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Winner Takes All Chapter 249-250

Chapter 249

“You think that I would be stupid enough to look up at the glare myself?”

The wild python suddenly gave a contemptuous laugh.

Chen Dong smiled faintly, his heart dawning.

Is that what Drought gave me the mirror for?


A heavy breath was exhaled.

Chen Dong forced himself to endure the sharp pain of his ribs almost breaking, and slowly bowed his body, a*suming a fighting stance.

“No point, you were able to defeat Exploding Bear, I thought you had a few pounds, but I didn’t realize that I had overestimated both you and Exploding Bear.”

With a tasteless look, the wild python sighed and his tongue slowly came out with a hissing sound.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong exploded with his full strength, charging directly towards the Wild Python like an arrow off the string.

The Wild Python’s expression was frozen, obviously not expecting Chen Dong to actually take the lead.


The Wild Python let out a harsh whistle, and his body was like a snake, rushing towards Chen Dong.

The palm knives of both arms even brought up pieces of residual shadows as they attacked directly towards Chen Dong.

Bang Bang!

Even though Chen Dong was prepared for the attack, he was still staggered back by the two palm slashes of Wild Python.

With this retreat, the initiative to make a pre-emptive strike was instantly lost.

Instead, it was replaced by the furious palm slashes of Python.

The situation instantly changed back to the way it was before.

Chen Dong was completely overwhelmed by the Wild Python and could only barely resist.

Even so.

Even so, Wild Python’s successive palm slashes still caused Chen Dong’s arms to stagger with severe pain.

The crushing attack was overwhelming.

This left Chen Dong exhausted and unable to think of any other way to deal with it.

The so-called fighting techniques, when completely suppressed, could not be exercised at all!

“This point of strength, and you want to walk out of the Black Prison?”

Wild Python was completely in the upper hand, his relaxed expression clearly not having his full strength yet, and his snicker at Chen Dong was filled with disdain, “You’re more than one Burst Bear away from Kunlun back then!”

Compared to Exploding Bear, who had become the head wolf of the ninth prison district two years ago, it had been longer since Wild Python had become the head wolf!

Ten years ago, the year when Kunlun won ten straight, was also the year when he became the Head Wolf!


As soon as the words left his mouth, Chen Dong, whose face was pale from being suppressed, suddenly let out a roar.

A hideous madness abruptly appeared on his pale face.


The Mad Python’s face was abruptly shocked.

It was because when he struck out with a palm slash, Chen Dong did not raise his hand to resist.

Instead, he took a stance of hard resistance!

Was this guy …… crazy?

This scene filled Wild Python’s mind with doubt.

But it did not affect his palm slash slash.


A powerful force.

An explosive sound.

Chen Dong let out a miserable cry and was directly staggered back by a palm slash, spewing a mouthful of blood into the air.

Just as Mad Python was planning to take advantage of the victory and end the fight once and for all.

A beam of strong light suddenly refracted onto his face.

In a flash.


The Wild Python’s body stopped abruptly, feeling as if his eyes were violently pierced by countless needle points, his five senses twisted and cried out in pain.

Even though the strong light appeared for a split second and flickered before his eyes, it still made him blind instantly.


The sudden scene caused all the prisoners in the entire prison block to cry out in shock.

When Chen Dong had just struck out to refract the glare, it was so fast that no one had even noticed.

In the eyes of all the prisoners, the frenzied python running wild suddenly stopped in place and screamed miserably!

This scene made everyone look dumbfounded.

“It’s now!”

Chen Dong forced himself to endure the excruciating pain, clutching the mirror in his right hand, as if he was a cheetah locking onto his prey, he directly pounced on the frenzied python.


A fist swung out, blasting the Wild Python as it staggered back.

“Ah! D*mn, you simply deserve to die ……”

The stinging pain in his eyes, coupled with the shame of being shaded, caused the Wild Python to instantly fall into a state of madness.

While roaring and snarling in anger, the Wild Python danced its hands wildly.

But compared to the previous Wild Python.

At this moment, in Chen Dong’s eyes, there was no method to his strikes.

It was as easy to dodge.

As he moved and dodged, Chen Dong bullying his way up, his fists and kicks were like a rainstorm pouring down on the Python’s body.

In just a few seconds.

In a few seconds, the python’s head spurted blood.

With Chen Dong’s kick in the air.

Bang! With a bang, the blinded Crazy Python flew backwards out of the ring like a broken pocket and landed heavily on the ground.

“Admit defeat! Or die!”

A cold voice issued from Chen Dong’s mouth.

The wailing Python gritted his teeth, but he knew very well that if he did not admit defeat, he would be greeted with death!

He pushed down the humiliation and anger of being a*sa*sinated.

The python tilted his head back and roared reluctantly, “I, I admit defeat!”

A smile appeared at the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth.

With a slight force in his right hand, the mirror shattered with a “click” and was then tucked back into his pocket without a trace.

Turning around, he left the ring.

The whole room was dead silent, none of the prisoners reacted to the scene that had just taken place, how the hell did it happen!

A reversal of victory and defeat, in a flash.

It was completely beyond everyone’s expectation.

What was even more crucial was that someone had actually attacked the Wild Python’s weak point!

All the prisoners were wondering how on earth Chen Dong had managed to do that!

The surveillance room.

Drought calmly watched the surveillance video.

With Chen Dong’s victory, his eyes could not help but light up slightly.

“The mirror, did you give it to him?”

The cloaked man had arrived at the surveillance room early in the morning, in the Black Prison, apart from being unable to leave the Black Prison, he would not be stopped at all from entering and leaving the surveillance room at will.

Drought looked solemn as he bowed his head and said respectfully, “Your Excellency must not talk nonsense, how dare I go against the rules of the Black Prison?”


The cloaked man snorted a laugh, clearly not believing Drought’s words.

He looked towards the surveillance videos, one of which happened to be capturing Chen Dong’s back.

The cloaked man smiled and said, “By any means necessary, but you have the posture of a king, and your fighting instincts are good too, to be able to make the decision to fight hard and reverse the victory despite being overwhelmed across the board, clearly in a state of calm and collected from start to finish, very good.”

Drought smiled slightly at the side.

At a time when he was comprehensively suppressed, and at the cost of death.

It was indeed rare for Chen Dong to still be able to make a decision in the twinkling of an eye.

One must know that in the situation just now, making the decision to take a hard hit from a wild python slash was no less than a direct gamble on one’s life!

Every single move of the Head Wolf’s attack was fatal enough!


The cloaked man laughed oddly, turned around and headed out, “Drought, next time don’t be so obvious about protecting your shortcomings, it’s not good.”

“My lord ……” Drought stiffened and swallowed back the words that had come to his lips.

Inside the ninth prison cell.

Chen Dong, who had returned, sat down directly on the floor.

Bursting Bear and Nashville and the others hurriedly gathered around.

Chen Dong raised his hand, stopping them from speaking.

He wiped a handful of blood from the corner of his mouth, and a helpless smile appeared on his pale face, “One of his ribs was broken by the Wild Python, and his left shoulder scapula should also have a bone fracture, and there should be bone fractures in several other places as well.”


A single word shocked the Exploding Bears, and their faces changed greatly.

It was only the fourth fight, and they had already broken ribs and fractured bones in several places.

How could they still fight after that?

“Chen Sheng, why don’t we fight the Black Angel in the next match?”

Bursting Bear suggested, he had already discussed with Black Angel, as long as Chen Dong chose Black Angel, the next match would be a no-holds-barred life and death match, and Chen Dong would be able to recuperate from his injuries for another day.

“No, no need, I ……”

Chen Dong’s gaze was resolute, but halfway through his words, his suddenly pale face suddenly turned red.


A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out, staining the ground red.

Inside the cell, silence could be heard with a needle.

In the end, Chen Dong smiled helplessly, “Exploding Bear, let’s do as you say.”


Chapter 250

Originally, according to Chen Dong’s plan, the life and death match with the Black Angels was supposed to be placed in the sixth match.

After two real life and death matches, there would be another day of rest and recuperation, enough to adjust his condition.

However, the result left him helpless.

He was not an indecisive character.

In this state, if he continued to fight someone to the death tomorrow, in a real fight to the death, the result would be fierce and dangerous.

It would be wisest to advance a fight to life and death with the Black Angels to win a day of rest and recuperation.

“I’m on my way.”

Bakugou left in a hurry.

Chen Dong lay down on the bed with the help of a few people from Nashville.

The blood from the corner of his mouth was wiped off.

Chen Dong’s face was frighteningly white.

His chest rose and fell violently, and with every breath he took, he could feel in his chest cavity, as if there were countless sharp needles sticking in it.

This also made every time he breathed, it became extremely difficult.

Chen Dong lifted up his upper garment so that it would feel more comfortable.

“Chen Sheng, your chest ……”

Nashville’s voice suddenly sounded trembling.

Chen Dong saw several people’s faces look a little ugly, and his gaze looked askance at the location of his chest.

Vaguely, a bulge of bone could be seen, and the flesh was stretched to red, looking incomparably hideous.

“It’s the broken rib.”

Chen Dong smiled ruefully.

It was normal for the broken rib to be displaced by the bones during his intense attack afterwards, causing a bulge.

“What about it? The medical system in Black Prison won’t care about us.”

Nashville looked a little horrified.

“It’s fine.”

Chen Dong smiled and shook his head.

Then, under the terrified gazes of several people in Nashville.

He slowly lifted his hands and folded them to press on the bulge.

Then again.

Chen Dong’s expression was abruptly hostile.

Both hands pressed down fiercely.


There was a clear, crisp ringing sound.

Chen Dong’s body jerked violently, his teeth clenched as he drew in a single breath of cold air, a painful grunt escaping his nostrils and sweat pouring down like rain.

As his hands detached themselves from his chest from the excruciating pain.

The broken ribs that had been protruding were the ones that had shrunk back.

Stiffly …… pressed back into place!


Several people in Nashville simultaneously sucked up cold air.

Chen Dong’s ruthlessness made several people’s backs go cold.

In the battlefield, it is only right to be ruthless to the enemy, but it is only really ruthless when you might be able to do it to yourself!

How much determination does one have to have?

At least, the Nashville men would not have had the courage to press their ribs back into place in this situation.


There was no talk all night.

Chen Dong, who had rested for the night, was still in severe pain, even though his chest ribs were broken.

But the whole person is still in a better state than yesterday.

“Chen Sheng, how about giving up?”

Bursting Bear looked at Chen Dong worriedly, “If you don’t give up, after surviving today, you won’t be able to survive the next few matches.”

Even if Chen Dong was in his prime, Bursting Bear did not think that he could really win ten consecutive matches.

What’s more, he still had a broken rib and multiple bone fractures.

In such a physical state, he shouldn’t even be in the Ring of Life and Death!

Even, in a place like Black Prison, even a head wolf like Exploding Bear would be careful to avoid even fighting if he was in the same state as Chen Dong.

Chen Dong smiled.

His eyes, however, were incomparably firm and radiant, “My wife, my parents, my brothers, I can’t give up, how do you expect me to give up the Ring of Life and Death?”

Bursting Bear was stunned, and then smiled helplessly.

He took out two capsules from his pocket and handed them to Chen Dong, “These are the painkillers I managed to find for you, Chen Sheng, I hope they will help you somewhat.”

Chen Dong was stunned for a moment and took the capsules, “Thank you.”

The fifth battle, arranged by Exploding Bear, was with the Black Angels of the fifth prison district.

What Chen Dong did not expect was that the Black Angel of the fifth prison district was a big beautiful woman with a hot body and blonde hair.

In the ring, the black leather clothes accentuated the Black Angel’s figure to the fullest, making people feel the urge to have their blood flowing.

But in Chen Dong’s heart, he was in awe of this Black Angel.

A woman, in a black prison full of vicious wolves, could still become the head wolf of a prison block.

How strong and powerful must this be?

Clearly, the Black Angel’s influence in the Fifth Prison District was unmatched.

The commotion and noise within the prison area was instantly restored to silence as the Black Angel raised his hand and pressed down.

This scene made Chen Dong smack his lips.

Such a scene would probably not be seen in other prison districts.

Perhaps, it was possible in the first prison area!

“Chen Dong, from what Exploding Bear said, you, desperately want to leave the Black Prison, for your woman?”

Black Angel’s red lips lightly opened and her gaze deepened, “Your woman, waiting for you, to come home, for a wedding?”

Her tone was a little odd, obviously not too skilled in Chen Dong’s language.

“Yes, she has put on her wedding dress and is waiting for me to come home.”

Chen Dong did not hide, and said with a stern gaze, “And someone, who wants to replace me and steal my wife, I am going to go out and kill him!”

The Black Angel smiled sweetly.

Whistled a whistle.

Then gave Chen Dong a thumbs up, “You’re a man, I really envy your wife!”

After saying that.

She turned around and jumped out of the ring, “I admit defeat!”

Three simple words echoed through the prison area like rolling thunder.

Strangely, within the prison area, all the prisoners were quiet and silent, despite their astonishment and shock.

Chen Dong’s face was full of horror.

Is this …… act so unpretentious?

Before and greedy wolf life and death ring, after walking the relationship, at least still surface dry a game.

Now Black Angel, not even dry?

“Black Angel! This is not in accordance with the rules!”

A Black Prison administrator said in a deep voice.


Ruthlessness abruptly appeared on the Black Angel’s charming face as she scolded at the keeper, “You go on!”

The Black Prison Administrator stiffened and glanced at the cameras around his head.

After making sure the people above him had no comment, he shut his mouth.


Chen Dong, who had returned to his senses, said gratefully to the Black Angel.

“I really hope you can go back alive to marry your wife and unload that bad guy in the process.”

The Black Angel smiled faintly and walked back to his cell with his long hot legs.

A fight to the death ended in an almost absurd manner.

But there was no doubt that Chen Dong had already won five life and death matches!

A newcomer who had been in the Black Prison for less than a month had won five life and death matches with the most thunderous momentum, intending to leave the Black Prison.

This was unprecedented in Black Prison, ever.

After a few days of gathering momentum and brewing, Chen Dong’s name swept through the entire Black Prison with stormy speed.

Even though the five life and death matches that he won were filled with weirdness and irregularities.

But this did not stop Chen Dong’s name from sweeping through the Black Prison in any way.

All the prisoners remembered this name and even felt awe.

In a world where the weak are strong, the fear of the strong is also dripping.

Once Chen Dong returned to his cell, he continued to lie down on the raw stone bed to recuperate.

He looked indifferently into the darkness at the top of his cell, his gaze somewhat dull.

Once the Black Angel had pa*sed this life and death match, the next five would really be a test of life and death!

But he was not sure!

He didn’t even have the slightest chance of winning tomorrow’s match!

But he had no intention of giving up.

Gu Qingying, his mother, and his closest relatives kept coming to mind.

There was no reason for him to give up.

Apart from death, nothing could stop him from returning to his hometown and to Gu Qingying’s side.

It was also when Chen Dong was apprehensive about tomorrow’s life and death ring.

A great event, however, was like a meteorite falling.

It bombarded the entire Black Prison, causing everyone from the management down to the inmates to shudder in fear.