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Winner Takes All Chapter 283-284

Chapter 283

An abrupt scene.

It caused Chen Dong and Lone Wolf to be startled at the same time.

Both of them simultaneously looked in the direction Kunlun was looking.

A beautiful silhouette was imprinted into Chen Dong’s eyes.

A tall figure, a plain white dress, a sun hat under the bright sun, and a fair and crystal face revealed under the brim of the hat.

Even as she stood there, she drew the prying eyes of everyone around her.

Such a superb girl, no matter where she went, gave people a kind of bright light in the dark night, glowing and attention-grabbing.

“A little familiar.” Chen Dong frowned slightly.

Lone Wolf murmured, “Isn’t this the big star Chen Yufei?”

Chen Dong instantly dawned on him.

Although he did not pay much attention to the entertainment industry, he had still heard of Chen Yufei’s name.

This was because in the recent year, the name had been too loud and spread throughout the streets.

Chen Yu Fei appeared in talent shows as a newcomer and came out of nowhere, rocketing to fame at a breakneck speed, catching fire in the north and south of the country and causing major media to scramble for coverage.

And because she was born into poverty, she is a typical inspirational model. After she became popular, she never forgot her heart and worked hard for charity, even attracting reports from the official media.

There are even bigwigs in the entertainment industry who wave their flags for him, and literary giants who write stories about him.

In just one year, he has won numerous awards and is surrounded by glory.

It can be said that she is now the most popular female star in the entertainment industry.

“The Chen family.”

Kunlun’s face was sullen as he spat out the words, “The old lady’s most beloved granddaughter.”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded and lost his smile.

Sure enough, it seemed like hard work and inspiration, but in reality, fate had already arranged everything.

He was really born poor, so he knew how difficult it really was for a cold family to produce a noble son.

To put it bluntly, if it wasn’t for Elder Long’s appearance to help him “change his fate”, he would probably have been just a vice president or president of a company at the end of his life, and it would have been impossible for him to change more.

Kunlun’s words have revealed the real reason why Chen Yufei has become so popular in a year.

Even if Chen Yufei were to catch fire on the moon, Chen Dong would not be the least bit surprised by the distinction of being the most beloved granddaughter of Old Lady Chen.

Looking back at the Lijin Hospital.

The smile on Chen Dong’s face gradually disappeared and was replaced by a coldness like frost.

“Young master, she’s coming over.”

Kun Lun’s voice rang out by his ears.

Chen Dong turned around and saw that delicate figure walking with a noble pace, slowly walking towards this way.

A woman of the utmost quality, even in her words and actions, revealed an elegance like that of a noble peaC*ck in every way.

Such an aura could never be cultivated by a person from a humble family overnight.

Everyone along the way couldn’t help but stop and watch, and some of them had eyes full of fire.

Some even reacted to the fact that it was the big star Chen Yufei and hurriedly took out their mobile phones to take photos and videos.

Chen Yu Fei had already gotten used to this kind of scene and did not care at all.

When she walked up to Chen Dong, she smiled slightly and extended her crystal white sleeved long jade hand, “Brother Dong, my name is Chen Yufei.”

This scene.

It immediately drew a gasp from the crowd of onlookers.

My God!

The big star Chen Yu Fei appeared here for this man?

However, when the crowd saw Chen Dong’s appearance, their hearts were a little less shocked.

After all, Chen Dong’s figure and appearance were by no means in the mundane and mediocre cla*s.

But soon, everyone was excited.


Big news!

The flashbulbs instantly lit up even more intensely.

Immediately following, what threw everyone for a loop was this.

Chen Dong did not reach out to shake hands with Chen Yufei, but calmly asked, “What happened to Elder Long, did you do it?”

The voice was so soft that the onlookers could not hear it.

But when they saw Chen Yufei drop her right hand in disappointment, everyone exploded in shock.

“Oh my God! Who is this man, the big star Chen Yu Fei took the initiative to shake hands with him and actually refused just like that?”

“Tsk …… ruthless man, this dude must be a ruthless man, this is the first time I’ve seen Chen Yufei rejected by someone.”

“This is a bit of big news today, Chen Yu Fei appeared at the Lijin Hospital in a low profile just to meet this man, but this man is indifferent, MoFei ……”


Some even more good people, at this point, have already started to brainstorm the plot.

Chen Yu Fei looked around, her willow brows knitted slightly and said, “Brother Dong, there are many people here, let’s talk somewhere else.”


Chen Dong followed behind Chen Yufei with Kunlun and Lone Wolf.

Being enveloped by flashing lights along the way made Chen Dong very uncomfortable.

It felt like a monkey in a zoo being surrounded by people.

After sitting in Chen Yufei’s Toyota Elfa, the car started.

Looking at the leaving nanny car.

The entrance to the hospital was already full of people.

Those who had taken good photos and videos were even more impatient to post them on the internet.


Chen Yu Fei found a high-end restaurant nearby and directly chartered it down.

The quiet and elegant environment was in keeping with her noble temperament.

After settling down.

Chen Yu Fei smiled and pushed the menu in front of Chen Dong: “Brother Dong, whatever you want to eat, just order, it’s on me.”

Chen Dong did not look at the menu, but gazed at Chen Yufei with a cold gaze.

“I only ask you one thing, the injury on Elder Long’s body, did you do that?”

The smile on Chen Yufei’s face froze and she did not rush to answer, but pushed the menu in front of Kunlun: “Brother Kunlun, it’s been a long time, why don’t you order the food?”

Kun Lun’s face was sullen and silent.

Finally, Chen Yu Fei glanced at Lone Wolf and silently took the menu back in front of herself.

With her small cherry mouth, she slowly exhaled a breath as Chen Yufei said, “You’ve upset Grandma, can’t I still take it out for her?”

“But Long Lao is too old to withstand you taking out your anger like this!”

Chen Dong’s face was as cold as frost, and hostility flashed in his eyes.

Chen Dong was not stupid, although Chen Yu Fei had acted like a little daughter from beginning to end, he was clear that the other party was not coming from a good place.

“He is a slave of the Chen family, why shouldn’t I take it out on him? Besides, it’s not like I beat him to death.” Chen Yu Fei muttered her mouth with an aggrieved look.


The water cup in Chen Dong’s hand exploded with a sound.

He looked at Chen Yufei angrily, how on earth did she say such words with this tone of voice?

A precise control of power was indeed not enough to kill.

But Old Man Long’s age was there, and a woman, to actually lay that kind of vicious hands on an old man.

Without even considering that it was a human life!

“You are worthy of being the old lady’s most beloved granddaughter.”

Chen Dong said coldly, “Underneath the beautiful skin, there is a snake scorpion heart hidden, do you know the consequences of treating Old Man Long like this?”

“What consequences can there be?”

Chen Yufei was full of care, “He is a slave of the Chen family, his life is all the Chen family’s, it is only natural for me to beat him.”

Saying this, Chen Yu Fei leaned forward slightly, her right hand propped up on the tabletop as she looked at Chen Dong playfully, “Is it possible that Brother Dong still wants to beat me?”

Chen Dong suddenly laughed.

“Kunlun, take her away!”


Chapter 284

Kunlun was startled.

His lips mouthed, wanting to say something.

Chen Dong, however, spoke in a deep and strained voice: “I said, take her away!”

“Where is Brother Dong going to take me?” Chen Yu Fei stood up, her face full of smiles, without the slightest hint of panic.

Chen Dong did not say a word, turned around and walked away.

Behind him, Chen Yufei quickly followed.

Lone Wolf, who had fallen to the end, looked a little puzzled: “Brother Kunlun, Mr. Chen is really angry, and this Chen Yu Fei doesn’t even notice?”

“Heh, she sensed it.”

Kun Lun sneered, “But she’s used to being well-behaved, because of the old lady’s favor, even the old master couldn’t possibly make a move against her since she was a child, so she is treating the young master as those within the Chen family.”

“This ……”

Lone Wolf’s eyebrows twisted and he was instantly a bit speechless.

“Let’s go.”

Kunlun sighed and followed quickly.

He was clear that when a person’s character was well behaved to a certain extent, they would be domineering and selfish, and this was the case with Chen Yufei’s character.

But Chen Yufei had overlooked the fact that Chen Dong had never lived in the Chen family, and that Chen Dong was an extremely protective person.

Her so-called “no one dares to touch” does not apply to Chen Dong.

Leaving the restaurant.

Chen Dong did not take a car, but turned the corner and walked into a hotel room.

After getting a suite, he said to Chen Yufei with cold eyes, “You have to follow him even if you don’t.”

“Don’t worry, Brother Dong.”

Chen Yu Fei waved her hand full of care, looking at Chen Dong’s back, her smile turned a little disdainful as she murmured in a low voice, “I’m grandma’s most favoured granddaughter, isn’t it just beating up a house slave, I still don’t believe you really dare to touch me.”

With this thought in mind.

Chen Yufei followed Chen Dong into the room.

With a face full of indifference, she walked to the window and opened the curtains to let the sunlight in.

Then she turned back and walked to Chen Dong in disgust, “Brother Dong, even if you want to beat me in a different place, at least find a more upscale hotel, right?”

Chen Dong suddenly said in a cold voice: “I don’t hit women.”

Chen Yu Fei raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Then why did Brother Dong bring me to this room?”


Before the words left his mouth, a stab came across the air.

It landed hard on Concubine Chen’s face.

Caught off guard, Chen Yufei stumbled and fell to the ground.

She froze straight away, the sharp pain on her face making her feel like she was dreaming.

An ice-cold voice echoed through the room, “But not the snake and scorpion!”

At this moment, Kunlun and Lone Wolf, who had followed closely behind, walked into the room.

Seeing Chen Yufei sitting on the floor, the fingerprints on her fair face were clearly discernible.

Kun Lun was instantly shocked, “Young Master ……”

The words had not yet left his mouth.

What he was greeted with was Chen Dong’s incomparably cold eyes.

“Elder Long is my man, I can’t respect him enough, I will never allow anyone to touch him, not even the King of Heaven!”

The resounding words made Kun Lun’s back shiver and the words that had reached his mouth were forcibly swallowed back.

“You, you hit me? You really dare to hit me?”

The dazed Chen Yufei finally came back to her senses, her fair and slender jade hand caressing her cheek, the sharp pain drilling through her heart, causing her beautiful eyes to flood with tears.

Ever since she was a child, she had been the jewel of the entire Chen family because of Old Lady Chen’s favour.

Who in the entire Chen family did not hold her in the palm of their hands?

When she wanted to enter the entertainment industry and become a star in the limelight, Old Madam Chen ordered her to do so, and the Chen family used its enormous power to turn her into a top star in the entertainment industry within a year.

It was also because of Old Madam Chen’s favour that when she learnt about Old Madam Chen’s rage this time.

That was why Chen Yu Fei had rushed here, with the aim of asking Old Madam Chen to take a breath of anger.


When had she, Chen Yu Fei, ever beaten a household slave and been treated like that?

“Is it because you don’t believe it?”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows were morose and hostility tumbled across his cold as frost face.

Coldly squatting in front of Chen Yufei, he pulled Chen Yufei by the collar with one hand, almost brutally dragging her to the front.

With that.


Another slap fell down fiercely.

The crisp sound of the slap was accompanied by Chen Yufei’s miserable scream.

It caused both Kun Lun and Lone Wolf to change their expressions.

Chen Dong slowly opened his mouth, as if a cold wind was blowing from the depths of the Nine Underworlds.

“If you have anything to do, come at me! But if you dare to touch those around me, not to mention you, even if it’s Old Lady Chen, I, Chen Dong, will show her why the flowers are so red!”


Chen Dong let go of Chen Yu Fei and let her fall to the ground, without any half-hearted thought of pitying her.

If this scene was seen by outsiders, their jaws would definitely drop in shock.

A top star in the entertainment industry would actually be beaten up so badly?

“Chen Dong, who do you think you are? You are just a wild child of the Chen family, the family head protects you, but the Chen family absolutely cannot tolerate you!”

Chen Yufei gritted her teeth and hurled an angry tirade, “If you make grandma angry, I, as a granddaughter, will definitely take revenge for grandma!”

Chen Dong suddenly felt a little amused.


Who should seek revenge from whom?

In his eyes, Chen Yufei’s whipping of Elder Long this time was simply like the behaviour of a well-behaved bear child.

It was really hard to imagine that an adult in her twenties, who was supposedly seeking revenge, would actually do so in such a manner.

He rubbed his nose and smiled disdainfully, “Something like you, when the two brothers, Chen Tiansheng and Chen Tianyao, had also said that, but now, have they been injured?”

Chen Yu Fei’s expression was stunned.

In her beautiful eyes, hot tears were swirling.

She gritted her teeth indignantly, “Don’t be complacent, I will definitely make you pay the price!”

“I’ve paid enough already.”

Chen Dong smiled bitterly, his expression suddenly becoming despondent, “From now on, it’s time for those who mess with me to pay the price.”

He also stopped pestering Chen Yufei, turned around and headed out.

As he walked, he said, “This time is a warning, if there is a next time, don’t blame me for destroying the flower with a hot hand!”

“How dare you!”

Chen Yu Fei stubbornly tilted her high and proud head, “I am also the heir of the Chen family, if you dare to break the rules, then it is you who wants to enter hell!”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment.

Old Mrs. Chen had really treated Chen Yufei as her jewel.

The high and mighty Chen family, although different from other gentry, believed in the nurturing of the superior and the inferior, the winner being the king.

But the difficulty for a girl to qualify as the heir of the Chen family, even if Chen Dong did not look into it, he knew that it must be as difficult as climbing up the ladder.

By chance, Chen Yufei had this qualification!

“Kunlun, is this what you wanted to say just now?”

As he walked, Chen Dong asked.

With a complicated expression, Kun Lun nodded helplessly, “She is one of the two people from the Chen Family who obtained the qualification of successor in her daughter’s body, and with her status, beating up Elder Long is nothing in her eyes.”

“There is another person?” Chen Dong was stunned for a moment.

Looking at the three who had left.

In the room, Chen Yufei’s shellfish teeth clenched her red lips, and her hovering teary eyes were filled with resentment.

On her stunning face, the red marks of her five fingers were still clearly discernible.

However, as Chen Dong disappeared into the hotel corridor.

The corners of Chen Yufei’s mouth suddenly turned upwards, revealing a smug smile.

She slowly got up and closed the door of her room as she took out her mobile phone.

At this moment, there was an aura of indifference all over her body.

It was very different from the angry and resentful look she had just had.

Walking to the window, Chen Yu Fei looked out at the skyscrapers across the street.

The phone came through.

“Have they all been filmed?” Chen Yu Fei asked in a cold voice.

There was a pause of a few seconds.

The smile on her face became even more smug as her long, slender, jade fingers slowly traced across her cheeks, which were covered with fingerprints.

“Then, it’s time for the next step ……”