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Super School Student Chapter 537-538

Chapter 537

When they saw Ye Luo coming, the crowd was surprised at first, but then their expressions turned gloomy because they had indeed seen Ye Luo’s scene of “slaughtering gods” on “Mount Fuji” before, but there was no way to compare those gods with those from the “Heavenly Demon Palace”.

This time, there were ten “God Transformation Realm” experts.

At this time, many more people from the Pill Alliance flew over from afar, among them were the Pill Premium Elders and Pill Shu, but the Supreme Elder, the Heavenly Doctor Elder, was not there, and neither was Miao Fengling, because the Pill Alliance had also taken this into consideration, so they had taken Miao Fengling away long ago.

“As righteous people, the Pill Alliance would never let the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace have an easy time, because in their eyes, the Heavenly Demon Palace represented “evil”.

However, when Pill Shu saw Ye Lu enter alone, she became worried.

“Ye Lu, you should go now, there are too many of them.”

Before Ye Lu could answer, those people from the “Heavenly Demon Palace” surrounded Ye Lu first, and one of them looked at Ye Lu with a fierce face and said.

“Ye Lu, right? Since you’re here, don’t leave.”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to leave, what’s the matter?”

When this guy heard Ye Lu’s words, he slapped his palm at Ye Lu, and the black ghostly qi quickly coalesced into a black skeleton, which was extremely large, and then the skeleton opened its big mouth and bit at Ye Lu.

However, to his surprise, Ye Lu quickly released his “Blazing God Blade” and slashed at the skeleton and the person behind it.

The golden flames were like a waterfall falling from the sky, “Brush! The man behind the skeleton was also struck by the flames of Ye Lu’s sword, and although he was not cut in half like the skeleton due to the presence of his defensive clothing, he was suddenly set alight.

After that, the “defensive clothing” fell to the ground with a “clatter!” It fell to the ground with a crash.

Seeing this scene, everyone had a surprised look on their faces.

Previously, at Mount Fuji, Ye Lu had struggled to beat up a person at the Yuan Ying realm, but now he had directly killed a person at the God realm.

Even the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace drew in a breath of cold air.

“What kind of flame is this?”

“That’s right, it’s terrifying!”

“How can it be so strong!”


However, the undead bird “Svira” at the head was not afraid, she looked at Ye Lu and waved her hand, the remaining eight “God Transformation Realm” experts “Hula!” They surrounded Ye Luo in the middle.

“Ye Lu ……”

Seeing this scene, Pill Shu and those who knew Ye Lu shouted in surprise at the sight of this scene, because being surrounded by these people, Ye Lu could not run away even if he wanted to.

However, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Everyone doesn’t need to be afraid, killing a few of them is practically a piece of cake.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, those guys from the Heavenly Demon Palace said disdainfully.

“Sh*t! You can just blow it.”

“That’s right, fool around while you’re dying.”

“Well, this is your last words.”



Following that, everyone launched an attack towards Ye Lu.




Many women let out shrieks of shock at this scene, especially the few of them, Pill Shu, who was already covering her mouth in fear and didn’t know what she should say.

Following that, all sorts of attacks fell on Ye Lu’s body.

However, the various weapons and law attacks were all blocked by Ye Lv when they hit Ye Lv’s body, which was not only covered with densely entwined “Heavenly Vines”, but also had a golden “Flame Shield”.

Although the opponents were all “Lower Gods”, there were three, six and nine cla*ses of Lower Gods, and they were divided into “First Lower God” to “Third Lower God” according to their cultivation levels.


Ye Lu spat out a mouthful of blood, and then shook his head.

The reason he had to do this was to see what the limit of his defence was, so that he could have a good idea.

Seeing Ye Luo spitting blood, everyone once again exclaimed in shock, however, Ye Luo casually waved his hand and then, quickly raised his hand.

Following that, a strong man with vajra rage appeared.

This fellow had bare arms, stared at bronze bell-like gla*ses, and held a long demon-subduing pestle in his hand, while emitting a thick ghostly aura from his body.

When they saw this guy appear, the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace frowned, because they did not expect that the one Ye Lu had summoned was actually a “God Transformation Realm” expert.

However, what everyone did not expect was that another one of these vajra rage guys would appear, followed by another one, another one, another one, another one ……

The black men were still appearing, one after another, dozens of them in the blink of an eye.



“Awesome, awesome.”

“This is too awesome!”


Now everyone was moved, if it was just one or two, it would not be a big deal, but with Ye Luo’s hand, the dense “Shura” seemed to be endless.

“How about this? Is this enough to deal with you, if not, there’s more.”

Ye Luo stopped summoning and looked at the people of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” and said with a smile.

The crowd stopped talking, because what Ye Lu had just shown had shocked everyone, this was simply something that no one could do.

After that, Ye Lu looked at these people from the “Heavenly Demon Palace” and said with a smile.

“Is there anything you want to say?”

One of them thought for a while but finally could not hold back and said.

“Can we be spared?”

As a result, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course, otherwise, I would have ordered you all to be finished off long ago, right?”

Then Ye Falling smiled again and said.

“Alright, next, all of you establish a ‘master-servant contract’ with everyone from the ‘Pill Alliance’, after that, I have something to discuss with you.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, all the people of the ‘Pill Alliance’ were taken aback because they did not expect Ye Luo to actually hand over all the people of the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ to himself.

However, when they were confused, Ye Lu already smiled and turned his head to the crowd and said.

“Alright, let’s make some arrangements and see who is destined to be with whom, then establish a ‘master-servant contract’.”

Ye Luo had a top-grade “master-servant contract” in his hand, and it was no problem to establish a master-servant contract across a large realm, so anyone who had crossed into the “Yuan Ying realm” could basically find someone to establish a “master-servant contract” with.

Of course, a cultivator without a bloodline like Pill Shu, who was still at the “Golden Dao”, would not be able to establish a “master-servant contract” with someone at the God Realm.

“Ye Lu, we don’t have enough Yuan Ying realms here.”

After all, there were very few Supreme Elders left at the Pill Alliance’s headquarters.

Most of the “Heavenly Elders” were teaming up to cultivate in some terrifying secret realm, trying to improve themselves, because other than that, every time they improved a realm, their life expectancy could increase by a large step, and when they reached the level of “YuanYing realm”, improving a small realm could add ten years to their lives, and after a few realms, they could live a generation longer.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“Good, then let our people go first, because I need everyone to be able to listen to me.”

In Ye Luo’s mind, he had already conceived a plan, he wanted to see where the “Heavenly Demon Palace” got the information about the “Immortal Palace Key” from.

Soon, Ye Lu released the Dragon and Vermilion Bird Clans, and they quickly began to establish a “master-servant contract” with the people of the Heavenly Demon Palace.

After that, Ye Lu took out the “Magic Puppet” and the blood he had prepared earlier.


Chapter 538

Because of the existence of the Demon Puppet, Ye Lu had prepared all kinds of blood in advance, and this time it finally came into use. He used Miao Fengling’s blood to turn the Demon Puppet into Miao Fengling, and then let these people from the Heavenly Demon Palace take the Demon Puppet away.

This was also a plan that Ye Lu had thought of long ago.

Ye Lu also had the Immortal Mansion Key, so he knew that he only needed to confirm this once, so there was no need to worry about Miao Fengling revealing her identity.

Therefore, when Ye Lu heard that the “Heavenly Demon Palace” had such a plan, he had already started to think of a countermeasure.

After all this was done, Ye Lu let the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace take the demon puppet and leave. Only after that did someone come and tell Ye Lu that the Pill Garden Elder had just been killed by the people from the Heavenly Demon Palace.

Hearing this news, Ye Lu couldn’t help but sigh.

The “Pill Garden Elder” had always supported himself and treated him well, so it was a pity that he had died like this.

As a result, when Pill Shu saw Ye Lu’s expression, she came over and said.

“Ye Lu, don’t blame yourself, this matter is not your fault either, we have to thank you a lot, if you didn’t come, I’m afraid none of us would have survived.”

Ye Luo sighed helplessly afterwards.

It seemed that these old monsters’ obsession with “eternal life” far exceeded their own imagination.

However, thinking about it, he had only lived for a short time, he was full of longing for life, and it could be said that he was just at the beginning of his life, so he did not have any feeling about old age, sickness and death, etc. I guess only when one reaches the end of one’s life and death, or when one gradually grows old and dies, will he truly appreciate how important it is to become immortal and transcend life and death.

As long as one can increase one’s longevity, a billion dollars of a*sets, or even the entire family fortune, is nothing.

“Right, even the Black Dragon is so crazy.”

When I think about the fact that the “Hell Devil Dragon” actually gave all the “Shura” in the “Abyssal Hell” to himself, this gesture can be described as crazy.

“It looks like the ‘Hell Devil Dragon’ is having a hard time living in that place it mentioned!”

Ye Luo became more and more curious as to where these super experts had gone after leaving their doppelgangers on this side, was it the so-called “other side”.

Anyway, it was definitely not a paradise, it must be a rather difficult place, that’s for sure.

Seeing that the crisis had been lifted, the people of the Pill Alliance all gathered around to thank Ye Lu.

Ye Luo took back his “Xiu Luo” and then called “Pill Shu” over.

“Pill Shu, you are indeed quite talented, if you continue to cultivate normally you will definitely have a great future, however, your speed will be much slower, now I will give you a chance to open up, I want to help you fuse the bloodline of the ‘Divine Farmer’, are you willing?”

“The “Shennong Clan”, “Yellow Emperor” and “Chi You” are all ancient orthodox “gods”, if you can possess the bloodline of these people, your cultivation will be twice as effective.

However, the “Shennong bloodline” could not be devalued, mainly because of the inheritance of the bloodline, and Ye Lu had the ability to purify the bloodline, so he could fuse the pure “Shennong” bloodline into Pill Shu’s body.

Of course, Yushu fully agreed.

With that, Ye Lu began to help Pill Shu purify her bloodline while observing the demon puppet that had been taken away, while the women stayed in the Mundane Realm for a while before returning to the Abyssal Secret Realm.

This was also Ye Lu’s intention to open up the Abyssal Realm, to find a place where they could hide and hide at any time.

This would be of great help to their growth, especially for those “original spirit beasts”, as it was a rare opportunity to practise their fighting skills.

He was not able to do anything else, but his mimicry was perfect, so he did not show any flaws.

The place was called “Paradise Lost”, and not only was the scenery very beautiful, but it was also inhabited by some creatures that seemed quite bizarre to Ye Lu.

These creatures were very different from the ones Ye Lu had seen before, and they were also different from the characters of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” that he had seen before, but from the appearance, the biggest characteristic was that these guys all had “horns” and “wings”, the difference being the look of the horns and wings, and the number of them would be different.

The difference is that the number of horns and wings is somewhat different. As for the appearance, there are a lot of strange things, some resembling human forms, some resembling demonic beasts, and some resembling ghosts, and there is also a huge difference in size, some are as big as mountains, while others are as small as mosquitoes.

What made Ye Luo feel really weird was that he felt through the “demon puppet” that what was inside the other party’s body was not “Yuan Power” or the “Spiritual Power” he possessed, but something else, full of “Demonic Nature”, giving people a feeling of evil and power.

“Sure enough, these guys are not from this world.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered.

In Buddhism, there was a saying called “Outer Way Heavenly Demons”, which referred to things that came from outside the world, and there was also a secular saying called “Evil Demons Outer Way”, which referred to the same thing.

“It looks like the ‘Hell Demon Dragon’ had a point in telling me to be careful of the people from the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’.”

When he saw this scene, Ye Lu muttered secretly.

The most important reason why he was so strong was that he was using “Spiritual Power”, which allowed him to fight directly across a large realm.

At the same time, the existence of “spiritual power” also allows one to escape the detection of “divine sense” and block the attacks of all kinds of “qi” that are weaker than one’s own. If the “Outer Way Heavenly Demons” also possess similar abilities, then it makes sense that everyone has spread the word about them being so powerful.

“Those acting outside should be nothing more than puppets of the ‘Outer Way Heavenly Demons’.”

Ye Lu felt that most of the so-called demons and monsters affiliated with the “Heavenly Demon Palace” had been corrupted by their temporary “demonic energy” and turned into their followers.

The real “Heavenly Demon” of the “Heavenly Demon Palace” is probably still unknown to most people.

“It’s a pity that the ‘demon puppet’ doesn’t have ‘gla*ses’, otherwise I would have been able to take a look at these guys directly.”

However, through this undercover operation, Ye Lu did have a basic understanding of the nature of the mysterious “Heavenly Demon Palace”, but, accordingly, the “Magic Puppet” was also trapped, and could only be retrieved when there was a chance.

Soon, after a day or so, Ye Lu helped Pill Shue purify and fuse the bloodline of the “Divine Nong”.


The tall silhouette of Shennong appeared above Pill Shu’s head, and her cultivation level was raised by a small level due to the fusion of her bloodline.

“Ye Lu, thank you so much.”

Pill Shu said with a red face towards Ye Lu as she remembered what had happened between her and Ye Lu again.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward.

Ye Lu was not good at dealing with such situations, so he hurriedly looked for an opportunity to run away, and so did Pill Shu.

Seeing this scene, the “Pill Master Elder” sighed quietly.

After Ye Lu left the secret realm of the Pill Alliance, he returned to Liao City without stopping, and in the sky above Liao City, he suddenly felt some emotions.

This was the place where he had lived for eighteen years, but what kind of amazing secrets were hidden here?