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Super School Student Chapter 587-588

Chapter 587

Hearing Ye Lu’s question, Tatar said with a smile.

“What? Do you want to k i l l me to silence me?”

Following that, it said with a harsh laugh.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t seen all those women of yours or your privacy, besides, I’m just a machine, what are you jealous of me for?”

As a result, Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“No, I was going to ask you who I slept with that night in the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’.”

As a result, Tatar thought for a moment and said.

“This matter, I really know, you slept with three and a half women at that time, and one was old sister Ye Yan.”

Hearing this, Ye Lu sighed silently in his heart, he had also guessed this, because Ye Yan’s attitude afterwards was indeed very odd, however, he did not expect that it was actually the truth.

And Tatar went on to say.

“Also, the sister of the ‘Pill Alliance’, called ‘Pill Shu’.”

In fact, this was the one that Ye Lu was most certain about.

Because the purpose of the “Heavenly Doctor Elder” that night was to facilitate this matter, and looking at her attitude afterwards, Ye Lu could guess that she had succeeded.

“The third one is Qin Shiyu, your cla*smate.”

Once it finished, Ye Lu nodded.

He had actually guessed it before, so it wasn’t too surprising.

However, following that, Ye Luo then looked at Tartar and said.

“Sh*t! Tatar, you’re fooling me again, you’ve still seen everything, right?”

As a result, Tatar shook his head and said with a smile.

“Hey, don’t worry master, firstly, I’m a machine, you can interpret me as a digital camera, or a camera or something like that, even if you know something, it won’t affect you, right?”

“Second, the conscience of heaven and earth, in fact, I really didn’t read the exact content, thought you are my master, of course I won’t pit you, nor will I do anything to make you angry, just rest a*sured about that.”

In fact, Ye Lu was not very relieved, however, there was nothing he could do about this Tartar right now.

However, this Tartar had become like this, and Ye Luo felt that it seemed to be even more inconvenient.

So, he looked at Tatar and said.

“The way you are now, it’s not as convenient for me to use as wearing gla*ses, it feels like the more you evolve, the less it works as well as it did before.”

As a result, Tatar laughed and said.

“That’s not necessarily true, oh, there are actually a lot of benefits.”

“Firstly, I am the ‘central control system’ of this ‘other side of the boat’ you can also say that I am the intelligent light brain of the ‘other side of the boat’, so I can help you control this ship.”

“Secondly, don’t you have that ‘Void’ with you, it can simulate anyone, moreover, it can accommodate anything, I can just transmit my ability to it, you and it are mind connected, so, it can be your gla*ses, isn’t that a good thing? ”

“Thirdly, I can actually make another gla*ses just like the previous one, however, it is a standalone version, that is, the knowledge and various information and so on cannot be updated, however, the knowledge reserve can still reach my current level, so, you can not bother about this matter.”

Hearing it finish, Ye Luo then nodded and said.

“It sounds like it makes quite a lot of sense, but how will I contact you after being separated?”

As a result, Tartar said with a smile.

“Separate, why do we need to separate?”

This time Ye Lu was really a bit confused as he looked at Tatar and said.

“You mean, you’ll be flying around me like this all the time, just like the gla*ses, right?”

This time, Tatar shook his head and said.

“Yes and no, I won’t sell you short, in fact you should do one thing right away, and that is to hurry up and make a doppelganger, then I will be with one of your doppelgangers, so we can stay apart.”

When he heard Tatar’s words, Ye Lu thought of the matter of a doppelganger, when he had entered the “God Transformation Realm” before, it seemed that there was indeed some kind of hint that came over, he was so busy saving people at that time that he thought you could make a doppelganger when he crossed into the “Nine Tribulation Realm”.

So, he began to study himself.

As a result, he found that he could indeed make a “spirit doppelganger”, two in total, and unlike ordinary doppelgangers, these two “spirit doppelgangers” could not be himself.

Of course, the soul was still one’s own, but the body could be anything other than one’s own, and the “spirit doppelganger” created could be equal to one’s own cultivation level.

However, now Ye Lu was in a dilemma, what kind of thing should he choose as his doppelganger?

The “Candle Dragon” was a good one, but when he thought that his doppelganger was Qin Shiyu, Ye Lu felt awkward. The “Sun Candle” was also powerful, and the “Void” was also unique, but Ye Lu felt that there was no way to make a doppelganger out of the “Void”.

Sure enough, after trying, it was indeed impossible to turn the “Void” into a doppelganger.

“This one is too weird, so you should change your mind.”

“Tatar looked at me and shook his head.

Then, he thought of something, so I looked at Tatar and asked.

“Tatar, can I choose the ‘Star Beast’ as my doppelganger?”

The “Star Beast” could be used as the hull of the “Other Side Boat”, and since the “Other Side Boat” was so strong, the “Star Beast” must also be extraordinary.

As a result, the Tartar smiled and said.

“If you had chosen something else, I would have advised you to choose it, because this one is not a product of the Middle World, but something from the Great World. ”

This was a bit of a surprise to Ye Lu, as he looked at the “Tartar” and asked.

“What is this ‘Small Thousand Worlds’, ‘Middle Thousand Worlds’ and ‘Great Thousand Worlds’ all about?”

“Tatar thought for a moment and then said.

“I’ll explain it to you like this, it’s not exactly right, but you should be able to understand it.”

“You know the ‘Small World’, the ‘Earth’ and all the surrounding ‘Secret Worlds’ can be called a ‘Small World’. small thousand worlds’, but of course the ‘small worlds’, or ‘secret realms’ around the Earth are not just the red dots I have marked, those red dots are the larger ‘small worlds ‘, and there are many more very small ‘small worlds’.”

“As the saying goes, ‘One flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi’, the number of ‘small worlds’ is endless.”

“And countless ‘small worlds’ like Earth constitute a ‘middle thousand worlds’, and you can understand that everything you see with your eyes in the surrounding starry sky makes up a ‘middle thousand world’, because further away, like ‘Centaurus’ where there are also planets like Earth, there are other ‘small thousand worlds’.”

“This Middle Thousand Worlds you can understand as the ‘Milky Way’, while the countless ‘galaxies’ and ‘extragalactic galaxies’ form a ‘Great Thousand Worlds’, which you can understand as the ‘Universe’.”

“There is an expression called the ‘three thousand great worlds’, which is used to refer to all things in the world.”

“There is also an expression that says that a thousand ‘small worlds’ form your ‘small thousand worlds’, a thousand ‘small thousand worlds’ form the ‘Middle Thousand Worlds’, and a thousand ‘Middle Thousand Worlds’ form the ‘Great Thousand Worlds’; in fact, these are all generalizations, so you can simply understand that this ‘Starry Sky Beast’ is actually a ‘Universe’ level of existence.”

“And you are now only trapped above the ‘planets’, you are still far from being dominant in the ‘galaxy’.”

To be honest, after it explained it like that, I did understand the composition of the whole world better.

Following that, it continued.

“To make a ‘Star Behemoth’ doppelganger, you only need to use a small piece of ‘Star Behemoth’ bone, a small crumb, and then you can make the whole thing.”

However, to be honest, this was easier said than done. I used all kinds of “innate treasures”, such as the “Blazing God Blade” and the “Pan Gu Axe”, but as a result, it took me several months and almost a year to get a tiny piece of scrap that I couldn’t even see.


Chapter 588

Of course, this was enough, I quickly began to close the door and use this little scrap to create my first “spirit doppelganger”, knowing that these “spirit doppelgangers” can not only share a mind, but also a cultivation level, which means that as long as one doppelganger gains, the body can benefit.

Of course, the “spirit doppelganger”, like your ordinary doppelganger, cannot die, once it dies, this good opportunity will be wasted, but of course there is no great impact on the main body.

Therefore, besides making this “spirit doppelganger”, Ye Lu also had to make sure that this “spirit doppelganger” could grow up quickly.

However, looking at “Tartar”, he seemed to be very confident in this “Star Beast” spirit doppelganger.

Ye Lu couldn’t care less, let’s create the doppelganger first.

Creating a “spirit doppelganger” was a soul splitting process, so it was extremely painful, as if the soul had been split into two.

However, the physical body formed by the other soul was incredibly fast, as heaven and earth energy, spiritual energy, and the power of the laws continued to swirl and dance together, and a new body was being formed.

This process made Ye Luo deeply appreciate what “Void” had said before. No matter what you are, no matter how powerful you are, you actually come from “nothing” at first, and out of nothing, you create something, and then turn into emptiness, this is the theory that “Void” had said before, and it is the end point, that is why “Tatar” could not recognize it.

And this is how the terrifying “Star Beast” was born out of nothing.

It was only then that he understood why the Tartar had done so, because this “Starry Sky Beast” was worthy of the name “Beast”, and its size was simply too big.

Ye Lu felt as if he was standing on Earth and looking at it, the size of the “Star Beast” had already surpa*sed his imagination, he had never seen anything so big before.

Seeing Ye Lu’s expression, Tartar smiled and said.

“What, are you surprised? It’s too early to be surprised. This is just the stance of the ‘Star Beast’ in the ‘Small World’, but it’s a terrifying beast in the ‘Great World’ that can devour a galaxy. What’s a little bit this big?”

“After it can enter the ‘Middle Thousand Worlds’, it is the ‘Small Thousand Worlds’ that it can easily swallow into its stomach. Moreover, this fellow is able to upgrade infinitely just by devouring all kinds of things, so you will soon understand its benefits. ”

Hearing “Tatar’s” words, Ye Lu also began to look forward to it.

His identity was known to many people, and even if he changed his appearance, it would still be dangerous, while the “Star Beast”, the “spirit doppelganger”, was unknown to everyone, so it would be a good idea to let the “Star Beast” go out and act.

Of course, now that Tartar, an intelligent being, was sitting in the other side of the boat that belonged to it, Ye Lu was quite relieved. Therefore, after creating the Starry Sky Beast doppelganger, he decided to separate himself and the Starry Sky Beast doppelganger.

Anyway, it was impossible to open the “Purple Haze Immortal Mansion” now, and the vicinity of the “Purple Haze Immortal Mansion” had been completely occupied by the major powers, so even if Ye Lu wanted to approach the “Purple Haze Immortal Mansion” now, it was impossible.

The purpose of Ye Lu and the Star Beast’s action was clear: to make their cultivation and combat power stronger through the training in the “Ancient Battlefield”.

“Let’s go find trouble with the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’, it’s only a matter of time before we fight with the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ anyway.”

Through all the information he had gathered and the videos he had seen on the “Other Side of the Boat”, Ye Lu had completely understood one thing, that was, the “Heavenly Demon Race” was the biggest obstacle, and most of the other hostile forces had the “Heavenly Demon Palace” behind them.

However, before Ye Lu could start acting, an organisation had made its move first.

This organisation was no other than the “Pill Alliance”.

“The Pill Alliance was a huge organization, both in the sect world and in the ancient battlefield, so the Pill Alliance in the ancient battlefield was also an extremely terrifying organization, and was inextricably linked to other organizations.

Many of the people Ye Lu left behind in the Other Side of the Boat were from the Pill Alliance and the Hundred Flowers Sect, because of Pill Shu and Jasmine.

However, what Ye Lu didn’t expect was that his care had become a lever for the other side to control him.

In fact, he didn’t know that the Pill Alliance had already started laying this trap.

“The lives of all of you who have doppelgangers are in our hands, so Ye Lu, you’d better obediently listen to us and hand over the ‘Immortal Mansion Key’ and the ‘Star Destiny Man’, otherwise all those people will die, do you Understand?”

However, what made Ye Lu somewhat puzzled was that even if the main body died, the doppelganger should also be immortal, ah, this kind of threat this your useful?

As a result, “Tatar” and Ye Luo explained.

“Because you have a ‘spirit doppelganger’, so you do not quite understand, ordinary doppelganger actually has another characteristic, that is, the master is able to directly retrieve the doppelganger, if, they bully the master of the doppelganger and make them worse than dead, they will probably retrieve the doppelganger, then it will be easy to destroy one would be easy.”

After hearing its words, Ye Lu nodded, honestly, he did not consider this matter as a big deal, moreover, he felt that the threat from the “Pill Alliance” was also funny, why should he stand up for these people? To put it bluntly, these Pill Alliance greats who had bilocations had nothing to do with Ye Lu, if anything, they had a bit of weight with the Pill Shu themselves, so Ye Lu directly ignored the Pill Alliance’s Therefore, Ye Luo directly ignored the threat of the Pill Alliance.

However, he soon realized that the other side was actually “drunk with wine” and that they were just creating a smoke screen.

Five days after Ye Lu and the Star Beast had left the “Other Side Boat”, a ma*sive group of people had surrounded the area around the “Other Side Boat”, and the people who came were not only from the Pill Alliance, but also from almost every major power.

Being able to carry billions of people through the terrifying boundaries of the Ancient Battlefield, the power of the “Other Shore Boat” had already refreshed everyone’s common sense, and it was no longer simply the strongest “Heavenly Treasure”.

However, Ye Lu didn’t have any worries, he left it all to “Tatar”, who was the strongest “artificial intelligent being” anyway, and would definitely choose the best solution.

All Ye Lu and the Star Beast had to do was to become stronger and then attack the empty bases of these forces.

Seeing the crowd gathered around him, Tartar smiled and then made Void take the form of Ye Lu and appear in the void.

“So many people have come, what do you want?”

“Void said with a smile as he hovered in the air and looked at the crowd that had gathered around him.

Seeing Void’s calm demeanour, the crowd suddenly felt a little uncertain.

“The purpose of our visit should be clear to you, we want a ‘Immortal Mansion Key’, and you should have more than one in your hands anyway.”

He didn’t know that Ye Yan’s quiet search for the “Star Destiny Man” was already known to others, plus Ye Lu’s previous trouble in Europe and the battle in the “Solomon’s Secret Realm” made everyone suspect that he had more than one key in his hand.

No, but the Void laughed at this and said.

“So what? Bite me!”

Its words made the crowd around it laugh, as they had never expected Ye Lu to be so arrogant even though he had become a “turtle in a jar”.