhao Yangbo scolded in a violent temper.

“No ah Bo, I …… I just got single killed by Chao!” Xu Dazhi said awkwardly.

“What?” The crowd was dumbfounded for a while.

Zhao Yangbo and the others were straight away dropping the game in their hands and came running to our end. Xu Dazhi and I had been playing 1V1 for almost eight hours and had only been on the game for eight hours, and we had actually killed a Silver 1 ranked person alone. Even though silver is the bottom tier water level, it’s still pretty shocking!

“Ah Chao, you and Xu Dazhi have another game.” Cao Ge’s set had already been lost, and he pulled a chair directly behind me.

“Eh, don’t all of you look at me like that, I’m under a lot of pressure.” I got a little embarra*sed too.

“How do you know if you Sh*t-killed Xu Dazhi without seeing how you operate?” Zhao Yangbo said with a laugh instead.

“That’s …… fine.”

I could only agree to it.

I was being topped by them, and I was slightly nervous in my heart. I showed the process, my understanding of the game LOL, and some of the skills as much as possible.

During these eight hours, I have been playing ‘Dema’ a hero. Xu Dazhi, on the other hand, switched around.

For this matchup, both Xu Dazhi and I used Dema. I was not as good as Xu Dazhi at mending, though. But I dared to go up and swap blood with Xu Dazhi. I’ve been trying to figure out some of the characteristics of the minions, and I’m trying to get Xu Dazhi to pull more hate on the minions as much as possible at lower levels, so that the minions can help fight together.

Xu Dazhi went out with a Doran shield, while I went out directly with an attack-boosting Doran sword.

“Xu Dazhi, are you stupid? Why do you keep mending your sword, go up and do it!” Zhao Yangbo in turn was anxious for Xu Dazhi.

“Crap, why are you going home again?”

“Nima, you’ve taken the first blood tower for someone else, how can you still beat him?”

Cao Ge looked at my operation and was on the sidelines to point me out and also teach me how to dress up. Dema’s set up was simple, coupled with the advantage in outfit, basically pressuring Xu Dazhi under the second tower.

“Chao, go! Go straight over the tower to get first blood and end the fight!” Cao Ge commanded me right on the edge.

“Okay!” I agreed.

And it was after I F**ked Xu Dazhi to death again, Xu Dazhi’s energy came up, “Again.”

Because of Cao Ge’s command, I lost only one out of five sets. After losing the fifth game, Xu Dazhi slumped into his seat and cursed under his breath, “Sh*t, what kind of people have we dragged into the game! I’ve been playing for over a month, and I still can’t beat someone who’s only been playing for eight hours!”

“Chao, you’re no match for this talent, you can totally go play professionally!”

“What’s a pro?” I asked, somewhat puzzled instead.

Cao Ge looked at me very breathlessly, “It’s playing games professionally and playing with battle teams.”

“Does this make money?”

I asked a very idiotic question.

And once the crowd heard my words, they rolled their eyes even more breathlessly. Xu Dazhi and I explained that playing professionally and switching to live streaming later on could earn more than 100,000 a month if you were famous. They made it sound very tempting and desirable, but I just listened so much and didn’t take it to heart.

I just instinctively felt that there was no such thing as good money to be made!

As it was getting late, I called it a day and went home. When Uncle Chen saw that I was so late, he was very worried and asked me what I had been doing this day. I thought about it and told Uncle Chen that I had gone back to school. I finally decided to have a showdown with Uncle Chen.

I relayed what Xu Ying had said to me earlier to Uncle Chen as well. However, I did not talk to Uncle Chen about the terms Xu Ying had offered.

I did not say that Xu Ying had approached me to ask me to help her take care of Hua’s wife. I only said that I did not know what Xu Ying’s purpose was at this stage.

Uncle Chen listened to my words, was a heavy smoke, very disheveled look: “Ah Chao, sorry, it is uncle can not protect you, this is why you and 1908 ……” Uncle Chen also know, Xu Ying’s intervention, to ensure my safety in the school. It wouldn’t be looked for trouble by Guan Dongxuan and the others.

And even if he didn’t want me to get in touch with 1908 anymore, but at this point, he could only acquiesce to this matter.

“Uncle, it’s nothing.” I said, shaking my head. I was more worried about Uncle Chen than what was happening on my end.

“Right Ah Chao, did Xu Ying really not say what she wanted you to do?” Uncle Chen asked me in a very serious manner.


I said very sheepishly.

“Really no? Don’t you lie to me!” Uncle Chen stared into my eyes and asked me incomparably heavily.