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Super School Student Chapter 543-544

Chapter 543

Cecilia, who had been caught by the Red Luan, did not panic too much, but looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Nuwa, this war will come to an end sooner or later, and the final victory will definitely be ours.”

After saying this, the “Cheshire” exploded with a “boom!” It exploded with a loud bang.

“The power of the explosion was quite powerful, but Red Luan was not a novice and such an attack was nothing to her.

“Red Luan clapped her hands and went to Ye Luo’s side.

“Why did this guy just blow himself up?”

“Yunluo Palace Master asked, slightly puzzled as she looked at the slowly dissipating demonic Qi.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Because this fellow was originally a ‘doppelganger’, her original body is somewhere, that’s why she blew herself up, I guess the one you killed before was also a doppelganger.”

In fact, he had already guessed this outcome when he saw that the “Cheshire” was a bilocation.

“These ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ people are really cautious.”

Ye Luo could not help but sigh, no matter where the “Checia”‘s body was, it was undoubtedly very safe to release the “doppelganger” to act, if not, the doppelganger would be destroyed directly, no trace or handle would be left behind.

Of course, “splitting” is not something that can be done whenever you want to do it, first of all, you need to have the corresponding “divine skill”, without the relevant “divine skill” it is impossible to create a split, and also has a relationship with the practitioner himself, some people are suitable for splitting, while some people are difficult to create a split.

There is also a problem with doppelgangers, which is that they distract the master from his strength.

The doppelganger is not a clone, it is part of your body, and if it is killed, it is a great loss to itself.

This should also be the reason why that “Enchanting Angel” only made a “YuanYing realm bilocation”.

“When will I be able to create a ‘split body’ as well?”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, the feeling of a split body was still quite interesting, however, Ye Luo guessed that he still had a long way to go before he could achieve a split body.

“This sister, what is your relationship with Ye Luo?”

When she saw “Red Luan” standing beside Ye Lu, who did not say a word, “Yun Lu Palace Master” became a bit nosy.

“The reason why she didn’t say anything was because she wasn’t used to communicating with people yet. When she saw the “Yunluo Palace Master” asking, she said with a smile.

“Ye Lu and I are friends, but he is also my life-saver.”

After hearing what “Hong Luan” had said, “Yunluo Palace Master” nodded.

And Ye Luo looked at the “Yun Lu Palace Master” and asked.

“Lord Palace Master, what kind of person are you? That ‘Immortal Cutting Flying Dagger’ is too powerful, isn’t it?”

Although the “Yunlu Palace Master” had said that she was a member of Kunlun, Ye Lu was still curious, after all, the combat power she had displayed was too unexpected.

“The Yunlu Palace Master thought for a moment and said.

“It’s rare to have strong hands like yours come here, so let’s go to the secret realm together, and I’ll talk to you carefully while we walk.”

The secret realm that the “Yunluo Palace Master” mentioned was actually the secret realm that Ye Lu had seen not far from the “Yunluo Palace” before, which the “Yunluo Palace Master” called the “Many Treasures Secret Realm”.

Soon, everyone arrived near the “Many Treasures Secret Realm”, and on the way, the “Yunluo Palace Master” gave an overview of what she knew about this world.

“First of all, there are a few big powers in this world.”

“The Cloudy Foothills Palace Master said solemnly.

“On the whole, the forces are divided into ‘human’, ‘god’, ‘ghost’, ‘demon ‘, ‘demons’ and ‘immortals’, but the boundaries of these are actually a bit blurred.”

“‘Human’ is humans, which means all cultivators,”

“‘Gods’ are technically cultivators as well, though these people possess the bloodline of certain ‘gods’.”

“‘Ghosts’ are just ghosts this one is the easiest.”

“‘Demons’, on the other hand, are demonic beasts, which are also better understood, although some demons have been deified.”

“‘Demons’ on the other hand, there are two kinds, one is pure ‘heavenly demons’ and the other is people who have been corrupted by ‘heavenly demons’. ”

“‘Immortals’, on the other hand, are the most complicated, mainly referring to the cultivators in the country of China who possess the ‘Immortal’ bloodline, divided into many schools and are powerful.”

Then, the “Yunlu Palace Master” continued.

“In fact, originally, these six powers were supposed to have very distinct boundaries, but since the real ‘gods’ and ‘immortals’ are not possessed by our world, those left behind are basically bloodline inheritances, so things looks a lot more complicated.”

To be honest, before the “Yunlu Palace Master” clearly explained, Ye Lu really didn’t expect the world to be composed in this way, but when he thought about it, he could understand this division method.

Ye Lu had seen people of the “Ancient Greek Gods” bloodline, people of the “Norse Gods” bloodline, and people of the “Sun Country Gods” bloodline before, and now that he thought about it, these should be the so-called “gods”.

The “Heavenly Demon Palace” and their people represent the “demons”.

The clans of the “Clan Realm” are the simplest “people”.

The demonic beasts of the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” represent “demons”.

The ones in the “Abyssal Secret Realm” are ghosts.

If he thought about it this way, it was true that “Immortal” was the part that Ye Lu did not understand the most.

So, he looked at the “Yunlu Palace Master” and asked.

“Then you should belong to the ‘Immortal School’.”

The “Cloud Lu Palace Master” nodded and said.

“Yes, the Immortal School is also divided into several factions, we belong to the ‘Kunlun’ lineage, while the secret realm we are going to belongs to the ‘Tongtian’ faction, that is, the ‘Tongtian Sect Master ‘ of the faction.”

“Another point I would like to make is that all of us cultivators, including demonic beasts and also ghosts and demons are just a title in vain, no one can truly transcend eternal life, however, almost all cultivators are working towards this direction.”

When the “Yunlu Palace Master” finished speaking, Ye Lu nodded his head.

Then, he looked at the “Yun Lu Palace Master” and asked.

“Why did that person from the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ just now repeatedly think that I was from the ‘Nuwa Clan’? Do you know what’s going on?”

“The Yunlu Palace Master thought for a moment and said.

“I don’t know the exact situation, but it is said that the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ and the ‘Nuwa clan’ have always been in opposition to each other, but I feel that the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace ‘ should be much more powerful than the ‘Nuwa One’, I think, and the ‘Nuwa One’ is very mysterious and is the lowest-profile one among all the ‘hidden ones’, so there aren’t many people who know about them.”

Ye Lu nodded.

In fact, there were only two things Ye Luo knew about Nuwa, one was the creation of man and the other was the refining of stones to mend the sky.

It seemed that the only way to find out about this was to ask someone from the Nuwa clan when they had the chance.

In this way, Ye Lu walked into the “Secret Realm of Many Treasures” while chatting with the “Yun Lu Palace Master”.

After walking in, Ye Lu was immediately stunned by the scene in front of him, because this “Multi-Treasure Secret Realm” looked like a huge treasure warehouse, filled with all kinds of treasures.

“Sh*t! There’s still such a nice place in the world!”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

“Yunlu Palace Master” said with a smile.

“This is natural, the original owner of the ‘Multi Treasure Secret Realm’ was the ‘Multi Treasure Daoist’, the leader of the ‘Tongtian Sect’. He collected things not for himself and his disciples, but out of personal preference, so there were many different kinds and grades.”

“To put it simply, this guy is sick, a psychopath with a ‘collecting fetish’.”

Finally, the “Master of Yunlu Palace” added.

When he heard the “Yunlu Palace Master” say that an immortal was mentally ill, Ye Lu couldn’t help but laugh, but looking at the auspiciousness of the place, it was not too much to say that this “Daoist of Many Treasures” was mentally ill.

However, the “Cloudy Palace Master” continued.

“This guy is not only a ‘collector’ but also possessive, so he used ‘demon beasts’ to guard these treasures layer by layer, and I couldn’t even beat the demon beasts on the outermost layer, so I could only stare. could only stare in disbelief.”

The “Yunlu Palace Master” stretched out his hands and then said with a smile.

“Luckily, you guys are here.”


Chapter 544

Ye Lu took a look at this “Multi-Treasure Secret Realm”, the items inside this secret realm were presented in a circle, and it was a “tower-shaped” structure, like a pyramid, the higher up the tower, the smaller the layers became, until the very top.

At this moment, Ye Lu could only see the treasures on the first level. Ye Lu found that all the treasures on this level were “magic weapons”, that is, treasures that could be used by the “Houtian Mirror”, “Xiantian Realm” and “Foundation Establishment Realm”.

The number of these treasures was extremely large and there was a wide variety of them, but Ye Lu soon discovered that the “magic weapons” here were all of a very rare and odd kind, while ordinary swords and other things were not included in this “Daoist of Many Treasures”‘s collection.

The things that Ye Lu saw were bottles, jars, and small mechanical puppets, such as the black fly that Ye Lu saw at the moment, which was a small puppet that could lurk, and was definitely a poisoning or eavesdropping tool.

There were also some other gadgets, such as small magic weapons that could be invisible.

However, to be honest, Ye Lu did not think that these things were very important, he cared about the things above, there were many more towers above these “magic weapons”.

If the first time was a “magic weapon”, would the second layer be a “magic treasure”, then a “spiritual treasure”, and after that, something more advanced.

Of course, Ye Luo felt that there should not be anything too advanced in this “Small World”, because many treasures required a corresponding cultivation level to use.

Moreover, through his previous observations and practice, Ye Lu also discovered that, just like the software or hardware of a computer, these Qi were also backward compatible.

For example, if Ye Luo had Qi, he could use almost any magic weapon, unless he did not have enough Qi to activate a certain magic weapon.

However, the other way round, for example, a practitioner with only “True Qi” and “Innate True Qi” could not use “magic treasures”, and of course the stronger “Spiritual Treasures” could not be used.

Therefore, Ye Lu felt that in this “Small Thousand World”, the items collected by the “Daoist of Many Treasures” were probably the strongest things that could be used in this “Small Thousand World”.

There are some things, such as the “Burning Furnace”, that Daoist Dobao has no way to identify without his “gla*ses”.

“Come on, let’s go see the ‘Guardian Demon Beast’ here.”

Anyway, this tower had to go up one level at a time, so Ye Luo directly walked towards the first one.

Sure enough, before he could get near the various treasures, a demonic beast appeared.

It was a dog-like demonic beast called “Bane Dou”, with a black body and an eerie lustre, in addition to having an open tail.

However, even though this creature did not look like much, it was not a small one, and was the a*sistant of the Fire God.

Moreover, it was no wonder that the “Lord of Yunlu Palace” was unable to defeat it, for this fellow was at the peak of the “First Cla*s Lower God” cultivation level.

In addition, Ye Lu also knew clearly that although the “magic weapons” on this level were very special, it was obvious that they were not what the “Yun Lu Palace Master” was most interested in.

What she wanted was definitely the “magic treasures” on the upper level, because for the “Yunlu Palace Master”, who had just entered the “Yuanying Realm”, “magic treasures” were still the thing she needed most.

What Ye Lu needed most at the moment was something at a higher level of “Spiritual Treasure”, but of course, it would be best if it could be a stronger “Innate Spiritual Treasure”.

“For example, the “Ten Ancient Fierce Armies” are all “Ancestral Spiritual Treasures”, while the “Gun of Eternity”, although famous and really strong, is actually an ordinary “Spiritual Treasure”, which is why the “Blazing God Blade” can cut the “World Tree”.

Of course, the “Gargantua” made into a “Spiritual Treasure” is actually much harder than the original “World Tree”, so cutting the “Gargantua” with the “Blazing God Blade” is actually far less easy than cutting the trunk of the “World Tree”.

So, Ye Lu didn’t spend much time on the first level, he let “Di Qi” directly finish off the demonic beast “Scourge”, and then began to load the contents of this level into his “Sumeru Ring”.

To be honest, these women were very good to Ye Lu and Liu Mei, who had been living in it, so Ye Lu was going to bring them a big gift.

Soon, Ye Lu found that in this first level, there were not only “magic weapons”, but also “pills” and various precious herbs, such as the “Nine Spike Harvest” and “Nine Leaf Blood Lotus” that Ye Lu had seen in the “Divine Farmers’ Valley”.

Although the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” was not a high level pill, it was indeed a very important pill that could lay a solid foundation for a person to take a detour.

After that, Ye Lu also found quite a few secret books of “martial arts”.

It seemed that this “Daoist of Many Treasures” was really strange, and he had to search for everything that was interesting to him.

“Come on, let’s go to the first floor.”

Ye Luo didn’t have time to analyze and check these things one by one, anyway, there were gla*ses around, just let the gla*ses help sort and retrieve them later, he had to go to the first floor without stopping, because Ye Luo was also a bit impatient for these treasures.

Following that, Ye Luo and the others arrived at the first floor.

However, Ye Lu found that not all the magic treasures were here, but the earth-rank magic treasures, which were arranged according to the levels of “Mortal”, “Xuan” and “Earth” rank magic treasures.

When she saw these “magic treasures”, the eyes of the “Yunlu Palace Master” had already lit up, after all, everything here looked like something she could use right now.

For example, the set of 108 “earth-grade magic treasures” puppets would turn into 108 helpers after use, and then use the “Nine-Nine Return to One” formation, which was absolutely heaven defying.

In the Daoist of Many Treasures’ collection, this is only a relatively ordinary item.

“If we can get to the upper level, we’ll really be rich.”

The upper level should be at least a “heavenly-grade magic treasure”, which is basically the peak of “magic treasures”. For the “Yunlu Palace Master”, although higher-level “spiritual treasures” were good, most of them were not powerful enough for her to use, unless it was something like the “Flying Dagger of Immortality”, which was originally from her bloodline.

So, she won’t be able to use the Spiritual Treasures for a long time at least.

“Yes, but let’s focus on the immediate future, ‘Di Qi’, ‘Hong Luan’, do you need help?”

The demonic beasts guarding the second level had become two, and judging from their combat power, they were probably not much weaker than Di Qi and the others.

As a result, “Di Qi” and “Red Luan” both smiled and said.

“No, we are now considered experts, don’t worry.”

Indeed, the current “Di Qi” and “Red Luan” were no longer at the same level as the battle on Mount Fuji. After the “Abyssal Secret Realm” and Ye Lu’s various guidance, the two of them had grown a great deal.

This was one of the reasons why they were so determined to follow Ye Lu, because they found that although Ye Lu was not high in cultivation, he knew everything, even the heritage of the dragon race, and could see the problems at a glance.

Of course, this was all due to the “gla*ses”.

In this way, soon, Ye Lu swept up all the treasures in the second layer, and of course, the “Cloud Lu Palace Master” was not left out, so the two of them were smiling like flowers.

“The third level, here we come.”

Following this, the two arrived at the third level of the “Multi Treasure Secret Realm”.

At this time, Ye Lu suddenly felt that there was something calling to him on the higher level of the tower.