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Winner Takes All Chapter 315-316

Chapter 315

The night breeze was cold.

Kunlun lies breathlessly on the pa*senger side, weak from blood loss.

His consciousness was sometimes lucid, sometimes fuzzy.

He wanted to dissuade the young master from going to the hospital, as there were many people in a public place and the young master was putting his own life at risk by taking him to the hospital.

But he didn’t say anything, because he was clear.

If the young master could really listen to advice, he wouldn’t have turned around and come back to save him just now, and he wouldn’t have driven to his death to shield him from a heavy siege.

“What am I, Kunlun …… , capable of?”

Facing the night wind, the corners of Kunlun’s pale mouth revealed a faint smile.

Lijin Hospital.

As the city’s top hospital, it was always brightly lit up, no matter what time of day or night it was.

From time to time, there was even the piercing sound of an ambulance siren, speeding out and in.


The broken Porsche 911 drifted into the hospital car park, and after getting out of the car, Chen Dong forced himself to endure the pain in his left arm and ran towards the hospital emergency centre with Kunlun on his back.

A doctor saw him from afar and hurriedly greeted someone who was pushing a stretcher out.

After a lot of work, Kunlun was taken to the emergency room.

Chen Dong was also taken to the emergency room to clean up the gunshot wound to his left arm.

Even though it was late at night, two people with such serious injuries and gunshot wounds were enough to alert the whole Lijin Hospital.

While Chen Dong was still lying on the resuscitation bed in the emergency room, Dean Liu arrived in a hurry.

“Dong’er, what’s happened?”

Dean Liu was full of dismay, looking at the injury on Chen Dong’s left arm, his eyes were sunken and powerful.

“Something very difficult has come up, I will inform someone to deal with it.”

Chen Dong knew what Dean Liu’s words and eyes meant and squeezed out a smile.

Dean Liu’s expression eased up a little and asked how the doctor responsible for rescuing Chen Dong was doing.

The good thing was that although the gunshot wound was serious, the bullet had gone straight through the arm, which saved the torment of removing the bullet and made Chen Dong’s injury relatively easier again.

After making sure that Chen Dong was fine, Dean Liu let out a long breath, “You kid, if anything happens to you, how can I explain to Old Gu and Xiao Ying?”

“Uncle Liu, how is my friend doing?” Chen Dong asked.

At these words, Dean Liu’s expression was gloomy.

This change made Chen Dong’s heart sink fiercely.

Dean Liu shook his head, “The situation is very unpromising, I have sent all the authoritative experts from various departments over, I will also go over later, but …… let’s leave it to fate.”

The phrase listen to God’s fate made Chen Dong’s heart sink to the bottom.

Kunlun …… is all about saving me.

Thinking back to the scene just now in his mind, Chen Dong felt guilty and blamed himself to the extreme.

If not for me, how could there be such a tragic scene just now?

Kunlun, had already planned to die!

Looking at Dean Liu leaving, Chen Dong’s gaze flickered and suddenly thought of something, so he called out to Dean Liu.

“Uncle Liu, don’t tell Xiaoying and the others about this, Xiaoying has already gone back to her parents, I’m afraid they’ll be worried.”

Dean Liu hesitated for two seconds and nodded, “Don’t worry.”

The injury to the arm was quickly treated.

Chen Dong was also wheeled to the VIP ward to convalesce.

The pungent smell of sterile water.

In the ward, the sound of instruments beating echoed.

Chen Dong quietly looked out the window at the night.

The scene tonight had given him an unparalleled shock.

An a*sa*sination had led to a strong attack by a team of mercenaries.

A scene that was only supposed to appear in film and television dramas, but it had truly happened to him.

And now, Kunlun is still being resuscitated in the emergency room.

Whether he lives or dies, it is up to God.

This made Chen Dong apprehensive and nervous, even though he was already lying on the bed at this moment, and the exhaustion after his injury came like a tide, he did not feel the least bit sleepy.

“Brother, pull through!”

Chen Dong sighed heavily and subconsciously touched his trouser pocket with his right hand, but he felt a pack of unsealed cigarettes.

During the period after his mother had left, he had become addicted to cigarettes and alcohol.

Qin Ye’s enlightenment had helped him emerge from this state of decadence.

But the two days of tense a*sa*sination and the haphazard environment made him once again stuff the half pack of cigarettes he had left at the beginning into his pocket.

It was only without lighting one that such a great change of heart occurred.


The lighter rose into flames and lit a cigarette.

The strong smoke rushed into my lungs, but it was still hard to hide my apprehension, nervousness and anxiety.

Cigarettes to relieve worry and fatigue are all bullSh*t.

It’s just a psychological comfort.

But at this point in time, Chen Dong, apart from the luxury of a little psychological comfort, there is no other way to make Kunlun feel better.

Chen Dong held a cigarette in his mouth and stared solemnly out of the window.

At that very moment.

The door to the ward opened.

A nurse came in pushing a trolley with bottles of fluid on it.

“Mr. Chen, it’s for you to hang water.”

The female nurse wore a mask and let out a gentle voice.

Chen Dong froze for a moment and slowly looked up at the bottle of fluid that had already been dangled.

Wasn’t this an infusion already?

The female nurse said to Chen Dong as she opened the liquid bottle, “The one hung just now is the anti-inflammatory one, here is the nutritional liquid, and the follow-up treatment liquid prescribed by the doctor.”


Chen Dong nodded, holding his cigarette in his mouth and exhaling a puff of smoke.

Looking at the female nurse who was skillfully hanging the liquid bottles, because she had to stand on her tiptoes, she highlighted her figure under her white dress in an extremely seductive way.

From the angle Chen Dong was looking up at, it was even more charming.

Chen Dong could not help but snicker, “Nurse, you have a great figure!”

“Mr. Chen, please behave yourself.” The female nurse’s delicate body trembled a little.

However, Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders full of disinterest, twisted the cigarette off the corner of his mouth with his right hand, and said while exhaling the smoke, “No, no, no, you are really Sl*tty!”

The female nurse furrowed her eyebrows, skillfully sorted out the fluid tube, picked up the fluid needle and observed it for a while.

Then she said in a deep voice: “Mr. Chen, you have money, but is it great to be rich? Please show some respect for our medical staff!”

The words did not conceal their anger in any way.

At the same time, the female nurse aimed the needle tip at the liquid tube and was about to insert it.

Chen Dong smashed his mouth and smiled teasingly, “Being rich is indeed great, isn’t a big beauty with a figure like yours also going to do murderous deeds for money?”

In a flash.

The ward was silent enough to hear a needle.

The air seemed to plummet to freezing point.

And the female nurse’s movements were followed by a lurch.


Chen Dong directly flicked the cigarette butt in his hand onto the female nurse’s face.

At this moment, the smile on his face disappeared, frost covered it and his gaze was cold.

“Medical workers are strictly forbidden to smoke for patients, I have been holding a cigarette in my mouth for so long, and you didn’t even care about it when you came in, you are too incompetent as a nurse!”

The female nurse’s delicate body trembled again.

Her eyes burst out with a fierce killing intent.

Under the mask, an angry rebuke burst out abruptly.



Almost simultaneously, the female nurse leaned down fiercely, her left hand instantly pressing on Chen Dong’s chest, the liquid needle in her right hand flashed with a cold aura, stabbing down towards Chen Dong’s eyes as fast as lightning.


Chapter 316

A true killer, where every flower and leaf is a weapon.

A needle, enough to kill!

The speed of the female a*sa*sin was as fast as lightning, even bringing a whistle.

A flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

With a violent flip, he broke free from the female a*sa*sin’s hand pressed against his chest and rolled straight to the ground.

Without waiting to get up, he felt the light suddenly dim in front of him.

With a stern cry, the female a*sa*sin flew straight across the hospital bed and crushed down towards him.


Chen Dong violently raised his foot and struck a skyward stomp, his terrifying leg muscles instantly exploding with tremendous force, sending the female killer flying with a thud.

Taking advantage of this opening, Chen Dong hurriedly got up and indignantly pulled out the liquid needle on the back of his left hand.

The gunshot wound on his arm and the needle on the back of his hand were both dripping with blood because of the violent movement just now.

At this moment, with his left arm hanging down, the blood dripped onto the ground.

“You’re not calling anyone?”

The female a*sa*sin rubbed her chest and stood up, speaking in a breathless voice, obviously stomped by the kick just now.

Chen Dong’s face was cold and stern as he stood in place, allowing the blood from his left hand to drip onto the ground.

He smiled coldly, “You’re such a tart, is it useful for me to scream my throat out?”

He was not stupid.

The woman in front of him was here to kill him.

The tragedy that happened inside the Tianmen Mountain villa was still fresh in his mind.

And in the hospital, apart from a few security guards, it was hard to call the nurse doctor over to deal with this female killer?

Even those few security guards were no match for this female killer.

Professional killers, whose goal is to kill people to complete their tasks, see human life as gra*s in their eyes.

Calling someone over at this moment was undoubtedly harming people.


The female a*sa*sin sneered, but stepped forward and walked to the front of the cart.

Her demeanour was enchanting, very different from earlier, and she was showing all her charm at this time.


The a*sa*sin’s right hand explored the underside of the trolley for a moment and pulled it out violently, making a metallic scraping sound.

A cold and shiny mountain-opening blade appeared in the female a*sa*sin’s hand.

“You don’t call someone and think you can beat me with one hand?”

The teasing laughter was dense with disdain.

In her opinion, Chen Dong was completely unable to exert force with his left hand carrying an injury, and with just one hand, he was simply fish meat on an anvil.


Instead, Chen Dong did not show the slightest bit of panic, but slowly took a step back and bowed his body in a fighting stance amidst the female a*sa*sin’s teasing laughter.

This scene could not help but cause the female a*sa*sin’s pupils to tighten.

The disdain in her heart also tightened up a few points.

Did …… he really have something to fall back on?

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

An ice-cold teasing laugh suddenly sounded.

“Come to kill me, huh?”



Unwilling to live!


The female a*sa*sin’s beautiful eyes suddenly showed raging anger as she let out a roar, and her body was like an arrow, charging directly towards Chen Dong.

In her hand, she waved her Mountain-opening Blade with a loud whirring sound, bringing up streaks of shadow.

In the face of the raging female a*sa*sin, Chen Dong did not move a muscle, his body remained in a bowed fighting stance, but a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Even the corners of his mouth slowly turned upwards.

This scene, in the eyes of the female a*sa*sin, was like a sledgehammer blasting her eyes, causing her heart and soul to tremble.

How could this guy still act so calmly?

In a flash of lightning, the female a*sa*sin had already rushed to Chen Dong’s doorstep.

Faced with Chen Dong, who was at her doorstep but still standing still, the female a*sa*sin could not think about it anymore.

With a “buzzing” sound, the mountain-opening blade in her hand broke the wind, bringing up a large amount of cold light and slashing down directly towards Chen Dong’s head.

At that moment.

Chen Dong finally moved.

He did not move like a mountain, but his aggression was like fire.

His body swayed fiercely, and at the same time, he crossed his body, the antelope hanging from his horn narrowly but narrowly swept past the mountain-opening blade.

“Give me death!”

The female a*sa*sin’s beautiful eyes were round and fierce.

The vertically slashing mountain-opening blade in her hand instantly crossed over and slashed directly towards Chen Dong.

The sharp blade flashed with cold light.

The female a*sa*sin even gave a cold laugh, “Can you still dodge?”

Such an angle, such speed.

Judging from her combat experience, Chen Dong could dodge the first slash, but the second one, it was simply too late.

Death was just around the corner!

Before the words left her mouth, the same cold laugh suddenly exploded in the female a*sa*sin’s ears.

“Can you still dodge?”


The female a*sa*sin’s body shook as if she had been struck by lightning, and her beautiful eyes instantly rounded in shock.


At almost the same time, a slight sound of wind breaking through the air suddenly sounded.

The female a*sa*sin’s round eyes vaguely saw an extremely subtle cold light pa*sing by.

With that.

“What’s going on?”

The female a*sa*sin was shocked as she clearly sensed that the mountain-opening blade in her hand was not obeying her at all, and was being pulled by a huge force and slicing directly towards her neck horizontally.


There was a flash of cold light.

The female a*sa*sin’s body came to a screeching halt, and the mountain-opening blade in her hand flew out of her hand under the tremendous force, plunging into the wall with a thud.

On her fair and slender neck, however, was an additional crimson wound, and blood gushed out like a fountain.

Until she died, the female a*sa*sin kept a look of horror and doubt on her face.


A closing line sounded.


Losing its drag, the female a*sa*sin’s body fell into a pool of blood.

Chen Dong staggered back a step and raised his right hand to cover the location of the gunshot wound on his left arm, his brow knitted tightly and sweat was pouring down like rain.

Although he had tried his best to avoid spilling his left arm, the violent movement he had just made still caused severe pain.

He glanced at the metal box on his right wrist and smiled with relief as a brilliant aura flashed in his eyes, “Kunlun said this thing kills people invisibly, and it’s true.”

Wearing on his wrist was the a*sa*sination organ that Kunlun had dismantled from the small tree at the entrance of the villa – the fish scale thread!

He glanced at the female a*sa*sin’s corpse with an eerie frown.

Chen Dong did not pay any attention to it, but staggered and sat down paralyzed on the hospital bed.

A seemingly swift fight had almost depleted his strength.

The sharp pain from the gunshot wound, in particular, was unbearable, and he sat on the bed, panting incessantly.

It was at that moment.

The sound of dense, urgent footsteps came from the corridor outside.

Chen Dong’s expression froze.

The hospital was supposed to be quiet in the middle of the night.

With so many people making so much noise, could it be the …… Deadman mercenaries?

A terrifying thought came to mind, instantly causing goosebumps to rise all over Chen Dong’s body.

Looking at the empty room, Chen Dong instantly despaired.

This was the seventh floor!

There was no escape!

He took a deep breath.

Chen Dong’s expression was abruptly hostile: “Capture the thief first!”

He braced himself to get up and quietly stepped behind the door of the ward.

At the same time, he raised his right hand and bit down on the thread of the fish scale in the metal box, his expression stern and his eyes cold and stern.

The word “waiting for death” was not in his vocabulary.

Even if it was really the deadly mercenaries, if he could capture the mercenary leader the moment they entered the door, he might not be without a chance of survival.


The door to the sick bay was kicked open with a brutal thud.

It was now!

Chen Dong’s expression was stern as he instantly descended into a fierce tiger, directly pouncing on the figure that walked into the ward.