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Super School Student Chapter 545-546

Chapter 545

This feeling wasn’t very strong, so there was no way for Ye Lu to know what was summoning him, but he could indeed feel as if something was waiting for him.

However, it was obvious that such a thing wasn’t on the third level.

It should be on a higher level of the tower.

At this moment, in front of Ye Lu were three demonic beasts with the cultivation level of “Third Grade Lower God”.

They are called “Kui Mu Wolf”, “Pleiades Sun Rooster” and “Bi Yue Wu” respectively.

The treasures on this level had also been upgraded to “Heavenly” and “Saint” ranked “magic treasures”, and when she saw the “Saint” ranked magic treasures, the eyes of the “Yunlu Palace Master” lit up.

To be honest, not to mention her, even Ye Lu’s heart was moved.

The reason for the low “rank” was that even cultivators at the YuanYing realm or even lower than the YuanYing realm could use them, in other words, most “Saint rank” items meant that the lower rank could use the higher rank.

For example, a “Martial Skill” of the “Saint Rank” was no different from a “Spell”, but with such a “Martial Skill”, a person who had not reached the cultivation level of “Ninth Turn of Jindan” could use the power of a “Spell”, but of course, how much power could be used depended on the “Martial Skill” itself and the user.

Now, Ye Lu had a “Saint-rank” “spell” in his hand, and if he had a “Saint-rank” magic treasure that could be used in conjunction with the “Saint-rank” spell, Ye Lu felt that he would definitely be able to use it for a very long time.

Just like the Blazing God Blade, after taking the “Heaven Contradiction Pill”, Ye Lu could easily burn the “Shura” to ashes with the Blazing God Blade and the fusion flame, this was the attack increase brought by the weapon.

However, in order to get those goodies, he had to deal with these three terrifying demonic beasts in front of him first.

However, what Ye Luo could not understand was that the cultivation levels of the three guys in front of him were not the same.

Among them, the Kui Mu Wolf and the Pleiades Rooster were at the peak of the Third Grade Lower God, which was the peak of the Lower God, while the Bi Yue Wu seemed to have just broken through the Third Grade Lower God, but of course, it was not easy to deal with them.

However, there is one factor that is more favorable to Ye Lu, that is, these three guys are Western White Tiger Seventh Year Demon Beasts, that is to say, they are all metallic demon beasts, while Ye Lu and the Vermilion Bird Clan are both fire attribute, in the five elements, “fire kills gold”, so Ye Lu and the Vermilion Bird Clan can restrain each other.

“It looks like we’ll have to use all our strength this time.”

Ye Luo looked at the three guardian demon beasts and rubbed his chin in thought.

The “Kui Mu Wolf” had already transformed into a tall man and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I didn’t expect that after so many years, someone would actually find this ‘treasure trove’, your luck is not ordinary either!”

Hearing his words, the “Yun Lu Palace Master” said with a smile.

“Since we are so lucky, you guys should let us go, so that you don’t have to stay here in boredom, and we can also get good treasures, isn’t it the best of both worlds?”

As a result, the Kui Mu Wolf shook his head and said.

“The three of us have been here for many years, and we’ve all raised our realm by one level without any a*sistance, do you think we don’t want to leave? It’s because we simply can’t leave, so I advise you not to come in, it’s death or death when you do.”

As he said this, he raised his hand and released a huge wolf tooth stick, followed by the Pleiades Rooster and the Biyue Wu, who also took out their weapons.

“The Pleiadian Rooster was a sewing needle about the same length as his own, while the Biyue Wu produced a half-moon shaped curved sword as black as ink.

The three demonic beasts quickly took up their positions and waited for Ye Lu to attack.

The “Yunlu Palace Master” looked at Ye Lu, she felt that she was no longer of any use in this battle.

However, Ye Lu looked at her and said with a smile.

“Lord Palace Master, if you want to win this level, you must help.”

When she heard Ye Lu’s words, the “Palace Master of Yun Lu” was dumbfounded as she looked at Ye Lu and said with wide eyes.

“Me? I can’t help you, let alone this, I can’t even defeat the first level, is it a death sentence for me to go there? Don’t you dare pit me.”

Ye Lu then laughed and said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you risk your life, I just need you to lend me one thing, the ‘Zhan Xian Flying Daggers’ you just used.”

Hearing that Ye Lu wanted to use the ‘Immortal Cutting Flying Dagger’, the ‘Yun Lu Palace Master’ immediately shook like a rattle drum and said.

“It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you, but only I and the ‘Western Queen Mother’ can use it, so you can’t use it even if I give it to you!”

This was certainly known to Ye Lu, however, he followed with a smile and said.

“So, I have to borrow one more thing from you, and that is your blood.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the face of the “Yun Lu Palace Master” immediately turned white as she looked at Ye Lu in horror and said.

“What, you, you want to kill to silence me?”

Ye Lu had a black face.

“What kind of mouth is that? Why would I want to kill you to silence you? I just want to fuse your bloodline and use the ‘Immortal Cutting Flying Daggers’.”

“You should not think too much.”

When Ye Lu finished speaking, the “Yun Lu Palace Master” said as she rubbed her towering breasts this time.

“Phew! I was scared to death, I thought you wanted to make a move on me, I told you, how can you rob a beautiful woman like me first?”

Ye Lu was too lazy to talk nonsense with the “Yun Lu Palace Master” and directly handed over a knife.

Under the disbelieving expression of the “Yunlu Palace Master”, Ye Lu quickly began to fuse the bloodline of the “Yunlu Palace Master”, something he was already familiar with, so he quickly claimed the “Immortal Beheading Flying Sword”.

When he saw that the Flying Dagger had really changed its owner, an expression of disbelief appeared on the face of the Lord of Yunlu Palace.

Because the bloodline of “Daoist Lu Zu” was a single lineage, unfortunately, it was pa*sed down to her generation that she had a congenital defect in her body and was unable to cultivate, so she came to “Yun Lu Palace” on her own, which was considered to be a seclusion, but she did not expect Ye Lu to possess her own bloodline after just a short while.

“What kind of person is this guy?”

The “Yunlu Palace Master” muttered in confusion as she looked at Ye Lu’s back.

In fact, it was only as Ye Lu’s cultivation level increased and his knowledge grew that he truly understood why “Gla*ses” had singled out “Bloodline Ability” as a large category equal to “Martial Skills”, because “Bloodline” and “Bloodline Avatar” were really too important.

“Alright, our attack can begin.”

After acknowledging the “Immortal Cutting Flying Daggers”, Ye Lu smiled and followed by the experts of the “Vermilion Bird Clan” who began to appear one by one.

Seeing that Ye Lu had released so many experts of the “God Transformation Realm” in succession, the “Yun Lu Palace Master” once again swallowed her saliva, for she really did not expect Ye Lu to be this strong now.

Then, there was the Dragon Clan’s “Di Qi” and the Dragon Clan’s “God Transformation Realm” experts.

Of course, this was not the end of the story, Ye Lu swallowed three “Heaven Reversal Pills” quickly, and his cultivation level began to increase dramatically, and when it reached its peak, Ye Lu struck again, and eighteen “Four-Armed Shura” appeared in front of Ye Lu.

The cultivation level of these Four-Armed Shura had reached the level of “Second Grade Lower God”. Although the level of all of them varied, they should be able to deal with one of the three demonic beasts with the support of the “Shura Battle Formation”.

Looking at the sudden appearance of dozens of “God Transformation Realm” super experts, the “Yunluo Palace Master” was completely shocked.

“Ye Lu, what exactly have you done this time? How did you become so strong all of a sudden, did you turn on?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I’ve opened up a little, just wait, you’re about to open up too.”

With those words, the group walked into the third level of the forbidden system together.

Seeing that Ye Lu suddenly got out so many experts and “Hullo!” This made several people, such as “Kui Mu Wolf” and “Pleiades Rooster”, frown.


Chapter 546

To be honest, the Kui Mu Wolf did not expect the situation to be reversed in an instant. Although the people Ye Lu brought with him this time did not have the same level of cultivation as the rest of them, there were indeed dozens of super experts of the “God Transformation Realm”, especially the eighteen “Four-Armed Shura” with vajra rage, which looked neat and tidy and appeared to be from the same race, so there might be some kind of “battle formation” or something like that.

The “battle formation” is actually not an extremely difficult secret art, but many “battle formations” are difficult to find the right person to work with, and “battle formations” are difficult to practice, but relatively easy to break.

Of course, if the coordination is not good, the power of the battle formation will also be greatly reduced.


While they were making up their minds, Ye Lu waved his hand and all of them started to move according to Ye Lu’s plan, while Ye Lu aimed at the weakest “Bi Yue Wu”, the eighteen “Four-Armed Shura” aimed at the strongest “Kui Mu Wolf”, the “Vermilion Bird Clan” held back the “Pleiades Rooster”, and “Di Qi” led the Dragon Clan to deal with the “Bi Yue Wu” together with Ye Lu.

Under Ye Lu’s control, the white figure of the Flying Dagger appeared again, still shooting out white light to fix the Pleiades.

Although this “Bi Yue Wu” was stronger than Ye Lu who had taken the “Heavenly Reverse Pill”, firstly, it did not have the physique of the “Heavenly Demon Race”, and secondly, although Ye Lu’s cultivation was low, his combat power was high, so the “Flying Daggers of Immortality” villain he summoned was undoubtedly stronger than the one summoned by the “Lord of Yun Lu Palace”.


As the white villain spun, the “Blazing God Blade” in Ye Lu’s hand also struck at the same time, along with Di Qi and the other Dragon Clan experts.

While Bi Yue Wu’s body was frozen, his head was being twisted and cut by the Flying Daggers of Immortality.

The result was that after just one encounter and one move, “Bi Yue Wu” was killed first.

Seeing this scene, both the “Kui Mu Wolf” and the “Pleiades Rooster” showed extremely frightened expressions, they never thought that Ye Lu’s attack would be so terrifying.

After killing Biyue Wu, Ye Lu unleashed the white villain again, this time targeting Kui Mu Wolf.

The “Kui Mu Wolf” was already stretched to the limit against the eighteen “Four-Armed Shura”, and with the addition of Ye Lu’s “Flying Daggers of Immortality”, his defence collapsed and he was instantly killed by the attack of the eighteen “Four-Armed Shura”.

The last “Pleiadian Chicken”, of course, was not in any doubt, and was also easily killed by the group.

After all this last night, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Well, Lord Palace Master, this level is finally done, let’s both choose the treasure and share the spoils, I guess this is our limit.”

To be honest, this bizarre “Secret Realm of Many Treasures” level was set up too bizarrely, according to the pattern just now, Ye Lu felt that the next level would definitely be four guardian demonic beasts, and the level would be one level higher, so there was no way to break through each other’s defenses even if everyone poured in.

In fact, if there was only one “guardian beast” on each level, Ye Lu could have asked Qin Shiyu to help, just light a candle and slowly grind it to death.

However, Ye Lu is not a person who is insatiable. He is very happy to be able to get a “holy-rank” “magic treasure”, and it is also a variety of ancient and terrifying magic treasures from the “Daoist of Many Treasures” mobile phone.

He had been collecting all kinds of blood specimens in order to be prepared for emergencies, and this time some of them would probably come in handy.

As a matter of fact, Ye Lu found that there were many good treasures in the depths of this floor, many of which came from the “Kunlun” lineage, as well as from other immortals.

In fact, the distinction between gods and immortals in China is not particularly clear, some of them, such as the Purple Emperor, are both gods and immortals, and it is not always the case that gods and immortals are more powerful, it is related to cultivation, etc. In short, many of the goodies of this “Daoist of Many Treasures” come from these gods and immortals, and some are heavenly treasures, of course, many of these things are pa*sed down from the “Hao Tian Continent”.

This made Ye Lu feel that there should be an inextricable link between the Earth and the Haotian Continent.

Of course, at this level, apart from the various weird and terrifying “magic treasures” that interested Ye Lu, there were also a lot of heavenly treasures that could be used to make pills, so this “Daoist of Many Treasures” really lived up to his name.

It is a good thing that the Sumeru Ring is large enough.

Of course, in terms of storage treasures, Ye Lu didn’t have to worry at all, there wasn’t enough space for him to make some more.

“Unfortunately, the level of pills was a bit poor.”

Ye Luo found that most of the things were good, it was the “pills” collected that were not particularly good, not sure if the pills collected were good themselves, or if the good ones were all eaten by him, or maybe Ye Luo’s eyesight in this area was too high.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs and have a look.”

After he had filled up his pots, Ye Lu looked at the “Yun Lu Palace Master” and said with a smile.

Whether they could break through or not was one thing, but there was no danger anyway, so the two of them walked up to the fourth floor in a good mood, and he felt the summoning feeling become stronger, and then he saw that there were really four guys guarding the fourth floor.

However, this time, the four did not look like demonic beasts, but four people.

These four people were holding different “magic treasures”, some with “umbrellas”, others with “lutes”, and others with “snakes”, all in all looking strange ……

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet.

The four guys were called the “Four Generals of the Demon Family”, namely “Demon Ley Qing”, “Demon Ley Hai”, “Demon Ley Hong” and “Demon Ley Shou”, and the “secular world” also called these four guys the “Four Heavenly Kings”.

They are the Four Heavenly Kings, the Four Heavenly Kings of Growth, the Four Heavenly Kings of Holding the Kingdom, the Four Heavenly Kings of Many Hearts and the Four Heavenly Kings of Wide Eyes.

When he saw the appearance of the “Four Heavenly Kings”, Ye Lu had a bit of a headache, as these four guys were already primary “Intermediate Gods”, and although their cultivation level had just recently crossed into “Intermediate Gods”, they were still far more powerful than the three demonic beasts below.

“It looks like we can only sing a cool hand.”

Ye Luo looked at the “Four Heavenly Kings” who were sitting there holding different “magic treasures” and said helplessly.

With these four people guarding him, today’s good day had come to an end.

However, the “Yunlu Palace Master” was thinking about it.

She stroked her chin back and forth, as if she was trying to think of something, and then she slapped her palm and said.

“I remember, maybe we have a way, can’t you use all kinds of bloodlines? Right, as long as there are bloodlines you can purify and fuse them, is that right?”

Ye Lu nodded, and the “Yun Lu Palace Master” then said with a smile.

“I remembered that these four guys have a ‘magic treasure’ that can restrain them, this ‘magic treasure’ is called ‘heart saving nail’, legend has it that their ancestors Legend has it that their ancestors were killed by this thing, and among the ‘Saint-level magic treasures’ that we have just collected is the ‘Heart Saving Nail’.”

When he heard the words of the “Yunlu Palace Master”, Ye Lu was stunned, he didn’t think there was such a thing, so he hurriedly slapped his palm and said.

“Sh*t, then what are you waiting for, what bloodline is needed for this ‘Save the Heart Nail’, do you have it?”

“The Yunlu Palace Master said with a smile.

“Not right now, but I’ll be able to bring it back soon, just wait a few hours.”

After saying that, the “Yunlu Palace Master” left, Ye Lu was just about to enter a period of weakness, so he took the opportunity to rest.

Sure enough, a few hours later, the “Yunlu Palace Master” came back with a smile.