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Super School Student Chapter 521-522

Chapter 521

Everyone’s mouth dropped open as they destroyed a “god” with one blow.

“Oh my, that thing is the sun, isn’t it?”

In the auditorium of Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine, everyone began to study what Ye Lu had summoned.

The legends of the “three-legged Golden Crow” and Hou Yi shooting the sun were still widely spread in China, so many people recognised what Ye Lu had summoned.

“Niu, even the sun has been summoned, Ye Lu is close to being a god, right?”

“I see that he is not close to God, but has already become a God.”

“Awesome, it looks like those ancient legends seem to be true.”

“Who says it isn’t, didn’t you see that ‘Abe Haruaki’ summoned a ‘Green Dragon’ or ‘White Tiger’ or something like that, that’s actually the ‘Twelve Branches’, also called the ‘Twelve Divine Generals’.”

“Even divine generals have appeared, this world is really about to change.”


The battle between Ye Lu and “Abe Haruaki” has opened the eyes of all the audience, these things, usually we can only see in the movies, television to see the director made up various images, this is a live version of the performance, and this is better than some blockbuster and more real.

Ye Lu looked at “Abe Seimei” and said with a smile.

“It seems that your ‘style gods’ are only huge in number, but each one of them is a straw man.

To be honest, the crowd who were watching the fun also felt the same way.

In fact, Ye Luo knew very well that these twelve “style gods” were not weak, after all, they were all “Yuan Ying realm” guys, only that the “Three Legged Golden Crow” was too strong, to be precise, the “Great Sun Golden Flame” was too strong, this terrifying flame was used by the “Three Legged Golden Crow” like a fish in water, so, fighting across one or two levels was a trivial matter.

However, seeing this scene, “Abe Haruaki” did not show any special expression, he smiled and then waved his fan.

The demonic beast “Rokugo” that had just disappeared slowly appeared in the air again.

“It’s useless, these twelve ‘gods’ are the same as the “Yaki Orochi” you just saw, they are actually ‘twelve in one’, no matter which one you No matter which one you kill, it can come back to life again, just like cutting off the head of your ‘Nine Infants’, so you can’t kill them.”

When “Abe Haruaki” finished speaking, Ye Lu was also stunned.

If what he said was true, there was really no way for the “Three-Legged Golden Crow” to kill all twelve “Style Gods” at once, and that would be a bit of a headache.

However, the real headache was yet to come.

After saying this, the fan in Abe Haruaki’s hand waved again, as if giving some kind of order to the twelve “style gods”.

After the command was given, all twelve of them let out a roar at the same time, and then twelve rays of light flew up from the heads of the twelve branches, and the bodies of the twelve “style gods” were twisted and were disappearing rapidly.

“Come on!”

At this moment, Abe Haruaki’s right hand was raised again and drew a new “five mansard” in the air.

Then, where the twelve rays of light converged, an endlessly terrifying aura began to appear as this “Abe Haruaki” used the twelve “Style Gods” as a sacrificial object to summon a new “Style God”.

It was true that this “Abe Haruaki” could be said to have a heavenly power, not only could he use the twelve “Style Gods” that were almost immortal, but he could also use them to summon even stronger “Style Gods”, it seemed that he wanted to make Ye Lu despair.

At the sight of this scene, Ye Lu took out a pill and three “Exploding Yuan Dan” and took them together.

It had been a long time since he had a full blast of fire.

This pill was a heaven-defying pill that Ye Lu had prepared for a long time that could raise the “YuanYing realm” by a small level, the “Baby Breeding Pill”, the power of “Abe Haruaki” had already exceeded Ye Lu’s imagination.

At the same time, Ye Lu also saw what “Abe Haruaki” was summoning when he sacrificed his twelve “gods”, he was summoning the fire god of Japan, “Kagutsu”.

This is the last god born to the legendary creator god Izanami, who burned his mother to death at birth.

So, this guy was absolutely terrifying.


“It’s a god that’s been summoned.”

“Fire God, how powerful!”

“It’s really strong among the strong!”


The summoning of “Abe Haruaki” once again refreshed everyone’s judgment, and at this moment, everyone felt that Ye Lu was dead, he couldn’t even deal with the twelve “gods” just now, let alone the “Gargantua” god this time.

However, after Ye Lu, who was standing opposite him, finished his potion, he looked at “Abe Haruaki” and smiled, as his cultivation level had now briefly surpa*sed that of “Abe Haruaki”, so Ye Lu felt that he could definitely win.

So, he formed his hands and started a new summoning.

However, they couldn’t think of anything that Ye Lu could summon that was more powerful than the Fire God “Kagutu”, which was summoned at the expense of twelve “Style Gods” of the Firstborn Realm.

Even “Abe Haruaki” also looked at Ye Lu with some curiosity, because he also wanted to see what Ye Lu wanted to summon, and it seemed to be a “contract summoning”, because Ye Lu did not use a large amount of blood.

In fact, there was only one answer, that was the “Magic Dragon of Hell”, that is, the black dragon “Nidhogg”.

This was also the only horrible “summoned beast” that Ye Luo had established a contract with so far.


When they saw this black flame, many people fell to their knees in fear, as they felt like they had seen hell, a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and some of the more timid ones were already incontinent with fear.

Then, a huge black dragon head appeared, and the shadow of Nidhogg, the “Devil Dragon of Hell”, slowly appeared in the air, because with Ye Lu’s current cultivation level, he could not summon the black dragon “Nidhogg” even with his full strength, because that thing could kill “Odin” in an instant, and it had already surpa*sed the realm of the “Firstborn”.

Therefore, Ye Lu could only summon a projection of the Hell Devil Dragon.

However, this was already enough.


“As soon as the Hell Demon Dragon appeared, it snorted coldly at Gadget Earth, followed by a terrifying “Hell Fire” blasting at Gadget Earth.

“If not for the “formation”, I am afraid that all the onlookers would have died under the flames this time.

However, it was obvious that the “Hell Devil Dragon” summoned by Ye Lu was of a higher level, and the “Gadget Earth” was torn to pieces by the “Hell Devil Dragon” before it could hold out for much longer.

At the moment when the “Gadget Earth” dissipated, “Abe Haruaki” sighed and then said.

“I really underestimated you, but that’s the end of it.”

As he finished speaking, the whole of Mount Fuji began to shake, and then huge heads burst out of the mountain.

One, two, three, four ……

Soon there were eight familiar huge heads coming out of the eight directions around Mount Fuji, and the snow and rocks rolled down the mountain as a result of the vibrations, a scene that terrified everyone watching the game, thinking that the heads were so big that each one looked like a small mountain.

“Orochi Orochi!”

“Is it the ‘Orochi Orochi’ itself?”

“It’s over, is it going to eat us?”

The crowd was in chaos, and Ye Lu also frowned, because the “Yaki Orochi” that appeared this time was far beyond Ye Lu’s imagination.

“This is my newest ‘Original Spirit Beast’, you should feel relieved to have died by its hand.”

“Abe Haruaki” looked at Ye Lu and said indifferently.


Chapter 522

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu’s eyebrows also twitched.

The reason was that this “Original Spirit Beast” had already surpa*sed the “Yuan Ying Realm” and reached the legendary “God Realm”, also known as the “God Transformation Realm”.

For such an expert, there was no way for Ye Lu to deal with it by himself, so Ye Lu looked at the eight heads that had risen and smiled.

“You have spirit beasts, in fact, I also have them, and there are quite a few of them.”

With those words, he waved his hand.

“The experts of the Dragon and Vermilion Bird clans all appeared, standing in two rows, one on the left and one on the right.

Looking at the appearance of these super experts, “Abe Haruaki” was really surprised, he also thought that Ye Lu might bring some helpers, but he never expected such strong helpers.

“The leaders of the Dragon and Vermilion Bird clans were both experts of the God Transformation Realm, and there were several other experts of the God Transformation Realm in the two clans, which was Ye Lu’s strongest army and his real strength to come to Mount Fuji.

Seeing this scene, “Abe Haruaki” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“‘Stocking Masked Warrior’, we agreed to fight a duel, but as a result, you’ve brought so many helpers here, aren’t you going too far?”

This time, there were no more spectators to agree with him, because the spectators were too busy to take care of themselves. For the spectators, these fighters were too dangerous, whether it was the “Orochi Snake” or the “Dragon Clan” and “Vermilion Bird Clan” experts that Ye Lu had released, they could easily destroy them all.

Ye Lu said with a grimace.

“What’s the point of going too far? You said it was a duel, but you ended up making so many bird levels, don’t you think it’s too much? Also, you’re an old monster, the old pets you raise are also considered your battle force, is this bullying me young? I’m going too far, what can you do about it?”

With those words, Ye Lu waved his hand.

“For Ye Lu, he didn’t want to give up the chance to kill Abe Haruaki, because this old monster was simply too powerful.

The strong rise of Abe Haruaki is not necessarily a good thing for Ye Lu and the whole country of China, and Ye Lu feels that there should be more powerful backers behind Abe Haruaki.

Ye Lu felt that the cultivation world of Japan was definitely not just “Yin Yang Masters”, there should be even more powerful guys, just like the “clans” and “Kunlun” in China, the whole cultivation world was very deep.

“Everyone, let’s go together and kill this old man.”

With Ye Lu’s words, the Dragon Clan and the Vermilion Bird Clan quickly attacked, especially the Vermilion Bird Clan, all of them were fire experts, and endless terrifying flames gushed out.

It opened its mouth, and a terrifying wind pressure appeared, actually resisting most of the flames’ attacks.

The attacks from the Dragons were much more complex, but most of them were blocked by the Orochi Serpent, and the remaining waves of attacks were blocked by Abe Haruaki waving his fan.

However, at this moment, someone suddenly shouted.

“There’s help! There is help, the shrine people are here.”

At that time, someone had mentioned to Ye Lu that in Japan, there were more ninjas than shinobi, more shinigami than shinobi, and the one with a higher status was Shinto.

The shrines near Mount Fuji were the Asama Shrine and the Akiba Shrine, which were dedicated to the gods Asama and Kagutsu, the god of fire, respectively.

However, this time, the gods are not only Asama and Fire God, but also a wilder and tougher-looking Arakami.

All three of these guys had their minions with them.

However, Ye Lu could no longer intervene in the next battle.

The cultivation level of these guys were too much higher than Ye Lu’s, and it was beyond his ability to intervene. However, although he couldn’t intervene, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t have an effect, so Ye Lu quickly took out the “mirage” he had prepared.

The target that Ye Lu wanted to influence was the “Orochi Snake”.

The most troublesome opponent at the moment is this “Yaki Orochi”, this thing is simply one on top of eight, and the most troublesome thing is, cut off one head still does not die, and then quickly grow another one, so even the “Dragon” and “Vermilion Bird” clan is very headache to it.

With this guy protecting Abe Haruaki, Ye Lu has no chance to strike.

Therefore, he had to temporarily hold back the Orochi Snake, otherwise it would be even harder to kill Abe Haruaki when the three gods arrived.

Sure enough, with the Mirage attacking, there was a momentary gap in the Yagyu Orochi’s defences.

Taking advantage of this gap, the leader of the Dragon Clan, the Golden Dragon, and the leader of the Vermilion Bird Clan, the Red Luan, struck at the same time.

They were holding the Dragon Spear and the Long Sword, which they had also made from the World Tree, and these weapons were both of the “Saint Cla*s”.

And even though Abe Haruaki was only a YuanYing realm practitioner, how could he possibly block the attacks of Di Qi and Red Luan?


“The dragon spear in Di Qi’s hand instantly struck Abe Harimaki.

Although “Abe Haruaki” blocked the attack with his fan, it was completely useless as the spear burst him and his whole body shattered into a cloud of smoke.

Many of the Japanese onlookers drew in a breath of cold air at the sight of this scene.

Those who saw the scene on their TV sets or in front of other screens were even more surprised, none of them had expected things to turn out like this.

He had summoned twelve “gods” in the “god summoning”, which was Abe Haruaki’s best skill, and he was unable to beat Ye Lu with all his strength, and finally had to use his “original spirit animal”.

In the end, “Abe Haruaki” was killed, and his spirit beast was also in critical condition.

However, only the person concerned, Ye Lu, knew that in fact, “Abe Haruaki” was not dead, he had just escaped, and the one killed by “Di Qi” was only one of “Abe Haruaki’s” doppelgangers.

However, it does not mean that the one who fought with Ye Lu was the doppelganger of “Abe Haruaki”, because if it was a doppelganger, Ye Lu could not see it, but “Gla*ses” could definitely see it.

The one who fought with Ye Lu was indeed Abe Haruaki’s original body, but at the last moment, the original body and the doppelganger swapped, which was Abe Haruaki’s ultimate life-saving measure.

“This kid is too evil.”

The “Abe Haruaki” who had escaped said with some emotion.

The key was that Ye Lu’s helpers were so strong that if it wasn’t for the fact that the Orochi Snake had so many heads that were not easy to kill, he probably wouldn’t have been able to escape even if he wanted to.

At the top of Mount Fuji, the Dragons and the Vermillion Birds had already launched a deadly attack on the Yaki Orochi, while at the same time, the Asama Gods, the Fire Gods and the Desolate Gods had already arrived as if they were flying.

The three Gods were shocked to see the scene at the top of the mountain where the Orochi was being beaten up, as they had not expected this to happen.

But then they saw that the young man standing in the middle of the demonic beasts on the mountain suddenly raised his sword and shouted at the three of them.

“Slaughter all these gods for me!”