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Super School Student Chapter 595-596

Chapter 595

To be honest, Nidhogg’s words made Ye Lu feel a bit confused.

Previously, Ye Lu had contacted the “Hell Devil Dragon” through the Devil Dragon’s doppelganger “Nidhogg”, but the “Hell Devil Dragon” said that it was the crucial time for him to make a real breakthrough, so he had never met with Ye Lu, but now it seemed that he had made a breakthrough.

“There’s another guy? Who is it?”

Ye Lu asked, somewhat puzzled.

However, the “Hell Devil Dragon” did not answer him, but looked at the “Ancient Egyptian Gods” around him and said with a smile.

“Let’s talk about catching up later, I’ll clean up these guys first.”

With these words, it launched an attack.

“The “Hell’s Fire”, one of the Ten Great Origin Fires, began to rage.

Ye Luo had four of the Ten Great Origin Fires in his body, and among the other Origin Fires, Ye Luo also knew about the Violet Sky Fire, which he had originally seen, but he had used it to summon the Hell Demon Dragon.

Then there was the “Nirvana Fire”, which he had seen on Mo Trang’s body, and the “Samadhi Fire”, which was already on different people’s bodies.

As for the last two, Ye Lu had never seen them, but he still knew that they were the “Taiyin True Flame” and the “Nanming Liyu Fire”.

The “Taiyin True Flame” was on the body of the “Taiyin Phantom Flux”, while the “Nanming Lijiang” was still unknown to him.

“When the Hell Devil Dragon finished speaking, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Go on, remember what you promised me.”

The “Hell Devil Dragon” smiled and attacked, and only then did everyone truly understand what the difference was.

It was only then that everyone understood the difference. Both of them were Law Lords, but the Hell Devil Dragon was far more powerful, easily taking out everyone by himself.

It was like a wilted flower.

This was an absolutely terrifying way to die. Seeing a person turn from young and strong to old in an instant, and then wither and die, it made even Ye Lu feel shocked.

“It really is the opposite of the ‘Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame’ flame.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

There were many flames in the Ten Great Origin Flames that were complementary and opposite, for example, the Sun True Flame and the Taiyin True Flame were completely opposite flames, and this Hell Fire and the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame were also opposite flames.

If these opposing fires were fused together, they would be extremely powerful flames, which was called “complementary”, or “Yin and Yang”.

This was what Ye Lu needed very much.

Soon, the Hell Devil Dragon had finished off all the Ancient Egyptian Gods, and to be honest, this made Ye Lu look a bit sideways.

He had thought that the Hell Devil Dragon would be very strong, but he had never expected it to be this strong.

Sometimes, strength in numbers is just an empty phrase.

Soon, the Hell Devil Dragon finished dealing with all the “Ancient Egyptian Gods” and flew back, and when he returned, he transformed into a middle-aged man with a black beard.

Ye Lu had seen this man before, it seemed that demon beasts, whether in their original form or in their doppelganger form, used one image after their transformation.

“Hehe, I know what you’re thinking, here you go, the fire spirit of the Hellfire, you can just fuse it.”

As he said that, he raised his hand and a black ball of fire flew towards me, it was the “Hell’s Fire” fire spirit, the same as the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Fire” fire spirit I had seen before.

For me now, fusing the Fire Spirit was no longer a difficult task because I had already mastered the Laws of Fire, and although I had only mastered one of the Upanishads, it was already a great help in fusing the flames.

Even without the Sun Fire, the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flames in my body were still on the same level as the Hell Fire, so I quickly sat down on my knees and began to fuse the Hell Fire.

The Hell Demon Dragon threw me something once again.

“Here, this is the ‘Immortal Palace Key’ that King Solomon obtained during his lifetime. This will be one more person who is a match.”

The “Hell Devil Dragon” said casually, as if he did not care much about the “Immortal Palace Key”.

Ye Lu looked at the “Hell Devil Dragon” with some curiosity and asked.

“Why don’t you leave the key behind and let me give you the ‘Star Destiny Man’?”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, the “Hell Demon Dragon” smiled and said.

“Possessing the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’ might have some benefits after entering the Immortal Mansion, but these are just floating clouds to real experts, what you really need to rely on is power. Since we are allies, what difference does it make if the key is with you or with me?”

Don’t say it, this old guy was indeed very good at talking.

At least, he had fooled Ye Luo.

Ye Luo asked again while fusing.

“Who is the other helper? Can you reveal it?”

As a result, the “Hell Devil Dragon” did not say anything, but pointed to the side and said.

“Look, he’s here.”

Then, Ye Luo saw a familiar figure, and above her head was a white circle of light, which was none other than the “Taiyin Yuyin”, while at her feet was a strange demonic beast with a thousand heads, the “Thousand Faces”.

However, those “airless beasts” and the nine “Great Sun Golden Crows” were not here.

“It’s Di Jun!”

Ye Lu was also surprised that the friend of the “Hell Demon Dragon” was actually “Di Jun”, who had now surpa*sed the “Nine Tribulation Realm” to become a true “Lord of Laws”.

The speed of this upgrade was indeed beyond Ye Lu’s ability to match.

However, Ye Luo was not in a hurry, after he fused the “Hell’s Fire”, he would definitely be able to pa*s two more tribulations, moreover, these corpses were inexhaustible resources for Ye Luo.

“Here, this is the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’ of Kunlun.”

After coming over, “Di Jun” threw another “Immortal Mansion Key” to Ye Lu, which surprised Ye Lu a little. “Kunlun” was not a power like “Ancient Egyptian Gods”, it was a real behemoth with countless experts, and most of the legendary figures in China were in “Kunlun”.

The fact that “Di Jun” had gotten the key to Kun Lun so easily showed that “Di Jun” was already powerful to an extremely terrifying degree.

However, what Ye Lu did not know was that, in fact, Di Jun had taken a trick this time, because the method he used was to let the Thousand Faces turn into people from Kun Lun and blend in. This method was indeed very effective, because the cultivation level of the Thousand Faces was also top-notch, so each Thousand Face could simulate the corresponding person very well.

The best thing about the Thousand Faces is the disguise technique, so it was easy to blend into the other side’s camp.

After that, “Di Jun” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“In order for you to make a breakthrough sooner, I’ve decided to give you the ‘Tai Yin True Flame’ as well.”

As he said that, he waved his hand, and the “Taiyin Phantom Flame” quickly released a fire spirit, which also arrived in front of Ye Lu.

Ye Lu was really surprised this time, because together with the “Tai Yin Phantom Fluorescence”, he had six kinds of origin flames, and he couldn’t even imagine how powerful this would be.

However, it was not over yet, as “Di Jun” continued with a smile and said.

“And for your companions, I have prepared something good for them as well, and it is this, the ‘Water of Life’ that allowed me and Thousand Faces to grow quickly to the peak of the ‘Nine Tribulation Realm’.”

“This is a good thing from the ‘Nuwa clan’.”

With those words, a bottle flew in front of Ye Luo.

Ye Luo of course took it all as it was, because, the few women really needed to improve quickly to catch up as well.

Thus, under the protection of “Di Jun” and “Hell Demon Dragon”, Ye Lu and the others started the most frantic upgrade mode on the “Other Side Boat”.

Not only Ye Lu, but also Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue were also improving rapidly. Of course, their improvement was not only based on the Water of Life, because Ye Lu had already helped them find the corpses of the Green Dragon and Vermilion Bird gods, which was a powerful tool for them to improve.

When everything was ready, Ye Lu put the “Immortal Palace Key” and the “Star Destiny Man” together, and the time came for the Immortal Palace to be opened.


Chapter 596

On the night before the opening of the Immortal Palace, “Di Jun” came to see Ye Lu.

This was the first time that Ye Lu came into close contact with this legendary being who was the first to break the iron rule of the Small World, and as a result, Ye Lu discovered something, something that was extremely surprising to him.

“You’re from the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’?”

Ye Luo looked at “Di Jun” with some surprise and said.

This was because he could feel the unique demonic aura of the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ from the body of “Di Jun”.

However, what Ye Lu couldn’t figure out was why this person who was originally an “indigenous” trapped in the “small world” was an “external heavenly devil”.

It didn’t make sense logically.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, “Di Jun” smiled and said.

“It seems to be like this, I only found out about this after I left the ‘Small World’ and came out of the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’.”

After saying that, he then looked at Ye Lu and continued.

“I feel that this matter is extraordinary, I have also captured the clansmen of the ‘Heavenly Demon Clan’, however, they don’t seem to be very clear about what exactly is going on, however, I feel that they are of the same origin as me, such is why I helped them destroy the ‘Kunlun ‘ reason.”

“I also really wanted to know what it was all because of, that’s why I helped you get that ‘Immortal Mansion Key’, because I also really wanted to enter the ‘Immortal Mansion’ to see what was going on.”

“I feel that the reason for everything is inside the ‘Immortal Mansion’.”

However, Ye Luo did not feel that this “Di Jun” was here to chat with him, so he looked at the “Di Jun” and asked.

“You must have come to see me for something, tell me.”

“Di Jun” said with a smile.

“Of course, I’ve come for something, me, you and the ‘Heavenly Demon Clan’, the Demon Dragon, the four of us should join forces this time, after entering the ‘Immortal Mansion’ there will definitely be a lot of trouble, at least before we turn against each other, let’s act together. , do you agree?”

Ye Lu thought about it, then nodded his head.

However, after nodding, Ye Luo then said once again.

“I have one more thing to ask you, do you know about the ‘Candle Dragon’? Is there any relationship between it and your ‘Heavenly Demon Race’? I won’t hide it from you either, one of my friends is the original body of the Candle Dragon, but I can feel that she is actually a member of the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ just like you guys.”

He could not understand why Qin Siyu was a member of the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’, and of course, he could not understand why Liu Mei was a ‘God of Creation’, it all seemed to be in a fog.

However, Ye Lu knew very well that all this could not be a coincidence, it was all arranged from the very beginning.

Only, what Ye Lu could not understand was who had arranged such a fate and why.

At this time, “Di Jun” thought for a moment and said.

“In fact, there are many things that I have always found strange, especially after I awakened part of my memories.”

“I found out that at the beginning of my memory, many other ‘gods’ did not exist, at that time it seemed that there were only a few gods such as me, Pan Gu, and Candle Dragon, while other ‘gods’ only appeared later, such as the gods of ‘Kunlun’, and others that did not belong to us in China.”

“That ‘Candle Dragon’ you speak of is from that time, but why the ‘Candle Dragon’ is a ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ is unclear to me, just as I am not I am not sure why I am a ‘Heavenly Demon’, just as I am not sure why I am a ‘Heavenly Demon’.”

It seems that “Di Jun” does not know much about these matters either.

Perhaps these secrets were really the same as what “Di Jun” had said, and he would only know the truth after he met his grandmother after entering the Immortal Mansion.

After that, Ye Luo looked at “Di Jun” and asked again.

“Di Jun, I have a question, why can you break the barrier of the small world?”

For countless years, only “Di Jun” had been able to do this, so Ye Lu felt that he must have something magical after all.

However, “Di Jun” did not answer Ye Lu’s question, but smiled and said.

“I think this should be fate’s arrangement, rest well, who knows what kind of situation we will encounter when we enter the ‘Immortal Mansion’ tomorrow, let’s hope we can all get what we want.”

After saying that, this guy left straight away.

To be honest, Ye Luo always felt that the body of “Di Jun” was full of secrets, only that Ye Luo did not know what he was hiding yet.

The next morning, Ye Lu took all the people to a place not far from the Immortal Palace, and Ye Lu did not bring the “other side of the boat”, because Ye Lu could not risk the lives of so many people in the Immortal Palace, so it was better to let these people follow “Tatar” outside.

If not, these people are the last spark of humanity.

When the last key to the Immortal Palace was in the hands of the Man of Star Destiny, nine rays of light lit up from different places and shot towards the “Lixia Immortal Palace”, which was in the middle of the “ancient battlefield”.

The “Immortal Mansion of the Fallen Haze” also emitted a purple glow, followed by nine gates opening from nine different directions, followed by nine pa*sages dropping down from the “Immortal Mansion” to the ground.

However, the gates were so dark that one could not see what was inside.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Luo said to the crowd.

Then, the three of us, Ye Lu, the experts led by Di Jun, and the Hell Demon Dragon, flew towards a large door, and then rushed into the Immortal Mansion.

However, after entering the “Purple Haze Immortal Mansion”, we did not see the scene of treasures and splendour everywhere as we had expected, but it looked very desolate inside.

“How strange, even the heaven and earth energy is controlled here.”

Someone looked around and said.

Ye Luo actually felt very strange too, moreover, this was too far from what everyone had been expecting, or rather the scene everyone had been looking forward to.

From the first time he heard about the “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion”, Ye Lu had always thought that the word “Immortal Mansion” should be full of good things, and many people even thought that there were magic pills inside that could make people become immortal in one step, but from the current situation, it did not look like there were such things here.

“Have we been tricked?”

Someone muttered under his breath.

For his part, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Someone go and try to see if we can get out.”

After he finished speaking, a demonic beast that “Di Jun” was carrying flew towards the outside of you, but it was blocked by an invisible barrier, as if it had hit a wall.

“It looks like we’ve really been tricked.”

Ye Luo said with a sigh as he looked around.

This “Lok Ha Immortal Mansion” had now become a place that could only be entered but not exited, and since the people outside didn’t know what was going on inside, more people would definitely rush in, which would undoubtedly leave everyone trapped inside.

What Ye Luo couldn’t figure out, though, was why it was necessary to do this.

This was obviously a very deep trap.

“Since there’s no way to get out, why don’t we, instead, take a look inside.”

“Di Jun” said as he looked at the desolate environment inside the Immortal Mansion.

The whole “Immortal Mansion” should look very huge, but now Ye Lu was a bit doubtful whether there was anyone in this “Immortal Mansion” or not.

Because of the thinness of the heaven and earth energy, the fluctuation of the heaven and earth energy could hardly be felt here.

At this time, Ye Lu suddenly thought of another ally who had not come.

“Where are the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace?”

Ye Luo looked at “Di Jun” and asked.

“Di Jun” said as he flew forward.

“They used their own keys to get in through another door. You have three keys, do you have any hints on them?”

Then I remembered that I had almost forgotten the keys.

And at the same time Molly had flown over and said.

“The keys say that we have to kill all the evil gods we meet in here, and then there is also a point that we have to help you become a ‘god’, otherwise everyone will not be able to leave here.”

I was also a little confused when I heard Jasmine’s words, I had no idea what the whole thing was all about.

At that moment, from far ahead, a terrifying figure came rushing towards us with a trident in its hand.