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Silly Teen Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37

As I listened to Guan Dongxuan’s words, I wanted to be even more furious. I looked at the cold smile on Guan Dongxuan’s face and clenched my fists even more. In the past, when I was still at school, Teacher Lin was very good to me. Even after my academic performance dropped, she still didn’t give up on me and was still encouraging me.

I didn’t want to see this disappointed look on Teacher Lin’s face towards me either. I felt the look in Teacher Lin’s eyes and it was hard on my heart!

“Forget this ten slaps, you go away!” I stressed at him as well.


Guan Dongxuan nodded and just stood up from the ground. With a red and swollen face, she glanced in my direction. It was more with a sinister taste within.

“Xue Fu, what are you still standing for? Let’s go together!” Teacher Lin just glared at Guo Xuefu.

“Teacher Lin, that’s not what happened.” Guo Xuefu hurriedly explained to Teacher Lin.

But Teacher Lin didn’t listen to her at all: “Whether it’s like that or not, we’ll talk about it later when we leave here. You are standing here, do you want to stay with these people from outside the school? If this is seen by the other leaders of the school, how are you going to explain to them?”

Lin’s teacher’s words directly sealed Guo Xuefu’s words.

And I was the one who shot a glance at Guo Xuefu from the side, and also let Guo Xuefu leave first with a long sigh in my heart.

I certainly understood how Ms. Lin was feeling right now. I’m afraid that the expectations she originally had for me are now disappointing. It’s just that …… her phrase ‘idle people’ just now really poked me in the heart and made my heart feel even harder.

“Xuefu, why aren’t you leaving? Do you still think that not many of the school leaders know you? You are the top student in our cla*s!” Teacher Lin emphasized the word “top student”.

Guo Xuefu looked at me and still hesitated, “Jinchao, then I’ll find you some other time. I’ll go back to school first!”

I nodded at her and agreed.

But it was after watching them leave that I clenched my fist and still didn’t let go. I didn’t know how Ms. Lin knew what was going on here. Anyway, no matter what, I was afraid that the misunderstanding I had in Ms. Lin’s mind would not be so easily cleared up.

“What’s on your mind, Chao?” Cao Ge asked right beside me. After Guan Dongxuan and the others had dispersed, he had changed his address to me.


I said with a shake of my head.

“I heard you got expelled from school. If you’re not doing anything this afternoon, let’s find a place to have a drink?” Cog suggested.

“See what you can arrange.” That’s all I said.

“Okay then, I happen to know a nice place. I’ll have a drink with you and apologise to you for your mistake, haha!” Cao Ge was so open-minded that he put his arm around my shoulders, led me to his car and just led me away.

When I think back to the last time I rode in his car, it was the time when he took me to the mahjong parlour and asked the fat man for a debt. But this time, Cao Ge and the others had a hundred and eighty degree change in their attitude towards me.

And this was something that made me feel very emotional in my heart.

I drank with them all afternoon at the place Cao Ge had found, and I sort of drank away my sorrows.

“Chao, you’re a good drinker!”

“Yeah, there are so many of us and we can’t even drink one!”

“Haha, Brother Cao is all drunk already.” A few of Cao Ge’s minions then patted me on the back.

When Cao Ge, who was beside me, heard this, he got up from the table in a flash and said in a drunken manner, “F*ck him, which one of you saw me drunk? I’m not drunk!”

I laughed dryly and said, “Drunk people usually say they’re not drunk.”

And with my voice, the crowd laughed out loud.

As for my drinking capacity, I really didn’t know I could drink so much before. I also wanted to numb myself with exactly that, to ease my mood a little. But after half a case, I just went to the toilet a few more times, but I wasn’t head over heels or very drunk!

We continued to drink and at 7pm, Guo Xuefu suddenly sent me a text message saying that Ms Lin had informed her parents that she had been in contact with someone outside the school. She also asked her parents to keep an eye on her.

She told me that she had been locked up at home by her parents for the last while and couldn’t get out, and that even her phone was going to be taken away.

I looked at the text message and was more than a little surprised too.

I then sent one back and I told her to take it easy for a while too. I was in Xuancheng anyway. There would be plenty of opportunities for us to talk later if we wanted to.

She agreed to do so.

She then said she was turning her phone in and didn’t say much more to me. I, on the other hand, sent back a ‘yes’. But it was after that word was sent that I had a very mixed feeling in my heart.

Because from afternoon to evening drinking, I let them leave the booster at the roadside and helped them get a taxi out of my own pocket to take them back. When I got home myself, Uncle Chen was sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette. When he saw me coming back, he sat me down beside him and asked me why I smelled like alcohol and asked me what was wrong.

And I was shaking my head with him, saying that it was fine: “It’s just that I feel a bit bad inside, so I spent the afternoon with my friends and drank some wine to vent out a bit.”

“Ah Chao, uncle also knows that you are not feeling well in your heart right now. I’m thinking of ways to transfer you to another high school after a while, so you can continue your education.” Uncle Chen and I a*sured.

“Uncle, thank you.”

I said solemnly.

Uncle Chen gave me a blank look and said, “How can you say thank you to Uncle? If you still have any discomfort in your heart, just talk to uncle.”

“Uncle ……” I was tempted to vent my feelings with Uncle Chen, but I held my tongue when the words came to my lips.

“What’s wrong?” Uncle Chen asked as he looked at me and rushed me.

“Forget it, it’s okay. Let me think this through on my own. …… Uncle Chen, I’m going to bed.” I said and just stood up. And what I cared most about in my heart was still the matter of Teacher Lin, the misunderstanding by Teacher Lin!

“Okay then, then you go to sleep first. To if you want to find Uncle to vent out a little, Uncle is always there.” Uncle Chen said to me in a very solemn manner.

And as I listened to him, I nodded seriously.

I lay in bed, my head all filled with the look in Mr. Lin’s eyes before he left, and just tossed and turned, unable to sleep. The more I thought about it, the more I cared, and the more guilty I felt. I felt very sorry for what Ms. Lin was expecting, but I couldn’t seem to find a proper angle to explain this to Ms. Lin and clear up the misunderstanding between us.

“Eh ……”

I sighed.

It was also at this time that my phone suddenly rang. It was Xu Ying calling!


Chapter 38

I looked at Xu Ying’s number and picked it up straight away.

And Xu Ying called me out again, again to the Imperial Hotel, room 1908. The door was unlocked, so I pushed it open and saw Xu Ying on the big white bed, wearing a bathrobe, smoking a cigarette and crossing her legs.

Because of the alcohol, I looked at her white thighs exposed to the air, and even more blood rushed through me!

“What, can’t hold it in again?” Xu Ying asked at me as she exhaled a smoke ring.

“I’ve just been drinking a bit.” I said with a dry laugh. I didn’t admit it, nor did I refute it. I was a bit confused. If Xu Ying wasn’t going to give me a ‘reward’ at this stage, then why did she dress up in such a thought-provoking way both times I came over?

Doesn’t she know that although I’m a student, I’m also a bloody teenage boy?

“So, should I call someone and help you out first. When you’re done, we’ll start again?” Xu Ying then asked at me.

I, on the other hand, shook my head, “I’d rather not. We’ll start early and finish early.”

But Xu Ying stood up afterwards and smiled faintly at me, “I advise you to give up this idea. Tonight, I definitely won’t let you leave the hotel half a step!”

Her words were what made my heart suddenly jerk. Her offhanded words always got people thinking!

And for the rest of the night, still in a drunken stupor, I went at her pace. She continued to teach me things in order to make me better at seducing that so-called Wah’s wife.

This may sound a bit ridiculous, but Xu Ying was taking it quite seriously. Even with twelve percent of her energy, she gave in to me.

As it was nearing dawn, she finally did let me lie in bed and rest for a while. My nerves, which had been tense all night, were finally relaxed somewhat.

But I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t be asleep for long before Xu Ying called me up again.

I opened my eyes in a daze and looked at her sitting beside me who was already dressed, “Manager Xu, still calling me up so early, what’s the matter?”

“Okay, don’t ask so many questions, just come with me!” Xu Ying said straight away.

“Alright then, wait for me to brush my teeth.”

I said breathlessly.

After I followed Xu Ying out of the hotel, I sat in her BMW, watching her drive in the direction of my school, and thinking back to what she had said before, I got a little bit more mental: “Manager Xu, are you going to help me solve the matter of my dismissal?”

Xu Ying glanced at me, “I told you not to ask so many questions, but why can’t you control your mouth?”

As I listened to her, I felt even more like that was the case! I said excitedly, “Haha, if I can go back to school, you can make me do anything!”

“And what if I told you to die?”

“Eh, that’s even.”

“I happen to be joking as well.”

Xu Ying’s smile had a faint charm in it. I watched as she drove past the entrance to my school, only to ‘pa*s right by’ again! As I watched this scene, my original excitement calmed down.

I had gotten excited too soon!

Xu Ying didn’t say that she was going to take me to solve the matter of being expelled from the school, and as a result, I got ahead of myself!

“By the way Manager Xu, what did you bring me to the hospital for?” After I got out of the car, I asked at Xu Ying in confusion.

“Of course I brought you here to solve your most pressing problem!” Xu Ying gave me a blank look and said.

“How can I solve it in the hospital?”

I asked her curiously.

“Just follow me upstairs and you’ll know.” Xu Ying said, and walked ahead. I followed closely behind her, my mood that had calmed down only to have a fire flare up again because of her words.

She led me up to the fifth floor of the inpatient unit, and my mood became even more tense.

“This is it.”

Xu Ying said to me.

Puzzled, I followed her into the ward, only to see Guan Dongxuan’s father on a separate bed in the senior ward.

I literally froze for a moment!

“Little B*****d, you still have the nerve to show up for me?” Guan Dongxuan’s father looked at me and his emotions flared up. He looked as if he wanted to undo the cast on his body and eat me alive.

“Chief Guan, calm down first, don’t get so excited.” With a word from Xu Ying, she drew Guan Dongxuan’s father’s attention.

“Who are you again?” Guan Dongxuan’s father asked, somewhat wary instead.

“It doesn’t matter what I am. What is important is …… Chief Guan, this little brother of mine wants to go back to school and would like Chief Guan to be a little more accommodating.” Xu Ying said with a flirtatious smile. I looked at her and even thought that she was planning to use her body in exchange for the chance to get me back to school.

But when I thought about it differently, it seemed unlikely! After all, Xu Ying was from 1908, so how could she sacrifice herself for such a ‘trivial’ matter!

“Want this B*****d to go back to school? Not even a chance!” Guan Dongxuan’s father said with a cold snort.

“Chief Guan, don’t speak too soon, think about it again.” The corners of Xu Ying’s mouth still had that same smile on it. Guan Dongxuan’s father was obviously also seduced, but he just didn’t show it on the surface.

“There’s nothing to consider, you all get out of here!” Guan Dongxuan’s father still maintained his strong attitude.

But it was at this time that Xu Ying sat down right beside him. Her long, slender fingers gently slid along the plaster on Guan Dongxuan’s father’s body. And Guan Dongxuan’s father’s eyes were obviously moving with Xu Ying’s fingers!

It was when Guan Dongxuan’s father let his guard down that Xu Ying’s fingers suddenly flashed with a sharp edge! A sharp blade appeared right in front of Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s neck.

“You, what do you want?” Guan Dongxuan’s dad panicked all of a sudden.

“Chief Guan, you’re really forgetful. My purpose, didn’t I just say that?” Xu Ying clamped the blade, completely as if nothing was wrong: “But Chief Guan …… I advise you, if you don’t agree, then Chief Guan your official career, will soon wither like this flower, after a short bloom.”

And Xu Ying said, is clip the blade, gently cut off a flower in the flower basket, just put it between the nose and smell. The movement was very elegant!

“You’re threatening me?”

“Well, you can take that as a threat. After all, we, 1908, are not so easy to mess with!” Xu Ying declared her identity.

What she then did was to gently slap her hand towards Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s thigh. All of a sudden, Guan Dongxuan’s dad screamed out in pain.

I turned my head to see a large amount of blood flowing from Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s thigh.

“How’s that for consideration, Chief Guan?”