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Winner Takes All Chapter 303-304

Chapter 303

Li Deshan doesn’t understand.

Even the entire Li family did not understand.

He was so used to being arrogant and haughty that he thought that even if the Li family’s towering building collapsed, what was left of it would still be able to stand proudly above the rest.

But Master Li knows very well that the undercurrents in Kyoto are raging against the Li family. On the surface, it is calm and quiet, but secretly, there are wolves waiting to sharpen their swords.

In Kyoto, there are many big things.

Once the Li family reveals their weakness, they will swarm over them and the Li family will only be left in a mess, the so-called “thin camel is bigger than a horse” will not exist.

None of the Li family members can stop this “nightmare”.

Only Chen Dong!

Chen Dong’s ability and heart have already been proven.

More importantly, Chen Daolin is behind Chen Dong.

If we can rely on the Chen family through Chen Dong, the crisis the Li family is facing will be solved.

If the dragons and tigers of Kyoto were to be cooped up, then the Chen family would be the beast of the wilderness that would open its eyes and exhale its breath to crush these dragons and tigers with their claws and teeth exposed.

It was getting dark.

Master Li forced his way out of the hospital, despite Li Deshan’s advice.

After the two of them checked into the Taishan Hotel, Elder Li even had the cheek to contact Chen Dong again.

But Chen Dong’s determination almost made Elder Li spurt out another mouthful of old blood.

On the other hand.

Tianmen Mountain Villa, the lights were brilliant.

As the ceiling of the city’s property prices, even at night, Tianmen Mountain Villa shone with a light that was uniquely its own, beautiful.

Chen Dong held Gu Qingying’s hand as he walked along the road, blowing in the night breeze, quietly moving forward.

Every now and then, Gu Qingying looked askance at Chen Dong, as if in thought.

“What do you want to ask me?”

Finally, Chen Dong spoke up.


Gu Qingying was not expecting this, but still spoke, “It’s about the Li family.”


Chen Dong paused, soft as water, and looked at Gu Qingying.

Gu Qingying said slowly, “I was thinking that with the size of the Li family, if you could accept Elder Li, it would be a strong backing for you to become the successor of the Chen family.”

Just now, Chen Dong’s determination when he answered Master Li’s call made Gu Qingying’s heart twitch.

Such determination was something she had really rarely seen on Chen Dong.

It was a kind of aura, almost with endless killing intent and coldness.

Chen Dong knew that Gu Qingying was thinking for herself and was not the least bit angry.

He smiled faintly and gently scraped the bridge of Gu Qingying’s high nose: “Little fool, of course I know, but I don’t want to.”

Gu Qingying was puzzled.

Chen Dong took Gu Qingying’s hand and continued to walk, saying as he walked, “I can never forget how Ma was treated when she was kidnapped to the Li family, nor can I forget how determined she was to resent the Li family at that time, how could I do what Ma did not want to do?”

Gu Qingying’s expression choked, the corners of her eyes trembled lightly for a few moments.

She did not know how much experience Chen Dong had included in these words.

But she still subconsciously held Chen Dong’s hand tightly as a gesture of comfort.

“Don’t worry, without accepting the Li family, I can still obtain the position of family head.”

Chen Dong smiled confidently, his eyes glowing, “My Dingtai, Chu Reed’s entertainment company, and Zhou Zunlong’s company, as well as the fifty percent of the Qin family that Qin Ye Xiao Qian is in charge of, all of these, are my bargaining chips to compete for the position of the family head.”

“And our Gu family!” Gu Qingying suddenly raised her tone.

Chen Dong froze and smiled gently, “Well, there’s also your family’s share, my family head wife.”

Not like words of love, but they made Gu Qingying’s heart flutter fiercely.

She didn’t care about the family head or not, what she cared about was the word madam.

This was what she had waited for three years and finally wanted.

To hold the hand of her son and grow old with him.

“Let’s go home.” Chen Dong pulled Gu Qingying in the direction of home.

When the two were almost at the door of their home, they saw Kun Lun running out in a hurry.

“Young master, it’s not good.”

“What’s wrong?” Chen Dong asked.

Kunlun said, “The property centre said that a luxury car is blocking the entrance of the villa area and wants to see you by name, and won’t move the car until you see it!”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly, “When did the property company under Zhou Yanqiu become so soft-headed?”

He still remembered that when Wang Hao drove his Audi A4 into the villa area, the security guards of the villa area had used their cars to directly hit the Audi A4 to almost scrap it in order to stop Wang Hao.

However, Chen Dong understood that what made these security guards not dare to act was that the other party’s energy could overpower Zhou Yanqiu.

Rubbing his nose, Chen Dong said to Gu Qingying, “You should go home first, the wind is cold at night, pay attention to your body, Kunlun will just accompany me.”

“Good.” Gu Qingying did not ask more questions and went straight back to the villa.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun walked towards the villa’s main entrance.

And at this moment.

A black Bentley was blocking the entrance of the villa.

A dozen security guards looked at each other, not daring to make a move.

The first time the car arrived, they went forward to ask questions.

All they got was one word – the Li family of Kyoto.

When they gave their feedback, they even alerted Zhou Yanqiu himself, who ordered them not to move and to inform Mr Chen immediately.

The security guards didn’t know what the “Kyoto Li family” meant, but they weren’t stupid, and if they could get such a reaction from Zhou Yanqiu, the car must be a big shot.

“Look, Mr. Chen is here!”

A security guard exclaimed.

The rest of the security guards looked at the sound and relaxed a little.

At the same time.

As Chen Dong and Kun Lun appeared at the front door.

The door of the Bentley, too, opened.

With a gloomy face, Li Deshan took the lead and got out of the car, opened the door on one side and a*sisted Old Master Li out.

He was puzzled, indignant, even full of resentment.

But he did not dare to disobey his father’s words.

For as long as Master Li was around, Master Li was the sky of the Li family!

Old Master Li was in extremely bad shape, leaning on his cane with one hand and being supported by Li Deshan with the other.

Even so, his figure was trembling, as if he would fall to the ground at any moment.

His pale face was as decrepit as could be, as if he was on the verge of dying, and he had a sullen, deadly air about him.

“My attitude, it’s firm enough, are you still so shameless at this age?”

An icy voice, a tone of disgust, emanated from Chen Dong’s mouth.

He stopped inside the gate and looked at Elder Li and Li Deshan with cold, eerie eyes.

Li Deshan’s expression was stern, and he was about to open his mouth to refute.


Old Master Li let go of Li Deshan and stumbled forward a step, while dropping his walking stick.

Bang Teen!

He fell straight to his knees.

This scene caused everyone to pale.

Old Master Li was in tears as he lifted his hands and slowly kowtowed towards the ground.

At the same time, a hoarse voice with a crying accent came out of his throat.

“Dong’er, Grandpa was wrong ……”


Li Deshan was struck by lightning and his expression was horrified.

At this moment, his body swayed violently, and even the greatest resentment dissipated with Elder Li’s kneeling, while falling to his knees along with Elder Li.

A dozen security guards, moreover, stared in unison, such an old man, actually kneeling down to Mr. Chen?


From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong’s expression was as cold as ice and frost, not making a single ripple.

“Disrespectful for an old man, shameless!”

Chen Dong dropped eight words, turned around and left.


Chapter 304

The cold reply sent a shock through the body of Old Master Li, who was kneeling on the ground.

He looked up at the fading Chen Dong and wailed, “Dong’er, grandfather has already done so, don’t you have any remembrance of the bloodline? I am your mother’s father, your grandfather! You are the only one who can save the Li family today!”

“Shut up!”

Chen Dong’s expression was hostile, and he turned around violently, “What a line of blood! Twenty years, have you ever remembered? Have you forgotten how much of the misery my mother suffered was caused by you as a father?”

“I don’t care about my bloodline. If I didn’t care about my bloodline, I would kill you with my own hands!”

“Go back to Kyoto, if you ever bother me again, I won’t F**king remember this bloodline love!”

Chen Dong turned around resolutely and left in a big stride.

Back then, when his father returned to the Chen family, he left his mother a large base, and with her ability, not to say that she could make the business go to greater glory, but it was enough to keep the business.

But what about the Li family?

Even if they had taken it by force, they had even tried to suppress their mother in order to prevent her from achieving anything.

The Li family had even tried to suppress their mother and son in order to prevent her from achieving anything.

Twenty years ago, the Li family ignored his mother, but twenty years later, he is the one the Li family can’t afford!

The cause of the past, the effect of today, this is retribution!

“Dong’er, Dong’er ……”

Elder Li cried out, prostrating and crawling on his knees, wanting to go after Chen Dong.

“Dad, you calm down, you calm down.”

Li Deshan hurriedly got up and struggled to hold up Elder Li, angrily looking at the distant Chen Dong: “This disobedient beast, he even has the heart to kill you, why are you bitterly begging?”

“Go home, let’s go home!” Li Deshan’s heart ached as he looked at his father in despair and tears.

Although he was angry, he knew clearly that his father was doing this to pave the way for the future, to find a place of refuge for all of them in the Li family!

As a son, he could not bear it.

“We will return to Kyoto tomorrow, even if the Li family dies, we cannot let you suffer such a great insult, father!”

Li Deshan helped Old Master Li into the car and sat in it.

The Bentley turned around and sped off towards the mountains.

“Young master, they’re gone.” Kunlun glanced back.

Chen Dong nodded indifferently, “Disgusting.”

Kunlun was silent and followed closely.

It was late at night.

Back inside the presidential suite of the Taishan Hotel.

Old Master Li’s eyes were red and he sat dazedly on the sofa.

And Li Deshan also sat with a face full of drowsiness, even though his sleepy eyelids were already like falling iron, he did not dare to sleep.

After returning from the Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Old Master Li had been sitting here withered.

The head of the Li family, once a giant of Kyoto.

At such an old age, he had given up all his dignity and face to kneel down to a junior.

This was a huge blow!

Li Deshan was worried that the old man wouldn’t be able to bear it and do something stupid, so he stayed by his side.

Intense drowsiness struck.

The eyelids were like falling iron, trying to close uncontrollably.

Li Deshan fiercely pinched his thigh and the pain made him feel a few more refreshed.

When he looked at the time, it was already two o’clock in the morning.

He couldn’t resist speaking, “Dad, rest.”

Old Master Li did not move, only blinking gently at his bloated eyelids.

Li Deshan, full of helplessness and resentment, rubbed his face to wake himself up.

He really didn’t dare to sleep.

Time pa*sed slowly and the sleepiness grew stronger.

Even if he pinched his thighs and rubbed his face, it was hard to stop the sleepiness.

Unknowingly, Li Deshan’s eyelids finally closed and sleepiness surged.


There was a soft sound.

In the silence of the room, it was like a big thunderclap.

Li Deshan’s body trembled as he woke up with a jolt.

The first moment he opened his eyes, he locked his gaze on Old Master Li in front of him.

But with this look, his mind exploded with a loud bang, and his expression suddenly turned fierce.


A miserable cry rang out loudly.

At this moment, Master Li had already slid back into his chair, his red eyes staring round.

And in his heart, a morose dagger was sticking out, and blood was spurting out like a fountain along the grooves on the dagger.

It stained the ground and everything around Old Master Li red.

A bloody and horrific scene.

It made Li Deshan almost faint to death.

But what was left of his sanity made him get up instantly.

His eyes were fierce and hideous as he hurriedly searched around.

He was sure that he had woken up immediately upon hearing the sound, and in such a short time, the murderer must still be there!

“Stand still!”

Suddenly, Li Deshan bellowed angrily.

The door to the room was half open, and he saw a figure had just burrowed out.

Li Deshan angrily chased after him, his revenge for killing his father was too great to be shared, and he could not care less about fear at this moment.

But when he reached the door.

There was a sudden darkness in front of his eyes.


A big foot kicked him hard in the chest, directly sending him flying backwards.

At the same time, a cold voice suddenly sounded out.

“If you don’t get the hell back to Kyoto, then you deserve to die!”

Li Deshan fell heavily to the ground, not caring about his injuries and hurriedly looked up at the door.

But even the ghostly shadow was gone.

But that voice just now was like a big thunder blast that sent chills down his spine.

“B*****d …… D*mned B*****d ……”

Li Deshan gritted his teeth, struggled to get up and chased him to the door.

The lighted corridor was long empty.

It was long and deep, deadly quiet with an oozy quality.

Li Deshan was frozen, the words echoing in his mind.

He slowly turned around and staggered even as he walked up to the long-dead old man Li.


Li Deshan fell to his knees and laid his hands on Elder Li’s corpse’s knees, howling, “Dad ……”

The cries echoed, miserable.

Inside the suite, blood filled the room.

Master Li’s body was rapidly turning cold, except for a pair of red eyes, deadly round, staring at the ceiling, their slightly open mouths as if telling of resignation.

Soon, the cries drew people from the hotel.

After a scream of horror, the room soon filled with people.

A single terrified face stared intently at Li Deshan.

Li Deshan was trembling and crying like a child, miserably.

He had never expected that, despite all his precautions, he would let something happen after all because of this momentary sleep.

What he didn’t expect was that his father had not committed suicide, but that someone else had a*sa*sinated him!

Slowly raising his head, Li Deshan burst into tears and was overcome with grief.

Sobbing, he murmured, “Dad, we, shouldn’t have come here ah, shouldn’t have come ah …… this revenge, I want to revenge, even at the cost of the Li family, I, I must revenge!”

Ruthlessly wiped a handful of tears from his face.

Li Deshan suddenly became hideous and fierce.

“If you don’t roll back to Kyoto, you deserve to die? How many others can say such words?”

“Vicious and vicious, killing your elders, are you really bold and unscrupulous at all? Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning?”

Li Deshan slowly got up, the words he had just said seemed familiar, just a short while ago, he had heard Chen Dong say those words with his own ears at the Tianmen Mountain Villa.

He had thought that it was just a threat, but he had never thought that it would become fulfilled after just one night’s temporary stay.

Just now, Chen Dong dared to say these words, clearly he had no scruples.


This city was his territory, his backyard, what else did he need to worry about?

Li Deshan clenched his teeth, and at this moment, k i l l ing intent surged, and a crazed look appeared on his face.

“I’ll k i l l you even if I give up everything in my Li family, and bruise you to dust!”