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Super School Student Chapter 573-574

Chapter 573

The first people to see the vision were the tourists near the “Heavenly Pond” on the “Heavenly Mountain”, who noticed that on a distant mountain peak there was a constant flash of seven colours, like a rainbow mixed together.

“Look, what’s wrong with that mountain?”

“It’s so beautiful, is it the seven-coloured phoenix coming out.”

“I don’t know, and the colourful stripes are getting bigger!”


In fact, not only were the colours expanding, everyone also heard the faint sound of wind and thunder, and soon all sorts of arcs of light, like lightning, began to surround the mountain, the whole scene was like the gorgeous high-tech special effects in a blockbuster movie, making people a bit mesmerized after seeing it.

At this moment, the Mayan gods were already anxious.

“Let’s break in, we don’t care anymore, if there are people from China, we’ll just tell them our prophecy, time is running out, I hope everyone will believe us.”

Having said that, the man turned his head to one of the men beside him and said.

“Also, think of putting out a message to the whole world that the ‘end of days’ is coming, so that everyone will be ready for the arrival of the ‘ark’.”

When he finished, the man next to him nodded, but then, following him, he asked with some concern.

“Will everyone believe us when we say that?”

“Kamenpus, the leader of the Mayan gods, said with a glare.

“Find an authoritative media, whether it be threats or mind control, and get the message out to all the countries of the world, and quickly.”

In order to find the Saviour, the Mayan Gods had already spread their people around the world, so everyone was now acting together.

At the headquarters of one of China’s news media, several strange men with floral patterns on their faces suddenly appeared.

After they appeared, they grabbed a group of hostages, and then one of them showed his fearsome force by smashing a wall into pieces with a slap.

The men then ordered that an important announcement be broadcast immediately.

And the same message was broadcast on several highly rated local stations, big portals, social media platforms, and mobile phones, and so on, in all kinds of extremely high traffic media.

“According to authoritative and reliable sources, the countdown to the end of the world has begun, please all the ma*ses reading this message prepare all kinds of supplies to escape and survive, remember, money is the most useless, try not to go out and wait for the ‘saviour’ to come on the ‘ark’ at any time. Ark’ to come and save everyone.”

“Be sure to believe that this is not a joke, everything is true, remember that all those in villages and counties are concentrating on the cities, because the rescue cannot be done everywhere, it will definitely be mainly in the cities, whether or not you survive depends on whether or not you believe the news.”

“Remember, concentrate on the big cities, then wait for the ‘ark’, wait for the ‘ark’ ……”

Although the simultaneous news had left almost everyone dumbfounded, there were not particularly many people who really believed the story at all, and many felt it was a joke.

Many more, however, feared that the country and the media had been invaded and that the entire media and discourse had been controlled by the invaders.

Of course, this is essentially true – the Mayan gods should technically be considered invaders – but their intentions in releasing this news were definitely good.

“What’s going on here? Why is this being talked about everywhere?”

“I don’t know, it feels more real than 2012, the world isn’t really coming to an end, is it?”

“It doesn’t look like anything. Didn’t you see the movie? In 2012 there were many visions, big hailstorms, big earthquakes and so on, but now nothing is happening! You can see the sun is shining, the weather is perfect.”

“That’s true, but, you see the mainstream media saying that, most of it can’t be fake.”


While there was a lot of speculation, someone posted a new clue, someone posted photos of the oddly shaped people who had been seen at the headquarters of these media outlets before this, and someone else posted these photos, and of course, the people in the photos were the “Mayans”.

These “Mayans” actually include various species from the four “solar eras” mentioned in the “Mayan Calendar”, including those from the first “solar era”, the “Gendaya civilisation”, who were around one metre tall and men with three eyes, looking extremely bizarre.

The people of the second solar age, the Misopotamian civilization, and the third solar age, the Muria civilization, also look odd.

So, these “Mayan gods” actually looked very strange, which quickly led to the identification of these “Mayans” as terrorists.

The appearance of these photos immediately turned many people who had believed in the matter into disbelievers.

At the same time, the Mayan gods had already stormed the “formation” at the edge of the “Chinese country”, and at this point, they had no choice but to take the plunge.

The large number of people who had come in immediately drew attention.

Soon, the great powers of the Kingdom of China left behind in the Secular World took action, and because of the need to capture Ye Lu, there were many of them left behind in the Secular World.

After stopping the Mayan Gods, they began to ask questions.

“Who are you people? You look very familiar.”

An expert from the Pan Gu clan looked at the other side and asked.

It was true that the Mayans had been in faraway South America and had never been to China, so it was only right that they were unfamiliar to everyone.

The leader of the group, Kamenpus, gave a quick explanation.

“You’re saying that ‘Ye Lu’ will be the ‘saviour’ and will save all of our lives, are you out of your mind? Right.”

“By the way, and where is that ‘ark’ you mentioned?”

Kamenpus shook his head at this question.

“At the moment we don’t know where the Ark is, but the prophecy says that when we find the Saviour, we will be able to predict where the ‘other side of the boat ‘ where it is.”

As a result, there was no belief in the words of the “Mayan gods”.

At this moment, the handsome man had already broken through the “boundary” outside the “Beast Alliance Secret Realm”, which was nothing compared to the previous “boundary” in the “Beast Secret Realm”, so he did not feel any pressure to break it.

After that, he took a deep breath and walked out.

The moment he stepped out, countless thick clouds quickly began to gather at the top of the mountain, and not only this small mountain, but also the entire area around the “Heavenly Pool” of the “Heavenly Mountain” was covered with thick black clouds, turning day into night in an instant.

“Is this really the end of the world?”

In the vicinity of the “Heavenly Pond” on the “Heavenly Mountain”, the tourists began to worry because the black clouds were so frightening, as thick as black ink, no one had ever seen such heavy dark clouds, and blue lightning was crackling in the clouds.

It didn’t look like a normal change in the weather at all.

The dark clouds alone were not enough, but the crowd also felt a strong pressure, as if something heaven-destroying was about to come.


A startling thunderclap was followed by countless lightning bolts descending from the sky.

“Has the ‘thunder tribulation’ finally begun.”

The handsome young man standing in the centre of the dark clouds and thunder laughed as he looked at the sky.

And the terrifying thunder had already fallen on him.

This time the commotion was really too big, and the incomparably huge “thunderbolt” was seen by all the people around the entire “Heavenly Mountain”.

“What’s going on, is someone ‘crossing the tribulation’?”

Someone said in astonishment as they watched the heaven and earth phenomenon in the direction of the Heavenly Mountain.

“I guess you’ve been reading too many internet novels, what’s the point of ‘transmigration’? How many years has it been, have you ever seen a single person ‘crossing the tribulation’?”

“What the hell is going on with that one, it looks too scary too.”

Indeed, the vision of heaven and earth triggered by the handsome man at this moment was really too terrifying.

Even the Mayan gods and those who were stopping them had noticed the unusual situation.


Chapter 574

“How is this possible?”

Many of these great powers were very knowledgeable, and many of them were doppelgangers, while their doppelgangers had experienced the Lightning Tribulation, so they knew exactly what was happening.

After crossing the “God Transformation Realm”, practitioners will enter the “Nine Tribulations Realm”, which is also the most difficult hurdle for practitioners to cross, because each tribulation is a “Life and Death Tribulation”, and if they pa*s it, their cultivation will be greatly enhanced.

The reason why many people want to find “immortal pills” that can directly “ascend” is also to be able to avoid these tribulations, of course, it is obvious that actually avoiding the “tribulation” may not be a good thing, because then even after pa*sing the “tribulation” power will be much weaker.

But surely it is better to live like this than to die.

Of course, this handsome man certainly did not choose to escape the “thunder tribulation”, he seemed to be enjoying himself very much in the midst of the terrifying thunder, the terrifying falling thunder seemed to be bathing him as if it could not hurt him in the slightest, but the various experts who kept gathering over were terrified by this scene.

Because, they all knew clearly that these thunderbolts, each strike was enough to split them to pieces, but the guy inside the countless thunderbolts was treating the thunderbolts as nothing, even many experts whose bodies had experienced several tribulations had never seen such a person.

“How could such a terrifying fellow exist in the ‘secular world’?”

Some people began to mutter to themselves.

The current iron rule in the Mundane Realm was that once one reached the peak of the God Transformation Realm, once one crossed into the Nine Tribulation Realm, one would automatically be transported to another place, the place where the Hell Demon Dragon’s body was located, and at the God Transformation Realm, every cultivator had the opportunity to split up once.

This is a true bilocation, that is to say, a bilocation in which one’s soul, including one’s body, is split into two.

So whether to “split” or not is actually a very tedious matter for many people.

The creation of a doppelganger will inevitably distract from the original combat power, but a doppelganger is equal to an additional life, because there is no fundamental difference between the doppelganger and the main body, and when one dies, the other can continue to cultivate and have the same memories.

Moreover, the opportunity to create a doppelganger is only available at the “God Transformation Realm”, and once you have entered the “Nine Tribulation Realm” you will never have such an opportunity again.

Of course, no matter what time it is, the doppelganger and the main body can be merged into one at any time, and this is not restricted in any way.

This is why many people create a “split body”, because they can combine their bodies when necessary.

All in all, because of this rule, no one will “cross over” in the “secular world”.

At the same time as the vision appeared on the Heavenly Mountain, Ye Lu made a decision to take Liu Mei and the elites of the Nuwa clan on another trip to the secret realm of Daoist Duo Bao.

Besides, Ye Lu was not a greedy person, and he did not want to take all the things in the “Multi Treasure Secret Realm”, as long as he could get the right treasures for Qin Siyu, Ye Yan and himself.

After all, the Nuwa clan should be the best helper in fighting the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace.

At least for now.

Cooperating with the Nuwa Clan was the fastest way Ye Lu could think of to open the “Multi Treasure Secret Realm”. Recently, he always had a feeling that something big was about to happen.

Even if there was no big event, he was still a target, so he couldn’t just keep hiding everywhere, so on balance, Ye Lu felt that he should take the initiative, and now was a good opportunity.

The Nuwa clan was of course very interested in the secret realm of the Daoist of Many Treasures that Ye Lu had mentioned, after all, in the eyes of the Nuwa clan, they would do anything to improve Liu Mei’s cultivation.

Of course, the news of someone crossing the tribulation at the Heavenly Mountain soon reached the ears of the Nuwa Clan.

“Someone is really ‘crossing the tribulation’, I went to see it, it’s a handsome man, and he looks very powerful, how can I say, so powerful that it scares people.”

The clan member of the Nuwa clan who had been sent out to observe the event immediately brought back the news.

“Is that true?”

“The leader of the Nuwa clan muttered with a frown.

“This doesn’t seem to be in accordance with the laws of heaven and earth, don’t all ‘tribulation’ events take place only in the ‘ancient battlefield’.”

Hearing the “Nuwa leader” talk about the “ancient battlefield”, Ye Luo quickly asked.

“What is the ‘Ancient Battlefield’?”

He had a vague feeling that this “ancient battlefield” should be the place where the “Hell Demon Dragon” was located, and it was also the place where people of the “God Transformation Realm” would go after crossing the peak.

As expected, the “Nuwa clan leader” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Although that place is still far away to you, I might as well tell you about it.”

The “Chief Nuwa” looked at Ye Luo and thought for a moment.

“‘Ancient Battlefield’ is also the place where the ‘Battle of Extinction’ was experienced, and as you know, if the war really broke out in the ‘Secular Realm’, then ‘Worldly Realm’ would be destroyed, and the ‘Worldly Realm’ is the cornerstone that connects all the ‘Small Worlds’, so the real war took place on the ‘ Ancient Battlefield’.”

“However, I am not very clear about the exact circumstances, it seems that the initial ‘World Extermination War’ was not like this, except that later on, the ‘Ancient Battlefield’ became independent and became a separate and distinct from all other ‘secret realms’ that were different from all the others, and from that time onwards, everyone’s ‘transmigration’ would take place in the ‘Ancient Battlefield ‘ in it now.”

“That is to say, it became the final battlefield for the Jedi masters, and of course, the legendary ‘Immortal Mansion’ was also there.”

To be honest, the words of the “Nuwa Patriarch” had really taken Ye Lu by surprise.

He really did not expect that everything was in the Ancient Battlefield, including the Immortal Mansion of the Fairy of the Fallen Haze, which was also in the Ancient Battlefield.

Then, the “Chief Nuwa” continued.

“I think I have an idea where the person who ‘crossed the tribulation’ might have come from.”

Hearing her words, everyone looked in her direction.

“I think that this person might have come from the secret realm.”

“The others froze for a moment as she finished her sentence, and then she continued.

“Because only beings who come out of the ‘secret realm’ can ignore these laws of heaven and earth, because they are different from those in the ‘worldly realm’, and no one has ever come out of the ‘secret realm’ before. ‘, that is the iron rule, and this guy has broken through that iron rule.”

“This is a person who has broken the rules of heaven and earth, and I don’t know what he will bring.”

In the end, the “Chief Nuwa” sighed somewhat helplessly.

“Something outside the rules?”

Ye Luo also muttered with some confusion.

This was like the laws of physics, originally everything followed the law of falling from the top down, but suddenly there was a person who could violate the law, he could fly upwards freely, then what would happen?

From the point of view of the “secular world”, this person would become a “god”, and now this guy is breaking the law of “cultivators”, so he is a “god” among “gods”, or of course, he could be a “devil”.

Anyway, according to Ye Lu’s thinking, it was not the right time to focus on this.

“Let’s go, let’s take care of ourselves first, let’s go to the ‘Daoist of Many Treasures’ secret realm first, no matter what, let’s get the treasure mountain there first, as for the others, let’s take one step at a time.”

At present, no one knew the location of the “Abyssal Secret Realm”, so, in Ye Lu’s opinion, at least everyone had a safe way to escape.

So, everyone soon arrived at the secret realm of “Daoist Duo Bao” again.