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Winner Takes All Chapter 287-288

Chapter 287


The lighter rose to flame again and lit the cigarette.

Guarding the doorway, there was nothing left to do but smoke to relieve the boredom.

Lone Wolf glanced at the ashtray beside him, it was already full of cigarette butts, the box of cigarettes had already been smoked, this one in his mouth, the last one.

It had already been two hours, even if it was a French meal, it should have been finished, right?

Looking back at the restaurant, the charming light was faintly yellow, the restaurant was somewhat dim, and the central area could not be seen.

Lone Wolf yawned and stretched his back.

At this moment, the music in the restaurant suddenly stopped.

The waiter who had led the way for Chen Dong earlier walked to the door, holding a chain lock ready to lock it.

Lone Wolf froze for a moment, “Dude, my boss and the others are still eating inside, why are you locking the door?”


The waiter smiled, “Oh, Mr. Chen and the young lady, they left an hour ago.”


Lone Wolf was horrified, “That can’t be, I sat right here at the door and didn’t leave a single step, I didn’t see them both come out at all.”

“Sorry sir, they left from the freight lift inside our restaurant.”

The waiter responded with a smile, bowing his head and locking the restaurant door.

The freight lift?

There’s another way?!

Lone Wolf froze in place, his eyes full of horror and his mind even more rumbling.

Could something have happened to ……?!

His pupils gradually tightened to the extreme, and a strong chill ran from the soles of his feet to the sky.

But what made him wonder was, hadn’t Chen Dong always been very wary of Chen Yufei, how could he have left alone with Chen Yufei without greeting him?

However, this was not something he should consider right now.

Lone Wolf hurriedly took out his mobile phone and dialled Chen Dong’s number.

A few seconds later, his face changed drastically, and on the phone, the message that came through was that he could not be reached.

Really …… something had happened!

With the Lone Wolf’s experience and city, he quickly judged the conclusion.

He hurriedly dialed Kunlun’s number again.

“Brother Kunlun, it seems that something has happened, Mr. Chen has been taken away by Chen Yufei!”

Lone Wolf said taken away, not followed and left, because he was clear that with Chen Dong’s wariness and vigilance towards Chen Yufei, there was no way he would follow her and leave, let alone leave quietly without hiding it from him.

“How could this happen?”

Over the phone, Kun Lun cursed angrily, “D*mn it! What are you doing for food?”

“I ……” Lone Wolf’s face turned red.

Without waiting for him to explain, Kun Lun said in a stern voice, “I’ll report to Elder Long immediately, even if I have to turn over the whole city, I’ll find Young Master.”

Tianmen Mountain Villa.

After hanging up the phone, Kun Lun hurriedly found Elder Long.

After recounting the matter once again.

Elder Long immediately knitted his brows together and said in a deep voice, “Find it immediately! There is absolutely nothing good about the young master leaving after Chen Yufei, they are both heirs and are simply in competition with each other, why is the young master so careless this time?”

At this moment, neither of them bothered to look deeper into why Chen Dong and Chen Yufei had come together.

This was because it was clear to both of them that they were both heirs to the Chen family and were in a state of competition with each other like water and fire.

Now that Chen Dong had disappeared under Lone Wolf’s nose, then something must have happened!

“This matter is not to be told to the young lady.” Elder Long rose and said in a deep voice, “Follow me to Lord Meng.”

As one of Elder Long’s orders was arranged.

The whole city seemed to rage under the night.

But to the despair of Elder Long and Kunlun, one message after another came together and all they got was no trace!

Chen Dong and Chen Yu Fei, it was as if they were mud and cattle that had gone up in smoke.

Even under the dispatch of Lord Meng, the entire city surveillance could not find any trace of them!

After investigating around the restaurant, Lone Wolf also found that all the surveillance cameras had long since been destroyed or diverted.

Such a result made Elder Long and Kunlun nearly frantic.

This was clearly premeditated.

It was also because of such premeditation that the two of them became more and more apprehensive and panicked.

It was as if in an instant, all clues were cut off, leaving Elder Long with no place to exert his strength.

And Chen Dong’s well-being was even more untraceable.


The whole city raged, and at Elder Long’s insistence, all the forces continued to probe relentlessly, even if there were no results.

Even, officers from the office were transferred from the next city overnight to join in the search.

At the edge of the sky, the white of a fish’s belly was gradually appearing.

It was finally dawn.

Long Lao sat wearily in front of the terrace, with a dozen mobile phones in front of him.

Kunlun and Lone Wolf were also at the side, their faces also unable to hide their exhaustion.

A night without sleep and a painstaking search had left the three of them exhausted and terrified to the extreme.

Until now, there were no clues.

“Elder Long, could the young master have been ……”

Kunlun murmured in despair, the words only half spoken, but the meaning was clear.

Magnificent feuds, rivalries between heirs, anything could really come to fruition.

For example, back then, Chen Tianyang and Chen Tiansheng were brutal in their methods and could even be described as having no limits.

Elder Long smiled ruefully.

“In that case, the three of us will be ready to be martyred for the young master.”

With a single word, the terrace, which was enveloped by the rising sun, was no longer half warm.


The hotel room.

Thick curtains blocked out the early morning sunlight.

A faint scent pervades.

The bed was in disarray, and there were ladies’ clothes scattered on the floor.

Chen Dong opened his eyes, his head swollen and aching as if he had had a hangover all night.

His eyes dully swept over everything in the room, and memories slowly came flooding back.

His body shook and he was violently startled.

“Last night …… Chen Yufei ……”

Looking at the empty room with only himself in it, the messy and wrinkled bed seemed to tell something.

Suddenly, he noticed the lady’s intimate clothing on the floor, and his pupils immediately tightened.

Could ……

A horrible thought popped into his head.

Chen Dong shook his head incredulously, “No, it must not be ……”

He staggered up and scrambled to put on his clothes.

But when he caught a glimpse of a used item in the trash, his mind exploded and he sat down on the edge of the bed as if his soul had been instantly drained away.

The only determination left was shattered by the eye-catching item in the bin.

Last night ……

Chen Dong was terrified and disoriented, such a state of affairs was hard to come by in him.

But with everything that was happening in front of him, he could even brainstorm what Chen Yufei had done to him after being dazed last night.

This, how should this be explained to Gu Qingying?

He and Gu Qingying had come full circle so easily, why would something like this suddenly appear?

While secretly chagrined and blaming himself, Chen Dong was full of anger.

“Chen Yu Fei ……”

Gritting his teeth, he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth.

Chen Dong found his mobile phone, in the off state.

Lost overnight, Elder Long and the others must have gone crazy looking for it.

It was imperative to report a safe death first, and then it was time to ponder on what was to follow.

But when the phone was switched on, a push news leapt to the surface in front of Chen Dong’s eyes.

It was like a bolt from the blue, blasting Chen Dong dumbfounded on the spot.

[Shock! Popular star Chen Yufei was kidnapped and abused late at night!


Chapter 288

A simple, brutal headline.

Yet every word was like a heavy hammer, blasting hard at Chen Dong’s eyeballs.

He was dumbfounded for a moment.

A thick depression surfaced on Chen Dong’s face.

Such a ruthless calculation?

Is it to make me …… utterly defeated?

Thumbing off the pushing news gently, Chen Dong did not click on it.

It was because after a brief moment of shock and disorientation, he had already reacted to the fact that it was all Chen Yufei’s plot before and after.

And this news was the fatal blow to him!

A well-behaved woman who pretends to be harmless, but behind the scenes, she is deeply sophisticated.

Chen Yu Fei is a popular star who has become famous in the entertainment industry in a year’s time.

Every move she makes attracts media coverage.

Being kidnapped and abused was simply explosive news.

The mere words of the headline would be enough for people to plough him out and then nail him directly to the pillar of shame, regardless of the original story.

His eyes swept over the messy house with a cold, stern look.

The clothes on the floor and the used items in the rubbish bin.

At this moment, when they fell into Chen Dong’s eyes, they all became ridiculous.

Would Chen Yufei really put down such blood money?

Obviously not!

A serpentine woman with a profound sense of calculation, who would only harm others and benefit herself, would use layers of calculations to protect herself extremely safely.

Perhaps all this in the house is just to make the “truth” more real.

Perhaps, in the news that had just been tweeted, there was a picture of the scene that he had seen before him?

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, and at this moment he suddenly felt a sense of disillusionment and powerlessness.

Such a calculation was more than a little bit superior to the two brothers Chen Tianyang and Chen Tiansheng.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong suppressed his confused thoughts.

He dialed Elder Long’s number.

As soon as he got through.

A relieved sigh came from the other side: “Thank God, young master, you really scared the hell out of me, where are you now? Old slave will send someone to pick you up right away.”

“I don’t know where I am now, I’ll go home myself, Elder Long you have to help me with a very important matter now.” Chen Dong’s voice was low.

“A matter of news?” Elder Long said bluntly.

At dawn, the news push then bombarded like a storm.

When he saw the news, Elder Long knew that Chen Dong was safe and sound.

But what was really tricky now was the pushing news!

“Well, firstly, immediately use all your power to PR this matter, and secondly ……”

Chen Dong’s expression became complicated, his tone low and tinged with guilt, “Help me calm Xiao Ying, I’ll be right back.”

Hang up the phone.

Chen Dong was filled with guilt.

Whether he and Chen Yufei had done it or not, this matter was a great debt to Gu Qingying.

He had promised Gu Qingying that he would give her all his happiness.

But now, such a thing, happening to any woman, would be unbearable.

The whole world slandered him, he could care less.

But Gu Qingying, was the only exception!

Leaving the hotel, Chen Dong was dismayed.

Because this was at the Taishan Hotel, in other words, after Chen Yufei had taken him away last night, she had come straight to the Taishan Hotel and had not gone anywhere else at all.

He did not doubt for a moment that Elder Long and the others had looked for him after he had disappeared.

By preference, such a short journey and a seemingly unobtrusive place had left Elder Long and the others unable to find him overnight and having to wait until he made contact.

The arrangements involved made Chen Dong’s scalp tingle when he thought about it.

It was really a case of letting Chen Yufei calculate everything.

Just as Chen Dong returned home.

The media had already gone crazy, with the news of the popular star being kidnapped and abused sweeping through all media channels.

The overwhelming news swept through the entire territory like a mountain overwhelming the sea.

No one in the streets and alleys was not talking about the incident.

The culprits were even more vociferously abused.

In matters such as men and women, women inherently carry disadvantageous attributes.

This is also the key reason why Chen Dong is terrified of Chen Yufei’s calculations.

Nowadays, the internet is developed and self-publishing is rampant.

As the news broke, the internet was a huge wave.

Countless people have swept through the major entertainment channels, and some have even started a human flesh search to look into the matter in detail.

In just a year’s time, Chen Yufei had already accumulated a huge amount of fan traffic as she roamed the entertainment industry.

This huge amount of fan traffic is Chen Yufei’s sword that will break the sky!

The public opinion is astounding, forming a monstrous momentum.

No one could stop the sword when it was wielded!

When Chen Dong returned home.

Everyone was sitting in the living room, a sad and gloomy atmosphere.

“Young master, you’ve finally returned!”

Elder Long was the first to rise, his brows locked in a frown as he said gruffly, “The old slave has done all the things you ordered.”


Chen Dong calmly responded and waved his hand, “Elder Long, you all should take refuge for a while, I would like to talk to Little Shadow.”

At this moment, Gu Qingying’s head was hanging low and her hands were clenched together.

However, Chen Dong could still see that that stunningly beautiful face was covered with desolation and sadness.

This caused him immense heartache, as if countless sharp needles were poking hard at his heart.

After Elder Long and the others had left.

Chen Dong walked over to Gu Qingying’s side.

Squatting down on the ground, he placed his hands on Gu Qingying’s clenched hands.

But as soon as he touched them, Gu Qingying moved her hands away as if she was electrocuted.

“I’m sorry.”

Chen Dong said guiltily as he knelt down on both knees.

There was gold under a man’s knees, kneeling to the heavens and the earth and his parents, as well as being able to kneel to his wife.

“I believe in you.”

Gu Qingying suddenly raised her head, her beautiful eyes red, holding tears in her eyes, and said in a trembling voice, “But I’m worried about you, there was no news of you the whole night, and Long Lao and the others are still hiding it from me, if this news hadn’t exploded so much, I would still have been kept in the dark.”

“I ……” Chen Dong was not expecting this, and while he was stunned, the guilt in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, there was a darkness in front of his eyes.

The fragrant breeze puffed.

The first thing you need to do is to go and do what you need to do, and when the dust settles, you can tell me if you want to.”

Every word was heartbreaking.

It was as if a sharp red-hot knife was stabbing Chen Dong in the heart.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s heart set off huge waves.

Guilt, self-blame, anger and hatred were all tangled together, and it was incomparably difficult.

But this hug from Gu Qingying suddenly made him feel like he had found his backbone.

What more could a man want than to have a wife like this?

Gu Qingying let go of Chen Dong.

She got up and smiled grimly, “Go do your thing, I’ll be fine.”

“Xiao Ying ……” Chen Dong still wanted to explain.

Would Gu Qingying really be fine with this kind of thing?

Obviously it was impossible!

He did not want to see Gu Qingying suppressing herself, nor did he want Gu Qingying to misunderstand, all the more reason to explain clearly at such a time.

However, Gu Qingying turned around abruptly and went straight upstairs.

From beginning to end, she didn’t give Chen Dong a chance to explain at all.