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Super School Student Chapter 599-600 (Finale)

Chapter 599

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo also immediately frowned.

If these people hadn’t come, Di Jun and the others would have been able to hold back for a while, at least until Ye Lu finally pa*sed the last three tribulations, which had already come at the same time.

These people were from Kunlun, and the number of these Kunlun bloodline inheritors was also very large, and they all rushed over right after Zhang Tian’s group.

“Why are all the gods surrounding us?”

Ye Luo looked around and muttered darkly.

“Could it be because of the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’?”

Ye Lu looked at “Di Jun”, but it seemed that only “Di Jun” was a true “Heavenly Demon Clan” person, while the others were all natives who came out of the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

Therefore, Ye Lu felt that these guys simply wanted to use them as food.

The other thing that puzzled him was why these people would follow Zhang Tian’s lead.

This person was the leader of Kunlun, and the leader of all the Evil Gods in the Immortal Residence of Lok Ha.

This is a “creator god” whose upper body is a woman and whose lower body is a snake, the same as Liu Mei.

When he saw this woman appear, Ye Lu frowned, for this woman was so strong that even “Di Jun” should not be a match for her.

Moreover, the auxiliary ability given by Tatar to Void showed that this woman was Nuwa herself, the real Nuwa.

The leader of the “Gods” in the “Battle of Extinction”.

This surprised Ye Luo a little.

After that, Nuwa looked at Di Jun and said with a smile.

“Di Jun, are you still going to resist? You should surrender, and ‘Candle Dragon’, ‘Betrayer’, your end has come.”

The “Candle Dragon” refers to Qin Shiyu, which is quite understandable, while the “Betrayer” refers to Liu Mei, which makes me feel a bit odd.

It was true that Liu Mei was one of the Beasts of Creation, but why did she become a Betrayer? And who did she betray?

Ye Lu turned his head to Liu Mei, who was also confused and didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

If it was so easy to surrender, he wouldn’t be “Di Jun” anymore.

He looked at the surrounding gods and said with a smile.

“Aren’t you all ‘gods’? Why are you in such a hurry to strike at us? Is this what ‘gods’ do?”

To be honest, this is what I really wanted to know.

Since we came in, these so-called “gods” had been targeting us, and, how can I put it, it was not a matter of position, but of instinct, as if they instinctively regarded you, “Di Jun”, and the others as their enemies and wanted to kill them even if they were delirious.

And Nuwa sighed and said.

“How many years have pa*sed, even you have become ‘gods’ and we are still trapped in this place, it’s time to end this matter.”

If they had been trapped here since the Battle of Armageddon, then they had indeed been trapped for too long.

But I had the feeling that there was something more to what Nuwa was saying.

If she hadn’t trapped them in the “Immortal Mansion”, how could they have been in such a bad situation?

One more thing, where was the “Lok Ha Fairy” and the “Heavenly Demon Clan” who had trapped them?

However, there was no point in thinking about it anymore, because the attack had already begun.

The attack was overwhelming, and an unprecedentedly fierce melee began instantly. There were too many demonic beasts following “Di Jun”, and there were countless of them.

But even that wasn’t all the demon beasts in the Mysterious Realm. Later on, Di Jun collected countless cultivators and powerful “natives” from the Mysterious Realm, which made the team of the “King of All Demons” simply terrifying.

So, with Ye Lu as the centre, the sky was filled with fighting figures, rivers of blood were flowing and corpses were piled up like mountains, as if it was the end of days all of a sudden.

Ye Luo could no longer care about so much, all he had to do was to hurry up and fuse the two flames he had just fused.

Qin Shiyu, Liu Mei, Ye Yan and Long Feixue were quietly standing by his side, watching the battlefield intensify around them.

It was obvious that Di Jun’s team was at a distinct disadvantage, and it was almost like a simple ma*sacre, but Di Jun did not panic.

When he saw this scene, Ye Lu understood what he wanted to do, because the person he was attacking was none other than the “Violet Violet Emperor”, the one who possessed the “Violet Violet Heavenly Flame”.

Obviously, “Di Jun” was preparing to help Ye Lu obtain another flame, the “Violet Sky Flame”, but this was obviously a trap, for “Nuwa” had suddenly appeared and slapped the body of “Di Jun”, who was directly smashed into pieces by this blow.

The other “Di Jun” had already taken the opportunity to grab the “Violet Emperor” and brought him back.

That’s right, the one who had just been smashed was “Void”, and only “Void” was able to receive this terrifying blow from the other party.


“Di Jun directly crushed the Violet Violet Emperor and threw a flame to Ye Lu.

“This is the ninth one, hurry up and fuse it.”

“Di Jun” looked at Ye Luo and quickly said.

However, it was obvious that Nuwa was already angry, she looked at the core of the battle, then waved her hand, and several “Creation Beasts” that looked like her rushed towards the core like sharp knives.

It was not a group of people who came in, but only one person. However, this person’s fighting power was so strong that he actually broke through the “evil gods” and made a bloody path.

After that, Ye Lu saw Gu Shiqi, who was carrying the “Pan Gu Axe” in her hand.

The “Pan Gu Axe” was one of the top ten fierce weapons in ancient times, and at this moment, Gu Shiqi had also turned into a giant.

Seeing the appearance of Gu Shiqi, Nuwa frowned and said.

“I didn’t expect that the Pan Gu clan had also left a backhand.”

Although Ye Lu did not know what Gushiqi had done, the current Gushiqi was definitely strong, perhaps not as strong as super experts like Di Jun and Nuwa, but much stronger than those Evil Gods, and not inferior to the Heirloom God that Nuwa had just sent.

This sharp blade was blocked by Gushiki’s huge axe.

However, all this was only temporary, because, immediately afterwards, something else happened that surprised Ye Lu, that Zhang Tian suddenly flew over and became one with Nuwa.


After the merging, Nuwa waved her hand once again.

Countless “evil gods” rushed towards where Ye Luo was sitting in a frenzy, body parts and blood flying in the sky, looking terrifying.

However, at this moment, another team suddenly rushed in from the side, led by an old lady, followed by the “Heavenly Demon Clan”.

Seeing this old lady, Ye Lu became excited.


Yes, this old lady was Ye Lu’s grandmother who had disappeared for a long time.

However, Ye Lu’s grandmother smiled and waved her hand at Ye Lu, and then she began to transform. She quickly changed from an old woman into a wonderful woman, and behind her appeared twelve pairs of huge black wings, and twelve oddly shaped horns sprouted from her head.

“Nuwa, you didn’t expect it, you may have filled the hole in the sky, but you can’t stop the tenacious will of life after all.”

The transformed woman looked at Nuwa and said with a smile.

“It’s time for everything to end!”



Chapter 600

To be honest, Ye Lu did not expect this matter to be related to the “Nuwa Mending Heaven”, but what shocked Ye Lu even more was that his grandmother was actually from the “Heavenly Demon Race”, and she seemed to be one of the strongest members of the “Heavenly Demon Race”.

“Isn’t the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ the ‘Heavenly Demons’ from the Outer Dao? Why are they helping me again? And if Grandma was the leader of the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’, why would she keep something so heavenly as gla*ses for herself.”

By this year, it was already very clear to Ye Lu that the woman who had left the gla*ses at the KTV at that time was Grandma, and everything had started because of this incident, now that he thought about it, Qin Siyu’s appearance, the reason why Liu Mei had come, and the various things that happened afterwards should have all been arranged in advance, although the arrangement was not fine enough, the direction of the whole thing had been planned in advance.

In short, at this moment, Ye Lu’s head was full of question marks.

However, the twenty-four winged woman did not stop, after she finished speaking, she raised her hand, and a flame lit up from her hand, it was the “South Brightness Fire”, the last of the “Ten Great Origin Fires”.

“Back then, in order to seal you here in the ‘Battle of Extinction’, the Origin Flame that I had managed to control was scattered into ten parts, and now it’s time to unite them.”

With these words, the last of the “South Brightness Flame” flew to Ye Lu’s face.

The twenty-four-winged woman beckoned again, and the terrifying “Hell Demon Dragon” flew towards her and stopped at her feet, it seemed that this demon dragon should have been the mount of this twenty-four-winged woman.

Only after the twenty-four winged woman had done so did Nuwa say.

“Heavenly Demon ……”

As a result, before she could finish her words, the twenty-four-winged woman interrupted and starved her first, saying.

“Don’t call me ‘Heavenly Demon’, who are we ‘Heavenly Demons’ you should know very well, if you hadn’t entered this ‘Little Thousand World’ from the ‘Haotian Continent’, you would have entered this ‘Little Thousand World’, how would our world have become like this.”

Hearing the twenty-four winged woman’s words, Ye Luo was able to probably clear his mind.

Now, it seemed that things were just the opposite of what he had initially thought, that this “Nuwa” and the “gods” trapped inside the “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion” were foreign creatures, and that the place they had come from was the “Haotian Continent”, which he had always seen but had never been to, that is, the “Middle World”, which was more advanced than the “Small Thousand World” of “Earth”.

Many of the treasures I saw came from the “Haotian Continent”, and now I think that all these things were brought by the so-called “gods” and “Nuwa” in front of me.

By this time, Nuwa had also regained her composure and looked at the twenty-four winged woman and said.

“Alright, I’ll use your original life, ‘Genesis Spirit’, you should know very well why we are here, if not to break the spatial barrier to the ‘Middle World’, that is, the ‘Haotian If we didn’t want to break the spatial barrier to the ‘Middle Thousand Worlds’ which is also known as the ‘Hao Tian Continent’, we wouldn’t have made our move, and it’s all your fault.”

“After Nuwa said this, I turned my head to look at Di Jun. What Nuwa said was very similar to what Di Jun did when he broke through the Small World to enter the Small World, except that the 24-winged woman had to break through the Small World to enter the Middle World.

Therefore, Ye Luo could now understand the panic of Nuwa and the so-called “gods”, if he had known about the existence of “Di Jun” before, and if he had known that If he had known about the existence of “Di Jun” and that “Di Jun” was about to burst out of the “Small World” and enter the “Small Thousand Worlds”, would he have been afraid? Will other people who know about this panic? The answer is definitely yes.

In terms of the “secular world” of the “small world”, the greatest guarantee for the stability of the “secular world” is that the natives of the “small world” cannot leave the “small world” on their own.

For us, the “Small World” is like a relatively safe place to cultivate and improve, because we can go in at any time, but the things inside cannot come out. Even the most terrifying demonic beasts can only cower inside and wait for us to go in and challenge them, or wait to be summoned out by us, and at the same time, we can also bring “beast eggs” from the “Small World” to cultivate them and turn them into our “original spirit beasts”, or bring out various medicinal herbs and crystal cores of demonic beasts.

In short, the “secret realm” is the most important resource in this “small world”.

Thinking about this, I suddenly understood another thing, that is, why there are so many so-called “true gods” here.

I’m afraid that before the War of Extinction, these so-called “gods” had been travelling between this “small world” and the “Hao Tian Continent”, just like the “Beast Alliance” has the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, so this should be an area that belongs to the “True Gods”.

In the process of entering and leaving this “small world”, they also made the name of gods, and this should be the origin of “gods”. Of course, I am afraid that there are still many gods that were created by the people later, but these “gods” trapped in the “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion” should all come from the “Haotian Continent”.

Once this was clarified, everything was basically clear.

This is how it should be.

The 24-winged female celestial demons, the “Creation Spirits” and the “Celestial Demons”, including the “Candle Dragon”, the “Pan Gu”, the “Sun Candle”, the “Tai Yin You Hui”, and the “Green Dragon”, “Vermilion Bird”, “White Tiger”, and “Xuan Wu”, the natives of their origin, had the ability to open the barrier of the “Small Thousand Worlds” after a long period of evolution.

For cultivators seeking eternal life, the Small World is undoubtedly a constraint, because just as Di Jun could not “cross the tribulation” in the Small World, these indigenous people could not enter the cultivation realm after the “Nine Tribulation Realm” in the Small World, even though their bodies were already the same as those of the foreign “True Gods”, but their cultivation could not be improved.

However, as they were about to cut through the space barrier, the gods led by Nuwa appeared and opened up the “ancient battlefield” and a “battle of annihilation” inevitably took place.

“Nuwa used the five-coloured heavenly stones to block the hole leading to the outside, which is the origin of the legend of Nuwa mending the heavens, while the creator spirit, the Fairy of Lok Ha, trapped all the gods with her “Lok Ha House” and sealed the entrance and exit of the two worlds.

This is why no new “gods” have entered this “small world”.

I think the purpose of these “gods” was either to reopen the entrance and exit to the “Hao Tian Continent” or to wipe out the “Heavenly Demons”, as both paths would serve their purpose.

Right afterwards, the “Nuwa” looked at us and said with a smile.

“I know that you have kept a backhand, and I know that you will not last until we are dead, but I have to say that even if you have kept a backhand, it is useless. You think that this ‘boundary prison’ you have created is unbreakable? Then you are wrong, my body will soon break through this boundary and before that is the time of your death.”

With these words, she waved her hand.

Of course, the strongest team was the one led by Zhang Tian, who was as neat and tidy as an army, while Nuwa fought with the twenty-four winged “Creation Spirits”.

It was only after this fight that Ye Lu found out that Nuwa was a true god of the Heavenly Mending and was really strong, and the Genesis Spirit was clearly at a disadvantage.

Now, the key to everything lies with you, Ye Lu.


At the last moment of his breakthrough, Di Jun smiled slightly and fused with Ye Lu, turning Ye Lu into a strange state of black on one side and white on the other.


Immediately afterwards, endless flames enveloped Ye Lu, as the Ten Great Origin Fires finally fused together.

The spiritual energy in Ye Lu felt that the spiritual energy in his body had undergone a qualitative change. An ordinary cultivator started out with Yuan Power, and then after continuous upgrading and refining, after pa*sing the Nine Tribulations, it turned into “spiritual energy”.

Ye Luo’s body was initially “spiritual power”, but now that it had changed again, Ye Luo could no longer understand what kind of power it was.

“It’s the power of God!”

At this time, “Void” looked at Ye Lu from the side and said.

“However, just now, ‘Di Jun’ and you have fused, so you also have the ‘Devil’s Power’, so you are now the number one ‘God and Devil’ in all the ages. ‘ now.”

The “Genesis Spirit” who saw this scene laughed out loud.

“Success, success at last, Ye Lu, let them see your power.”

Hearing the words of the “Genesis Spirit”, Ye Lu opened his arms, and endless “divine and demonic powers” poured out in all directions with terrifying flames.

Nothing happened when the flames pa*sed over his own people, but when they came into contact with the “evil gods”, all the evil gods that touched them were reduced to nothingness.

Then, at the centre of the flames, Ye Luo emerged, his black and white magic and divine power had completely merged, and he was once again as he was before.

Immediately afterwards, he raised his right hand, and a huge “prison of flame” suddenly appeared, enveloping everyone in it.

After that, Ye Lu’s left hand was also raised, and a light rushed to the sky and punched a big hole in the “Luxuriant Immortal Mansion”, and endless heaven and earth energy came rushing in, while at the same time, the huge “Other Shore Boat” also suddenly appeared.

At this moment, in Ye Lu’s mind, all the memories that had been blocked were also restored.

He finally understood his identity. He was not a doppelganger, nor was he a bloodline inheritor, but strictly speaking, he was a seed that was planted by the “Genesis Spirit” and grew up with the help of the “Betrayer”, that is, the “Creation God”, in order to achieve the “God Body”, while “Di Jun” was another seed, in order to achieve the new “Demon King”, after which the two seeds would merge into one and become the first “Demon God”.

The purpose of all this is to go against the heavens and break out of this “small world”.

“All evil gods, and Nuwa, submit to me, and I will lead you to become the myth of the ‘Haotian Continent’, or die!”

Ye Luo looked at the crowd around him and said in a loud voice.

After a second of silence, the crowd submitted, while Nuwa sighed and signed the “Master-Servant Contract” with the “Creation Spirit”.

At the same time, a gaping hole appeared on the side of the “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion” with a “boom!” A gap appeared with a loud bang, and countless True Gods began to pour in, as the people from the Hao Tian Continent finally broke the boundary.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

“Get into the ark, our next target is the starry sea!”

After saying this, he threw a punch at the “Five-coloured Heavenly Stone” in the centre of the “Immortal Mansion”, which shattered with a sound.

After countless years of calculations and struggles, the magnificent “Haotian Continent” finally appeared before Ye Lu’s eyes.

(End of book)