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Winner Takes All Chapter 325-326

Chapter 325

The hypnotic Sanskrit sound sent chills down Chen Dong’s spine.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s throat tightened and he felt a sense of suffocation.

He opened his mouth slightly and struggled to take a deep breath.

When he saw the fish scale lines of Dangben Zhenwu, he finally reacted.

This scene tonight was not at all the so-called transferring of a tiger from a mountain.

Rather, it was a mantis catching a cicada and a yellow bird in the back!

Doomoto Shingo had arrived a long time ago, even before even Mona had arrived!

It was just that after setting up the mechanism for the first time and being demolished by Kunlun, he had been lurking in the shadows, like a hunting leopard, deadlocked on him as his prey, quietly waiting for this opportunity.

At the beginning, Kunlun had said that those who could use and make the fish scale thread were true top experts.

But after that fish scale thread organ, the subsequent killers that appeared were clearly not top-notch, and even he himself had overlooked this.

With Meng’s arrival, it was clear that for Mango Domoto – the opportunity had arrived!

Not only had Donbon Makoto counted on him, but he had invariably counted on Meng too, silently allowing Meng to cover for him, turning him, the praying mantis, into a yellow bird, while Meng became the mantis catching the cicada.

Such concealment was terrifying!

Without realising it, Chen Dong’s body was already drenched in sweat.

The palms of his hands were even sticky from the sweat.

He gazed at the opposite side of Domoto Shingo.

This feeling of fear even gave him the feeling he had when he was in the Black Prison again and faced his uncle, Chen Daojun.

All seven security officers were dead.

The only thing he had to rely on now was the fish scale thread on his right wrist.

Subconsciously, Chen Dong’s right fingertips buckled backwards and pressed the metal box on his wrist, as if this was the only way to have a trace of peace.

At the same time, Chen Dong took a step backwards.

“Can’t get away.”

Doomoto Shingo sneered, “With me, Mona, around, you, by the time they arrive, will already be a corpse.”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes jumped wildly, but he was powerless to refute.

The 20th and 18th on the Death List, two top a*sa*sins surrounded him, his chances of escape were infinitely close to zero.

Moreover, judging from the speed at which Dang Ben Zhen Wu killed the seven security personnel just now, it would not take much time for Dang Ben Zhen Wu to kill him.

It wasn’t that the seven security officers were weak, but they were naturally vulnerable in comparison to the stronger ones.

What’s more, it was the premise that Shingo Doomoto had the presence of mind to do so.

The sinister and ruthless nature of the ninja was on full display in Dōbon Makoto.

Hoo ……

The night breeze was blowing lightly.

The bamboo forest swayed as it blew, rustling down the bamboo leaves in the sky.

A few bamboo leaves drifted down from in front of Chen Dong’s eyes, obscuring his vision for a short while.

But when his vision returned, Chen Dong’s scalp exploded.

Dang Ben Zhen Wu, gone!

In an instant, Chen Dong’s body tensed up and his eyes narrowed into slits, alert to the extreme.


A sound of wind suddenly sounded.

“Up there!”

Chen Dong’s heart jerked fiercely as a strong threat of death swept through his entire body.

Almost instinctively, he violently moved a step to the side and swung his right hand, smashing it straight across.


There was a muffled sound.

The right fist felt like it was hitting a sandbag.

The black shadow in front of him flew out sideways at the same time and landed firmly on the ground.

“Fighting instincts, very strong!”

Doomoto Shingo’s eyes, which were only exposed to the outside, flashed sharply.

The words had barely left his mouth.

He suddenly fished out an orb from his tight ninja robes.

“Transport the ground!”

It smashed hard on the ground, and instantly smoke rose into the air.

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly and he quickly retreated towards the back.

The ninja’s fighting techniques were extremely sinister and ruthless.

Although they also sought to kill with a single blow, they were a far cry from most fighting techniques.

When Kunlun had first taught fighting techniques, he had highlighted this point.

At this moment, he was alone, and the slightest carelessness could end up like the seven corpses of the security personnel on the ground.

clatter ……

Almost at the same time as Chen Dong retreated, the smoke shrouded ground, thick bamboo leaves suddenly arched up.

All the way towards Chen Dong’s feet.

“D*mn, there really is a recluse?”

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened, and suddenly a brilliant aura exploded in his eyes.

He ignored the bamboo leaves that were arching up close to the ground and instead of retreating, he directly charged forward and kicked brazenly on top of the bamboo leaves.


The arching bamboo leaves instantly burst open, but they were empty.

And where Chen Dong was before, it was a cold light that flashed away.

“Found it?”

With a startled cry, Doomoto Shingo landed on the ground and rolled on the spot, pulling away from Chen Dong.

Chen Dong stopped where he was and smiled coldly, “You are not a clay rat, how can you punch a hole that fast, it is just a blindfold and a mechanism!”

This bamboo forest had been ploughed over by Lone Wolf’s men when they first moved in.

There was no way there could be any underground secret pa*sages or anything like that.

Ninjas were also human, even if Doomoto Shingo was a top a*sa*sin, he was still human.

It was impossible for a human being to dig a tunnel through the otherwise compacted ground with such speed.


A flash of anger flashed in Donbon Makoto’s eyes.

Suddenly, he bent down violently, and above his back, a row of bitterless darts shot towards Chen Dong like a rainstorm.


Chen Dong looked indifferent as his right hand swung directly towards a bamboo not far away, and the fish scale threads on his wrist all whistled out.

After wrapping around the bamboo, with the help of the metal box dragging the fish scale thread, Chen Dong’s speed skyrocketed and he directly moved out sideways towards the side.

However, before he could stabilise himself.

A black shadow appeared in his path as if he had expected it.

The cold katana sliced across his path.

Chen Dong’s face changed dramatically and he bent down instantly, narrowly dodging the katana.


There was a sharp pain in his left arm.

Chen Dong let out a scream as he flew out of the room.

After stabilising himself with the drag of the fish scale line, Chen Dong stumbled and fell to one knee, his left arm trembling violently.

The gunshot wound had almost healed, but now it had opened up again, oozing blood.

On the other hand, the opposite side of Doomoto Shingo, however, had his right foot raised and bent, maintaining a golden chicken stance, looking at Chen Dong indifferently.

“You are wounded, you cannot use one arm, and even the most terrifying fighting instincts are futile.”

“That too, we will not know until we have fought.”

Chen Dong lifted his right hand, fiercely pressed the location of the gunshot wound on his left arm, and slowly rose his hand, the fish scale thread whistling back into the metal box on his right wrist.

The exchange of blows just now had been extremely brief.

And what he was trying to do now was not to defeat Donomoto Shingo, but to stall for time.

Stall until Lone Wolf arrived with his men!

“You’re dead!”

Doomoto Shingo suddenly let out a fierce laugh.

Not good!

Chen Dong’s heart trembled and his face changed drastically.

Not waiting for him to move.

The dark air around him suddenly resounded with a dense whistling sound.

Whoosh whoosh ……

A line of fish scale threads with cold glittering light closed in from all directions.

They instantly wrapped around Chen Dong’s body, like a stalk of extremely thin sharp knives, and directly tore through Chen Dong’s clothes, strangling towards the depths of his flesh and blood.


The excruciating pain caused Chen Dong to throw his head back and scream out loud.

At this moment, he felt death descending with incomparable intensity…


Chapter 326

Crunch …… crunch ……

A subtle sound, incomparably harsh.

Chen Dong knew that it was the sound of fish scale threads tightening and embedding themselves in the flesh.

Death terror enveloped his body, and the unspeakable pain all over his body was excruciating.

It made Chen Dong almost collapse.

In a matter of seconds, he would end up like the three security officers who had just been strangled by the fish scale threads.

While screaming miserably.

Chen Dong struggled unwillingly, but the more he struggled, the faster and deeper the fish scale threads became embedded.

It tore at his heart.

It was as if it was trying to strangle every inch of skin on his body into shreds of flesh.

Sweat rained down.

Blood flowed.

“Did …… really die like this?”

Chen Dong’s eyes were filled with blood as he thought unwillingly.


A strange change occurred abruptly.


In the darkness, an arrow swept through the air, as fast as lightning.

Donbon’s pupils shrank and he cursed, “Baka-ya-roo”, but he was too late to stop it.


The arrow pierced through a bamboo torso not far from Chen Dong with unerring accuracy.

At that moment, a sound of fish scale threads rapidly contracting was heard in the air.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, clearly felt the severe pain somewhere in his body lessen considerably.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ……

An arrow, like a ghost, swept through the air from the darkness.

Knock, knock, knock ……

Three arrows in quick succession pierced through three bamboos.

It was accompanied by the whistling sound of three fish scale threads closing.

Chen Dong instantly felt relieved all over.

With a poof, Chen Dong fell to his knees, his body in severe pain, causing his body to tremble violently.

The area cut by the fish scale thread was even gurgling with blood, dripping onto the ground.


Did Meng save me?

Chen Dong was in a bit of a trance, if it wasn’t for Meng Po’s secretly sending four arrows in quick succession, he would have been strangled by the fish scale threads in a very short period of time just now.

“Meng Po, what do you mean? You, you are breaking the rules of Hidden Kill!”

Donbon Makoto was furious, his body, wrapped in ninja tights, trembling violently as he let out a hoarse, frenzied roar.

His eyes were flooded with raging murderous intent and anger as he glared hideously at the spot where the arrow had flown from before.

And Chen Dong, too, slowly looked towards that darkness.

沙沙 …… 沙沙 ……

The sound of trampling bamboo leaves came from the ground.

The steps were unhurried, better than idle steps.

“With me here, you can’t kill him!”

A cold voice suddenly sounded, without the slightest emotion.

But when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it was like a loud bell.

This voice, it was familiar!

Gradually, the blurred figure came out of the darkness.

A black tracksuit, a tall figure, a cool and slightly English face, and a ponytail.

“Fan, Fan Lu!”

Chen Dong’s mind went blank as he looked at Fan Lu, who had stepped out of the darkness, in shock.

She was still dressed as she usually was, only more heroic and cool than usual, and with a cold killing intent between her brows.

In her hand, she was holding a strong bow, with an arrow pouch slung around her waist.

The simple change in her attire added to the coldness that radiated from her body, making people feel frightened.

But Chen Dong was sure that it was not his own eyes, the woman in front of him, was Fan Lu!

“Mr. Chen.”

Fan Lu looked towards Chen Dong at the same time, and on her cold face, her expression eased a few points: “Sorry, Little Shadow and I did not leave.”


Chen Dong was struck by lightning, and at this moment, he suddenly had the feeling of forgetting the severe pain on his body.

Uncertainty, helplessness, surprise, panic …… all sorts of emotions came roaring up and tangled together.

Did not leave?

But at that time Kunlun was watching Xiao Ying and Fan Lu walk into the boarding lane ah!

If Fan Lu was here, then where was Xiao Ying?

Doubt was building up, and while he was shocked, Chen Dong forced himself to suppress it.

Because he knew that this was not the time to be concerned about this.

He slowly looked at the opposite side of Doomoto Shingo, his reddened eyes emitting fierce violence, and his hands could not help but fiercely squeeze the bamboo leaves on the ground.

“Baka yalu! Meng Po, Meng Po you actually know him!”

Domoto Shingo was obviously shocked by Chen Dong and Fan Lu’s conversation, “You, why didn’t you show up early in the morning? You, since you know him, shouldn’t you have been by his side to protect him?”

He had expected two top killers to surround Chen Dong, but of course, the best thing would be for Meng to be at his side, helpless, and for him to hunt Chen Dong down with lightning speed and take the prize money all to himself.

But now, not only had Meng saved Chen Dong.

It was even as if she was going to team up with Chen Dong against him!

“Baka yalu! Do you think you’re my opponent? Or do you think he still has the battle power to surround me with you now?” Donbon Makoto spoke in anger.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……

In the face of Donomoto Shingo’s angry roar.

The response given by Fan Lu was to raise his strong bow, hitch up an arrow and draw the bowstring like a full moon.

“The best protection is in the shadows! If I show myself early, how will I draw out this sinister man of yours?”


The arrow was like a bolt of lightning, shooting directly at Donbon Makoto.

Lightning flashed.

With a fierce stomp of his feet, Donomoto Shingo exploded with terrifying speed, as if he was a bloodthirsty beast, charging directly towards Chen Dong.

“Even you can’t protect him! You are below me on the Death List!”


At the same time as he roared, the katana in Doomoto Shingo’s hand was raised brazenly, slashing down towards Chen Dong head on in a fierce and domineering stance.


The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth suddenly turned up.

When this scene caught the eyes of Donomoto Shingo, he was instantly distressed.

Just as the katana was about to fall on top of Chen Dong’s head.

With a clatter!

Chen Dong violently raised his hand and scattered a large bamboo leaf directly onto Donbon’s face.

The bamboo leaves instantly blurred Donbon’s vision.

Taking this opportunity, Chen Dong rolled on the ground, his body like a snake, and climbed directly along the form of Donbonzingo, forcing his hands and feet to lock Donbonzingo’s arms and legs.

“Fan Lu, kill him!”

The sudden change startled even Fan Lu.

Neither she, nor Doomoto Shingo, had expected it.

Neither of them had expected that Chen Dong, who had almost been strangled, would still be able to explode with such a counterattack!

It was a close call.

Fan Lu bent her bow and shot an arrow!



Donbon Makoto threw back his head and let out a furious roar.

Facing the incoming arrow, he did not dodge it, narrowing his eyes, and with a roar, his arms erupted with terrifyingly huge strength.

He actually raised his hands and swung out a slash under Chen Dong’s binding lock.


Sparks erupted.

The incoming arrow was stiffly blocked and sent flying.


Chen Dong’s face changed greatly.

Almost at the same time.

The back of Doomoto Shingo’s head tilted violently, and with a thud, it crashed into Chen Dong’s face.

A sharp pain struck him and Chen Dong let go of Donbon Makoto with a scream.

As soon as he hit the ground, he raised his eyes to see the katana slashing down on his head again.


The wind broke and whistled.

An arrow struck the katana with such force that it deflected the sword and knocked Shingo off balance, causing him to stagger two steps sideways.

Chen Dong was immediately delighted and took this opportunity to roll and dodge towards the side.

With his current injuries, he was already at his limit when he was able to deliver the blow he had just delivered.

At this moment, the severe pain that swept through his body made it almost impossible for him to even get up.

Crunch ……

With the sound of a bow being bent and an arrow being struck.

Fan Lu aimed his arrow at Dang Ben Zhen Wu and said in a cold voice, “The difference between just two places on the Death Ranking, do you think you can decide whether you and I live or die?”