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Silly Teen Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

I listened to their words and became even more fearful. But I am more entangled in the box of cigarette butts and cigarette ash. These things …… which can eat ah!

“Still not moving? Does not want us to help you!” Chen gave an angry cry, while the side of those tattooed men are also waiting on the sidelines, ready to stand by. Not far from me, the fat man, is also intimidated by their aura. He couldn’t stop wiping his sweat with a tissue, and didn’t dare to speak.

“I’ll give you three last seconds, don’t say later that we don’t give you a chance.” Chen said and stretched out three fingers and began to pour.

“Three ……”


My heart is also more and more anxious, there is no way I can only be promised: “Do not! I’ll just do it myself!”

Chen looked at me, but a cold smile: “Good, then you hurry.”

I listened to his words and looked at the ashtray in my hand. Things have come to this, do I have other options? I asked them if I could pick the cigarette out. And they allowed me to do so, but the relative price was that they took other ashtrays and filled the small box in my hand to the brim.

They urged me to hurry up and start. I gritted my teeth, and could only open my mouth and put the ashes into my mouth.

At once, the bitter taste filled my mouth.

I forced myself to resist nausea, which did not spit out the ashes. And I just ‘ate’ a fifth of the amount of this bite. They are too slow, is in between my mouth again, violently pushed my hand. The ashes from the box fell into my mouth.

I was choking and coughing, but they did not care about me, let me close my mouth, but also let me swallow the ashes in my mouth.

I secretly clenched my fists.

When I followed Cao Ge in the car, I had no room to back out. If I retreat, Cao Ge and the others will not let me go. And he also knew which cla*s I was in. Relatively speaking, Chen and the others also do not know who I am, and the possibility of finding me in trouble subsequently is relatively small.

“Have you swallowed it all?”

Chen asked me.

“All, all swallowed.” I felt a hard feeling in my throat, the residual taste of cigarette ash in my mouth, but also let me want to vomit out.

“You call this swallowed? There’s so much left in your mouth! Bring the water over here!” Chen greeted. Then someone on the side came up to pinch my mouth, Chen unscrewed the cap of the bottle, on the mineral water poured into my mouth. I struggled, but grabbed the knife in the hand, but did not dare to take it out to use!

If I dare to stab someone with a knife, I’m afraid things will get even bigger!

But how I did not expect that I thought I could leave when there was a person on the side, directly after the burning cigarette, directly in my mouth. The ashes still carry a certain temperature, and immediately burned my tongue. I hurriedly closed my mouth, painful.

“Go away! In the future to give me encounter, but not now.” Chen said with a cigarette in his mouth, very impatient.

I covered my mouth and turned my head and walked away.

As for what I suffered here, can only be dumb to eat the desolate, there are bitterness can not say.

Because of what happened, I hate Guan Dongxuan even more in my heart. But what I hate more is that I do not have the ability to deal with Guan Dongxuan! If I also know a very bully – the big brother, then the first thing I want to do, is definitely to get rid of Guan Dongxuan!

And that is, after we walked out of the store, the fat man did not care about anything, is to hurry out of here.

But I caught him.

After all my efforts and treatment, how could I let Fatty just leave?

“Kid, what else do you want?”

The fat man turned his head and asked me.

“Return the money!”

I said, biting my sore tongue.

“I don’t have any money!”

The fat man dropped this sentence to turn around and leave. I pounced on him, and reached into his pocket. Even if he had no money in his wallet, his latest generation of Apple phone how can also sell a few thousand dollars!

“You-F**king ……”

The fat man cursed out of his mouth, and also a burst of resistance. His body is very weak, otherwise it would not have been wiping sweat before. Not a moment later, I just snatched his phone into my hand. He was in a hurry, and I was in a hurry to get away from him.

“Hurry up and give me back my phone! I have money in my paypal, you give me, I will transfer you.” The fat man said hurriedly.

I was not so stupid: “You give me the pa*sword, I’ll transfer it!”

“But my phone has a fingerprint unlock, you simply have no way to open my paypal.” The fat man explained. And I listened to his words, but will believe it. I tapped on the Alipay app on the screen, and it was just like he said.

“Then you give me the account pa*sword and log in again surely you won’t have to verify.” Although I have used not smart phones, but for these, I am still more or less clear.

When the fat man saw that he could not cheat me, he hurried towards me and chased me. But I scattered my legs in front of me and ran. He dragged a two hundred pounds of body, simply can not run me. He was panting in the back, mouth a curse, let me stop. But I simply do not do what he said.

I always kept a distance from him, and did not shake him off.

“Okay, okay, I’ll give you that. Just …… kid, let me discuss something with you, okay? How much money did Cao Ge give you, I’ll give you twice as much, you hurry to return the phone to me, and do not ask me to return any money …… what do you think?” Fatty asked while walking towards me.

“No!” I just rejected him directly: “You hurry up and say the pa*sword.”

“How can you not oil and salt? I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a thousand dollars, that’s enough!” The fat man was still following the rules.

“I told you, I don’t want it!”

“Then two thousand!” The fat man’s words, more than anything else, I feel as if he is hiding some secret in his phone, otherwise he would be so nervous. And I listened to his words, honestly really heartened. I went on his paypal, there is indeed so much money on it.

But he has money why not return Cao Ge them? This I do not know!

I just want to settle this matter once and for all. I don’t care what the fat man said, just follow what Cao Ge said, transferred the appropriate amount to my bank card. But I still kept an eye out, by the way, transferred an extra thousand three out. Anyway, there are 70,000 to 80,000 in the fatty’s paypal ……

“Fatty, you’d better save your breath. I’ve already transferred the money out, here, the phone back to you.” I said right after the successful transfer.

“What? You really transferred it?” The fat man’s emotions instantly flared up: “You …… how can you do this? This is my mother’s life-saving money! You …… ah ah ah, I’m going to kill you!”


Chapter 20

The fat man said, is while chasing towards me. Honestly, I don’t believe his words. If his mother really had any problems, he would still be gambling here? The hand is still pinching 70,000 to 80,000, just put in the balance, eat the balance of interest? This is what a person with a difficult family would do?

I grabbed the phone to run forward. But the fat man behind me, it is like crazy, biting me dead.

“Kid, stop right there!”

The fat man was running out of breath, but he still chased after me. It was because of the 10,000 or so thing …… but the phone wasn’t on his body, how did he know exactly how much money I had transferred out?

“Stop, I’m going to kill you!” The fat man’s angry voice came from behind me.

“Ahem ……”

He suddenly of not running, is in place violently coughing up. The alley in front of us was open and narrow, and his voice came clearly into my ears. I stopped in my tracks still a little worried. I looked back at him the way I was coughing and cursing me at the same time.

I looked at him as if it was really that bad. I started to walk back, but in the process, his body went limp and his whole body collapsed on the ground.

“Hey, are you okay?”

I ran back anxiously.

And fatty was the first to grab back the phone from my hand, he looked at the money in the balance, surprisingly, was crying out in front of me, and cursed: “You B*****d …… my mother is really going to be killed by you!”

I looked at him a twenty-eight or twenty-nine year old, in front of me in tears, my heart is also touched. Only he hadn’t noticed that it was my bank card that I was transferring.

“What’s wrong with your-mother?”

I asked him nervously.

“Get out! What do you care so much? If my mom dies anyway, you’re not going to get away with it! I’ll make sure the police arrest you.” The fat man threatened me and just continued to lie in the middle of the road crying.

I was a little hesitant, but that’s when a phone call from Cao Ge came in. He asked me what took me so long and asked if I had received the money or not. He and I affirmed down. I said I would send the money to him later, but before that, I had to go to the bank first.

Cao Ge told me to hurry up and stop dawdling. And I got up between, is looking at the fat lying on the ground in a mess, but also look at him crying out of shape. My heart is very unpleasant.

After I came out of the bank, more than 10,000 yuan of cash in my hand, but I feel incredibly heavy.

This money, to really be his – mother’s life-saving money, then what to do? If it really is, then I do so, is not indirectly harm a life?

“Yo, you kid really want the money back? You can!” Cao Ge’s little brother looked at me with a playful look.

“Brother Cao, the money is for you.” I was about to send the money over, “Just brother Cao, I got the money back for you, can the grudge between us …… be put to rest?”

“Well, it’s all good to say.”

Brother Cao said with a happy expression.

“Then thank you in advance, Brother Cao. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.” I looked like I had lost my soul and was about to turn around and leave.

“Wait! Don’t you want all the money?”

Cao Ge called out to me.

I fell back again, Cao Ge drew a red hair from more than 10,000 to me, or a look of charity. But I didn’t care anymore. My money, I already got from the fat …… but I now think back carefully, I acted like this, is not the same as robbery!

For Cao Ge only gave me a hundred, I also did not say anything.

I went down the alley and just lost my mind and left. Strong guilt, self-recrimination, filled my heart. I wanted to go back and return this money to the fat man. But deep down, my heart told me not to do so. After all, it was thirteen hundred dollars!

It was when I was fighting in my heart that Cao Ge and the others, riding their motorcycles, suddenly blocked me.

I was very puzzled to look at them: “Cao, what is it?”

Cao Ge directly from the car down, raised his hand and gave me a slap: “You kid dishonest ah. You took an extra 13,000 from Fatty and didn’t even tell us about it?”

I covered my face. Stammering, I said, “But brother Cao, this money belongs to me.”

“It belongs to your mother!” Cao Ge was so angry that he came up and kicked me, knocking me to the ground: “Jin Chao, I’ll give you a chance. Hand over the 13,000, and I’ll let you go.”

“I do not!”

I suddenly figured …… out that throughout the whole session, I was the one being cheated. Guan Dongxuan lied to me, Cao Ge lied to me, and even the fat man lied to me! If the fat man’s family really has any difficulties, I took an extra 13,000, he will say with Cao Ge? I’m afraid that if I did, Cao Ge would swallow the money together!

Fatty is certainly not unaware of this! But he said it to Cao, in all probability, he also does not want this money, just to let Cao Ge teach me a lesson.

In that case, then why would I spit out this money?

“Oh, you should think it over. I’m afraid you don’t know what it is to offend me! Do you want me to talk to you carefully?” Cao Ge said to me with a sneer.

But I gritted my teeth and said, “No matter what, I won’t give you this money!”

“That’s fine, tough guy!” Cao Ge stomped on my chest and also asked his boys to get the tools out of the trunk. In less than half a minute, they were armed with batons and steel pipes in their hands. Cao Ge also just took a throwing stick: “Just Jin Chao, you really think clearly?”

“Think clearly! Even if I give you guys the money now, what can that do? You want to make a move on me, it is still the same!” I just asked at Cao Ge, “In your eyes, I’m just an object that can be bullied at any time, right?”

Cao Ge gave a cold snort.

“You’re right!”

He said, is a stick fell towards me. And I was shielding my head as much as I could. I didn’t want my concussion to get worse and worse. And the injury on my head, but they did not make it?

In the end, I was the one who got hurt by them. As a result, I was beaten, but became the party at fault, and continue to be bullied by them? Anyway, they will continue to bully. So why should I do as they say?

Their fists and feet fell on my body, and I gritted my teeth and endured the pain. And the people pa*sing by watched this scene of me being beaten, as if they were watching the show, and did not come up to help.

“The thousand three, you give or not?” Cao Ge let people stop temporarily, and asked me.