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Super School Student Chapter 519-520

Chapter 519

That source was the Mage of Round Light, who, just as the Vine of Heavenly Light was taking out its weapon, made a second summoning, a truly terrifying one.

This time, the Venerable Round Light actually bit his finger and drew the blood formation on his own body, and then his body began to expand rapidly, while his head grew two horns, looking like a bull’s head, and his body began to expand rapidly, and a muscle began to protrude, and soon he transformed himself into an incredibly tall and terrifying monster.


Seeing this image, the gla*ses immediately gave the relevant information.

“Susano is a famous god in Japanese mythology, just like the gods in Chinese mythology, and is almost universally known.

In Japanese mythology, the universe began as a ma*s of chaos, which is largely consistent with the legends of China and many other countries, before the chaos began to separate and heaven and earth emerged, and the place where the heavens were located, where the gods were located, was called “Takatenkara”.

Only two creator gods, Izanagi and Izanami, came to earth from Takatenpara, and together they gave birth to the eight great states of Japan, and then to the sun goddess Amaterasu Omikami, the moon god Tsukuyomi Omikami, and a third son, Susano.

In other words, “Susano” has a very high status in Japanese mythology.

This is the reason why Ye has just felt such a strong pressure.

Seeing the “Venerable Round Light” turn into “Susanoo”, many of the Japanese people watching the match knelt down in reverence.

“No wonder he summoned ‘Yaki Orochi’, I guess it has something to do with ‘Susano’ killing ‘Yaki Orochi’. ”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, and then watched “Susano” spit out a long sword from his mouth, it was the legendary “Sword of the Gods”, also called “Ten Fists Sword”, but of course this “Ten Fists Sword” was not a real divine weapon, like the “Heavenly Clouds Sword”, it was also a replica.

However, the level of this replica was much higher than the one just now, and it had already reached the level of “Middle Heavenly Grade”.

However, this was not the strongest form of the opponent, for soon, a magnificent suit of armour lit up on the body of the “Susanoo”, which was obviously exceptionally strong in defence, with electric light flowing.

At this moment, in the “formation”, the “Susanoo” wearing the armour was standing in front of the “Yaki Orochi” carrying the huge “Ten Fist Sword”, while the opposite Ye Lu was like a thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy, wrapped in “Tongtian Vines”, each vine holding a sharp weapon.

Each vine was holding a sharp weapon. It was quite a sight to see more than 20 vines flying in the sky.

So the crowd’s enthusiasm was aroused, and countless spectators began to cheer both sides on as they surrounded the “formation”.

However, to be honest, everyone felt that Ye Lu was the one who was going to lose, as both Yaki Oro and Susano were powerful monsters and gods in Japanese legends, and, judging from the battle just now, Ye Lu’s attacks could hardly do much damage to his opponent.

On the other hand, on the other hand, the Venerable Round Light’s defence and attack had both been upgraded, so everyone felt that Ye Lu was finished this time.

However, at this time, Ye Luo looked at the opposite side of the “Round Light Mage” and smiled, saying.

“Don’t mean it, I didn’t do my best just now for special reasons, but, don’t worry, I won’t let you down next.”

As he said that, Ye Lu began to draw the blood formation on the ground quickly.

Obviously, Ye Luo was going to use the summoning technique as well.

With the principle of “playing hard to get”, the “Round Light Mage” did not hinder Ye Luo, but quietly watched Ye Luo perform the summoning.

However, he would soon have to pay the price for his actions, because he did not know that Ye Lu had grown to the same level as him, and Ye Lu’s summoning technique was not comparable to his, because there were six kinds of demonic beasts Ye Lu could summon without worrying about any after-effects.

“Come out, Nine Infants!”

Ye Lu’s favorite was the “Nine Infants”, this nine headed demonic beast was not only proficient in both water and fire attributes, but also had a tremendous combat power, not to say that one could top nine, but it could easily top several.


The nine-headed monster bird, which was just as huge as the “Yaki Snake”, appeared.


After this creature appeared, it let out an earth-shattering roar with its nine heads chirping together.

“A nine-headed bird!”

“What a terrifying bird, it has one more head than the ‘Yaki Orochi’, it’s awesome!”

“I just don’t know how strong it is in battle, it’s up against ‘Susano’!”

“Yeah, it feels tough enough!”


In many people’s minds, “Susanoo” is basically a symbol of invincibility, and although the strange bird that Ye Lu summoned looked very powerful, people didn’t think it would be more powerful than “Susanoo”.

However, it was clear that everyone was wrong.

This “Susano”, despite his power, was only at the beginning of the “Third Transformation of the Firstborn” stage, while the “Nine Infants” summoned by Ye Lu had already reached the peak of the “Third Transformation of the Firstborn” stage, and this was even after Ye Lu had saved his hand for the final battle with “Abe Haruaki”.

So, as soon as the battle started, it became a one-sided battle, with “Susano” being slammed by “Nine Infants” in his mouth, and the ground was shattered into pieces by the violent impact.

For some reason, the Nine Infants seemed to be extremely unhappy with this eight-headed creature, so they struck out quickly and tore it to pieces first.

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

“What’s going on here?”

“How could that nine-headed bird be so strong?”

“That’s not a nine-headed bird, that should be a fierce beast called ‘Nine Infants’, the nine-headed worm in the ‘Journey to the West’, legend has it as its offspring, gripping it.”

“It’s too D**kish too, that what’s-his-name ‘Susanoo’ is simply being ravaged!”

“It’s over.”


All the people watching the live broadcast on TV and other ports also breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, after all, the scene where Ye Lu was just pressed and beaten made everyone worry about Ye Lu, everyone thought that Ye Lu would stop there, if that happened, I guess all of them would be greatly disappointed.

After all, even if they lost, they still had to see the opponent’s BOSS, but now it seemed that everyone was overly concerned.

Soon, the “Nine Infants” had finished off all the opponents, and looking at the crippled “Round Light Mage” Ye Lu sighed helplessly, and then walked towards the top of “Mount Fuji”.

At the top of Mount Fuji was a snow-covered crater, and at the bottom of the crater, “Abe Haruaki” was standing with his hands in the air, waiting for him.

At this moment, “Abe Haruaki” is already a super expert of the “Second Transformation of the First Infant”, but his real combat power is definitely far greater than that.

“‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’, I have to say that I admire you, I didn’t expect you to make it this far.”

Leaffall then looked at him and said with a smile.

“There are many more things you didn’t expect, what’s all the fuss about.”

As he said that, he jumped across to “Abe Haruaki”.

“At this time, the crowd of onlookers had already gathered around the mountain pa*s, and various filming equipment had formed a circle, recording the scene without any dead angle.

In the auditorium of the Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine, everyone was holding their breath as they watched the scene.

“Actually, I’m curious, what do you really look like? Why don’t you let everyone see your true face?”

As he said that, without seeing any movement from “Abe Haruaki”, the stockings on Ye Lu’s head seemed to be pulled away by a pair of invisible hands. The stockings were pulled away with a single swipe.

“Holy sh*t!”

Now even Ye Lu was a bit confused, as he had not expected such a thing to happen.

Now the auditorium of Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine was in an uproar because everyone in the Department of Chinese Medicine knew Ye Lu.

“Ye Lu, look, isn’t that Ye Lu!”

“Huh! That’s you, it’s Ye Lu!”

“Sh*t! How come it’s him, D*mn it!”


Chapter 520

Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize were the most dumbfounded, Nie Yibiao didn’t even notice the beer pouring on him, his eyes were staring straight at the screen.

“It’s really Ye Lu, this guy is hiding so deep!”

Nie Yibiao muttered.

Mu Zi Ze also said from the sidelines.

“Yeah, no wonder this B*****d is so secretive all day, and he’s even disappeared in the past few days.”

An Le then said.

“So there was a supreme expert hiding around us all along!”

It was then that Nie Yibiao realised that he had spilt his beer all over himself, he quickly put the bottle down and looked at the big screen and said.

“Sh*t! Ye Lu is too uninteresting, hiding so deep for f*ck’s sake.”

Mu Zi Ze then said with a laugh.

“Boss Nie, didn’t you threaten to cover us and protect us more than once? I wonder if you’ll be able to cover us next.”


Hearing Mu Zi Ze’s words, Nie Yibiao then scratched his head in embarra*sment.

He suddenly remembered that he had really said something like that before.

And those people who had previously mocked Ye Lu for having a weak constitution and getting nosebleeds in meetings all started to collectively spout off this time.

“This guy is so bullish, but what’s with the nosebleeds?”

“That’s right, it sure doesn’t look like it’s a coincidence that he was able to win against the instructor during military training either.”

“Yeah, he’s just pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger.”

“Let’s hope he can beat that Japanese guy in the tall hat this time.”


In Ye Yan’s villa, everyone was also watching the live broadcast of the duel, which was still getting a lot of attention in the “secular world” because it was related to the horrific incident in Kyoto caused by the “Society of the Extreme Way”, which had wreaked havoc on the capital, killing tens of thousands of people alone, not to mention the injuries and other losses.

That day has been remembered by all the people of China.

This incident was a follow-up to that one, and in the eyes of everyone, it was definitely not a matter for Ye Lu alone, it was a matter for the entire Chinese people, and the dignity of the country was at stake.

In fact, Ye Luo also felt the scope of this, and he saw that many people around the crater had pulled up banners with the words “For the glory of the nation! and “Avenge the death of our compatriots!” and so on.

So, Ye Yan and the girls were the first to see Ye Lu on the TV.

“Sh*t! That pervert in stockings is actually Ye Lu.”

Ye Yan pointed at the TV screen and said in surprise.

Long Feixue was also taken aback.

Qin Siyu, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Sister Yan, you just knew about it, I thought you knew about it a long time ago.”

Qin Siyu had turned into a candle dragon on the night Ye Lu used her identity as the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” to fight at the “Top of Purple and Gold”, and she had also started her cultivation path at that time, so she was the one who knew Ye Lu’s identity best.

Hearing Qin Shiyu’s words, Ye Yan stared at her and said.

“Good, so you knew about it a long time ago, Ye Lu, this B*****d boy, so eccentric, telling you everything secret, even hiding it from me, his old sister.”

Ye Yan’s words were full of jealousy, and Qin Shiyu couldn’t help but laugh and say.

“Not really, because it just so happened that on the night of the ‘Top of Purple and Gold’, I saw Ye Luo and that’s why I knew about it.”

However, Ye Yan still unrelentingly forced Qin Shiyu to tell more about what happened between her and Ye Luo.

At this moment, Ye Lu, who was in the crater, touched his face.

It seemed that his identity as the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” had been exposed, but now that he was getting richer, he didn’t care too much about the exposure.

He looked across at Abe Haruaki and said with a smile.

“Good tactics, I’m really impressed.”

This was also Ye Lu’s sincere words, because, this kind of ability of fetching things from space like superpowers Ye Lu could not do at all, and it seemed that he did not have such a “spell” in his hands, he felt that it was a bit like some kind of divine ability.

“Abe Haruaki” said with a smile.

“It’s just a small skill, so I’ll show you what a real ‘yin and yang’ technique is, and what a real ‘style god’ is. ”

As he said that, he bit his finger and drew a “five-manifold star” in the air, followed by a point with his finger.


A familiar figure of Ye Lu appeared in the air, it was the “Teng Serpent”, however, this “Teng Serpent” was much weaker than the one Ye Lu had left behind to guard Ye Yan and the girls, after all, that “Teng Serpent” was even restrained by “Odin” to death.

However, for the current Ye Lu, this “Teng Serpent” was still very stressful for him.

However, this was not the end of the story, as Abe Haruaki summoned again, and this time it was a familiar demon beast, the flaming Vermillion Bird.

“How many demon beasts is this guy going to summon?”

The people around him were just as puzzled as Ye Lu.

Then, a third demonic beast appeared, but this time it was a demonic beast with six wings, and Ye Lu used his gla*ses to observe it, and it was called “Liu He”.

Next was a demonic beast that looked like a qilin, named “Gou Chen”.

After that, Green Dragon, Tian Yi, Tian Hou, Tai Yin, Xuan Wu, White Tiger, Tai Shang, Sky, Tai Yi, one after another, were summoned to the top of Mount Fuji, a total of twelve gods were arranged in a circle in the air, looking intently at Ye Lu below.

When Ye Lu saw that the Green Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Xuan Wu were all there, he couldn’t help but admire Abe Haruaki’s summoning skills.

Moreover, he did not use the blood of demonic beasts as the medium of summoning, so it was obvious that these were all “gods” that he had signed a contract with.

Seeing the appearance of the twelve “style gods”, the entire Japanese people at the top of the mountain began to cheer.

“Lord Seimei is awesome!”

“I love you, Lord Seimei!”

“Don’t steal Lord Seimei from me!”


Seeing this scene, Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“I know a little bit of this summoning technique, however, it’s slightly different from yours, I don’t win by numbers, so watch carefully.”

With those words, Ye Luo raised his hand and began to draw on the ground.

However, this time, it seemed that what he used was not blood, but some kind of golden liquid, emitting a strong heat, and the snow near the pa*s of Mount Fuji instantly turned into snow water, while the closer places turned into white water vapour.

From a distance, Mount Fuji became a huge smoke tube.

Everyone, including Haruaki Abe, was taken aback by this scene.

“What the hell is he doing?”

“What is that golden liquid? It can’t be molten gold water, can it?”

“Gold water? That’s so extravagant, how much gold does that take!”

“People are rich as they please, what do you care?”


Amidst the chatter of the crowd, Ye Lu’s formation was already drawn, and following that, he dripped his own blood into the formation and the summoning began.

This is certainly not any “golden water”, this is also blood.

It was the blood of the “three-legged golden crow”.

What Ye Luo was doing now was summoning the “Three-Legged Golden Crow”.

“The Three Legged Golden Crow’s blood contained the “Great Sun Golden Flame”, so its blood was not only golden, but also contained a strong flame attribute.

Then, an intense golden light began to shine, and then a terrifying bird with three legs appeared in the golden light.


As soon as it appeared, this “Three-Legged Golden Crow” let out a terrifying roar, and terrifying “Great Sun Golden Flames” spewed out from her mouth.

“Holy sh*t! What the hell is that?”

“What a powerful bird!”

“Is this a crow?”


Amidst all the chatter, that “Abe Haruaki” also frowned.

“This is the ‘three-legged golden crow’.”

“Although he, like other Japanese people, had never seen a three-legged golden crow, he knew of the existence of the three-legged golden crow.


“The Three-Legged Golden Crow roared furiously and then spurted a mouthful of “Great Sun Golden Flame” at one of the twelve “Style Gods”, the “Sixth Harmony” of the Twelve Style Gods.

To everyone’s surprise, the terrifying “Golden Flame of the Great Sun” sent the “Sixth Harmony” flying far away with just one blow.

Then it disappeared with a “bang!” It disappeared with a bang.