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Winner Takes All Chapter 293-294

Chapter 293

Chen Yu Fei was about to explode with anger.

The new hot search that appeared in front of her eyes was clearly a deliberate false accusation to throw dirty water on her.

All the things in the content of the topic, she had not done at all, nor did she care to do.

The fact that it appeared at this time, Chen Yufei couldn’t think of anyone else who would do this except Chen Dong.

What was left of her sanity made her clear.

If she continued to let this topic fester, she would end up with Chen Dong when the time came.

No, it might even be her big defeat, and Chen Dong would in turn be able to spy a glimpse of life.

At this point in time, Chen Dong was already rotten to the bone on the entire internet.

But what if she, as the “victim”, is even worse than Chen Dong?

Once public opinion shifts, the story of her abduction and abuse by Chen Dong is bound to become interesting.

The public’s mouths would be wide enough to kill.

The end result will only put her in a dilemma, with her reputation in ruins and even losing her basic base in the entertainment industry.

Chen Yufei entered the entertainment industry with the Chen family’s heir apparent qualification, hoping to take control of this basic market and use the sword of fanatic fans and public opinion to point the sword at the Chen family’s head.

Public relations!

Pull the hot search!

Chen Yu Fei hurriedly dialed a phone number.

As soon as she got through, she screamed in a harsh voice, “What the hell are you guys doing? Why would you let such a hot search come out? Remove it, I don’t care what method you use, remove it immediately!”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Yu Fei’s pretty face was covered in frost, her eyes shadowy.

As long as she could rush to remove the hot search before the fermentation of public opinion took shape, then she would still be invincible.

“Chen Dong, you want to die with me than rotten? What I have in my hand is your tangible and real hammer, do you really think that by fabricating something out of thin air, you are qualified to die with me?”

Chen Yu Fei sneered, behind her was a professional top team hired by the Chen family to help her operate, and was equally top in crisis PR.

This hot search that had just appeared, she believed that it would soon disappear.

By then, just one more push would be enough to press Chen Dong to death!

Time slowly pa*sed by.

Chen Yu Fei’s mood gradually calmed down.

But as a phone call came in, her entire person instantly exploded in place in anger.

“General Chen, it can’t be withdrawn!”

On the phone, the subordinate’s trembling voice simply uttered five words.

But it was like a loud bell, shaking Chen Yufei’s brain.

Can’t be withdrawn?

What kind of joke is that?

“Do you find this joke funny?” Chen Yufei gritted her teeth.

Backed by the Chen family, and run by the team behind her, she had skyrocketed to first-tier top star status in a year’s time, and Weibo Hot Search was more like her own turf.

But now, on her own turf, a flop?

“Chen, Mr. Chen, it really can’t be withdrawn!”

On the phone, the voice grew more and more fearful.

“B*****d! Why can’t you withdraw? Spending tens of millions of dollars a year to support you guys, and now you’re such losers?” Chen Yu Fei was furious to the extreme.

If the hot search wasn’t removed as soon as possible, the nightmare she foresaw would come soon!

“That hot search was released by the two Zhang Chu families operating together!” On the phone, the voice was dripping with despair, “You also know the energy of the two Zhang Chu families in the entertainment industry, an oligarch and an emerging oligarch, and now they’ve joined forces!”


Chen Yu Fei was struck by lightning, her face full of shock.

The voice on the phone seemed to think that this was not enough.

Immediately following, it added another sentence.

“If we were to use the Chen Family to suppress the two Zhang Chu families, we would be able to withdraw the hot search, but just now, the Chen Family head personally sent word that this matter must not go out in the name of the Chen Family!”

Thud Teeny.

The phone slipped from Chen Yufei’s hand and fell to the ground.

On the phone, Chen Yufei ignored several “hello” calls in quick succession.

After a moment of stagnation, Chen Yufei’s features twisted in a fierce rage.

Given her facial features, it was hard to imagine that such an expression could have appeared.

“Ah! Get lost, you bunch of trash, all of you!”

Chen Yu Fei roared shrilly, her hands fiercely scratching her long hair in disarray.

Immediately afterwards, she hurriedly picked up her phone again, trembling as she refreshed her weibo again.

The topic of her “black spot” on the hot search list had jumped to number seven in just ten minutes!

And the topic was even filled with comments.

Some were shocked, some couldn’t believe it, some cursed it out loud ……

The entire comment section was in a state of explosion.

It’s over!

Chen Yufei’s face was pale and she slumped on the sofa in dismay.

The two Zhang Chu families have joined forces, and the head of the family has personally spoken out, undoubtedly a double jeopardy, pressing her into the abyss in one fell swoop.

The Chen family was powerful, and the old lady did regard her as the jewel of her heart.

But this is not enough to cover the sky!

The Tianmen Mountain villa area.

Looking at the rapidly rising topic, Chen Dong’s eyebrows revealed a smile.

Although he was smiling, the temperature in the study seemed to have plummeted to freezing point.

Long Lao looked on from the side with his jaw dropped, murmuring incredulously, “Young Master, how on earth did you come up with this move of setting aside a deadly situation?”

“When Little Shadow stood in front of me and fended off the rampant insults for me, I figured it out, what am I myself?”

Chen Dong smiled softly, “Uncovering the last of the disguise, doing whatever it takes to be more rotten than rotten, isn’t it just slander and libel, if Chen Yu Fei can use it, I can use it just as well.”

Long Lao was slightly stunned and gave Chen Dong a profound look.

Chen Dong, however, was staring intently at his computer’s Weibo hot search list, his eyebrows morose.

His topic was at number one in the hot search, and with Gu Qingying’s strong support, it had temporarily eased the dilemma and attracted most of the fire away.

Now, with Zhang Chu’s two families running the show, the topic of “Chen Yu Fei’s black spots” was climbing upwards at a furious pace.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

This is the greatest revenge of all.

In a short while, the topic had risen by two more places and had already reached the fifth position in the hot search.

Chen Dong took out his phone and dialed Chen Daoling’s number.

“Dad, thank you.”

“This is your own effort, I’m just a*sisting from the sidelines.”

On the phone, Chen Daoling’s voice was still low, but it had a little more of a sense of relief: “Dong’er, you really are even better than I imagined.”

“It’s that you have an excellent daughter-in-law!”

Chen Dong smiled, if it wasn’t for Gu Qingying’s support, he might not have lasted at all.

“Yes, Xiaoying is good!”

Chen Daolin affirmed, before turning to say, “But Dong’er, you still have to give an account to Xiaoying, she has endured too much aggravation in this matter.”

“Don’t worry dad.”

Chen Dong suddenly turned his words around, “Dad, I would like to ask your opinion.”

“What?” Chen Daolin asked.

Chen Dong’s eyes gradually narrowed, radiating an endless coldness.

“Dad, do you care about the Chen family’s reputation?”

As soon as the words came out, Elder Long’s body at the side shook, his pupils swooshing tightly.

And over the phone, Chen Daolin also fell silent.

Both of them were phoenixes in the human race, and had long been people with penetrating minds as they sank into the business world.

Chen Dong’s words had made them think of many things!

A few seconds pa*sed.

Chen Daolin slowly said, “Dong’er, remember, you are my son, Chen Daolin, and I will repay those who have insulted you, deceived you and harmed you tenfold! Compared to you, what is the reputation of the Chen family worth?”


Chapter 294

The words are resounding.

Every word was filled with endless coldness.

“Thank you, Dad.”

Chen Dong was sincerely grateful.

Face and reputation, in the eyes of a powerful family, was more important than life.

Whether it was the Li family in Kyoto, or the Qin family in Xishu, it was all the same.

For the sake of face and reputation, they would even trample on people’s lives, treating them like gra*s.

And father, as the head of the Chen family, to say something like this was already beyond the scope of a powerful family head.

This promise from his father also gave him more room to manoeuvre in this matter.

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Dong dialed Qin Ye’s number directly.

With a cold smile, “Beast, it’s time to execute Plan B.”

“Crap! You D*mn well can, you can even set this up?” On the phone, Qin Ye exclaimed in surprise.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Go and do it, let this farce end today, Fei Chen Yu should pay the price she deserves!”

Seeing Chen Dong put down the phone.

Elder Long finally could not help but speak up, “Young Master, do you really want to do this?”

As a Chen family slave and a close friend of the master.

Long Lao knew clearly that because of his guilt over the twenty years of abandonment, the master was just as obedient to the young master, and with the pa*sing of Li Lan, this obedience became even more so, almost doting.

Even if the master did not care about this matter, he still needed to remind a word.

“Long Lao ……”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and said indifferently, “When Chen Yufei was calculating me, she didn’t ask herself if she really wanted to do this.”

Elder Long smiled, “Old slave only wants to mention that since young master wants to do it, then let’s do it.”

Chen Dong smiled, his right hand on the mouse, clicking refresh over and over again.

This big show was about to start.

A great number of people can kill.

The great power cannot be resisted.

This sharp sword, which can kill when it is blocked by people, can also backfire on itself!

It depends on who can catch the sword after the water is muddy.


Ujima Hotel.

The hotel room was originally poetic and elegant.

It is now a mess, with books and scraps of paper and broken gla*ses scattered about.

Even the hotel’s TV and cinema were all smoking.

After venting her frustrations, Chen Yufei thought of the last straw.

With red eyes, she dialed the phone, forcing back her tears.

As soon as she got through.

The floodgates of grievances immediately opened and released.

The tears she had been holding back were also released.

“Grandma …… you must help me this time, that Chen Dong, he is not human, he bullies me …… ooooooooo ……”

“Not only did she bully me, but now she’s even backtracking and throwing dirty water on me, saying I’ll do anything to get to the top and become popular, and even saying I’ll sit on a stage and accompany people to drink, and ……”

A crying and crying pouring of bitterness.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular.

The phone rang with a sigh from old Mrs. Chen: “Fei’er, this matter, grandma thinks you’d better stop.”


Chen Yu Fei was struck by lightning, and her pearly face froze violently.

“Grandma, you, what did you say?”

Old Mrs. Chen’s voice was unusually low and breathless, “Grandma wanted to help you, and grandma has been helping you, you know, from the moment you decided to take a stand for grandma, grandma has been helping you, and even blocked the family head for you when you were scheming against Chen Dong.”

“But now, call it quits, this matter ends here.”

Chen Yu Fei didn’t dare to believe it, her tear-streaked pretty face was covered in horror.

All the aggression, all the resentment, made her almost collapse at this moment when she heard her grandmother’s words.

Didn’t Grandma always love me the most?

Why is this happening now?

“On what grounds? Why should Grandma tell me to stop now?”

Chen Yu Fei questioned in a stern voice, “Grandma hates that wild B*****d the most, the whole family hates that wild B*****d, how can a wild B*****d have the status of heir, how can he compete for the position of family head, how can a wild chicken fly up the branch and become a phoenix?”

“Concubine is helping Grandma out, she also wants to do justice to the whole family!”

“Concubine Chen Yu! You have a headstrong personality, grandma knows very well that the position of the Chen family head should indeed be contested by you elite descendants, that Chen Dong is not even a fart.”

Over the phone, Old Madam Chen’s stern rebuke caused Chen Yufei’s voice to choke.

Immediately following, Old Madam Chen heaved a lamenting sigh, “But as a descendant of the Chen family, you should think about the face of the Chen family, now that the Chen family behind you has been involved, if you don’t stop, are you not going to make the Chen family a jumping clown as well?”


Chen Yu Fei was horrified, and her heart set off a huge wave.

Could it be that ……

In fear, Chen Yu Fei hurriedly switched out the call interface and tapped into Weibo.

She was so angry and banged up that she didn’t care about what was happening on Weibo.

Because she knew that whether it was Weibo or the major media, things were already fermenting wildly in the other direction.

She had expected it.

But now her grandmother’s words clearly meant something else.

When the hot search list was printed in her eyes, the one about Chen Yufei had jumped to the number one spot.

This caused Chen Yu Fei’s heart to twitch hard.

The hot search for Chen Dong and Gu Qingying, on the other hand, had slid smoothly to second and third.

This scene perfectly confirmed her previous suspicions.

However, a new hot search that appeared caused Chen Yufei to instantly turn bloodless.

[Shock! Popular star Chen Yufei’s background is appalling!

She clicked in with trembling fingers.

A detailed article, sprawling with descriptions, came up.

After just a few glances, Chen Yufei’s heart rose to her throat.

It was because this piece of content involved the Chen family!

In an unflinching manner, it recounted her experiences during the year from her debut, to the time she burst into fame.

At the same time, it mentions the …… Chen family several times!

One sentence after another, as if a cannonball, bombarded Chen Yu Fei indiscriminately.

She finally understood why her grandmother, who had suddenly become so cold, had to forcibly order her to stop.

The Chen family was at stake, and if she did not stop, she would inevitably involve the Chen family in the eyes of the general public.

And at that time, the feud between her and Chen Dong would also burn into the Chen family.

The Chen family’s face would never allow such a thing to happen!

“Grandma, this is them deliberately harming me, deliberately harming the Chen family, can’t you see that?”

Chen Yufei said with a sobbing voice and teary eyes, “I am not willing to do this, I have already thrown in the towel, if I stop at this point, I am going to lose completely and utterly in front of Chen Dong, I am even going to lose what I have now!”


On the phone, a sound of slapping the table came violently.

“Chen Yu Fei, are you blinded by lard?”

Old Mrs. Chen angrily scolded, “That big star status of yours is nothing more than an opera singer, all opera singers in the past and present are of the lower cla*s, do you really think you can make it to the stage in the Chen family?”

“Normally, if you want to be an actor with your heir status, grandma won’t blame you and will even satisfy you, but when it comes to the Chen family, do you think your actor status is better than the face of the Chen family?”