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Super School Student Chapter 549-550

Chapter 549

As expected, things were just as he had thought, something had really happened.

This time, the people who attacked the branch of the Hundred Flowers Sect were the Xuan Tian Clan, but these people were not targeting Liu Mei, they were targeting this branch of the Hundred Flowers Sect, or to be precise, they were targeting Ye Lu.

They wanted to blackmail Ye Luo through these people from the Hundred Flowers Sect.

“Mostly because the identity of ‘Mr. Luo’ has been exposed.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly in his heart.

The first time he came into contact with the Hundred Flowers Sect was at the “Heavenly Horse Mountain”, but at that time, the contact was not deep, he only added WeChat with “Jasmine”, then the two of them contacted each other by WeChat, but the exchange of things was also done by courier, so Ye Luo felt that at that time, it should not cause too many ideas.

After that, once Ye Luo and the Hundred Flowers Clan officially started contacting each other, Jasmine started to keep in close contact with him, especially when he was kicking off the tournament, Jasmine was by his side, and after that, when he came back from Miaojiang, Ye Luo brought the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame to the Hundred Flowers Clan as Mr. Luo.

This should be the key to his exposure, because there were too many people in the Hundred Flowers Sect, and all of them were women, so everyone loved to gossip, plus the Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame was placed in the square, so not only did this “branch” know about it, but the headquarters of the Hundred Flowers Sect also knew about it.

Therefore, it was not surprising that word had leaked out.

“It seems that the other party is not too well prepared!”

He found that the Xuantian Clan had indeed sent a luxurious lineup this time, enough to crush the Dragon Clan and Vermilion Bird Clan’s team that he had brought before, but it was not exaggerated, as only the one leading the team was a First Grade Medium God, while the others were all Lower Gods.

I guess these people did not know that Ye Luo had obtained the “Solomon’s Vase” and the “Shura Army”.

After all, the incident had happened in the secret realm of the Pill Alliance, so they would not have known about it if no one had spread the news.

However, Zhang Tian of the Xuantian Clan had taken the Nine Treasures Linglong Tower, which in Ye Lu’s opinion should be more powerful than the Daoist of Many Treasures’ Mysterious Realm, after all, it was a real thing left behind by the Fairy of the Fallen Haze.

To deal with the guy at the head of the group, only Qin Siyu and himself could cooperate.

“Is everyone here?”

In the “Xuanhuo Square” of the “Hundred Flowers Sect” branch, the guy in the lead did not know that the guards at the entrance had been silently killed by Ye Lu.

He looked around at the few Xuantian Clan members and asked.

“They should all be here, but this place is too big, so most of them will be missed.”

The leader of the group nodded and then looked at the group and asked.

“Which one is Molly?”

As a result, the Elder Narcissus looked at him and said.

“Your Excellency, Jasmine is not here, she has never returned since she left the secret realm last time, we went outside to look for her and said that she was captured by someone called ‘King Solomon’.”

This news was of course spread by Ye Lu.

The purpose was to avoid the bizarre “King Solomon” using some other poisonous tricks against Jasmine, but he did not expect that the “King Solomon” would not make a move, but the people of the “Xuan Tian Clan” did first.

In fact, what Ye Lu did not know was that the reason why the Xuan Tian Clan did not send a stronger team this time was because they were not only targeting the Hundred Flowers Clan, they were targeting all the rumours about the “Immortal Palace Key”.

Therefore, the Xuantian Clan had also sent people to the place where Ye Lu had said “King Solomon”.

This included tracking down the Heavenly Demon Palace and Kunlun, but of course, more of the main force went to the Wuji Sect.

At this moment, the headquarters of the Wuji Clan and the secret realms of several clan branches were surrounded by the Xuantian Clan’s people, including the secret realms where the “Supreme Elders” and “Venerable Masters” of the Wuji Clan trained were all controlled by the Xuantian Clan’s people.

Of course, the secret realm where the Venerable Masters were located sent the largest number of people.

Most of them are old monsters who have lived for hundreds of years, and some of them have lived for thousands of years, just like Abe Haruaki.

For these people, the completely open secret realm of the clan no longer has any meaning, only the more terrifying Jedi is their paradise.

Of course, to these people, “clan” is just a concept, they rely more on each other, or rather, to them, the death or survival of the weaker members of the clan does not mean much, so there is no point in trying to blackmail these people by relying on “clan”.

At this moment in the Bermuda Triangle, the Venerable Masters of the Wuji Clan were facing a challenge.

“Venerable Xuan Long, do you have a blister in your head, suddenly coming to us and saying that you are subservient to you?

“Venerable Wu Chang, the leader of the Wuji Clan, said in disbelief when he saw the people opposite him.

“The Xuantian Clan and the Wuji Clan had always been at odds with each other, and this was something that the Venerable Wuchang knew very well, after all, the two clans had not been fighting for decades.

Moreover, the two of them had fought against each other, and their strengths were comparable to each other. If these people at home and these people really fight, it is still unknown who will win and who will lose.

As a result, Venerable Xuan Long looked at him and smiled and said.

“Unfortunately, Venerable Wu Chang, you have forgotten a few words, ‘Thirty years in the east and thirty years in the west’ and ‘Three days of farewell for a soldier.’ The current me is no longer the previous me.”

With these words, this fellow then fully released his aura.

The terrifying pressure caused the “Venerable Wu Chang’s” eyebrows to wrinkle, and then his pupils dilated, because he felt that this “Venerable Xuan Long’s” aura was really stronger than his own.

“Has he broken through a small realm?”

He muttered in his heart, and then, the clothes on the “Venerable Xuan Long’s” body turned into countless pieces with a “brush!” This armor was really as white as snow, crystal clear, and not ordinary at first glance.

In the hand of the “Venerable Xuan Long” appeared a long sword, also white and flawless.

“Spiritual treasures! It’s a complete set.”

He could sense the level of the treasure from the fluctuation of the equipment on his opponent’s body, and it should be a “Heavenly-ranked” “Spiritual Treasure”, and it was a complete set of “Spiritual Treasure” from the helmet to the boots to the weapon.

However, what surprised him even more was that all the venerable members of the Xuantian Sect suddenly had their clothes shattered into pieces at the same time, and to his amazement, Venerable Wu Chang found that each of them was actually wearing a suit.

“This …… this …… this …… this …… this ……”

He said “this” three times in a row, and then did not say anything further because it was obvious that what he saw was beyond his imagination.

It was as if yesterday everyone was fighting with cold weapons and carrying kitchen knives, while the next day the other side appeared with machine guns and cannons.

This kind of shock was simply indescribable.

“The Venerable Xuan Long smiled and said.

“What do you think? Will you submit, or will you fight?”

As he said this, he raised his hand and waved it, and an incomparably huge ice dragon appeared out of thin air and let out a loud roar as it began to hover in the air.

Seeing this scene, Venerable Wu Chang’s head lowered.

He looked at Venerable Xuan Long and said with a sigh.

“Fine, we admit our defeat, what do you want to do?”

“Venerable Xuan Long smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, we are not going to kill you, and there are good things waiting for you, great good things.

When he heard the words of the Venerable Xuan Long, the eyes of the Venerable Wu Chang lit up, thinking that at their age, the end of life and death was approaching, and that “death” could not be avoided just because you were strong enough, she was like the “Sword of Damocles” hanging over her head, ready to be cut down at any moment.

So, the Venerable Wu Chang and the people of the Wuji Clan nodded their heads.

On the side of the Hundred Flowers Sect, Ye Lu also started to act.


Chapter 550

The reason why Ye Lu acted is because he had to act, the “Xuan Tian Clan” people in the “Xuan Huo Square” have already started to lay hands on the women of the “Hundred Flowers Clan”.

“Well, I know that everyone in the sect has been cultivating hard to improve are also suffocated, later, the women here see which like which is taken away, but, before that, first, the people here are loaded into the ‘Jade Void Glazed Lamp’ inside.”

With those words, this guy took out an extremely beautiful looking lantern, and Ye Lu quickly observed the lantern that was emitting a million-dotted light.

“Name: Jade Void Glazed Lamp, Grade: Intermediate Earth Grade Innate Spiritual Treasure, Origin: Owned by Jade Clear Yuan Shi Tian Zun, Description: one of the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Treasures, also the ‘Heavenly Lamp’ of the three lamps of ‘Heaven, Earth and Man’, contains a golden flame called ‘Ancient Flame of Ten Thousand Spirits’, has the ability to scout for ten thousand spirits ……”

However, of course, Ye Luo could not let them have their way, although Qin Siyu did not come, but, Ye Luo also of could come out by himself.

So, he jumped out and looked at the crowd and said.

“No need to pretend to be someone, the person you want to find is me, right?”

Ye Luo looked at the leader of the Xuan Tian Clan, the one whose name was “Xuan Yun Zun”, and smiled.

When he saw Ye Lu suddenly appear, that “Xuan Yun Zun Zun” expert frowned, this guy was obviously a very cautious person, after seeing Ye Lu appear, he instructed everyone to draw their weapons and make preparations to attack, however, the person they wanted to attack was not Ye Lu, but those women from the “Hundred Flowers Sect”.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu looked at “Venerable Xuan Yun” and said with a smile.

“You’re already a ‘Venerable’, but you’re still using women as a shield, and you’re targeting me, don’t you feel ashamed? Let people go, let’s settle this matter ourselves.”

As a result, to Ye Lu’s slight surprise, the “Venerable Xuan Yun” said with a smile.

“Oh, don’t dream, we have other uses for these women, don’t worry, we won’t kill them easily, they certainly have better places to go.”

Then, Venerable Xuan Yun activated the Jade Void Glazed Lamp in his hand.

Numerous golden rays of light danced around, and then these rays enveloped all the women present, and immediately afterwards, all the women were taken into the Jade Void Glazed Lamp.

Seeing that all the women had been taken away, Ye Lu was relieved because he was also worried that the fight might affect these women later.

The cultivation level of these women was very low, so I was afraid that a large group of people would die on the spot if they were affected.

After that, the “Venerable Xuan Yun” looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Ye Lu, a guy who hasn’t even reached the ‘Yuan Ying realm’ actually wants to talk to us, have you been kicked in the head by a donkey?”

Ye Luo then laughed and said.

“What you said is quite reasonable, my head is indeed a bit not too bright, because I’m wondering, what do you guys want from me? I don’t have any grudges with you guys in the distant past, so why are you guys targeting me?”

Honestly, he wanted to know what this Zhang Tian knew.

However, that “Venerable Xuan Yun” sneered and said.

“You are not qualified to know this, so leave your life behind.”

After he finished speaking, he casually waved his hand.

A white light appeared and shot out towards Ye Lu, it was a white spear with a terrifying aura, and the speed was so fast that Ye Lu could not dodge it in time.


Following that, the spear struck Ye Luo.

Ye Luo was instantly knocked out of the way, following which he didn’t move at all.

“Hmph! Even an ant-like existence is pretending to be in front of me, it’s simply seeking death, thanks to ‘Young Heaven’ still valuing this fellow so much, I think ‘Young Heaven’ has overestimated him too much.”

“Venerable Xuan Yun” looked at Ye Lu who was not moving in the distance and shook his head.

“Go on, Venerable Xuan Ye, go and see if there is anything worth caring about on him.”

Hearing his words, a venerable of the Xuan Tian Clan dressed in white flew towards Ye Lu and then reached out his hand to search Ye Lu’s body.

However, after he reached out, he did not move.

“Venerable Xuan Yun” looked at “Venerable Xuan Ye” and frowned.

“Sh*t! What the hell, why isn’t he moving? Is something wrong? ‘Venerable Xuan Qing’, go and take a look.”

“Venerable Xuan Yun” felt that Venerable Xuan Ye should be in some kind of trouble, however, he did not see Ye Lu attack, which made him feel a bit puzzled.

He did not know that Ye Lu had used a close attack and had directly struck the “Sun True Flame” into the “Sea of Consciousness” of “Venerable Xuan Ye” through his meridians, directly destroying his “Sea of Consciousness”.

The “Sun True Flame” was very powerful in this regard, and could be said to be a powerful tool for destroying the “Sea of Consciousness”.

For a YuanYing realm, there are two most vulnerable parts, one is the “Gold Dan” transformed into “YuanYing” in the “Dantian” and the other is the “Sea of Consciousness” inside the head, which is transformed from spiritual energy.

In this kind of close combat, the “Sun True Flame” is like the “Sea of Consciousness”, the most direct attack, so this “Venerable Xuan Ye” died on the spot without even saying a word.

However, the new “Venerable Xuan Qing” did not act rashly. He looked cautiously at Ye Lu, who was not moving, and then decided to make an additional slash.

He raised his hand quickly and a bright yellow flame flew out to envelop Ye Lu.

Ye Luo then quickly adjusted the flames to cover his body to form a protective film.

To be honest, if it was any other attack, he would still be afraid, but to use flames, this is definitely “a fool’s errand”, the four flames on Ye Lu’s body, which is not outrageously powerful ah.

After that, the flames covering Ye Lu’s body turned black, as if he had been burnt.

Seeing that Ye Lu was burnt to charcoal, this guy was relieved because he didn’t find anything unusual even when he used his “divine sense” to probe, so he slowly walked over.

Ye Lu waited quietly for his chance, and also waited quietly for the time to pa*s. Just now, the reason why he took action was to avoid the sisters of the Hundred Flowers Sect being violated.

Other people couldn’t tell, but Ye Lu could tell through his gla*ses that the equipment on these people was quite extraordinary, not to mention the fact that they had “standard” equipment, which was quite frightening.

“Standard” means having uniform equipment, like the army would wear uniform camouflage uniforms, and he found that the other side was like that, many of them were wearing neat and tidy “spirit treasure” suits, which was a bit scary.

“What kind of opportunity has that Zhang Tian got, it’s too scary.”

Ye Luo muttered to himself as he lay on the ground, and then, as the “Venerable Xuan Qing” grabbed his body, he attacked again, another strike that destroyed his “divine sense”.

Now everyone understood that Ye Lu was not dead and was playing a trick on him.

“Go on, kill him for me.”

“Venerable Xuan Yun” said as he looked at Ye Lu.

Then, everyone rushed towards Ye Luo.

Ye Luo had no choice but to turn on all his firepower.





The “Di Qi”, “Red Luan”, “Dragon Clan” and “Vermilion Bird Clan” all appeared in full armor, but of course there were even more “Shura” and “Four-Armed Shura” with vajra rage, and these “Shura” formed the smallest “Shura Battle Formation” with the appearance of eighteen people.

When he saw so many “God Transformation Realm” experts appearing at once, Venerable Xuan Yun’s brow furrowed.

“It’s really not easy to deal with, no wonder the ‘Heavenly Young Master’ attaches so much importance to this person, it seems that I have underestimated him.”

He quickly raised his hand and a lance appeared in his hand, followed by his clothes disappearing and being replaced by a set of red armour.

Seeing his action, all the “God Transformation Realm” experts from the Xuantian Sect all showed their red armour in unison, as if they had transformed from cultivators into an army.

However, to the surprise of Venerable Xuan Yun, he saw that Ye Lu had disappeared.