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Winner Takes All Chapter 243-244

Chapter 243

Has he gone mad?

As the whole crowd erupted, a strange thought came to the minds of all the prisoners.

Even the strongest skull would have been shattered by the full force of the hammer.

When there was no way to retreat, instead of trying to defend his life, he lunged straight at him?

Trying to fight the bear hard?

In an instant, many of the prisoners could not help but narrow their eyes.

They already foresaw that Chen Dong’s head would burst open like a watermelon next.

At the entrance of the prison block, Drought saw this scene, but suddenly laughed.

“Seeking life in the face of death is in the same vein as Kunlun.”

In fact.

When Chen Dong rushed towards Exploding Bear, a hint of surprise flashed in Exploding Bear’s eyes as well.

With his heavy hammer, even Drought, or the head wolves of the rest of the nine prison districts, would never dare to fight as hard as Chen Dong did, straight on his face.

This newcomer, arrogant to the extreme!

“Ow-ho, die!”

The bursting bear let out a beastly roar, and the speed of the heavy hammer on both arms did not diminish.

There was a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong’s eyes abruptly shot out a sharp aura.

The moment the heavy hammer was at his head, he stomped his feet on the ground and leapt up in the air.


With the speed of a snake, his feet wrapped around the hands of the bursting bear, and his entire body climbed on top of the drought’s arms, pressing down hard.


The sudden move caused the whole crowd to gasp in shock.

All the prisoners were dumbfounded.

Can they still play like this?

“D*mn it!”

Even the bursting bear had never expected this, and his lower hammer arms were violently wrapped around Chen Dong, instantly causing the bursting bear to lose his balance.

With a furious curse, Exploding Bear’s lofty and huge body instantly lunged forward, lunging towards the lower part of the high platform.

“You’ve lost!”

A cold voice echoed in the Exploding Bear’s ears, like a cold wind piercing his bones.

Almost at the same time, Chen Dong’s body twisted violently, but he quickly climbed onto the back of the bursting bear and leapt up in the air with a borrowed force on its back, followed by a wind-breaking sound.

A whip kick.

A thumping kick landed on the back of the bear’s neck.

The bear’s body stiffened, his eyes rolled back and he could no longer control his balance.

With a thud, he fell heavily under the high platform.

The huge body fell down as if a wall had collapsed with a bang.

What’s more, he pa*sed out straight away from the heavy blow to the back of his neck.


The whole room was dead silent.

What had just happened was so fast that everyone felt as if their brains were down and they were dumbfounded.

No one had expected that the battle would suddenly turn into such a drama.

Defeat to victory!

Four simple words, easy to say, but only when you actually do it, do you realise how difficult it is.

What’s more, Chen Dong was facing the head wolf of the prison block!

The prisoners’ pupils gradually regained focus.

A line of terrified eyes locked onto Chen Dong on the high platform.

At this moment, Chen Dong.

His expression was cold, his back was straight and he stood tall.

There were still traces of blood at the corners of his mouth.

But his expression was as cold as frost.

His cold, calm demeanour was engraved on the heart of every prisoner in the cell block.

A newcomer, in just a few days, had turned all their perceptions of the Black Prison upside down!

The head wolf was not unbeatable, but such an easy victory was a first in Black Prison!

“Chen Dong, win!”

A voice suddenly echoed through the prison area.


As if it was water poured into a frying pan, it instantly caused the entire prison area to boil over.

“Chen Dong, Chen Dong, Chen Dong ……”

A shout, like a thunderous explosion, echoed through the prison area, deafening.

Within the black prison of the weak and the strong, strength was everything.

As long as one was strong enough, even if one was a newcomer, one could still gain the trust of all the prisoners.

And Chen Dong’s victory over Burst Bear had undoubtedly made him the new head wolf of the entire prison block.

Even if the victory was not a head-on hard fight.

But Chen Dong’s tactics in the face of danger just now were still enough to convince everyone.

“Someone, send Burst Bear to the doctor.”

At the entrance of the prison block, Drought suddenly shouted.

“Captain, the Black Prison’s medical system is only for us managers, and does not involve prisoners!”

A member warned in alarm, his face full of dismay.

In the Black Prison, it had always been a matter of life and death, and everyone had long since become accustomed to the daily transport of bodies from the Black Prison to the outside.

The prisoners in the abandoned Black Prison were like beasts, deprived of the right to heal.

Even the wolves who were once the head of the cell block did not have this right.

Even if they died, the big deal was to carry them out of the black prison and throw them away.

“Rules are dead, people are alive, do as I say!”

Drought’s expression was solemn as he scolded in a stern voice.

The members were instantly frightened and dared not argue any further, hastily carrying away the fainting Burst Bear under the ring for treatment.

The sound of cheering was deafening.

They echoed throughout the prison block.

Each cry represented the inmates’ awe of Chen Dong’s strength, no longer the disdain and contempt they had before.

Chen Dong looked coldly at the bursting bear being carried away, the battle intent in his eyes growing stronger instead of subsiding.

“This …… is only the first!”

Ten days and ten battles, he had no choice!

His woman, his mother, his brothers.

Even if he had to risk this life, he had to guard it to the death, not allowing anyone to get their hands on it.

He would break out of the Black Prison!

“You’re great!”

Suddenly, a praising laugh rang out.

Chen Dong looked askance to the side of the high platform, and Drought was looking at him with a smile.

“You know, Burst Bear has been in the Black Prison for three years, and has been the head wolf in this prison area for two years, a total of 172 battles, even those soldier kings and war gods have not done as well as you.”

Drought did not hide his praise for Chen Dong: “Just now, in a situation where there was no way back, your reaction surprised me for a moment, who would have thought that you would still be able to fight back like that.”

The corner of Chen Dong’s mouth curled up into a smile, “Kunlun said, the more life and death you are between, the more calm and composed you must be, so that you can have a chance of survival.”


Drought’s gaze burned as he nodded and smiled.

Following closely, Chen Dong calmly said.

“I will rest first, the second life and death match tomorrow.”

Drought’s tiger body shook and the smile on his face froze abruptly.

Looking at Chen Dong who had already walked off the high platform.

He could not help but ask, “Don’t you know that the chances of you dying like this are high?”

“I know.”

Chen Dong was walking while responding with a smile, “But compared to death, there are more important things waiting for me to guard.”

The tone of his voice was calm and even casual with a laugh.

Yet it was resounding enough to make Drought’s pupils clench, unable to refute.

Soon, the news that Chen Dong would be fighting the second life and death match tomorrow spread throughout the prison area.

All the prisoners were dumbfounded.

Was this a case of not giving themselves any time to recuperate?

Or rather, was he deliberately seeking death?

And all this, Chen Dong did not want to pay attention to.

Originally, he had defeated Exploding Bear and became the head wolf of the prison block, able to have a cell belonging to the head wolf all to himself.

But he refused and returned to his previous cell to recuperate.

The battle with Exploding Bear had been a quick one, but the initial blow from Exploding Bear had still had a significant impact on his body.

It was impossible to recover from the injury in a short period of time.

The only thing Chen Dong could do was to adjust his condition as much as possible and adapt to the body that carried the injury.

That night.

Chen Dong was resting with his eyes closed.

Creak ……

The cell door suddenly opened.

The sudden noise woke up Chen Dong and Nashville and the other prisoners at the same time.

Under the dim light, a lofty mountain-like figure was standing at the cell door.

Like a beast, with red eyes, staring dead at Chen Dong ……


Chapter 244

Exploding Bear!

Chen Dong’s expression froze and he instantly rose to his guard.

Did the management put him in?

But on closer inspection, he instantly drifted off.

The bars of the cell were already twisted beyond recognition.

It had obviously been torn apart by the brute force of Exploding Bear, who had forced his way in.

“Exploding Bear, what are you doing?”

Nashville let out a startled cry, looking terrified.

The remaining four prisoners, moreover, shrank into a corner.

As the former head wolf of the cell block, there was a shadow that could not be erased in the hearts of every prisoner in the cell block.


Suddenly, Burst Bear knelt down on one knee.

In a jarring voice, he said, “Thank you so much, for not killing me.”

Chen Dong’s expression was stunned.

“You’re not here for revenge?”

Several people in Nashville were also confused.

Exploding Bear shook his head, “Exploding Bear, come and thank you, for today’s life and death ring, even if you ended up killing me, no one would blame you, but you, for sparing me.”

There are no rules in the Black Prison, the only rule is that the weak are the strongest and human life is the lowest.

In the so-called Ring of Life and Death, although there is a rule that if you fall out of the ring, you lose, everyone knows that this is just a bullSh*t.

If it is useful at all, it is for the challenger to disqualify himself or herself from further challenges.

But life, however, was not governed by this rule.

Bursting Bear was clear that at that time, if Chen Dong had taken advantage of his illness to kill him, the entire Black Prison, would not have felt the slightest bit wrong.

He had even done this kind of thing in the past two years since he had become the head wolf.

On the contrary, Chen Dong did not hunt him down!

After a pause, Exploding Bear took a deep breath, and his reddened gaze abruptly became firm.

“From now on, this life of Exploding Bear is yours!”

Sworn to follow?

Nashville and the others were immediately shocked.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, looked at Bursting Bear with a sullen gaze.

He was not a bloodthirsty and indiscriminate killer, and his only aim in challenging the Ring of Life and Death was to win ten matches and leave the Black Prison.

Therefore, there was no need to kill Burst Bear.

What’s more, what was the point of Burst Bear’s vow to follow him to his death?

He would either die in this battle or leave the Black Prison.

And Exploding Bear, after all, would still be locked up in the Black Prison.

If he died, who would Burst Bear still follow?

Even if he managed to leave the Black Prison, what use could the Exploding Bear, still locked up in the Black Prison, be?

“There’s no need.”

Chen Dong shook his head, “I don’t need your sworn followers, I don’t kill you only because I don’t have to, all I want is to win the Ring of Life and Death and leave the Black Prison, to be precise, you are nothing more than a springboard for me.”

Bursting Bear’s gaze flickered for a moment.

He looked at Chen Dong with a complicated expression.

Having been able to become the head wolf of the prison district for years and years, he had an arrogance in his heart long ago.

What’s more, before entering the Black Prison, his status was already amazing.

However, Chen Dong’s words were what caused all his pride to dissipate in an instant.

Just …… a springboard?

“Go away, I have a second life and death match tomorrow and don’t want to spend more time.” Chen Dong waved his hand, dry and decisive, without the slightest hesitation.

Bakugou looked choked.

The few Nashville prisoners at the side were even more shocked, looking at Chen Dong with disbelief.

“Chen Sheng, a capable man like Exploding Bear is a rare find!” Nashville reminded.

Chen Dong smiled bitterly and closed his eyes, “Ten life and death matches, either I die or I walk out of Black Prison, there’s no need for that.”

Nashville’s pupils tightened and he felt the urge to stifle a sigh of relief.

The former head wolf of the prison district, with such an existence following him, two strong forces joining forces, not to mention one prison district, even if it was the top ten prison districts, they could walk across.

At this moment.

Bursting Bear stood up.

He looked at Chen Dong with a profound gaze.

Suddenly, he said, “Chen Sheng, I can help you win the Life and Death Ring.”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong’s eyes snapped open and his gaze was as stern as a sword.

“How can I help?”

Ten matches in the Ring of Life and Death, Chen Dong really did not have the certainty to win.

However, if Exploding Bear had a way, he would not mind taking Exploding Bear.

Exploding Bear’s eyes lit up as he smiled and said, “I have at least been the head wolf of this ninth prison district for two years, and I know the head wolves of the other nine districts, so I still know some of their weaknesses.”

“This will not allow Chen Sheng to win outright, but it will also increase Chen Sheng’s chances of winning by a few points, and the Greedy Wolf of the tenth prison district and the Black Angel of the fifth prison district still have some friendships with me ……”

Speaking of this, Exploding Bear paused and looked at Chen Dong with burning eyes.

“From today onwards, you will follow me.”

Chen Dong smiled, a smile that breathed a sense of relief.

Being able to know the weaknesses of the head wolves of the major prison districts in advance, this could indeed boost his chances of winning.

In this way, he would not have to make a move to test the depths at the beginning, as he had done today in the life and death match with Exploding Bear.

The implication of Exploding Bear’s last words was clear to Chen Dong.

Obviously, there was room for manoeuvre or the possibility of secret manipulation when it came to the life and death match with the head wolves of the tenth and fifth prison districts!

“Many thanks, Chen Sheng.”

Bursting Bear knelt heavily on the ground once again, his lofty mountain-like body moving with every movement.

With a simple kneel, the ground froze with a muffled sound like a beating drum.

“From now on, Bursting Bear vows to follow Chen Sheng to the death, and this life is entrusted to Chen Sheng.”

Both the look and the tone of his voice were filled with an unparalleled determination.

In the Black Prison, human lives are like gra*s and weeds, and those who are imprisoned in the Black Prison are almost never able to leave.

But even if a mole is still alive, even living in this Black Prison is better than losing one’s life outright.

Chen Dong’s mercy had never been encountered by Bursting Bear before.

The life that was left behind was worth Burst Bear entrusting it to Chen Dong.

“Now tell us about the weaknesses of the head wolves of the major prison districts, I am supposed to fight the head wolf of the eighth prison district to the death tomorrow.”

Chen Dong asked the thing he was most concerned about now.

Bursting Bear walked over to Chen Dong’s side and settled down.

He slowly said, “Chen Sheng, the nine prison districts are not divided according to the strength level of the head wolves, so the strength of the head wolves of the major prison districts cannot be ranked according to the order of the prison districts, but the head wolves of the major prison districts have fought each other, and their strengths are actually not far apart.”

Bursting Bear did not directly say the main point, but Chen Dong did not stop.

He had entered Black Prison for too short a time, and many things, after all, he did not understand.

Moreover, of the ten prison districts in Black Prison, Exploding Bear was talking about nine of them!

After a pause, Exploding Bear’s expression suddenly gloomed.

In a low voice, he said, “The only thing that Chen Sheng must be careful of is the head wolf in the first prison district.”

“The First Supervisory District?” Chen Dong frowned.

Bursting Bear nodded, “Of the ten prison districts, the strength of the head wolves of the remaining nine districts are not comparable, but the strength of the head wolf of the first prison district is the only one that has hardened to overwhelmingly defeat the head wolves of the remaining nine districts and sit firmly in the first prison district.”

“He wasn’t in the first prison district at first, but because he had to be first in everything, he directly challenged the head wolf of the eighth prison district, obtained the qualification to change prison districts, and then defeated the head wolf of the first prison district to become the new head wolf.”

Speaking of this, Exploding Bear’s eyes were filled with scorn as he exhaled heavily, “And this prison zone change, defeating two major head wolves in a row, was within just two hours!”

The corners of Chen Dong’s eyes bruised furiously.

His expression became incomparably grave.

Completing the prison zone change within two hours and defeating two big head wolves in a row meant that that person did not have any rest time at all.

Instead, he had fought two big head wolves one after another!

Chen Dong had experienced the strength of Burst Bear, so he understood what this meant even better.

The “overwhelming” that Exploding Bear said was really not a joke!

However, it seemed that Burst Bear did not feel that this was enough.

He then said one more thing.

Chen Dong’s pupils instantly contracted to the extreme, and he could not help but clench his fists, the back of his hands showing blue veins.