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Super School Student Chapter 541-542

Chapter 541

When he heard that there were people from the Heavenly Demon Clan, the Lord of Yunlu Palace laughed and said.

“Don’t these evil demons know the power of my ‘Immortal Cutting Flying Daggers’?”

To be honest, Ye Lu was actually a bit confused by the Cloud Lu Palace Master’s bewildering confidence, because if the Heavenly Demon Race was the same as himself, a race that could fight across levels, it must be an extremely difficult race to deal with, and without releasing their “demonized” minions, it should be said that these two people from the Heavenly Demon Palace should be very confident.

Besides, even if the “Yunlu Palace Master” was strong, he was only a practitioner who had just entered the “Yuanying Realm”, and there were many people in the “Heavenly Demon Palace” who were at the “God Transformation Realm”, so the “Yunlu Palace Master” was too confident.

Anyway, Ye Lu decided to follow the “Yun Lu Palace Master” to take a look outside, because he also wanted to see the situation of these “Heavenly Demon Clans”.

Soon, the two of them flew together to the skies above the “Yunluo Palace”, and indeed, a pair of white wings that looked like angels was hovering in the air looking at Ye Lu and the “Yunluo Palace Master”.

This creature was indeed similar to the “Outer Way Heavenly Demon” Ye Lu had seen before, with wings and horns, and a terrifying demonic aura emanating from its body.

“Name: Heavenly Demon, Origin: Haotian Continent, Level: Fourth Transformation of the Firstborn, Name: Checia’s Doppelganger, Earth Identity: a doppelganger of one of the Nine Fallen Angels ‘Enchanted Angel’, Introduction: Legend has it that it lured Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the ‘Tree of Good and Evil’, which eventually led to their expulsion from the Garden of Eden ……”

At first, Ye Lu thought that these guys with wings and horns looked like a combination of angels and devils, but he didn’t expect that the one in front of him was really an angel, and a “fallen angel” at that.

Of course, Ye Lu was even more surprised by their origin, they actually came from the “Haotian Continent”.

Ye Lu had seen too many things from the “Haotian Continent” before, including the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” in his hand, the “Sunset Arrow”, and many other heavenly “Spiritual Treasures” and “Fierce Weapons” from the “Haotian Continent”, as well as the Kung Fu methods pa*sed down from the “Haotian Continent”.

This time, we finally saw a living creature from the “Haotian Continent”, and it was a demon.

“No wonder these guys are ‘demonic’ and don’t fit in with this world, so they are creatures from another continent.”

Seeing this introduction, Ye Lu finally understood the origin of these guys, these guys seemed to be justified to be called “Foreign Heavenly Demons”, because they were indeed foreigners compared to this “Small Thousand World”.

However, from the introduction, Ye Lu also found out that the “Hao Tian Continent” where these guys lived was obviously a new world that could not be compared to the “Earth” where he was.

According to common logic, Ye Lu felt that the “Haotian Continent” was mostly the so-called “Middle World”, right?

Anyway, Ye Lu felt that it must be a world one level higher than the one he was in now, and most of the “spiritual energy” in his body also came from that world, but it was hard to say whether his grandmother came from that world or not.

Ye Luo felt that he was not very far from the truth of the whole matter.

After Ye Lu and the two of them stopped, “Cheshire” looked at the “Yun Lu Palace Master” and said indifferently.

“Was it you who just killed one of our compatriots?”

“She looked across at Cheshire and said with a smile.

“Yes, I killed the man, do you have a problem with that?”

As a result, the opposite “Cheshire” did not talk nonsense, directly waved her hand and launched an attack, this kind of attack seemed to carry a kind of manic power, it must contain a mental attack, which made Ye Lu a little worried.

In the “secular world”, there was a saying called “entering the devil”, or “falling into the devil”, which meant that people had fallen into the devil’s path, and “fallen angels” were said to be truly holy angels who had fallen into the devil’s path and turned into terrible angels.

These “Heavenly Demons” seemed to be the most skilled at making people become demons or follow an evil path, and Ye Lu was worried that this “Yun Lu Palace”‘s Palace Master would also fall prey to this.

Therefore, he had already prepared the “Sun True Flame”, which could not only directly destroy the divine consciousness, but also dispel all kinds of negative spiritual attacks, because the “Sun True Flame” was the strongest and most virile flame in the world, and had a restraining effect on any evil spirits.

However, it turned out that he was overly concerned.

With the bloodline of “Daoist Lu Zui”, the “Yun Lu Palace Master” was not afraid of this kind of spiritual impact at all. She quickly released a defence shield and then took out a gourd, which was light golden and looked very beautiful.

After the mouth was opened, a white figure with eyebrows and eyes flew out of it. After this figure appeared, its eyes emitted two white lights and shone towards the “Cheshire”, which was actually fixed by these two white lights and hovered there motionless.

Then, the “Lord of Yunlu Palace” once again respectfully bowed to the little man and said.

“Please turn around, baby.”

At the same time, the head of the “Heavenly Demon Race” clan member from the “Heavenly Demon Palace” also turned, as if it was about to fall off, but, strangely enough, after turning, the head slowly turned back on its own.

Seeing this scene, the face of the “Yunlu Palace Master” changed, as if this scene had already exceeded her expectation.

“Please turn around, baby.”

The “Yunlu Palace Master” worshipped again, but this time, although the white figure was turning around, nothing happened to the “Heavenly Demon Clan” person on the other side.

“What a powerful thing!”

The “Cheshire” couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, and Ye Lu also basically figured out the details of this “Flying Dagger of Immortality”, although it was called a “Spiritual Treasure”, it was actually more like a demonic beast that could be summoned, because the little white man acted independently.

The strongest thing about this device is that it can be used across a large realm as long as the bloodline is fully compatible. This is also the reason why the “Yunlu Palace Master” had been so confident, she felt that her device was enough to kill experts at the “God Transformation Realm”, and this woman opposite her was obviously no match.

However, she had still underestimated the terrifying extent of these real Heavenly Demon Clans from the Heavenly Demon Palace.

These “Heavenly Demons”, like Ye Lu, had the blood of the “Demon Race” flowing in their bodies, so it was very easy for them to fight across levels.

However, seeing that her “Immortal Cutting Flying Daggers” were unable to work, the “Yunlu Palace Master” was really a bit numb and clawed, and she turned her head to Ye Lu and said with some embarra*sment.

“Sorry, it looks like you’re going to die here with me.”

In her opinion, there was no one around who could save them and they were dead this time.

However, Ye Luo smiled at her and said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this little matter, I’ll take care of it, a small character from the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’, I’ll have no problem dealing with it, just watch me.”

After saying that, Ye Lu walked to the front of the “Yun Lu Palace Master”, looked at the “Enchanting Angel” Checia and said with a smile.

“Cecilia, let me ask you a question, is your original body in another place, can you tell me where that place is?”

Ye Lu had always been curious about the place that the “Hell Demon Dragon” had mentioned. Since this “Cheshire” was a doppelganger, she guessed that most of her real body was also in the place where the “Hell Demon Dragon” was.

She could feel that Ye Lu was indeed very strong, but she did not think that Ye Lu was strong enough to fight this “Checia” on the opposite side.

This guy was a formidable figure who could not even be killed by the “Flying Daggers of Immortality”.

She looked at Ye Lu and did not bother to talk to him. She directly shot out two black lights from her eyes and stabbed Ye Lu directly.


Chapter 542

After these two lights shot at Ye Lu, Ye Lu did not dodge, but casually raised his hand, a golden flame shield appeared in front of him, blocking the attack of these two black lights, and the attack of the two black lights containing “magic qi” was also dissolved by Ye Lu’s golden flame at the same time.

“Chelsia” also frowned at this scene, because she could not see Ye Lu’s depth at all, and this feeling made her feel quite unsure.

As the saying goes, “if you know yourself and your enemy, you will never be in danger”, so it would be beneficial for you to know more about the other side.

Seeing that Ye Lu did not continue to attack, “Cecilia” sneered and then opened her mouth to send out a kind of sound wave attack, but this sound wave attack did not have a real sound, but a silent mental attack.

Ye Lu felt that this “mental attack” was very strong, and that it was attacking the human brain.

One was the centre of cultivation and the other was the centre of the spirit. When one became a YuanYing realm, the spiritual power of the “brain” would turn into a “sea of consciousness” and produce “divine consciousness”.

Theoretically, this “divine sense” has three functions: investigation, attack and defence, but most “divine sense” basically only has the function of investigation, because many people do not have the “spell” of “divine sense” attack, after all, this kind of spell is extremely rare, and only some people or demonic beasts with inherited memories have it.

For this reason, people have always stayed away from people or demonic beasts with “spiritual attacks”, because such attacks are very difficult to deal with without “magic treasures” or “spiritual treasures” that can be used for spiritual defense, but of course, people like the “Lord of Yunlu Palace” do not have to worry about that.

The “Yunluo Palace Master” obviously possessed a strong defensive item, but of course, Ye Lu also possessed such a thing, which he had prepared long ago, so when the terrifying “spiritual attack” rushed into his head, it was blocked by a defensive shield made of golden “Sun True Fire”.

“The “Sun True Fire” was a terrifying flame that could destroy even the “Divine Consciousness” and the “Sea of Consciousness”, so of course it was terrifyingly powerful.

However, to be honest, Ye Lu was also surprised.

This kind of terrifying mental attack was not something that ordinary people could withstand, no wonder these “Heavenly Demon” people could control so many people.

Moreover, Ye Luo also felt another thing during the battle, that is, the level of “devil qi” was very high, it should be almost equal to “spiritual qi”, although it was weaker than his own spiritual qi, but Ye Luo felt that these “devil qi” and “spiritual qi” should also be divided into three, six, nine levels.

This high level of “devil qi”, like his own “spirit qi”, had a suppressing effect on ordinary “astral qi” and “yuan qi”, and this suppression was the root cause of the cross-level challenge.

Seeing that her mental attack was still ineffective, “Cheshire”‘s brow furrowed, and then she began to change her hands in a rapid gesture that looked like a “choke” before launching a spell, and then he made a rapid move, and a huge black demonic figure appeared in front of him, and then lunged at Ye Lu.

This creature was covered in terrifying black flames and attacked Ye Lu violently.

However, although Ye Lu had not yet crossed into the “Yuan Ying Realm”, his actual combat power was already comparable to that of a super expert who had just entered the “God Transformation Realm” due to the fusion of the “Sun True Flame”.

The reason why she was not killed by the Flying Daggers was that her Demonic Qi was a higher level of Qi than the Small Thousand World, and could not be easily dealt with by the Flying Daggers, but of course, it would have been a different story if the Yunlu Palace Master’s cultivation level was higher.


When he saw the black demonic Qi monster rushing over, Ye Lu raised his hand quickly and the “Blazing God Blade” emitted golden flames, instantly splitting the demonic Qi monster into two halves, with each half burning brightly.

“The true fire of the sun is the nemesis of demons, and the fact that the demonic energy comes from the higher “Middle World” does not change this.

However, the next thing that “Cecilia” said caught Ye Lu’s attention.

For, she actually looked at Ye Lu and asked with a frown.

“You’re from ‘Nuwa’?”

Ye Luo didn’t know why the other party asked that question, but he really didn’t have any relationship with the “Nuwa clan”, and he didn’t know why the other party made such a judgment, so he shook his head and said.

“No, why do you ask?”

As a result, “Cecilia” did not answer Ye Lu’s question, but said coldly.

“Don’t think that you can win for sure, I haven’t fought seriously yet.”

The colour of her body began to turn black, her eyes turned blood red, and her wings also turned blood red.


Seeing the transformation, Ye Luo also frowned, because he obviously felt that this transformation had raised the other party’s aura by a small realm, if he did not use the “Heavenly Reverse Pill”, he would definitely not be able to stop this woman’s attack.

Of course, there was a reason why Ye Luo gave up using Di Qi and Red Luan and summoned Xiu Luo instead, because he was teaching these Xiu Luo to use the Battle Formation.

The “Battle Formation” is a multi-player attack and defense technique provided in the “Gla*ses”. The Seven Sons of Wudang had used the “Sword Formation” before, which was also a type of “Battle Formation”, but Ye Luo had trained more people, so it was more difficult to practice.

“Cecilia found that Ye Lu had actually created eighteen “First Cla*s Lower Gods” “Shura” in a flash, which also made her extremely shocked, because although the difference between each level of the “God Transformation Realm” was huge, but only across a small realm, the quantity could still make up for the quality.

But then, her face turned ugly as the eighteen Shura appeared and flew back and forth to form a complex defensive “battle formation”, black ghostly Qi forming a defensive shield that enveloped Ye Luo and the rest of them.


“The black demonic Qi drew a huge “X” pattern of light and blasted at the defensive shield.


All the Shura frowned and shook a little, but did not lose consciousness. This kind of mental attack would affect the Shura, who were already in the “Abyssal Hell”, far less than normal people.


Seeing that the “Defensive Battle Formation” in the “Shura Battle Formation” had worked, Ye Luo decided to use the Attack Battle Formation.


After the attack battle formation was activated, a huge black palm was blasted at the Heavenly Demon’s Cheshire like a “God’s Palm”.


This palm was as big as a mountain, and it directly collided with the palm of “Cheshire”.

It was obvious that she was no match for Ye Lu, so if she didn’t run, she would have to wait for her death.

However, Ye Luo didn’t want to let her go just because he had easily met a member of the Heavenly Demon Race, for she was a good research material.

So, the Red Luan was released. In front of the speed of the Red Luan, Cesia had no chance to escape, and she was instantly caught by the Red Luan.


Seeing the appearance of Red Luan, the Master of Yunlu Palace was truly shocked.

“You still have such a strong helper, why didn’t you use it earlier, causing me to be scared.”

The “Yunluo Palace Master” said in a somewhat depressed voice.

Then, something unexpected happened to both of them.