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Winner Takes All Chapter 271-272

Chapter 271

At this moment, the Qin residence is full of high profile guests and laughter.

In the inner hall, however, the atmosphere was frozen in silence.

Master Qin looked at the elegiac couplets in the gift box, and the corners of his eyes were wildly pulsating with blue veins.

Several third-generation members of the Qin family, including Qin Shuang, were filled with resentment and indignation.

There were also several middle-aged members of the Qin family, who also had ugly faces, with anger tumbling in their eyes.

“Grandpa, what kind of dog is this Chen Dong? A mere heir to the Chen family’s wild seed, does that scum Qin Ye really think he’s got a big leg to stand on?”

Qin Shannon was the first to speak up, his character was fiery and he directly waved his big hand, “As long as you give the word, grandpa, I will immediately bring someone to break their legs and throw them out of the Qin Mansion.”

“Frosty, shut up!”

A middle-aged man instantly shouted angrily.

He was Qin Frost’s father, Qin Henian, and the eldest of the second generation of the Qin family.

“Father, why should I shut up? That scumbag Qin Ye sent an elegiac couplet, clearly wanting to curse grandfather, how can the Qin family swallow this anger?” Qin Shannon rebuked angrily with a strained neck.


Qin Henian slapped Qin Shou on the face, “The elders are here, have you the right to shout?”

Qin Shou received a slap, his heart felt resentful, but he finally bowed his head and backed away.


Elder Qin sighed and swept a helpless glance at Qin Shannon.

Of the third generation of the Qin family, there really weren’t many in the direct lineage lineage that could catch the eye.

Although he had always adhered to the idea that the first line was the family, the old man still recognized the reality.

The third generation of the direct line is full of arrogant people, but they are mediocre in terms of their mental abilities.

If there was one person who could be like Qin Ye, no, even if he could be like Qin Xiao Qian, the old man would be able to take care of himself.

“Dad, they are rushing to ……”

Qin Henian said in a deep voice to Elder Qin, close to his ear.

“Shut up!”

Master Qin’s pupils tightened and interrupted Qin Henian’s words with a stern shout.

This scene was seen as Qin Frost and the others were bewildered and puzzled.

In fact, within the Qin family, only a few people knew about the Qin family and Old Lady Chen’s joint design.

The third generation, no one knew about it!

With Elder Qin’s stern shout, the inner hall was silent enough to listen to a needle.

Everyone was waiting with bated breath, and every now and then, their eyes swept fearfully at Master Qin.

Half a day later.

Elder Qin suddenly exhaled a foul breath and said with a reluctant smile, “The visitor is a guest, not to mention the heir to the Chen family, so I should have greeted him personally.”


He sent an elegiac couplet to ruin the venue, and even if he didn’t drive it away, he still wanted to greet it personally?

The crowd was stunned and dumbfounded in unison.

When they came back to their senses.

Master Qin had already taken the lead in walking out of the inner hall.

“Big brother, what is Dad trying to do?”

“Although our Qin family in Xishu is no match for the Chen family, being the richest man in Xishu is not something that his Chen family can insult and provoke at will!”

“Sending an elegy to the birthday party, this is cursing Dad to death, how can Dad bear this anger?”


Qin Henian’s expression was grim as he scolded in a stern voice, “Shut up and listen to the old man!”

While taking the first step, the

The first thing he did was to order in a deep voice, “Frost, gather a dozen security guards and guard outside the hall, if there are any changes at the birthday banquet, listen to me and drop the cup.”

The visitor was not good.

While Elder Qin intended to greet them with courtesy, he had to be on guard.

What’s more, Qin Henian knew what had happened, and was even more wary of Chen Dong and Qin Ye’s visit.

The Li family in Kyoto was a lesson from the past!

When Elder Qin walked to the front hall with many of his direct descendants.

He immediately drew everyone to scramble to greet him.

There were giants from the powerful families and industry leaders, and there was no shortage of people with great power.

In Western Sichuan, the Qin family is at the top of the pyramid!

It overlooked all the people, and at the same time attracted the admiration of all the people.

Master Qin was all smiles as he greeted everyone one by one.

Then, his eyes searched for a few figures sitting in the corner.

In front of the corner table, Chen Dong and Qin Ye were seated.

Because they were all powerful people from the gentry of Western Shu, there was no shortage of people who knew Qin Ye well, coupled with the oppression of Kunlun’s lofty stature.

As a result, there were only a few people at this table, Chen Dong.

At this moment, Chen Dong was indifferent as usual, Qin Ye was cynical, Kunlun looked calm, and Chen Kai was smiling.

Qin Xiao Qian was the only one, sitting beside Qin Ye with her head bowed, her hands entwined nervously, her palms covered in sweat.

In the past two years, she had lost her dabble in the affairs of the Qin family, large and small.

Even for the birthday banquet of the clan elders, she had only been present when the gifts arrived and left.

Her character was weak, and she was resentful of this, but she had never put up the slightest resistance.

But today, at the family head’s birthday banquet, she is following Chen Dong and Qin Ye to sit here, which is obviously against the Qin family rules.

She did not know what kind of punishment would come later.

But the reason why she stayed was because of Qin Ye beside her, and also because she was indeed resigned in her heart, as a member of the Qin family, she wanted to stay.


An uproar rang out around her.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Xiao Qian felt a crowd coming this way.

Her eyes flickered and she couldn’t help but become even more nervous, burying her head very low, not daring to look.

“Young Chen is here, I am sorry to welcome you, it is my fault that I have been negligent.”

A warm, old laugh suddenly rang out.

Qin Xiao Qian’s delicate body trembled, her eyes full of dismay.

This was the voice of the …… family head?!

Immediately after, Elder Qin’s voice rang out again, “Xiao Qian, Ye’er.”

A huge wave lifted in Qin Xiao Qian’s heart as she slowly raised her head.

The familiar face imprinted into his eyes, but it was no longer as solemn and majestic as before, but full of a warm smile.

“Master, grandfather ……”

Qin Xiao Qian was a little incredulous, this was the first time she had seen Master Qin’s smiling face in two years.

Qin Ye, on the other hand, was lazily leaning back in his chair, a toothpick picked in his mouth, his face full of disdain, and even more so, he did not respond to Elder Qin’s words.

At the same time.

The people around them revealed their horror.

There was a lot of discussion.

“My God! What did I see? When did the Qin family’s family rules change?”

“The man who killed his father actually came to Elder Qin’s birthday banquet, and Elder Qin still treated him so calmly and courteously?”

“Hehe, you guys don’t even look at who is sitting next to Qin Ye, if I remember correctly, that would be one of the Chen Family heirs, Chen Dong!”


A giant who had seen Chen Dong spat out a sentence in a light manner.

Yet it was like a thunderclap, causing the front hall to fall abruptly silent.

One must know.

Of the hundred tables at the Qin family’s birthday banquet, those seated in the front hall were the most distinguished and close of all the guests.

Many of them knew Chen Dong, and they knew the weight of the “Chen family heir”!

“Master Qin, is this young man’s birthday gift satisfactory?”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly, his eyebrows open and cold, overbearing.

With a single word, everyone’s brows furrowed.

Even if they did not know what the birthday gift was, but with Chen Dong’s words, everyone could tell that things were not simple!

Qin Henian and the others’ faces were as cold as frost, anger tumbling in their eyes.

Only Master Qin, while the blue veins were throbbing at the corners of his eyes, was forcibly suppressing the anger in his heart and said with a fake smile and a cupped fist.

“Satisfied, how can I not be satisfied with a gift from young Chen? I have prepared a small amount of wine, so please don’t mind if you don’t mind and join me after my birthday banquet.”

As he said this, Elder Qin was even in full view of everyone.

He picked up the Maotai on the table and personally poured a gla*s of wine for Chen Dong.

His words and behaviour were humble.

The crowd in the front hall was dumbfounded.

The head of the Qin family, the richest man at the helm of Western Shu, was not so humble even when facing the head of the Chen family.

“Three cups.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and indifferently placed the wine cups in front of Qin Ye and Qin Xiao Qian in front of himself, “Pour the wine!”

Elder Qin’s pupils tightened as doubts flashed across.

But still smiling, he poured the two cups.

Not waiting for him to put down the wine bottle.

Chen Dong then slowly got up and lifted a gla*s of wine.

“First cup of wine, to the heavens!”

Elder Qin’s body shook and the blue veins at the corners of his eyes bulged out.

The Qin family members were even more furious, their features grimacing.

The crowd in the front hall, their pupils even dilated sharply, this was ……

In full view of everyone, Chen Dong indifferently used his finger to dip a few drops of wine and sprinkle it into the air, then drained the cup of wine in one go.

Immediately afterwards, a second cup of wine was lifted.

“A second gla*s of wine, to the earth!”

His eyebrows were morose with a proud and cold intent as he dipped his finger to sprinkle a few drops onto the ground and once again drained his cup of wine.

In the antechamber, there was no sound.

In the air, however, there was a strong smell of gunpowder.

When Chen Dong raised his third gla*s of wine.

The murderous intent in his eyes was undisguised, and at this moment, everyone felt the biting, vicious chill on Chen Dong’s body.

The corners of his mouth slowly curled up as he gazed at Elder Qin with a cold gaze.

“This third cup, to the spirit of my late mother in heaven, and to Elder Qin’s reincarnation in ultimate bliss!”

With a clatter ……

The crystal wine poured out of the wine gla*s and fell to the ground.

In the front hall, there was a solemn and awe-inspiring atmosphere.

The faces of all the guests changed dramatically and chills ran down their spines.


Chapter 272

Clatter ……

The wine fell to the ground, clearly audible.

All the guests in the front hall, their faces changed dramatically in horror.

A toast to the birthday banquet of Master Qin, who had pa*sed away to his ultimate happiness?

How great was the hatred? How big a grudge?

Qin Xiao Qian’s delicate body trembled as she looked at Chen Dong in horror.

Qin Ye at the side gently patted the back of her hand, signalling her not to move.

Inside the front hall.

The temperature seemed to have plummeted to the freezing point.

Everyone sensed the bone-chilling coldness of Chen Dong’s body.

Arrogant, C*cky, domineering.

It was dripping with the fullest.

Elder Qin’s hands gripped the bottle tightly, his face as cold as frost, his eyes tumbling as if he was a man-hungry beast.

“Chen Dong, you don’t even look at where this is!”

Qin Henian burst into a fury, his features twisted to the extreme: “Even the Chen family head would not dare to insult my Qin family like this!”

In an instant.

Behind him, the Qin family’s direct descendants surrounded Chen Dong and the others as if they were bloodthirsty beasts.

The phrase “to be born in bliss” was uttered in public.

Where did this leave the Qin family’s face?

The Qin family was the richest man in Western Shu, and the dignity of a powerful family could not be disgraced!

Almost simultaneously.

Kunlun slowly rose and looked askance at several members of the Qin family with killing intent.

He made the Qin family members stop in their tracks in fear.

And Chen Tong, also rose at the same time, alert around.

“He Nian ……”

Elder Qin’s face changed greatly, and he was about to drink.

However, Qin Henian took a step forward, grabbed his hand and raised the wine cup on the table, dropping it heavily.

The gla*s fell down heavily.

The wine gla*s landed on the ground and shattered with a sound.

In a flash.

Outside the hall, footsteps intensified, and Qin Shoung rushed in with a dozen of well-suited security personnel.

The scene, all of a sudden, was in chaos.

“Cripple him for me and throw him out!”

Qin Frost was furious, and as soon as he entered the living room, he pointed at Chen Dong and Qin Ye and scolded them angrily.

A dozen security personnel instantly lunged towards Chen Dong and the others.


Qin Xiao Qian was so frightened that she lost her face.

The chaotic scene had terrified her to the extreme.

Suddenly a large hand swept her into its embrace and she raised her eyes, “Brother Ye.”

“Stay here, don’t move!”

Qin Ye brought Qin Xiao Qian to the corner, then turned around expansively, smiled evilly and pounced directly into the crowd.


Chen Dong, Kun Lun and Chen Tong had already fought with a dozen security personnel.

Kun Lun, with his lofty stature, directly lifted his hand and lifted the tabletop off the ground, forcing back the security personnel while swinging two chairs and charging directly into the encirclement to kill them all.

The elite security personnel were no match for Kunlun, and three of them were put down in the blink of an eye.

“Stop it, stop it now!”

Master Qin’s face paled, furious and pounding his chest.

But by now the fight had already broken out, causing the guests in the front hall to scurry for their heads, and the scene was simply uncontrollable.

“Dad, if we put up with such humiliation, how can the Qin family gain a foothold in Xishu in the future?”

Qin Henian spoke sternly to dissuade him, his features grim to the extreme.

He knew that the visitor was not a good person, but the Qin family was not something to be trifled with either.

Chen Dong was able to suppress the Li family in Kyoto.

But while the Li family was falling, the Qin family was still in the ascendant!

“Grandpa, don’t worry, if they dare to insult your old man, one of them will be counted today, and they will all go out sideways!” Qin Shannon said proudly.

The words had just fallen.

His gaze suddenly froze.

In the line of sight.

A figure was slowly walking towards this side amidst the chaos of the crowd.

It was as if he was outside the melee.

He was calm and relaxed.

It was only the cold killing intent that erupted from his body that made Qin Shuang’s heart beat wildly.

Chen Dong slowly walked forward, no matter how the security personnel around him surrounded him, they were all blocked by Kunlun and Qin Ye.

The corners of his mouth turned up and his eyes gradually narrowed.

In his mind, however, the image of his mother’s tragic death that day came to mind.

A monstrous killing intent rose to the sky.

His narrowed eyes were gradually filled with streaks of blood.

He who is a son, whose mother died tragically, and who does not kill his enemy, is a man in vain!

“Stop him, stop him for me!”

Qin Shuang staggered back a step and roared in horror.

At the same time, the Qin family members were also terrified.

At this moment, facing Chen Dong, even they felt like a bloodthirsty demon crawling out of hell.

Fear spread like wild gra*s.

Old Master Qin’s face was ashen.

He had expected that today would not end well, which was why he had put on an extremely low profile in an attempt to minimise the impact.

But Chen Dong did not give him a chance.

A brutal and overbearing sword to the throat.

The Qin family’s face was directly trampled on the ground in front of the crowd.

Bang Bang Bang ……

The sound of the fight was deafening, and the miserable screams were miserable and piercing.

No matter how much Qin Shant shouted, the security personnel could not get close to Chen Dong.

Seeing Chen Dong slowly walking towards him.

A flash of hostility steeply appeared in Qin Shant’s eyes.

He beat and screamed, smashed a bottle of wine with a bang, held the remaining bottle and rushed directly towards Chen Dong.

“D*mn you to hell!”


Chen Dong swung out with a blatant punch, blasting directly at Qin Shant’s arm.


The bones broke, and the stubble of the sore white bones pierced through the flesh, exposing it to the air.


Qin Shoushang let out a miserable pig’s cry, his face pale and his features distorted.


This scene caused the guests present to simultaneously suck in cold air.

The eyes that looked at Chen Dong were even more frightened to the extreme.


From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong’s expression did not change in the slightest.

It was indifferent to the extreme.

His right hand directly covered Qin Shannon’s face and brutally pressed Qin Shannon to his knees in front of himself with tremendous force.

“Flies and dogs, how dare you be reckless?”

The voice was as cold as the cold wind blowing out of the Nine Underworlds.

It sent chills down the backs of the Qin family.

Elder Qin and Qin Henian’s faces even changed greatly.

They did not wait for them to say anything.

Chen Dong was in front of them.

“You, what are you doing ……”

Qin Henian’s voice trembled and his face turned pale.

The Qin family had never been bullied to this extent?

What was even more humiliating and unexpected was that on the Qin family’s turf, a faction of their direct lineage had actually been forced to this extent by a mere few people!


Chen Dong slapped Qin Henian’s face so red and swollen that a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out from his crooked head.

“F**k the Qin family, of course!”

With a single word, everyone was shocked and struck by lightning.

Elder Qin’s pupils tightened.

Being in a high position for many years had allowed him to maintain a point of sanity in the face of the demon-like Chen Dong at this moment.

He gritted his teeth: “Chen Dong! Do you really think that your Chen family can overshadow the sky with just one hand? Today, I will not only make you lose your position as the heir, but also turn you into a miserable ghost!”

Chen Dong stopped abruptly.

The corners of his mouth suddenly gave a disdainful smile.

“The Qin family, what kind of thing is it?”

“You ……” Elder Qin’s face turned red.

Chen Dong’s narrowed eyes snapped open, and at this moment, his aura was like a monstrous wave.

“The revenge of killing one’s mother is unforgivable, your Qin family is so powerful, but it can’t withstand the anger of my piker, blood splattering five steps!”

“Today, I am presenting a gift at my door to inform your Qin family that within three days, I want you to kowtow and pay respects at my mother’s grave, and that you, Elder Qin, will carry a three-foot long sword to my doorstep to thank and bow down!”


The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong slammed his fist onto the tabletop beside him.

The sound was like an explosion of thunder.

The solid wood tabletop blew a hole in response, sending wood chips flying.

The whole room was shocked.

Terror pervaded.

At the same time.

The battle between the three Kunlun men had also finally ended.

Qin Ye straightened his chest tie and smiled wickedly, “Xiao Qian, it’s over, come with brother, staying in this dirty place of the Qin family is a great indignity to you!”