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Winner Takes All Chapter 299-300

Chapter 299

Half an hour later.

The ambulance sounded the siren and took off.

This corner of the mall was as quiet as a listening needle.

Everyone looked at Chen Dong with fear and horror written all over their eyes.

Who would have thought that this young man sitting on a chair in the corridor eating cold noodles would be the boss of Din Tai?

The ear-piercing siren of the ambulance sent chills down everyone’s backs.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, it would have been really hard for them to imagine that there was really a world in which one could be beaten into a pig’s head.

But fear being fear, there was not a single person present who felt sympathy for the middle-aged man.

A thug, desecrating the wife of Din Tai’s boss in public in broad daylight?

Who could bear this?

Not to mention Chen Dong’s status, even an ordinary person would never be able to put up with this nasty grievance.

One’s wife cannot be insulted!

If one’s wife can be desecrated and molested by another man, what kind of man is that?

Aren’t the things a man guards, the parents he was born and raised by, the brothers around him, and the woman in his arms?

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong tenderly said to Gu Qingying, and then gleefully picked up the big bag and small bags.

With his hands in the air, there was no longer any semblance of the solemnity of a moment ago.

This scene left everyone in awe.

There were even countless girls who cast envious glances at Gu Qingying.

Which girl did not desire such a boyfriend?

Gu Qingying smiled sweetly and took Chen Dong’s arm, “Let’s go home.”

“We haven’t finished shopping yet.”

Chen Dong pointed upstairs and said with an apology, “I’m sorry, what happened just now might have affected your mood a little, but I really can’t stand it anymore.”

“Aiya, I just like the way you were just now, it’s been half a day of shopping, I’m tired too, let’s go home and rest.”

Gu Qingying pouted and winked, “Honey you were so handsome just now, I want to reward you!”

Chen Dong was stunned, and then his heart went ape.

Back at home.

Elder Long was sitting in the living room with Kunlun and Fan Lu.

The television was playing entertainment news about Chen Yu Fei.

While Elder Long and Kun Lun were busy sorting out the information, Fan Lu was playing by the side.

The entertainment news on the television was somewhat dispensable.

Today’s Chen Yu Fei was nothing but a joke in their eyes.

Stealing a chicken and losing the rice is no longer enough to describe this series of operations by Chen Yufei.

“Young master, young madam, back so early?”

Long Lao looked up and smiled.

Seeing Chen Dong and Gu Qingying snuggled together, you and I were in love.

Long Lao had a penetrating mind and instantly understood.

He let out a light cough, “That Kunlun, Fan Lu, you’ve been busy all morning, take a break, accompany old man out for a walk.”

As she watched the three leave, Gu Qingying was a little shy.

She murmured in a low voice, “Aiya, how does old man Long know everything?”

“After all, someone that old, ginger is still old and spicy.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Let’s go, it’s important to make little Chen Dong.”


Gu Qingying snapped with a scornful glance.

It was hot noon.

The clouds were turning.

A few days of repression, after resting all night to save up energy, finally was a complete explosion.

They poured out their emotions and expressed their thoughts to each other.

Again …… and again …… with pleasure ……

When the sun sets, the silver moon rises.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying changed their clothes and went downstairs.

In the dining room, Fan Lu had already prepared a large table full of delicious food with an overwhelming aroma.

Chen Dong, who had been working all afternoon, sniffed at the aroma and his appetite was immediately tingling.

“Sister Fan Lu, what’s cooking?”

Chen Dong dragged Gu Qingying into the dining room.

Long Lao was sitting next to him reading the newspaper, while Kunlun and Fan Lu were still busy in the kitchen.

But as soon as Chen Dong saw the food on the table, he instantly froze.

Braised snapper with angelica and ginseng.

Fresh and fatty oysters.


Was this a little too tonic?

Chen Dong was filled with dismay.

Gu Qingying, on the other hand, had a dumbfounded look on her face.

Long Lao slowly put down the newspaper and smiled faintly, “Young master has to tonic his body more.”

Chen Dong: “……”

Gu Qingying: “……”

At that very moment, Kunlun and Fan Lu came out of the kitchen.

After placing the last of the fried leeks on the table, Fan Lu also carefully took out a few wolfberries and sprinkled them on top as a garnish.

Nima …… This is too much of a tonic!

One could say it was excessive!

“Young master, it’s time to eat.” Kunlun said with a smile.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Qingying looked at Chen Dong in confusion.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, smiled awkwardly and pretended to be fine as he and Gu Qingying settled down to eat.

Gu Qingying did not know what this meal meant.

He was also too embarra*sed to say it outright.

Chen Dong was embarra*sed by the meal, but he looked at the table full of delicious food and felt like he couldn’t eat.

This was too simple and crude.

After the meal was finished.

Chen Dong was so embarra*sed that he dragged Gu Qingying out of the villa and went for a walk outside.

Looking at the two people who looked like they had run away, Elder Long revealed a gentle and kind smile.

It was Kunlun who was a bit intolerant: “Elder Long, if you let Xiao Lu mend Young Master like this, will it spoil Young Master?”


Elder Long looked askance and said solemnly, “This is what Master wants, he is eager to hold his grandchildren as soon as possible.”


Kunlun and Fan Lu looked at each other and simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air.

The night was as cold as water.

Chen Dong and Gu Qingying strolled along the road, arm in arm, blowing the night breeze and enjoying the tranquility.

It had been a long, long time since Chen Dong had experienced such a relaxed and easy life.

The appearance of Elder Long had changed his situation, giving him the possibility of soaring to the sky.

For this possibility, he had been busy almost day and night.

And during this recent period, one big event after another had happened, making his nerves almost constantly tense at the limit.

Enjoying this moment of peace now was something else.

The latter half of the month.

The days were as relaxing as usual.

While Chen Dong accompanied Gu Qingying every day, he would also arrange the development process of the companies under his command.

With Chen Yufei’s withdrawal from the entertainment industry, the original public opinion about Chen Dong also quickly dissipated.

This is how the internet works, public opinion is quick to rise and quick to dissipate.

In just one month’s time, it can make people forget a lot of things.

As the public opinion dissipated, the major companies under Chen Dong’s command were back on track.

Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian’s financial company, and Chu Reed’s entertainment company, all quickly launched their businesses.

Just the only difference from before was that.

Because of the public opinion incident, the Zhang family had contributed a lot, and also because of Zhang Yulan and Qin Ye’s relationship.

Chen Dong promised Zhang Yulan and Chu Reed to join forces to start an entertainment company, although the dominant player was still Chu Reed.

He was clear that in the business world, Chu Reed and Zhang Yulan were not on the same level at all.

Early this morning, after sending Gu Qingying to work at Yingli Building Materials, Chen Dong drove Gu Qingying’s Porsche 911 to Dingtai.

He hadn’t been to Dingtai for a few days, it was all managed by Xiao Ma and Lone Wolf.

Now that he had almost rested, it was time to set off again.

But Chen Dong had just arrived at the downstairs of Dingtai.

A phone call made him brake sharply and stop the car on the road in front of the company building.

Immediately afterwards, it was a tail-drift and left the company ……


Chapter 300

The Carlton Hotel.

A four-star hotel.

Although the environment, decoration, service and so on are all impeccable, it is ultimately one star short of the five-star Taishan Hotel.

A difference of one star, a world of difference!

It was hard for Chen Dong to imagine that that person would actually stay in such a hotel.

After parking his car, Chen Dong walked into the hotel in a sullen manner.

He did not know why that person would come at this time, but since he was here, there was no reason to avoid it.

What’s more, it was for the sake of his deceased mother.


The lift opened.

Chen Dong stepped out of the lift, followed the corridor and found Suite 99999.


Knock on the door.

In just a few seconds, the door opened.

The person who opened the door was Li Deshan, and unlike the last time he had seen him in Kyoto, Li Deshan seemed to be quite haggard these days, and had lost some of the sharpness that Chen Dong had seen that day.


Li Deshan gave way without sadness or joy, “Please come in.”

Chen Dong walked into the room and the eerie sandalwood fragrance poured into his nose.

The sound of chanting scriptures echoed through the room.

And in the living room, a grey medium-sized suit, Master Li was sitting cross-legged on the floor, twirling the Buddhist beads in his hands and murmuring with his eyes closed.

“You, when did you start believing in Buddhism?”

Chen Dong snorted, finding the image in front of him somewhat amusing.

The Li family that valued men over women and dared to eat the buns of human blood.

And the old man of the Li family who was in control, actually believed in Buddha?

Do you think it was funny?

“Quiet, when the family head finishes chanting the sutra, he will talk to you.”

Li Deshan spoke solemnly and quietly, since the change in the wind and clouds in Kyoto, his father, who used to be so majestic, had instead become much kinder.

At the same time, there was also an additional habit of chanting sutras and saluting Buddha.

These days, no one was allowed to disturb the old man when he was chanting sutras and saluting Buddha, and it had become a rule in the Li family.

“Oh, I won’t be accompanying you then.”

Chen Dong turned around and left.

“You ……” Li Deshan’s face sank and his expression sulked.


Elder Li, who had closed his eyes and chanted sutra, opened his eyes and shouted, “I am your grandfather after all, do you not even have the patience to wait for this?”

“Patience is only given to those I feel should be given, you are not one of them.”

Chen Dong looked indifferent, twenty years of living with his mother, all the evil acts the Li family had done to her, and what had happened to him in the Li family that day.

He would never forget it in his life!

He was not an indecisive character, you cast me with peach wood, I will repay you with Qiong Yao.

The greatest tolerance he could muster was to have no quarrel with the Li family over well water.

But trying to use blood kinship as a bond to be close to each other, this can never be done!

“Alas ……”

Elder Li sighed and slowly got up, turning off the sound of the Buddhist scriptures, twirling his Buddhist beads as he slowly walked towards Chen Dong: “This time, I have come for your mother.”

Chen Dong swept a glance at Old Master Li, who now gave off an air of decadence as the day wore on, his figure was also much more stooped, and even his eyebrows were no longer as majestic as they used to be.

It seemed that the changes in Kyoto had weighed him down quite a bit!

Chen Dong thought in his mind, and when he heard the word mother, he finally held back and sat down on a chair at the side.

This scene caused Li Deshan’s pupils to tighten and his anger to intensify.

Such a disobedient and unfilial person, how could Pa still be nostalgic about him?

The two elders were here, and they were actually the first to take their seats, simply rude and arrogant!

“Deshan, make the tea.”

Elder Li was full of concern and settled into the chair beside Chen Dong.

“Dad ……” Li Deshan was a little unconvinced.

However, as Elder Li looked askance and gave a “hm”, he immediately lowered his head to make tea.

“Tell me, what is it about my mother?”

Chen Dong spoke calmly, his expression unruffled.

Although his mother was no longer alive, as a son, he could never ignore the matter of his mother.

Master Li was not in a hurry, his pale, wrinkled face always had a gentle smile on it.

After Li Deshan had set the tea on the table, he then slowly said, “Your mother is gone, but your mother is still a member of the Li family after all ……”

“She has long since ceased to be a member of your Li family.”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes jumped with veins and his heart was filled with depression, “My mother is Chen Li.”


Elder Li smiled blandly, twirling his Buddhist beads as he said, “But your mother has my blood in her body after all, she is still surnamed Li.”

“And then what?”

The smile on Elder Li’s face disappeared, replaced by despondency and sorrow.

“Actually, I should have said something about this matter when your mother was buried, but at that time, both you and your father were in a poor emotional state, so I held back.”

Elder Li looked at Chen Dong profoundly, “Your mother was a member of the Li family, born as a member of the Li family and died as a soul of the Li family, what was done to her back then was all my fault, but now that people are dying like lamps, in order to make up for my faults in these twenty years, I would like to invite your mother into the Li family clan ancestral hall, to be worshipped by the incense of the Li family for generations.”

Coming all the way here just to talk about this?

Chen Dong looked at Elder Li calmly and did not open his mouth.

Seeing this scene, Elder Li’s eyes were profound.

Li Deshan could not help but say, “Chen Dong, perhaps you do not understand how difficult it is to enter the Li Family Ancestral Hall, so I, as an uncle, will tell you about it.”

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth curled up into a smile as he looked at Li Deshan with a smile.

Li Deshan’s expression was proud, something that the Li family had accumulated over the years as a powerful family.

Even though the Li family is now in a state of turmoil, this arrogance could not be erased in a short time.

“The Li Family Ancestral Hall is dedicated to the ancestors of the Li Family through the ages, and those who are not from the direct lineage or have great merit are not allowed to enter the Li Family Ancestral Hall.”

“In other words, to be able to enter the Li family ancestral shrine and enjoy generations of incense offerings is a supreme honour for the Li family, and the greatest praise after death.”

“Not to mention your mother, even I, if I don’t end up as the head of the family, or do something of great merit for the Li family, I will not be able to enter the Li family clan ancestral hall after a hundred years.”

At this point, Li Deshan tilted his head proudly.

His words and mannerisms showed his arrogance.

The light in his eyes shone brightly as he looked straight at Chen Dong: “So, you understand how much respect the family head has shown to your mother by making such a decision, right?”

From the beginning to the end, as Li Deshan narrated, a smile spread across the corners of Elder Li’s mouth.


As the words fell.

Chen Dong, however, suddenly laughed.

His expression unconcealedly revealed a look of mockery.

This scene caused Elder Li and Li Deshan to freeze at the same time.

“What a great honour!”

Chen Dong shrugged his shoulders and got up to wave his hand, “Such supreme glory of your Li family should be enjoyed by your Li family, how dare I let my late mother collect the light of the Li family and enter your Li family’s ancestral shrine?”

The disdain was so strong that both Old Master Li and Li Deshan could hear it.

But it was this disdain that left both of them stunned and puzzled at the same time.

Having already gone this far, was Chen Dong still not satisfied?

Old Master Li was the first to come back to his senses and called out to Chen Dong who had turned to leave, “Dong’er, this is the greatest amount of remembrance and respect Grandfather can do for your mother!”

“Put away your respect and remembrance!”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and snorted, “Your Li Clan Ancestral Hall is not worthy of being dedicated to my deceased mother, my mother is only temporarily buried now, one day, I will send her to the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall to be dedicated for generations to come! That is the glory my mother deserves!”

“What are you, the Li family, compared to the Chen family?”

The words were forceful, despising the Li family, but at the same time, there was a firmness that made people smack their lips.

It was like a vow!