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Silly Teen Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7

From the tone of her voice, it was clear that nothing was wrong and that she was still out having fun. The voices coming from the other end of the phone were obviously mixed with men’s voices and were in a karaoke bar. It seemed that the noise Chen Tingting had just made was the result of one of the men’s actions against her!

If Chen Tingting could make such a sound, it was easy to imagine that the other man’s hand must have been placed on Chen Tingting’s private parts!

Either on her chest or her inner thighs!

However, between Chen Tingting’s words, there was no reproach at all. It was just like an escort princess in a KTV who let people touch her everywhere! It was also because of her voice that I suddenly realized a question: Where did Chen Tingting’s designer bags, jewellery and mobile phones come from?

Could it be that she was out for sale?

Or had she been adopted by someone?

The more I thought about it, the more confused I became, and the more I dared not think about it!

“You’re in a karaoke bar in your city now, right?” Uncle Chen heard it too.

“Yes dad, I’m out having fun with my girlfriends. It just so happens that it’s the weekend and there’s no gate at school.” Chen Tingting gave an explanation.

“What exactly is it?”

Uncle Chen pressed the question.

“What’s wrong dad? It’s all girls on my end, but there are their boyfriends present too, so don’t worry, nothing will happen!” Chen Tingting smiled as she was rea*suring Uncle Chen. It seemed that between words, she was still joking around with the man on her side.

“I asked you what your location is now!”

Uncle Chen’s violent temper came up and he just bellowed.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

Chen Tingting asked so, but was scolded by Uncle Chen. Uncle Chen told her to cut the crap so much and hurry up and tell him the location. After Chen Tingting said it, Uncle Chen didn’t say anything, he just hung up the phone. He typed the address down on his phone and took me downstairs.

I followed behind him, saying to him that the matter really had nothing to do with Chen Tingting.

But Uncle Chen, whose temper had risen, wouldn’t listen to my explanation. He told me to stop covering up for Chen Tingting. He said, if it wasn’t for Chen Tingting, would I have had access to this level of stuff? He said, I was brought up by him, does he not know what kind of character I have?

Uncle Chen was adamant that there was no way I would have gone to that kind of place on my own and done that kind of occupation.

He also said that if Chen Tingting hadn’t done it, he couldn’t think of anyone else who would let me do such a thing!

It was his words that made me feel worse and worse inside.

As Uncle Chen spoke, he drove the car onto the highway outside the city, heading for Canghai, where Chen Tingting’s university was located. It was only a two-hour drive from our city, which was in the same province. But it was these two hours or so that Uncle Chen was quite silent.

When we arrived at Canghai City and reached our destination, Uncle Chen got out of the car in a hurry and called Chen Tingting on the phone again.

“Tingting, I’ve arrived now, get down here!” Uncle Chen said in a very grumpy manner.

And it was after Uncle Chen hung up the phone, the cigarette in his mouth hadn’t been smoked for long when Chen Tingting’s pretty figure appeared in front of us. She was dressed very S*xy, with a big red hip skirt, flesh-coloured stockings, heavy make-up and a small cloak over it.

As the weather had been turning hot for the past three months, she didn’t feel cold at all with this outfit.

But she wasn’t cold, I was cold!

My heart was cold!

She looked at me also present and apparently just froze for a moment: “Dad, Chao, how are you ……”

Uncle Chen gave a cold laugh.

“It’s to ask how we could kill here in the middle of the night, right? What’s the reason, you know it well in your heart!”

“Dad, what are you saying? Why don’t I understand a bit?” She looked more like she was playing dumb at this point.

“Cut the crap, come back with me!”

That was all Uncle Chen said.

But in the process, there was a middle-aged man in his thirties, who just rushed over in our direction. He told Uncle Chen to let go, while Uncle Chen looked at him, and his mouth couldn’t stop sneering. Both Uncle Chen and I knew in our hearts that this man, was ‘who’ Chen Ting Ting was!

And in the face of the man’s questioning, Uncle Chen made his identity known, and was pulling and tugging to take Chen Tingting into the car.

But the man simply wouldn’t let go, and even Chen Tingting had to ask Uncle Chen to give her a bit of time while she sorted this out. But the way Uncle Chen looked, he was simply cold-hearted to the core. He went up and raised his hand, just to give Chen Tingting a slap on the face. This slap was quite crisp, and it caused Chen Tingting to directly freeze.

“Dad, why did you hit me?”

Chen Tingting couldn’t stop asking.

“Why did I hit you? To find a man who is almost as old as your father …… That’s even, and you let Chao go somewhere? Do you know where I met him at night? In 1908, the infamous prostitution place in our city!” Uncle Chen roared in anger.

Chen Tingting froze in her tracks as she listened to Uncle Chen’s words.

She looked at me incredulously, and those eyes seemed to be asking me if I had told the secret.

But the look in her eyes also gave me a sudden feeling of heartbreak. I clenched my fists in a deadly grip. In her eyes, I could see no remorse, no guilt, no guilt at all! Suddenly I couldn’t understand why I had to stay in 1908 for three months.


Why did I have to be so stupid?

I’d been used by a woman for three months, suffering humiliation, and I hadn’t even realised I’d been tricked!

“Come home with me!”

When Uncle Chen said this, Chen Tingting was also completely defenseless, that is, she was taken away by Uncle Chen. Uncle Chen let Chen Tingting say love the co-pilot and let me sit in the back row. During the process, the three of us didn’t say a word. Chen Tingting also did not have any explanation, no apology …… nothing with me!

This really makes me feel ridiculous!

After we got home, Uncle Chen told her to kneel on the floor and not to get up all night.

I am your only daughter! I’m your only daughter!”

Her words were even more chilling to my heart.

“I told you to kneel, did you hear me?” Uncle Chen bellowed violently.

Chen Tingting, under Uncle Chen’s compulsion, still couldn’t help but kneel down in Uncle Chen’s direction. Only, on her face, there was no half-hearted remorse. On the contrary, the moment she knelt down, she was glaring at me.

I looked at the scene in front of me and suddenly rushed out of the house ……


Chapter 8

Uncle Chen came out to chase me, but because there was still Chen Tingting inside, he didn’t dare to chase me too far, that is, he was afraid that Chen Tingting would run away. I took advantage of this and ran far away, but also walked on the street while crying foolishly. When the tears fell, I was already numb.

It was at this point that I suddenly missed my dad very much.

I bought a ticket to the prison and headed in the direction of the prison, not caring about anything.

In front of my dad in prison, I couldn’t stop crying. My dad had aged a lot in prison. He said that he would be out of prison in a short time and that I should wait for a few more years.

My crying, however, was not because of this incident.

I didn’t dare to explain to my dad what had happened, and I was afraid that the same look of loss would show on his face. We hadn’t seen each other for very long, so I didn’t want to hear him blame me even more. As it turned out, I didn’t say anything to my dad after this meeting, and I was all but crying.

My dad was so baffled that he kept on comforting me and asking me what was going on.

But I was too scared to say anything!

After I walked out of the prison, the sky overhead clouded over. The rain poured down on me, just as suddenly as it had appeared. It hit me unawares and took me by surprise. I just walked in the pouring rain, not knowing whether I should go back to Uncle Chen’s house or not.

I was drenched in the rain and my step by step walk was extremely heavy.

“Jinchao, you …… why are you soaking in the rain here!” An anxious female voice just came into my ears.

When I reacted, there was already an additional umbrella by my side. I turned my head to look at the person beside me, but there were no major mood swings. The girl who suddenly appeared beside me was my cla*smate from the first year of high school and had a very nice name: Guo Xuefu.

And like her name, she was also very pretty.

She was the goddess of many boys in our school from the first year of high school. There were also many people who got into fights because of her. But after just over a year, no one had heard of her having an affair with any boy. She concentrated on her studies. In terms of ranking, she was right up there with me, too!

I watched her emerge, but said nothing, instead continuing on my way. I didn’t want to talk at this moment!

“Jinchao, what’s wrong with you?”

She looked at me with great concern.

But I did not respond.

“Jinchao, say something. The way you look now, it’s very worrying, you know?” She said to me very seriously. I listened to her words and turned my head to look at her. Then I asked at her, “Do you care about me? Aren’t you afraid that my father stabbed someone more than ten years ago?

When she heard my words, she suddenly shut her mouth.

I looked at her.

But I laughed coldly.

When I was at school, I basically kept to myself.

The main reason was that after those people knew from somewhere that my father was in prison, no one dared to get close to me and they all distanced themselves from me. Behind my back, they all had a very unpleasant nickname for me, ‘the son of a murderer’. But my dad didn’t even stab anyone to death at that time!

And I was unconcerned about the nickname. Just because I knew that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t afford to!

I got out from under her umbrella and just continued to drench myself outside.

But she looked at me and hurriedly chased after me. She continued to cover me with the small space of her umbrella.

“Jinchao, don’t do that.”

She looked at me with some panic.

“So what else do you want from me?”

I asked her with a straight face.

She asked me what the hell was wrong with me, and if there was something on my mind, just say it. She would enlighten me. She said that if there was something squeezing in my heart, it would make me feel better if I just said it. But I listened to her and laughed.

I didn’t want to bother her.

I told her that if she didn’t have anything else going on, she should leave me alone. After all, I was the son of a prisoner and a dangerous man. At this point, I was in an extremely sad downward spiral. I also knew whether the water on my face was rain, or tears. It was simply because I was numb.

She said I was soaked to the skin and definitely not okay. She told me to go to her house and take a shower and dry off first.

And I was very surprised to hear her words.

“Guo Xuefu, aren’t you afraid of me?” I asked at her.

“Not afraid!”

She said to me with great determination.

It seemed that the look in her eyes had infected me. In my heart, a sudden thought came up. I suddenly wanted to go with her! I wanted to go to her house! After almost two years in high school, I had never been to any of my cla*smates’ houses, nor had I been invited by any of my cla*smates to hang out.

I had never been a loner.

Plus, I was in a bad mood at the moment.

And Guo Xuefu’s sudden appearance, her sudden words, was also suddenly what filled the dented heart.

I followed her, very pa*sively, in the direction of her house. The closer I got to her house, the more nervous I became. She told me that no one was home and that her parents had gone to work. But even though she said that, I didn’t relax my mood.

“Come in.”

She said that to me.

I walked into her house.

Her house was not big, a self-built house.

But the modest surroundings were filled with the warmth of home. I was actually very envious of her. The photos on the table were a direct reflection of how much her parents loved each other. But what about me? All I knew was that I had a dad, but I didn’t know where my mum was!

She told me to go ahead and take a shower, and also took her dad’s clothes and lent them to me for the time being.

Her actions touched the softness of my heart even more.

The warm water, falling from the shower, at least slowly warmed up my body. I stayed in the bathroom for a long time and when I came out, she actually had ginger soup ready for me. I was told to drink it while it was hot to warm up my body.

And after the ginger soup went into my body, it made me feel like I was warming my body, from my stomach to my whole body!

“Thank you.”

After a long time, I let out a long sigh.

“What are you thanking me for? We are cla*smates! It’s only right to help each other out!” She explained with a smile at me.

Between her words, she was about to carry the bowl away, as if to take it to be cleaned. And I was subconsciously grabbing her hand, thinking that it was better for me to do this myself. After all, I had already caused her a lot of trouble. But then I realised how offensive I had acted.

And as soon as she grabbed my hand, her face turned red!