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Super School Student Chapter 591-592

Chapter 591

Since Ye Lu needed a lot of things and the quantity was very huge, so it took two days to prepare all these things.

Now Ye Lu had a lot of things that could be stored in his hand, so he quickly packed them all away and then gave them to the “Starry Sky Beast” doppelganger.

The “Starry Sky Beast” was a super eater, and after this period of non-stop devouring, its cultivation level was already at the level of “Third Grade Lower God” in the “God Transformation Realm”.

This was the benefit of the “spirit split body”, as the body and the split body could have the same cultivation level.

“Let’s devour and digest it properly for the next while, I still have a new pill to refine.”

Ye Luo said with a smile as he looked at the immense “Starry Sky Beast”.

The “Ancient Battlefield” was truly a place of treasures, where there were countless treasures left behind by great powers, and what made Ye Lu somewhat puzzled was that there were actually things left behind by real gods.

However, it was said that all the immortals and great powers that had appeared during the War of Extinction were no longer in the Ancient Battlefield, but this did not mean that the Ancient Battlefield was only a legend, because there were some special things in the Ancient Battlefield that could prove the existence of the immortals.

For example, the place where Ye Lu was at the moment.

He was standing on top of a lofty and odd mountain. I say odd because there was no vegetation on this mountain and the mountain was shaped like a huge nose.

In fact, this is a real nose.

This corpse was so huge that the nose alone was as big as a mountain, so you can imagine what a terrifying behemoth this guy was in life.

In other words, this “Daoist Lord Lu” was actually a spirit body.

“Could it be that after the ‘tribulation’, everyone’s Yuan Power in their body would turn into ‘spiritual power’?”

Ye Lu sat on the nose of the corpse of “Daoist Lu” and began to think.

He had always wondered why the Qi in his own body was so different from everyone else’s. Even for a super expert of the “Nine Tribulation Realm”, the Qi in his body was still only “innate Yuan Power” and not spiritual power, but this “Godly Immortal”‘s body was indeed spiritual power, and it was a spiritual power that Ye Lu could absorb.

It was also the kind of spiritual energy that the “Starry Sky Beast” could absorb.

As Ye Lu sat on his knees, the spiritual energy began to swirl around his body and enter his body like a tidal wave, which made Ye Lu feel like the “Spirit Stone Secret Realm” again.

The “spiritual energy” here had been transformed by the “gods”, which meant that it could be absorbed directly, whereas the spiritual energy from the “spirit stones” needed to be transformed.

While absorbing the spiritual energy, Ye Lu looked at this corpse that had been here for an unknown number of years.

Due to the spiritual energy, this corpse was covered with lush and tall plants, and from the outside, it was impossible to tell that it was a corpse.

If such a place were in the Secular World, it would definitely be called a “cave paradise” because of the abundance of spiritual energy here, which also led to the abundance of heaven and earth’s energy and the power of laws, and it was definitely a good place for cultivation.

“Who left these corpses behind?”

He felt that these corpses were left behind by Shanmen for people like himself and “Liu Mei” who were completely spiritual.

It was because only people like them could absorb this spiritual energy.

Of course, Ye Lu had already informed Void of this news, and Void had already brought Liu Mei and Qin Shiyu out, because the two girls had already reached the “Nine Tribulation Realm” after their rapid improvement in the “Other Shore Boat”, and they could not “cross the tribulation” in the “Other Shore Boat”, so they were about to leave the “Other Shore Boat” to spend the first of the “Nine Tribulations”, the “Thunder Tribulation”.

Soon after they left, the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace also made their move.

They released something black, which was like dust, and after releasing it, it quickly coalesced on the outside of the Ark, and the originally invisible Ark suddenly appeared, turning into a black ark, which looked rather odd.

The crowd surrounding the ark finally saw the ark’s face, so everyone rushed towards it.

The “Tartar” who controlled the ark looked at the scene with some depression.

“The ‘Heavenly Demons’ really can’t stop pestering.”

However, “Tatar” was after all an artificial intelligent being, so of course it made the most reasonable judgement at first, which was to stay put.

Now that the “other side of the boat” had been revealed, it would be useless to flee to any other place, it would definitely be caught up again, so there was no point in running away.

The only way is to defend against all kinds of attacks.

That was the only way to stay here for long.

The only way to defend against this attack was to rely on the hard shell of the Tartar, because all other defences except the shell required energy, which was greatly depleted during the attack, and as long as the depletion and replenishment were not equal, the defence would sooner or later break down.

Therefore, the Tartar simply closed the whole “other side of the boat” and waited quietly for these guys to attack.

As expected, all kinds of attacks soon appeared, and each clan started to try long-range attacks, because the previous counter-attack of the “other side of the boat” was so terrifying that it could kill anyone in one blow, which made a deep impression on everyone.

So, this time, everyone was much more careful.

However, they soon realised that the Ark had turned into a turtle shell and was no longer attacking actively, so they began to boldly attack at close range.

However, it was obvious that these attacks were just like scratching an itch to the “Other Side Boat”, and they didn’t make a ripple at all, it still stood there quietly.

“A single person will definitely not be able to do it, use a formation or try to find an ‘innate treasure’.”

The strongest weapon that someone in the “Nine Tribulation Realm” could use was the “Heavenly Treasures”.

As expected, all the camps soon started to use formations.

The advantage of the formations was that they could exert several times the power of a single body. Terrifyingly huge longsword shadows appeared in the air and blasted mercilessly at the “Other Side Boat”, but, unsurprisingly, they did no harm to the “Other Side Boat”, followed by the various “Heavenly Treasures”.

However, to everyone’s dismay, none of the “Heavenly Treasures” of the various powers had any effect, not to mention breaking the “Other Side of the Boat” or leaving a mark on the “Other Side of the Boat”.

“What the hell is this thing? It’s too sturdy.”

“Yes, there’s no way to destroy it!”

“It’s like beating a stone with an egg!”

“This turtle shell is impossible to open.”


It didn’t take long for everyone to get desperate.

And “Tatar” was sitting arrogantly in the control room watching all this and said.

“You’re still early to break the ‘other side of the boat’, it’s two world layers higher than you, but the people inside won’t be able to get out either.”

Of course, as things stand now, the people in the boat are not going to get out, so why should they?

In a corner of the world, the “Star Beast” is constantly devouring and evolving, and for this eater, bottlenecks and such do not exist.

All he had to do was to keep eating and growing.

Ye Luo was also rapidly digesting the immense corpse.

In this way, in a flash, several years had pa*sed.

The “Starry Sky Beast” and Ye Luo had finally crossed into the “Nine Tribulation Realm”.


Chapter 592

After entering the “Nine Tribulations Realm”, Ye Lu felt that it was time to settle the score with these guys who were always targeting him.

Of course, Ye Luo was not the kind of person who would kill all of them, but it was still necessary to let them know how powerful they were, and to make them stop surrounding the “Other Side Boat” like dogs.

I don’t know if it was related to the fact that it was a plant life, but this terrifying creature already had forty-two vines at the moment, and these vines had turned from green to purple.

Ye Luo didn’t know what this change meant, but it was obvious that the “Tong Tian Vine” had become stronger.

“Let’s go, let’s get the two girls who are training first and move together.”

Of course, Ye Luo was talking about Qin Shiyu and Liu Mei, who had already crossed into the Nine Tribulation Realm, and they had already pa*sed the Thunder Tribulation, Fire Tribulation and Wind Tribulation.

Of course, these are only the first three tribulations, the ones that test the body and are relatively easy to overcome, while the next three tribulations are for the mind and will, which are not so easy to deal with.

However, the two girls have not yet entered the fourth “Heart Demon Tribulation”, so they are not sure what the “Heart Demon Tribulation” is all about.

After the three of them reunited again, they didn’t feel the same awkwardness as before, because after the experience of going from the “secular world” to the “ancient battlefield”, they had already seen too many lives and deaths, especially after seeing Liu Mei save almost everyone in China who had been the first to suffer, Qin Siyu had already changed her view of Liu Mei completely.

And Liu Mei didn’t know if it was because she had combined various maternal roles in one, so she was originally good-tempered and gentle to the extreme, and certainly wouldn’t be jealous in such a matter.

Seeing the two women walking hand in hand after a smile, Ye Lu also finally let out a sigh of relief.

To be honest, he was a complete rookie when it came to handling this aspect of things, or else he wouldn’t have kept Liu Mei separated from everyone because he really didn’t know how he should handle this matter, but now it seemed that this matter didn’t seem to need his special handling anymore.

“Stop looking, the good cabbages have all been vaulted by you, the pig.”

Qin Shiyu said as she looked at Ye Lu and glared down.

Ye Lu had to hem and haw and then looked at the two women and said.

“Let’s go, let’s go find these guys and turn over old scores.”

These people from various clans and organizations had been guarding the “Other Side of the Boat” for many years and had sworn not to give up.

Ye Lu had wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine for a long time. He knew that they knew that their clansmen and descendants in the secular world were in the boat, but they had no intention of stopping.

This made Ye Lu feel a bit chilled.

“Let’s start with the ‘Dan Tower’.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

This time, the siege on the Other Side of the Boat was led by the Pill Alliance, a*sisted by the Dan Tower, and then united with all the other forces to complete the operation.

However, the Dan Tower’s headquarters was next to the Lixia Immortal Palace, so Ye Lu did not dare to attack their headquarters at the moment, but could only hara*s them everywhere.

He arrived at one of the Dan Tower’s strongholds first.

Of course, since the Ancient Battlefield had been around for a long time, those who had entered the Ancient Battlefield did not know how many years they had spent here, so the most common people in the Ancient Battlefield were not those superpowers, but their descendants.

Although the ancient battlefield is rich in heaven and earth energy, it still takes time to improve one’s cultivation, and without time to accumulate, it is impossible to become strong.

Ye Lu was not interested in these civilians, his target was the experts, so he shouted first.

Hearing Ye Luo’s shout, these experts of the “Nine Tribulation Realm” flew into the air.

“Listen carefully, I am the master of the ‘Other Shore Boat’, I give you all a chance to give up the siege of the ‘Other Shore Boat’ and I will give up retaliating against you, otherwise, you ‘Dan Tower’ will never have a peaceful day again from today onwards.”

However, these experts did not take Ye Luo’s warning seriously.

After all, from their point of view, Ye Lu had relied on the “Other Side Boat” to reach the “Ancient Battlefield”, which was different from entering the “Ancient Battlefield” by crossing the “Nine Tribulation Realm” directly.

Even if Ye Lv was a bit more heavenly, it was still unlikely that he would be able to contend with a human expert who had pa*sed several tribulations.

Each tribulation was a baptism, which would make the “innate energy” in his body more pure, and at the same time, his control of a certain law would become more and more comprehensive and profound.

When the person has fully mastered a certain law, he or she will be called a “Law Lord”, which is a great honour.

Of course, one usually has to pa*s the ninth tribulation to achieve this level.

“Ye Lu, I don’t know how you got out, but your biggest mistake in this life is to appear here, you’ll ……”

Before he could finish his words, Ye Lu made his move first.

The white “sunset arrow” with a terrifying aura, a single arrow shot through this guy, this is the great god Hou Yi used to shoot the sun’s sharp weapon, the power is endless.

This guy was only a practitioner of the “Nine Tribulation Realm”, and he was not a “other side of the boat”, so this arrow penetrated his defence and killed him on the spot.

“I don’t want to talk to you, leave the ‘Other Side Boat’, or this matter will not be finished.”

After Ye Lu killed this “Nine Tribulation Realm” expert with one blow, he looked at the remaining people and said coldly.

The crowd was stunned by this blow, and when they saw the “Sunset Arrow” that had returned to Ye Lu’s hand, someone suddenly said.

“Don’t be afraid of him, he shouldn’t be able to attack continuously, let’s all go together.”

After he finished speaking, the others hesitated for a moment and really swarmed forward.

Ye Luo didn’t know how the other party had judged that he couldn’t attack continuously, however, it was obvious that the B*****d had judged completely wrong.





The “sunset arrows” killed nine people in an instant, and after just one wave of thunderous action, everyone present was stunned.

Ye Lu said again.

“I repeat, leave the ‘Other Side of the Boat’, or this matter will not be finished.”

After saying that, Ye Luo pushed down the Dan Tower here and left the place, attacking the other Dan Tower strongholds.

“Let’s send an expert who has pa*sed the ‘Seventh Tribulation’, we can’t let this guy get too C*cky.”

“The top bra*s of the Dan Tower finally couldn’t hold their breath anymore.

However, the Dan Tower did not have any super existences who had pa*sed the Ninth Tribulation, their strongest ones were the ones who had pa*sed the Eighth Tribulation, and they did not have a single Law Lord.

Therefore, the “Seventh Tribulation” experts were already their high-end battle force.

This Seventh Tribulation expert was also very confident, after all, in the entire Ancient Battlefield, he was also the top battle force, and this was not something to brag about.

“Finally, an expert has come?”

Ye Lu smiled at this “Seventh Tribulation” superpower, then turned his head to look at Qin Siyu and said.

“Silky Yu, I’m relying on you, give them a good show.”

Qin Siyu smiled and nodded, then raised her hand as the “Seventh Evil” expert approached.

A “Candle of Life” was lit on the guy’s chest, and immediately afterwards, it burst into flames with such speed that it was unbelievable.

This scene made even Ye Lu feel a chill down his spine.

“You ……”

This guy said one word, and then rushed forward, the black ball-like “sun candle” suddenly appeared in front of Qin Shiyu.

However, before the “sun candle” could be used, the candle on this guy’s chest had already gone out.

Everyone in the audience was wide-eyed.