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Winner Takes All Chapter 319-320

Chapter 319

The Four Seals Clubhouse.

With Elder Long’s finalisation, the security level of the clubhouse was directly raised to the top level.

All security measures were turned on.

A patrol car roamed inside and outside the clubhouse, keeping a vigilant watch.

The number of service staff within the clubhouse was also reduced in large numbers, leaving only those who could ensure Chen Dong’s living needs.

The Bamboo Grove courtyard, in particular, became the top priority for security and defence.

When Lone Wolf arrived, he directly took the security team’s personnel and ploughed through the entire bamboo forest, then laid down a large pile of security apparatus.

The security task outside was left to the security personnel inside the Four Seals Clubhouse.

But inside the small courtyard of the bamboo forest, at Elder Long’s request, all of his own people were used.

Under layers of protection.

Chen Dong’s nervous and apprehensive heart had also finally calmed down.

Lying on his bed, he finally had a deep sleep.

The matter itself was extremely sensitive, and it was best if Lord Meng did not show up with his power in hand.

The matter itself was extremely sensitive and it was best if Lord Meng did not show up with his power in hand.

Not long after, Chen Dong fell asleep.

This sleep was particularly deep.

When he opened his eyes, the sky outside was already completely dark.

Chen Dong washed up and walked out of his bedroom, and saw Elder Long sitting quietly in the hall, sipping tea.

Seeing Chen Dong, Long Lao hurriedly got up, “Young master, you have an injury, it is best for you to lie still and recuperate.”

Chen Dong looked at the injury on his left arm and smiled helplessly, “It’s nothing serious.”

Elder Long did not argue much and helped Chen Dong to sit down before he slowly said.

“The security around the Bamboo Grove courtyard has been taken over by our people in full, but Lone Wolf is not a professional security person after all, so Old Slave just let him lead all the security personnel, as for the specific security matters, it is still up to the security team to make their own arrangements.”

“The Tianmen Mountain side is already pretty much settled by me, fortunately the Tianmen Mountain villa area is relatively remote, so it’s not too difficult to suppress it.”

“On the Kunlun side, Old Slave has taken the liberty of calling in four security personnel to guard it.”

A sentence after sentence was reported.

Chen Dong did not have the slightest objection.

Such an arrangement by Elder Long was indeed the most secure as well.

To be able to follow his father for many years and become his father’s trusted household slave, Elder Long’s ability was proven.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Chen Dong looked profoundly at Elder Long.

“Is father investigating Old Madam Chen yet?”

“After reporting to the family head, the family head immediately set about investigating.”

Elder Long nodded, “But there is still a bit of time to wait, the family lord is busy trying to find a way to disarm the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Kill Organisation while he has to investigate the old lady, so he is indeed distracted.”

“Mm, I know, at this juncture now, the only one who can do both is Father.”

Chen Dong’s face was full of helplessness, whether it was the a*sa*sination mission of the Hidden Murder Organisation or the investigation of Old Madam Chen, it was impossible for any one of these two things to be done by any other person or force.

Only his father, relying on his status as the head of the Chen family, was qualified to do these two things.

There was a pause.

Elder Long suddenly said, “Young master, Qin Ye said he wanted to come back, and also the Zhuge family over in Western Shu, also wanted to rush to protect you, it was led by Qin Ye, he asked me to ask you what you wanted.”

“Don’t come.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “Those a*sa*sins who are a*sa*sinating me are all in the shadows, without revealing their killing chance, no one will be able to find out, too many people around me will in turn mess up the situation.”

Immediately following, his eyes twinkled.

Suddenly, he smiled, “However, since Qin Ye and the Zhuge Family have the intention, it’s not that they can’t help.”


Elder Long was stunned for a moment.

In fact, when he received Qin Ye’s news, his thoughts were the same as Chen Dong’s.

However, considering the relationship between Qin Ye and Chen Dong, he spoke out and asked one more question.

As for helping, what kind of help could be given in this current situation?

The a*sa*sination mission issued by the Hidden Kill Organisation was so big that even the lord had a big head.

Although the Zhuge family had opened up a lot of territory during the fall of the Qin family, and sat on the position of the richest man in Western Shu.

But the richest man on one side was not yet involved in the level of helping!

Chen Dong smiled, “Have the Zhuge Family send someone over, converge with Zhou Yanqiu Zhou Zunlong’s forces, investigate the whole city, I want to find out, everyone who has come to the city in the past few days.”

“This ……”

Long Lao was horrified and couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air backwards, “Young master, this job is almost impossible to complete.”

“It’s better than nothing.” Chen Dong spread his hands and continued, “Also have Qin Ye and the two Zhang Chu’s in Kyoto monitor the network together, and if any a*sa*sination missions about me appear, trace them back to the source immediately.”

Horror flooded Elder Long’s eyes.

He stared at Chen Dong incredulously as his lips mumbled, “Young master, are you trying to …… counterattack?”

As he said these words, Elder Long himself felt incredulous.

No one had ever thought of such a tactic in the a*sa*sination missions issued by the Hidden Kill Organization.

Everyone was clear about the power of the Darknet Hidden Killers Organization, and once they were faced with an a*sa*sination mission, all they could think about was how to save their lives and how to undo the mission, and they were in an extremely pa*sive position.

And now, Chen Dong’s two arrangements.

It made Elder Long smell a hint of madness.

This was clearly an attempt to buck the trend and turn the tables on him!

Chen Dong smiled indifferently and waved his hand, “Go ahead and make the arrangements, I don’t want to put my fate in anyone’s hands to arrange it, since I was a child, I’m used to fighting!”

“Even if the effect of this is minimal, but still, it is better than nothing, this is about my life, I can’t let my father carry it all alone and fight alone, can I?”

“Good, old slave will go and do it now.” Elder Long got up and left.

In the hall room, the lamp was faintly yellow and the sandalwood fragrance lingered.

Chen Dong’s gaze was deep as he murmured thoughtfully, “If the a*sa*sination mission has really spread from the dark net to the real world, then on the internet, there must be traces of it, I would like to see who is deliberately leading it?”

Rubbing his face, Chen Dong’s entire mental state had been restored.

The day’s slumber after the high pressure had allowed him to regain his strength while calming down again and clearing up some of his thoughts.

If he continued to stay put like this, his life could indeed be saved.

But what about the future?

Waiting had never been his style.

Instead of sitting around and hoping that his father would solve everything, he should do something about it.

It was impossible to investigate everyone who came to the city, but it was better than nothing, and he should be able to find some traces of the killer.

Chen Dong didn’t expect the effect of this article to be significant.

What he really cared about was whether he could dig out the presence of the one who had guided the a*sa*sination mission from the network.

Curbing the spread of the situation was, in his opinion, more urgent than getting the Darknet Hidden Killers to withdraw their mission.

With that in mind, Chen Dong took out his wallet and flipped it open.

Inside the wallet, the wedding photo of him and Gu Qingying was placed.

Fingers gently stroked on the photo, Chen Dong smiled gently, but his gaze was incomparably firm: “Little fool, I will be fine!”

His stomach rumbled as hunger struck him.

Chen Dong patted his belly and got up to walk outside the small courtyard.

He called for Lone Wolf and prepared dinner.

But just as he was waiting for dinner to be served, Long Lao came running in with a frightened expression and in a hurry.

“Young master, something big is wrong! There’s a new change in the mission issued by the Darknet Hidden Killers!”


Chapter 320

A new change?!

Chen Dong’s heart instantly sank to the bottom of the valley.

With Elder Long’s reaction, it was clear that this change was not a good one.

Trying to maintain his composure, Chen Dong asked, “What change?”

Long Lao looked terrified, gasping for air as he took out his mobile phone, his right hand trembling vaguely as he handed it to Chen Dong.

It was still the same as last time, a simple and straightforward screen.

A strip of dark web content was clearly discernible.

Chen Dong frowned and found the content about the a*sa*sination of himself posted by the Hidden Kill Group.

Upon reading it, his eyebrows instantly knitted up.

In the content, there was an additional scythe, similar to the kind held by the God of Death.

“What is the meaning of this scythe?” Chen Dong asked with a frown.

Elder Long’s eyes flickered with fear: “This is the Death Scythe, which means reaping life, and once the Death Scythe appears in the commissioned a*sa*sination missions issued by the Hidden Kill Organisation, it means that a top a*sa*sin on the Death List has paid attention to it, and a scythe represents a top a*sa*sin on the Death List.”

Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened.

He suddenly understood why Elder Long had changed his usual style of not changing his face when a mountain collapsed in front of him.

If a top killer had paid attention, didn’t that mean that a top killer might have intervened?

One billion US dollars!

Even a team of Deadpool mercenaries could be attracted to take the risk.

Would the top killers not be moved?

In a trance, Chen Dong felt a chill at the back of his neck and a paralyzing sensation all over his body.

His brow tightly creased into a Sichuan frown as he asked in a deep voice, “Elder Long, what is this Death List?”

“All the killers in all the frontiers of the realm, all the killers gathered together, and the Hidden Killers Organisation made a comprehensive judgment and ranked the top killers on the list, only a total of one hundred people are listed.”

Elder Long’s voice was tinged with a trembling tone, “Those who can be selected for the God of Death list are all the top killers, and can really be as good as the God of Death in reaping lives.”

Chen Dong was silent.

It dawned on him that Kunlun had also worked as an a*sa*sin and carried out a*sa*sination missions.

He asked, “Is Kunlun on the God of Death list?”

“Once it was, but after Kunlun followed the lord, he went into hiding and the Hidden Death List no longer counted him among its ranks.”

“Then when Kunlun first a*sa*sinated the one from the Rothschild family, what number was he ranked on the God of Death list?”

Elder Long pondered and recalled for a moment, then slowly said, “23rd, while the other two were 58th and 31st respectively.”


Chen Dong’s expression was solemn as he drew a breath of cold air backwards in his heart.

Of the three top a*sa*sins on the Death List who had a*sa*sinated the Rothschild family’s people, Kun Lun was actually considered the strongest of the three.

But at the same time as he was shocked, Chen Dong felt a sweat of white hairs rise up on his back.

He knew Kunlun’s strength well, and he was only ranked 23rd, so how strong would the killers further up the Death List be?

What was more crucial was that the Rothschild family was also a top magnate giant with a long history.

From what Kunlun and Elder Long had told him, Chen Dong knew that the Rothschilds had even spared their power and money to protect that clan member back then, and the level of security he had now was estimated to be even higher than that.

Even so, the three Kunlun still drove straight into the yellow dragon.

What if the ones concerned with commissioning a*sa*sination missions this time were killers at the top of the Death Rankings even more?

Killers that surpa*sed Kunlun’s 23rd place even more, if they really did it ……

Chen Dong suddenly had a sense of panic of being locked by a flood of fierce beasts.

If all that had happened before had given him a feeling of being rounded up.

Now, then, this panic had skyrocketed even more infinitely.

A flood beast could be far more ferocious than a pack of hyenas!

“Can you find out who the Death List killer who is concerned about the mission is? Or how many rankings?” Chen Dong asked in a deep voice.

Knowing oneself and one’s enemy was the only way to be invincible.

If one only knew that the Death List killers were concerned about the mission, then it was undoubtedly waiting quietly in the dark for the Death Scythe to descend.

“This news was told to me by Master just now, and he is checking into it.”

Elder Long said, “It is not difficult for the master to investigate this matter, it will just take some time, there should be results soon.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows, “Why didn’t you tell me directly?”

Elder Long said gloomily, “His Lordship is also afraid of adding to the pressure on Young Master, so it would be better if the old slave transferred it on his behalf.”


Chen Dong suddenly felt a little amused.

To him, it made no difference at all.

Taking a deep breath.

Chen Dong’s frightened look suddenly disappeared, becoming ancient and unusually calm.

“Dinner is served.”

Elder Long was instantly stunned, his pupils tightening, and then appalled.

When had the young master’s state of mind become so bland?

Elder Long asked himself that his mind had been well-honed, but it was difficult to contain it even after learning this news.

It was still all thanks to his old age, sharpened through time.

The young master was the target of this a*sa*sination, how old was he, and he had such a mind?

Seeing Elder Long pause, Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and smiled spontaneously, “Elder Long don’t fret, go and ask Lone Wolf to bring food, I’m hungry.”

Looking at the smile on Chen Dong’s face, Elder Long asked in dismay, “Young Master, you’re still smiling?”

“What else can I do if I don’t smile?”

Chen Dong pretended to be relaxed, “There is nothing I can do about it anyway.”

Elder Long: “……”

Looking at Elder Long nodding his head and leaving, the smile on Chen Dong’s face faded away.

What replaced it was a rare kind of despondency and desolation.

There was nothing he could do about it.

The situation had been beyond his control from the moment the Li family had issued a mission in the Darknet Hidden Kill Organisation.

The nature of the missions the Hidden Killers took made him a target, as if he was at the mercy of the King.

It didn’t matter if it was a civilian a*sa*sin, a top a*sa*sin on the Death List, or an existence like a deadly mercenary.

In any case, whoever killed Chen Dong in the end would have completed the mission.

With such open rules, Chen Dong was really burnt out.

Dinner was quickly brought to the table.

The home-cooked three dishes and one soup were full of colour and flavour.

And it was only brought to the table after pa*sing a heavy test.

But Chen Dong ate insipidly, but in order to take care of Elder Long and Lone Wolf’s emotions, he gritted his teeth and swallowed a large bowl of rice.

Chen Dong knew that he was the backbone.

At this moment, anyone could mess up, but he could not.

If he messed up, the whole team would blow up!

After the meal, Lone Wolf gathered his dishes and left.

A call was also placed to Elder Long’s mobile phone.

“It’s Master calling, there should be news.” Elder Long said to Chen Dong before picking up the phone.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong watched Elder Long.

Only, a few seconds later, Elder Long’s face abruptly turned gloomy to the extreme, and fear even surfaced.

It was a …… fear of having seen a ghost!

Chen Dong’s heart sank down one by one, and at this moment, there was a feeling of disheveled exhaustion.

“Chen Dong you are a real god of decline.”

He laughed to himself, put his hands behind his head, looked at the ceiling and murmured, “These two days, the bad news is really one after another, there is no worst, only worse yet.”

Elder Long hung up the phone.

Fear still flooded his face.

He looked at Chen Dong in a dishevelled manner.

After a few seconds, his lips made a noise and finally spat out the words that were suppressed in his throat.

“Young Master, I’ve made a clear enquiry, it’s the 20th place on the Death List, code name Meng.”


Chen Dong was horrified.

Kunlun was merely 23rd, and this one was actually 20th!

“How can I, Chen Dong, really look up to me!”

Chen Dong smiled despondently, his eye brows raised as he looked askance at Elder Long, “Meng? Is this person from our frontier?”