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Silly Teen Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25

I couldn’t stop clenching my fists as I listened to the words come out of his mouth.

I really didn’t expect that Guan Dongxuan’s father would be so unreasonable. On second thought, Guan Dongxuan had inherited his father’s behaviour in all probability. The slap I received from him was still burning on my face. Mr. Lin hurriedly shielded me behind him.

According to Guan Dongxuan’s father, in the final analysis, the bad guy was me?

“Teacher Lin, are you going to cover up for this student now?” Guan Dongxuan’s father said, holding a cigarette directly in his office, “Teacher Lin, I advise you to think clearly. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it anyhow now, but if I call Duan Chang here later, it won’t be easy to say.”

“You’re threatening me?”

Teacher Lin said with a grim face.

“It’s not really a threat, I just want you to be sensible. After all, I think you, as the cla*s teacher, know very well what kind of status I am. Now, I just want to teach this person who slandered my son a lesson, and I don’t want to start a conflict with the teacher. But if you stand in my way, then I can’t guarantee that I will do so.”

Guan Dongxuan’s father said flatly.

And aside, Guan Dongxuan listened to his dad’s voice and looked at me with even more smugness.

“Teacher Lin, hurry up and call this student’s parents over now.” Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s tone was completely non-negotiable.

“But his parents are a police officer, and at this point in time, they must have their own business to attend to. And this matter hasn’t been investigated yet, how can you conclude that the fault lies with Jin Chao?” Teacher Lin frowned and asked rhetorically.

“So what if it’s the police? If I want him to come over, he has to come over! I hate it when someone slanders my son!” Guan Dongxuan’s father sneered, “Not to mention that Dongxuan is a good boy at home and helps out with chores when he has nothing better to do. Do you think he would bully his cla*smates? Or even, or blackmail!”

Teacher Lin’s face was also extremely irritated. I was tugging at her sleeve, telling her not to continue arguing with Guan Dongxuan’s father.

And Guan Dongxuan looked at me with a ‘you’re finished’ expression.

At this moment, I really wanted to go up and return the slap to Guan Dongxuan in front of his father. But I thought about it and held back. The main reason was that I couldn’t do that! After all, Guan Dongxuan’s father was a little-known official in our local area.

As for Guan Dongxuan, he was simply a second generation official!

“Alright Teacher Lin, hurry up and call his parents over now, or else I’ll have to call Duan Chang. I’m sure you don’t want to make such a mess of things either!” Guan Dongxuan’s father, however, was dead set on not letting go.

But Teacher Lin didn’t give him a good look: “Whatever you want! Do what you like!”

“Okay, that’s what you said!” Guan Dongxuan’s father said, and took out his mobile phone and called in front of us.

And as Teacher Lin listened to him, she even sat down on her chair with a puff of anger. She asked me to stand beside her, more so to protect me in front of Guan Dongxuan’s dad. But I didn’t want to drag her into the affair. In the process, Guan Dongxuan’s father was talking on the phone while he was looking at me with eyes like he was looking down on ants.

After all, we weren’t even in the same cla*s of people!

Not long after Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s phone call ended, the section leader of our year section arrived in a hurry. The two of them were in our presence, and after a brief shushing and greeting, they just got down to business. After hearing what had happened from Guan Dongxuan’s father, the section leader glared at Mr. Lin, seemingly blaming him for annoying Guan Dongxuan’s father.

Duan Chang looked at me in an unkind manner and asked me, “Jin Chao, tell me clearly why you want to blackmail Guan? I remember you were always the top student in your year before, how come after your grades dropped, you’ve become like this too!”

“Paragraph Leader, this matter is not like that at all.” I hurriedly explained.

“Then what else or what?” Guan Dongxuan’s father was on the sidelines, looking at me with a very unkind look.

“Dad, Duan Chang, you must do something for me! This semester Jin Chao has met a big brother outside and is powerful and has started bullying me too. I never wanted to say anything before, but he’s simply bullying people too much!” Guan Dongxuan got aggravated, “Even if he bullied me, he even complained in front of the teacher.”

Guan Dongxuan said the opposite, and I was even more angry at his words.

“Guan Dongxuan, don’t spit out blood, okay? Who the hell met Big Brother outside, and who the hell said that if I gave him a thousand and three he could get his Big Brother to help me out with Cao Ge?” I said with a clenched fist.

“Definitely not me anyway.”

Guan Dongxuan set himself aside.

And Duan Chang, who was watching the scene from the side, even had a vaguely moved expression of anger. This time, he didn’t even need Guan Dongxuan’s father to say anything, so he directly asked Teacher Lin to call the parents.

During the process, the other teachers did not dare to say a word. Even though they knew that Guan Dongxuan was not a good person, they were afraid that they were more afraid of Duan Chang and also of Guan Dongxuan’s father.

Teacher Lin beside me looked at my expression and was also very hesitant. She was obviously on my side, but since Duan Chang had said so, she had no choice but to do as she was told. And after Uncle Chen took the call from Teacher Lin, he hurriedly dropped what he was doing and rushed to the school.

I looked at the police uniform on Uncle Chen and felt even worse in my heart.

“You’re the parent of this little B*****d, aren’t you!” Guan Dongxuan’s father asked straightforwardly, and in the process he got to know my situation with Duan Chang. He also knew that I wasn’t related to Uncle Chen in any way.

“Little B*****d?” Uncle Chen’s brow furrowed for a moment, “Aren’t you going too far with that?”

“Oh, you’re just a gra*sroots civilian police officer. With just one word from me, I can have you rolled up and out of the police station.” Guan Dongxuan’s father said with a sneer, “So don’t use that tone of voice to talk to me either!”

Uncle Chen was undaunted and said, “Oh? Then I’d like to see it!”

“Then you’ve brought this on yourself!”

Upon hearing this, Guan Dongxuan’s father directly pulled out his mobile phone. He knew what Uncle Chen’s name was from Teacher Lin, and had seen the police number on his chest. And it was his phone after that, Uncle Chen’s phone, which didn’t take long to ring. I saw from the side that it was the chief of police, Uncle Xu, calling.

During the process Uncle Chen listened and frowned for a while, but Guan Dongxuan’s father was getting more and more pleased with himself. It seemed he was also enjoying the sense of superiority that came with this power.

And he then walked up to me and raised his hand and landed another slap on my face. A crisp ringing sound echoed throughout the office.

“You ……”

Uncle Chen was furious.

“What, are you offended? But even if I hit him now, what can you do!”


Chapter 26

Guan Dongxuan’s father said this with his mouth, and he looked at us with contempt. Uncle Chen looked at him and also clenched his fist. On the side, Teacher Lin also frowned and was even trying to shield me behind her. But the look from Duan Chang on the side was what forced her to back off.

And Guan Dongxuan’s father raised his hand to land another slap on me. Uncle Chen rushed forward and grabbed his hand.

“Hey, don’t go too far.”

Uncle Chen said with a gloomy face.

“Oh, you’ve been suspended now, what else do you want …… Oh no, I should ask you, what else can you do! Now you, can’t you still arrest me?” Guan Dongxuan his father asked back, while his tone was even more questioning, “Let go of me!”

Uncle Chen was on the verge of an emotional outburst, but he still released Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s hand.

Guan Dongxuan, who was standing at the side, watched the scene and the look he cast at me was even more smug.

Uncle Chen was holding back his anger and wanted to discuss the matter with Guan Dongxuan’s father. This was not a big deal from an adult’s point of view. It was the intervention of Guan Dongxuan’s father that increased the seriousness of the matter. But Uncle Chen’s initiative to seek peace was not taken seriously by Guan Dongxuan’s father.

Guan Dongxuan’s father maintained his superior attitude and gave a conciliatory solution: “If you really want to settle this matter, let this little B*****d kneel down and apologise to Dongxuan!”

Hearing his words, even Mr. Lin, who was standing by, couldn’t help but say, “This is too much!”

“Excessive? Someone has slandered your child, can’t you still make him admit his mistake and apologize?” Guan Dongxuan’s father asked rhetorically.

“But this way you’re going about it, it’s too much!” Teacher Lin continued.

But aside, Duan Chang hurriedly was glaring at Teacher Lin: “Teacher Lin, there’s nothing for you to do here, you should go out first!”

“Duan Chang ……”

“Did you hear what I said!” Duan Chang said in a very serious manner. And Teacher Lin was even more furious for a while. She glanced in my direction, and even more helplessly turned around and left the place. I looked at Teacher Lin’s back and also thought about how Uncle Chen had suddenly been suspended because of me, and I felt even more uncomfortable in my heart.

I didn’t want to let this matter continue at this pace any longer.

If my kneeling could really put this matter to rest for the time being, I was willing to do so!

“Ah Chao, let’s go, go home!” Uncle Chen said in a deep voice. He grabbed my arm and was about to lead me away.

“The matter hasn’t even been settled yet, how are you guys going to just walk away?” Guan Dongxuan’s father directly stopped the way, just rushing us and asking.

“You forced me to do this!”

“Forced you to what?”

Uncle Chen listened to Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s voice and let go of me with his backhand. He clenched his fist and threw two fists at Guan Dongxuan’s dad. Although Uncle Chen had retired from the army for many years, he usually had exercise. With him, putting down Guan Dongxuan’s dad was just a matter of moments!

“Why are you still hitting people? Dad ……” Guan Dongxuan hurriedly helped his dad up.

“I’m fine.” Guan Dongxuan’s dad shook his head. What followed was that he pushed Guan Dongxuan away. He stared at Uncle Chen and sneered, “You want to fight? Come on, who’s afraid of who!”

“Chief Guan, don’t fight here, it’s not a good influence.” The Duan chief at the side hurriedly advised.

“Don’t mind my business!”

That was what Guan Dongxuan’s father said.

With his voice, Uncle Chen told me to step back a bit and confronted Guan Dongxuan’s father head-on. Guan Dongxuan’s father was no match for Uncle Chen. In three or two strokes, he was downed by Uncle Chen again. But Guan Dongxuan’s father was not convinced and got up again.

Guan Dongxuan was even more anxious as he walked over to me and bellowed at me, “Jin Chao, hurry up and tell your uncle to stop for me, do you hear me?”

I turned my head and gave him a very cold look, “Why should I do as you say?”

“You’re looking for death?”

“It’s you who’s looking for death!” I yelled at him with even more anger welling up in my heart. Guan Dongxuan had bullied me more than once or twice. At this moment, he still had the courage to say such things to me. Was he bullying me and taking it for granted?

Did I deserve to be bullied? By a*sociation, should the people around me also be trampled underfoot by Guan Dongxuan’s family?

“Alright, don’t fight.”

Duan Chang hurriedly came up to dissuade him.

Uncle Chen once again, after putting Guan Dongxuan’s father on the ground, also took a few steps backwards, indicating that he had stopped. After Guan Dongxuan’s father got up from the ground, his eyes became even more sinister. His white shirt was stained with a lot of grey stains, and he even looked in a mess.

“Ah Chao you come here, let’s go.” Uncle Chen waved at me.

Beside me, Guan Dongxuan, who was looking at me, was looking at me with great anger. If this were the usual situation, he would have come over with a big mouth. But at this time, he did not make a move. When I pa*sed by Guan Dongxuan’s father, his father suddenly moved.

Guan Dongxuan’s dad couldn’t beat Uncle Chen, so instead he waved his arm, raised his hand and slapped me violently: “B*****d! Get lost!”

And I gave him this slap, breaking the skin directly on the inside of my mouth. The taste of blood and fishy sweetness filled my mouth. I turned my head back that had been deflected by his flash. I clenched my fist and glared at him. My face was already bruised, and it was made worse by his blow.

Uncle Chen came over with a grim look on his face and just asked at me, “Chao, does it hurt?”

“I’m fine, Uncle Chen.”

I said hurriedly.

I was rushing to sense something was wrong from Uncle Chen’s tone of voice. I said this because I didn’t want Uncle Chen to be impulsive. But when Uncle Chen looked at me, he took off the police uniform he was wearing and handed it over to me.

He twisted his fist and stood right in front of Guan Dongxuan’s dad: “Hey, Chief Guan, let me just ask you one thing. You didn’t come to the school to inspect it in your capacity as the chief, did you?”

Guan Dongxuan’s father did not dare to respond. If he had come over for an inspection, he was definitely not the only one who came over.

“Not talking, are you? Then let me ask you again, did you come to the school in the same capacity as me, as a parent?” Uncle Chen continued his question.

“Why are you asking so much nonsense!” Guan Dongxuan’s father gave a strong bellow. But he was even stronger at this point, and he was just bluffing when he said that.

“Of course I have my purpose for asking this! If that’s the case, then I don’t need to worry about any consequences even more if I beat you up!”

Uncle Chen said with a sneer.

And Guan Dongxuan’s father tensed up all of a sudden, “You dare to hit me? Do you know who I am?”

“Just a parent!”