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Winner Takes All Chapter 269-270

Chapter 269

Chen Daolin left in a hurry.

He didn’t even leave time to chat with Chen Dong for a few more minutes, and left directly in the helicopter after breakfast.

Chen Dong knew very well that if he wanted to take down the Qin family, Old Lady Chen was bound to be a huge obstacle.

The two parties were snakes and rats in the same nest.

The mere fact that they were plotting against him already tied both sides firmly to the same boat.

If he really made a move against the Qin family, the Qin family would inevitably ask for help from Old Lady Chen, who would also inevitably come to her rescue.

If he could understand such a simple truth, the Qin family and Old Lady Chen would not be confused either.

His father’s suppression of Old Lady Chen was a prerequisite for him and Qin Ye to take revenge on the Qin family!

With Chen Daolin leaving not long after.

Chen Dong also took Qin Ye and Kunlun along with him and left the Tianmen Mountain Villa, heading towards the airport on the outskirts of the city.

Elder Long stayed in the city, taking care of the aftermath and arranging things for the company.

In the short span of one month since he was sent to Black Prison, too many things had happened. Zhou Xuan alone was at the helm of Dingtai, and the simultaneous mobilisation and manipulation of Zhou Zunlong and Zhou Yanqiu had caused a whole lot of trouble.

What’s more, the huge change at the wedding had given rise to a bunch of hidden problems.

All of these, had to be resolved as soon as possible.

Even, Chen Dong did not mind at all if Elder Long used some thunderous measures.

Quickly cut through the chaos.

Nowadays, only Elder Long could handle this matter well.

Even if Chen Dong personally took up the matter, he was still somewhat stretched.

When the three of them arrived at the airport, they directly pa*sed through the green channel unhindered and boarded the private plane that Elder Long had arranged for a long time ago.

Soon, the plane took off.

“Young master, Elder Long has already arranged for the Chen family office in Xishu to take care of the reception.”

Kunlun said calmly, “This is also Master’s intention, he informed the Xishu office, which would attract the family’s attention, while Elder Long has arranged for it to be much more secretive, and this trip, we have to rely on the Chen family office.”

Chen Dong did not refute and nodded in response.

They were not going to the Qin family to chat and party, this time, they were going to see blood!

Since the name of the Chen family was the name of the Chen family, if they did not even alert the Chen family office in Xishu, the name would not be right.

Subconsciously, Chen Dong looked askance at Qin Ye.

At this moment, Qin Ye was as calm as usual.

Feeling Chen Dong’s forehead gaze, Qin Ye deflated his mouth, “Don’t consider my feelings, I don’t have a single relationship with the Qin family anymore, and they didn’t consider my feelings when they sent people to try to kill me.”

“I know.”

Chen Dong guffawed, “I was going to ask you what you plan to do with the Qin family.”

“You’ve already thought of a plan, and your father is helping you do it, so why are you asking me?”

Qin Ye shrugged his shoulders and said meaningfully, “Driving the tiger to swallow the wolf is the best policy, bloodshed of the Qin family would have been a fight to the death, not a good deal.”

Chen Dong smiled, his gaze looked morosely at the sea of clouds outside the window, “Yes, the crown is too heavy, if I don’t drive away the tiger and swallow the wolf, I can’t wear it steadily on my head.”

At these words.

Qin Ye and Kun Lun looked at Chen Dong in surprise at the same time.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, “What’s wrong?”

“You’ve changed, dog.” Qin Ye rested his hands behind his head, “Brother Kunlun, what do you think?”

“Dog, no, Young Master has indeed changed.”

Kun Lun looked flustered and hastily changed his tone, “The young master of the past would not have weighed the pros and cons so clearly.”

“Now, ah, you’re really the one who’s a bit of a successor.” Qin Ye teased, “Doing whatever it takes to outsmart those Chen family hooligans.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, his smile full of bitterness.

At half past ten at noon, the plane landed at Xishu Airport.

Just after walking out of the airport, a middle-aged man greeted him.

“I am the Consul of the Xishu Chen Family Office, Chen Kai has met Young Master Chen Dong.”

“Let’s go.”

Chen Dong nodded and followed Chen Kai towards the Rolls Royce on the roadside.

After getting into the car, Chen Kai then said, “Young master, today, is the Qin family head’s birthday, and the family is hosting a birthday banquet.”

“A birthday banquet?”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes danced for a moment, rubbing his chin and smiling playfully, “We’ve come at the right time, since it’s a birthday banquet, we have to give gifts, after all, when I had my big wedding, the Qin family was there to give gifts too.”

“I’d forgotten about that.” Qin Ye also looked down and pondered.

Suddenly, both of them looked at each other at the same time, then smiled morosely.

Inside the car, the temperature seemed to have plummeted by a large margin.

The Qin family.

As the richest man in Western Shu, it was high in the clouds, overlooking all life.

In the realm of Western Shu, it had a status that no one could match.

The birthday banquet of the Qin family’s head had even attracted the giants of Western Shu to come and congratulate him.

The birthday banquet alone had a hundred tables at the Qin family residence.

This was also the result of the Qin family head’s deliberate request not to spread out or make any noise, considering that it was not a full birthday.

It was close to noon.

Outside the Qin family residence, there were already a lot of luxury cars and a lot of water.

The crowds were swarming with noise and bustle.

Every time a guest arrived, a salute was fired.

The Qin family head, who was over the age of one, was dressed in a bright red Tang suit and stood at the entrance with a group of Qin family members, greeting the guests who had arrived to congratulate him.

“Grandpa, almost all the guests are here, the remaining ones are just some optional people, so there is no need for grandpa to greet them personally.” A young man in a suit said with a smile, “The guests are almost all here.

A young man in a suit said with a smile, “Grandpa has been standing all morning, please go back and take a rest for a while, we are enough to handle this place.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he immediately drew several juniors around him to agree with him.

They were all from the Qin family’s direct lineage and had a status that was unmatched in the Qin family.

In the Qin family, the difference between the first and second bloods was worlds apart.

“Qin Shant, you must not be so arrogant.”

Elder Qin’s face sank and his voice lowered.

The young man was instantly chilled and startled, and bowed his head in apology, “Grandfather, it was Frost’s fault.”

“Remember, don’t treat the guests with the slightest bit of arrogance, lest people say that the Qin family doesn’t know how to be polite.”

Master Qin’s expression eased and his smile returned, his eyes changed, “Right, if Xiao Qian returns, remember to tell me, I want to see her.”

“Got it, grandpa.”

Qin Shannon smiled and nodded, “When Sister Xiao Qian comes back, I will definitely inform you at the first opportunity.”

After Elder Qin turned around and entered the mansion, Qin Shannon’s face turned gloomy as she spat on the ground indignantly, “I really don’t know why Grandpa is thinking about Xiao Qian, isn’t she just a bit of a loser, she found a useless man and let someone come to her door, but in the end she still got divorced and ran away?”

A word that drew several of the first family members to agree.

At that very moment.

A middle-aged man suddenly ran over in a hurry, his face terrified as he said to Qin Shannon, “Young Frost, Qin, Qin Ye, has come to congratulate Master on his birthday.”


The deliberately low voice still caused Qin Frost and the others to be struck by lightning.

“That brute, how could he come?” Qin Shrost gritted his teeth, “Drive him away!”

“There’s no need to drive him away, I’m already here!”

Qin Ye stuck his hands in his pockets, his face full of cynical smile, provocatively said to Qin Frost, “Moreover, you are afraid that you won’t dare to drive me away, brother Frost, this is the young master of the Chen family next to me.”

“You ……” Qin Frost’s face changed, he knew Chen Dong, when Chen Dong’s big wedding, he had followed Elder Qin to the scene, and also experienced the wedding scene.

Only, that was all he knew, and he did not know anything deeper.

However, just as Qin Ye had said, the Qin family did not dare to drive the Chen family’s eldest youngster away yet!

In the blink of an eye.

Chen Dong then walked with Qin Ye, Kun Lun and Chen Kai to the few people in front of Qin Shannon.

Qin Ye took the gift box from Chen Kai’s hand and handed it to Qin Shannon.

“Here, a birthday gift for the old man, a token of appreciation.”

“Then I have to thank you.”

Qin Shannon smiled coldly and took the gift box, so she opened it in public without any qualms.

Only, upon seeing the birthday gift in the gift box.

Qin Shannon was instantly jealous and raging with hostility.

It was because inside the gift box was a pair of …… elegiac couplets!

Mourning for the dead, for mourning and sacrifice!



Chapter 270

Elegiac couplets are used for mourning the dead and for funeral rituals.

On top of grandpa’s birthday banquet, an elegiac couplet was used as a gift.

This is simply a smashing!

In an instant.

Qin Shou’s hostility tumbled.

Bang! With a bang, he directly threw the gift box on the ground, and the elegiac couplets in it spilled out.

Seeing this scene.

The few Qin family members behind Qin Shant froze on the spot.

Immediately afterwards, anger tumbled.

The surrounding guests and servants of the Qin family, seeing this scene, even changed their faces.

In an instant, the atmosphere in front of the main gate of the residence froze.

The air was thick with the smell of gunpowder.

“Qin Ye, you beast, my Qin family won’t bother with you, how dare you be so arrogant and curse like that at grandfather’s birthday banquet, get lost!”

Qin Shant scolded angrily, if not for the consideration of Chen Dong beside Qin Ye, he would have directly called for Qin Ye’s legs to be broken at this moment.

Qin Ye smiled disdainfully.

Chen Dong, who was beside him, slowly leaned down and picked up the elegiac couplet and put it into the gift box.

“This gift was personally chosen by me for the old master, is Young Master Frost trying to drive even me away?”

Chen Dong smiled teasingly and handed the gift box back to Qin Shrost with a stern gaze.


Several people in Qin Shrost were shocked at the same time.

Qin Shannon gritted her teeth and suppressed her anger, “Young Chen, you are the heir of the Chen family, our Qin family respects you, when you were getting married, I even came along with my grandfather to congratulate you, now this is how you return the gift to my grandfather’s birthday banquet?”

Even though he tried his best to suppress it, there was still a bitter coldness in his words.

“You don’t know?”

Chen Dong was a little stunned and his expression sank, “Then ask your grandfather! Today, if you let us in, I’ll beat you to it!”

The tone of his voice was resounding and overbearing.

As he said that, Chen Dong took big strides and walked directly towards the residence.

Qin Shannon’s expression was hostile, and she was about to stop him.

But Kunlun and Qin Ye stepped forward at the same time.

Kun Lun’s lofty figure immediately caused Qin Shannon’s steps to stall.

Qin Ye said in a cold voice, “Do you want to make a scene and ruin the birthday banquet?”

Qin Shrost’s expression changed and he gave a cold snort.

But with a few of the Qin family’s direct descendants in tow, he turned around and headed for the mansion.

“A few straw bags.”

Qin Ye laughed disdainfully.

Chen Dong laughed and was about to walk inside the mansion with a few people.

Suddenly, a playful shout came from behind him.

“Brother Ye!”

Qin Ye’s body shook and he turned around expressively.

Chen Dong and Kun Lun and Chen Kai also stopped and looked back.

They saw a wonderful woman, dressed in a white dress, leaping towards this way.

In a flash, she jumped into Qin Ye’s arms, full of smiles, “Brother Ye, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

“Xiao Qian, come down, you’re so big, it’s weirdly heavy.” Qin Ye said with a fake strain.

Qin Xiao Qian deflated and landed on the ground, aggrieved, “You’re the one who’s heavy, I’ve lost weight recently, I’m not heavy at all.”

“Che ……”

Qin Ye rolled his eyes and pulled Qin Xiao Qian over to Chen Dong, “Xiao Qian let me introduce you, this is Chen Dong, my buddy.”

Then he added to Chen Dong, “This is my sister, Qin Xiao Qian.”

A trace of surprise flashed in Chen Dong’s eyes.

He smiled and shook hands with Qin Xiao Qian.

Qin Xiao Qian was cheerful and called out to Brother Dong while shaking hands.

“You’re here to congratulate the old undead on his birthday too?” After being introduced in turn, Qin Ye asked in a low voice.

“Well nah, but I’m leaving after delivering the gifts.” The smile on Qin Xiao Qian’s face disappeared and her expression was incomparably forlorn.

Qin Ye frowned slightly, “It’s been two years, and the old immortal still hasn’t changed his rules for you?”

“It’s alright, wasn’t it also my fault back then?”

Qin Xiao Qian shrugged her shoulders and said with a fake indifferent smile, but the aggravation and loss in her eyes was obvious to anyone.

Qin Ye looked solemn and took Qin Xiao Qian’s hand: “Today, Brother Ye is here, I’ll let you stay until the birthday banquet is over, no one dares to drive you away!”

“Brother Ye ……” Qin Xiao Qian’s pretty face changed slightly, somewhat alarmed, “This, this is not good, in case ……”

“There is nothing in case, I have such a sister as you in the Qin family.”

Qin Ye looked cold and stern, his gaze resolute: “After my family’s incident, I no longer participate in the Qin family everything, but you this is a whole two years, the Qin family is still so act, since I came, then I have to protect you!”

The tone of his voice was so firm that Chen Dong and Kun Lun, who were both on the side, felt amazed.

All along, Qin Ye had given off the impression of being cynical, while having no affection for the Qin family.

However, at this moment, such a sister appeared.

And it had made Qin Ye so annoyed!

“That, what exactly is the matter?” Chen Dong asked curiously.

Qin Ye pulled Qin Xiao Qian’s hand and walked inside while telling Chen Dong about it.

It turned out that Qin Xiao Qian had outstanding abilities, and just after she turned 18, she went to university on her own while doing business and setting up a company, which was doing well, and at one point, she even had a tendency to take the lead in a city in Western Shu.

Such ability is enough to become an elite leader among the Qin family’s younger generation.

But two years ago, Qin Xiao Qian fell in love, perhaps for the first time, perhaps also young and frivolous, and soon married and started a family.

However, because of the poor family background of the man and the fact that the Qin family would not allow the girl in the family to be married off, they felt that they had lost face, so they forced the man to become a son-in-law.

However, the man soon cannot bear the oppression and aggravation of being a son-in-law and divorces Qin Xiao Qian in a flash.

A marriage that lasted only two months!

Qin Xiao Qian has not yet recovered from the pain of the divorce, the Qin family feels that the divorce is too humiliating, for the so-called Qin family face, not only robbed Qin Xiao Qian’s company, but also treated him as an outsider, the family has something to do, people can come, but can not stay!

The company was founded entirely on its own ability, but also relying on this ability, in the Qin family is still somewhat noticed, but the divorce, is the Qin Xiao Qian all the jerk to the end.

A short narrative, Chen Dong is also a sudden realization.

Isn’t this similar to what happened to Qin Ye?

The same disease, Qin Ye is not so righteous anger is strange.

However, Chen Dong did find it somewhat amusing.

For the sake of the so-called face, the Qin family had really made their mouths look cheap enough.

At the age of 18, Qin Xiao Qian had already set up a company and had even managed to become the head of a city. With such ability, it would not be too much to say that with a little training, she would become the future head of the Qin family.

The Qin family, however, is not a meritocracy, but rather maintains its face.

Is the face of a magnate really that important?

Chen Dong also noticed that while Qin Ye was recounting this matter, Qin Xiao Qian’s expression was frustrated and dishevelled to a great extent, but her eyes were full of resignation and anger.

Clearly, this girl’s heart was far from caring as much as her mouth said.

“Brother Dong, you can’t interfere in this matter, Xiao Qian is with us today!”

Qin Ye was rarely stubborn, “I’m going to see, a bunch of straw men from the Qin family, who dares to drive my sister Xiao Qian away today.”

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously and patted Qin Xiao Qian’s shoulder.

“Let’s go, with us here, even Elder Qin wouldn’t dare to drive you away today!”