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Super School Student Chapter 523-524

Chapter 523

When she heard Ye Lu’s words, the female “God Transformation Realm” showed a serious expression, because she had already found out that the demonic beasts around Ye Lu were not to be messed with.

The Chinese audience in front of the TVs, computers and mobile phones were ignited by Ye Lu’s domineering words.

“Sh*t! That’s awesome!”

“That’s right, overbearing! I like it!”

“It’s so cool!”


And Nie Yibiao had already slapped the bottle directly on the table.

“Sh*t! Ye Lu, bull, I’m kind of convinced of you, I give you a big compliment!”

Mu Zi Ze also “slapped!” said as he slapped his hand on the table.

“That’s right, I think Ye Lu should be our boss, what happened this time is enough for all of us to brag about for half a year, don’t you think?”

This time not only An Le, but even Jin Kun nodded and said.


Nie Yibiao also said with a smile and nodded.

“I don’t have a problem with it, I’m willing to be the second in this dorm, that is, I’m happy to be the second, I like it, come on, everyone drink.”

“I’ll treat you all to a rubdown today! Everyone here, one person counts as one.”

Nie Yibiao waved his hand in a grand manner.

Because, recently, it seemed that their family had met a lucky man and made a large sum of money, and his status was also rising rapidly.

This had turned him from a pseudo-rich kid to a real rich kid.

However, he did not know that this was all because of Ye Lu, but of course, Ye Lu was not directly involved in this matter, but had Long Fei Xue make a few phone calls to take care of it.

This was a simple matter for Long Fei Xue.

At the top of Mount Fuji, the Dragon and Vermilion Bird clans had already finished off the Yaki Snake.

The crowd surrounded the three experts of the God Transformation Realm.


Ye Lu knew that there must be more experts in the country than that, and that the night would be too long.

Of course, “Di Qi” and “Red Luan” also understood the reasoning behind this, so all the demonic beasts turned on their maximum output mode and started to attack like crazy.

Of the three who came, only the “Desolate God” was of a decent level, while the other two had a certain gap with the “Orochi Snake”, so the battle soon became one-sided.

However, there were no surprises as bright lights rose from all over the country, and after they had risen, they flew towards Mount Fuji from all directions.

Those who dared to come here for backup must be experts above the “God Transformation Realm”, so the crowd watching was worried.

Because everyone saw that Ye Lu and the others did not have any intention of leaving.

This was definitely a very dangerous thing to do, after all, the country was not that big and the fastest rescuers should be in place in a few minutes.

“Why aren’t they leaving yet?”

“That’s right, there are so many people coming.”

“Yeah, it looks so pretty, just like so many fireworks flying over.”


It was at this time that the first “God Transformation Realm” fell, and it was the “Asama God” with the worst cultivation, who was directly pierced through the chest by “Di Qi’s” dragon spear.

After that, the body was thrown to Ye Lu.

These so-called “gods” were full of good things, from the clothes they wore to their storage rings and weapons, everything was worth a lot of money.

It was nothing to the “Di Qi”, but it was still useful to Ye Lu.

“How bold you are, our men are already here.”

Seeing that the Asama God had already been killed, the Gargoyle got scared and said to Ye Lu, meaning clearly that Ye Lu should give up his attack and run away.

However, Ye Lu looked at him and smiled, saying.

“No hurry, no hurry, it’s not too late to kill you first and then leave.”

Then, in the eyes of the Gods who flew over first, the flaming sword of Red Luan cut off the head of the Fire God Gadget with a single blow.

At this moment, the fastest “god” was already close at hand.

This made the only remaining “Desolate God” feel calm, in his mind, unless Ye Lu and the others didn’t want to live, they would definitely have to flee.

However, he was wrong, all the Dragon and Vermilion Bird clans took advantage of this time to swarm and start a frenzied attack.

“Madness, madness, have you all gone mad?”

“He didn’t understand why this was happening, why he had to kill him even at the risk of being surrounded.

Ye Lu looked at him with a smile and said.

“Because I don’t see eye to eye with you, what, do you have a problem with that?”

While Ye Luo was speaking, Di Qi and Red Luan had already struck, and the two of them worked well together and were extremely fast.

At this time, countless lights and shadows had surrounded Ye Luo and the others.

“Let’s go!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu quickly said.

Following this, the demonic beasts around him quickly disappeared, leaving only the Red Luan by his side, and then Ye Luo jumped onto the body of the Red Luan.

“The Red Luan took off with its wings and flew up into the sky with endless flames, and then flew away at lightning speed into the distance.

“What’s going on? How can it be so fast?”

“Yes, it’s too fast too.”

“It must have moved something.”


When they saw that Red Luan had disappeared so quickly with Ye Luo, the Gods who flew over were all a bit confused.

In fact, their guess was right.

Ye Luo had indeed done something, but not in terms of Red Luan’s cultivation level, but in terms of adding an auxiliary equipment to Red Luan that could increase her speed, the armor she was wearing at the moment, which Ye Luo called the “Acceleration Kai”, a wind attribute armor, the same as the armor that Ye Luo had initially developed that could fly.

However, this armour was modified from the European Sun God Apollo’s chariot, which Ye Lu had seen before, so this time the armour had a huge speed bonus, especially since “Red Luan” had a very high cultivation level and was a bird-shaped demonic beast, so although it was not a wind-attributed bird, it was still incredibly fast.

This was also Ye Luo’s preparation for his escape, and was one of his backstops.

When they saw the speed of the Red Luan, they were amazed, but they still flew after it, but the Red Luan had already crossed the border quickly.

The crowd also flew after them, but just as they crossed the border, several figures flew up.

The hidden powers of China had finally stepped in.

When he saw this scene, Ye Lu let out a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he was also a little surprised. He had not expected that super experts beyond the “YuanYing realm” were actually hiding around him, otherwise he would not have reacted so quickly.

A woman in white and a few others stopped the “gods” of the Sun Kingdom from pursuing him, and she raised her hand and released countless lotus flowers, saying.

“I am Venerable Xuan Yin under the command of Nuwa, you foreigners, retreat quickly.”

As she spoke, another middle-aged man said in a similarly loud voice.

“I am Venerable Lihuo under the Great God Fuxi, if you don’t retreat, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

With those words, he quickly unleashed his green flaming spear, while the other powerful men who flew up also unleashed the weapons in their hands.

So many people flying into China’s sphere of influence had been qualified by everyone as an invasion.

When the people from the Japanese country saw this situation, they had to quickly retreat back again, they did not dare to start a war within the range of the Chinese country easily, because no one knew what was hidden in this huge behemoth of the Chinese country, and it was possible that all of them would be buried here.

So, soon, all the Gods from the country of Japan left.

The reason he didn’t go to the villa directly was because his identity was exposed and he didn’t want to bring trouble to the women for the time being.

Because through this trip to Mount Fuji, Ye Luo found that the water in this world was too deep.

He had thought that his own combat power was already quite good, but it turned out that there was an even more terrifying torrent hidden beneath the surface.

“No wonder Pill Shu said that the ‘Pill Alliance’ was not at all as simple as I saw it.”

Ye Lu remembered what Pill Shu had said to herself earlier again.

At this moment, in the “secular world”, the news of Ye Lu’s God Slaying had begun to spread like crazy in an explosive manner.


Chapter 524

The battle of “Mount Fuji” was like watching a blockbuster movie in the eyes of many people, and it came with all kinds of light and shadow special effects, and there were all kinds of demonic beasts involved, and everyone shouted out loud, especially at the end when the “Yagi Snake” appeared at the “top of Mount Fuji”, everyone’s pa*sion was all ignited.

The scene was so shocking that Ye Luo actually killed the Great Yin Yang Master “Abe Haruaki”, and then killed three people in a row before leaving in style when his opponents were a*sembled.

The “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” was a huge hit with the audience.

The most surprising thing was that the question of the face of the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”, which had been bothering everyone, was finally revealed.

“The ‘Masked Man in Silk Stockings’ is quite handsome, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, I thought he was an ugly guy when he had his face covered.”

“Who says it’s not, so handsome, what’s he doing with his face covered?”

“That’s what they call low profile, you know.”


However, Ye Lu was also very clear about the consequences that this matter would bring, after his identity was exposed, if he was still in school he would definitely become the object of everyone’s visit.

The entire “Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine” went crazy, after all, Ye Lu has another identity, that is the “Guardian of Kyoto”, other than that, this identity alone makes the school not dare to touch him, and with such a big figure in the school, everyone must spread Ye Lu’s deeds everywhere.

The biggest focus was on Nie Yibiao and the others. Apart from the low-key Jin Kun, the other three were immediately the target of everyone’s attention, after all, in everyone’s opinion, they were the ones who called the legend a brother.

Especially Nie Yibiao, he was a figure that even the legendary Ye Lu had to call him a boss.

An Le, whose presence had always been very low, also immediately became one of the focal points.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, was starting to work out what he should do next.

“First of all, the cultivation level is still not enough, and it needs to be improved in a hurry.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, to find his missing grandmother, he had to enter the “Immortal Mansion of Lok Ha”, and now it seemed that all the forces that were watching the “Immortal Mansion” were very big, and no matter which one of them was not to be messed with.

The situation of Ye Lu’s known “Immortal Palace Keys” was like this.

There was one in his own hand, and the corresponding “person of star fate” had already been found, namely “Long Fei Xue”, and there was one in “Ye Yan’s” body, and the “person of star fate” was herself.

After that, there is another one on the body of Odin, the king of the Norse gods, but Odin has not yet found out who the “Star Destined One” is.

There is another one in the hands of Kunlun, and the corresponding “Star Destiny” is the young girl “Miao Fengling”, at present, the “key” and the “Star Destiny” are separate, and it is not known whether Kunlun’s people will take further action, but now Miao Fengling is in the side of the “Medicine League”, and the “Medicine League” is not soft, so Ye Lu feels that there should not be too big a problem for the time being.

After that, the fifth one is in the hands of the Ancient Clan, and the “Star Destined One” is Gu Shiqi.

The last known one should be in the hands of Zhang Tian of the Xuantian Clan. Moreover, Ye Lu felt that Zhang Tian should have obtained the inheritance of the Immortal Mansion and also obtained a lot of things related to the Immortal Mansion, which should not be the real Immortal Mansion, but should be something related to the Immortal Mansion.

“Looks like it’s really time to go back.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, “The gla*ses” had the function of scanning the “secret realm”, so if he went back to Liaocheng and scanned the surrounding area, then he could go to the scanned secret realm and check each one of them, he should be able to find out which secret realm Zhang Tian had entered before.

It would also be possible to learn some secrets about Zhang Tian.

The “Goblin’s Bow” that Zhang Tian had used before, the Sylvan, should belong to the Norse mythology, although it was not something from the Norse history, but it was also something from the Norse legend.

Therefore, Ye Lu felt that what Zhang Tian had obtained should not be limited to the East.

In the Immortal Mansion of Lokxia, there should be something from the West and even other civilizations, in addition to the East.

“I guess it is also because of this reason that the ‘Immortal Palace Key’ guided by the ‘Four Sacred Beasts Totem’ is with the ‘Greek Gods’. ”

At that time, Ye Luo actually wondered why the four pictures in the Four Sacred Beasts Totem would lead to the place “Mount Olympus”.

“The remaining three ‘Immortal Palace keys’ are not all in the hands of foreigners, are they?”

Now, there were still three keys and four “Star Fates” that were still completely unknown, which made Ye Luo have a lot of weird guesses, but at the moment, he couldn’t find any particularly useful clues.

So, Ye Lu found a corner and waited for the “weakness period” to pa*s before quietly returning to Ye Yan’s villa.

Just as he walked into the courtyard of the villa, several women came out, each with a young beast by their side, especially Qin Shiyu, behind her head was a dark ball of light emitting black flames, looking as if she was a legendary god, looking exceptionally mysterious.

The black ball of fire is naturally the “Sun Candle”.

The Sun Candle was born while she was away.

Ye Lu found that both Long Fei Xue’s Ying Long and Ye Yan’s Vermilion Bird were already different from their previous appearance, and in a short period of time, both of them were already “Master” level demon beasts.

According to the growth pattern of ordinary demon beasts, they only needed to go one step further and enter the “fourth-rank demon beast” realm before they could have the chance to “transform”.

“I wonder if something like a ‘Sun Candle’ can transform?”

Ye Lu looked at the black ball of fire behind Qin Siyu and muttered, but immediately afterwards, a flame suddenly erupted from that ball of fire towards Ye Lu.

It was a golden flame with a terrifyingly terrifying aura, which startled even Ye Luo.

A white shield quickly appeared in front of Ye Lu to block this terrifying blow, but Ye Lu saw that the white flame shield actually began to emit a “hiss! sound and a white smoke was emitted at the same time.

In other words, even the shield made by fusing the three origin flames could not withstand this golden flame, which made Ye Lu feel extremely shocked.

“Wow! It’s blocked, it scared me to death.”

Seeing this scene, the three women all screamed, but they were all relieved at the same time.

Ye Luo didn’t know what was going on, and after asking about it, they found out that the three of them had been discussing whether this flame Ye Luo could block or not before Ye Luo came back, because, they found out that this flame was almost indestructible, and now that they saw that Ye Luo’s flame shield could block this golden flame, they all became a little curious.

Ye Luo then looked at everyone and explained.

“This golden flame is extremely powerful, it is the strongest flame in the universe, the name is called ‘Sun True Fire’, it is also one of the ten origin flames, the most terrifying thing about this flame is not this flame attack, legend has it that he can directly annihilate the divine sense, spirit, exterminate the soul, and can destroy almost everything. ”

“And the flame I just released is the flame after the fusion of the three origin flames, I also did not expect the ‘Sun True Flame’ to be so powerful.”

Only after Ye Lu finished speaking did the “Sun True Flame” completely dissipate.

After saying that, Ye Lu looked at the black ball like “Heavenly Sun Candlelight” with disbelief, this thing had just been born for a short while and it was already so powerful.

“Fortunately, the ‘Sun Candlelight’ has fallen into our hands, otherwise the consequences would really be unthinkable.”

Ye Lu said in his heart, secretly thankful.

At this time, Ye Yan looked at him and said.

“Ye Lu, that egg of yours hasn’t hatched yet?”

Ye Lu nodded helplessly, but as a result, Ye Yan said.

“Ye Lu, have you thought about it, I think you should find a female to hatch and try, as the saying goes ‘how can you get pregnant without going to bed’, if you don’t try, it’s not a solution to wait like this.”

Hearing Ye Yan finish, Ye Lu nodded and said.

“That’s right, you have a point, but, old sister, where did you get this proverb from, how come I’ve never heard of it.”

As a result, Ye Yan laughed and said.

“Your old sister, I made it up!”