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Super School Student Chapter 517-518

Chapter 517

As he said that, Ye Lu also began to release the blood and began to summon.

“He had only drawn a simple “five mansard” formation, but after this was completed, a larger and more complex blood-coloured formation appeared around the formation, with blood light flowing and a red glow rising to the sky, as the summoning of the gods had begun.

On Ye Luo’s side, because he had not prepared beforehand, the blood formation had to be improvised before he could draw it, so even though he was also extremely fast, he was still quite slow compared to his opponent.


A white-browed demonic beast with a huge long-handled machete in its hand appeared in Ashiya Harumo’s blood formation.

“The Arakawa River is a large river in Japan, so naturally, this creature was also a “water attribute” demonic beast, and the purpose of summoning it was to restrain Ye Lu’s fire attribute, which he was good at.

Seeing that Ye Lu’s summoning was not completed, this time “Ashiya Harumo” was a gentleman and did not make a move.

He looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“You won last time by relying on the ‘summoning technique’, this time, I’ll let you understand the power of the real summoning technique.”

While he was speaking, the Lord of the Arakawa shook his sword in his hand, and the water mist rang out like a train with the machete in his hand.

The water mist was like a train of water as it rattled with the machete.

“You have a demonic beast that plays with water, I have one too, so watch it.”

As he spoke, Ye Lu’s summoning ritual was completed, and a huge dragon with a wagging head and tail appeared in front of Ye Lu, it was a “Ying Long”.

Apart from the Candle Dragon, the Yellow Dragon, and the Hell Demon Dragon, there were more than one summoned beast, such as the Ying Long and the Great Wind.

The Ying Long that Ye Lu summoned was on the same level as the “Lord of the Desolate River” on the other side, both of them were demonic beasts of the “First Transformation of the Firstborn”, so they were also in the state after they had transformed, a handsome man with a pair of wings.

“Ying Long, the next step is up to you.”

Ye Lu looked at this “Ying Long” and smiled.

The strength of a “summoned beast” was not only related to the summoner’s own cultivation, but also the blood used, the summoner’s familiarity with the summoning technique, and so on.

As soon as he started to fight, Ashiya Harumo immediately found out that the “Lord of the Arakawa” he had summoned was actually no match for the “Ying Long”, whose scales and claws were flying and whose mastery of the “Law of Water” was so thorough that the “Ying Long” was much more powerful in using the same moves.

Looking at the increasingly ugly face of Ashiya Harumo, Ye Lu smiled.

When he saw Ye Lu’s smile, “Ashiya Harumo’s” face became even uglier. This was definitely a naked slap in the face, he had just said that he would use the powerful “Summoning God” of “Yin Yang Master” to teach Ye Lu a lesson, but he was immediately taught a lesson.

Ye Lu looked at him and smiled, saying.

“I advise you not to do it yourself, or you will regret it.”

However, of course, “Ashiya Harumo” did not believe him, he waved his fan in his hand and dashed towards Ye Lu, while dashing towards him, the fan in his hand lit up with a golden light, obviously, this guy himself was good at “metallic” laws.

Seeing this guy waving his fan, Ye Lu smiled at him, then with a wave of one hand, the fused flames with furious flame attributes instantly enveloped this guy.


A miserable scream rang out, while Ye Lu sighed helplessly.

However, the screams didn’t last long, as the opponent was soon burnt to ashes by the blow.

After all, the current Ye Lu was not the previous Ye Lu, he was about to enter the “Golden Dan Avenue”, the reason why the “Golden Dan Avenue” was called “Avenue” was because after entering the “Golden Dan Avenue”, he would really enter the path of controlling some kind of heaven and earth laws.

Or rather, it was a true glimpse into the doorway of “cultivation”.

At this moment, Ye Lu’s attack could already harm “magic treasures”, not to mention the fusion flame of three “origin fires”, which was beyond imagination.

So, soon the creature was left with a pile of defensive “armour”.

Without its master, the “Lord of the Desolate River” did not fight with the “Ying Long” anymore, and it quickly turned around and ran away.

Ye Lu instructed the Dragon not to chase after it, and the Lord of the Arakawa quickly took to the air and flew off into the distance.

And Ye Luo reached the penultimate gate.

Once he had pa*sed this hurdle, the main character of the duel, Abe Haruaki, would be behind him.

In front of the last pa*s, Ye Luo stopped and looked up at the top of the mountain and said in a loud voice.

“Abe Haruaki, you’re not going to lose even with all this nonsense, so I advise you to clean your neck and wait for me.”

After saying that, Ye Lu walked towards the last level.

There were no surprises, this level was a real “First Transformation” super expert sitting there.

This time, it was still a “Yin Yang Master”, and judging from the attitude of the people around him, it was obvious that he was a rather famous and respected “Yin Yang Master”, however, this person’s attire was a bit strange, as he seemed to have the characteristics of both a “Yin Yang Master” and a “Monk”.

“I am ‘Venerable Yuan Guang,’ the heir of ‘Venerable Zhi De,’ and I am the last hurdle of your journey. me, you can naturally meet Lord ‘Ching Ming’.”

Ye Lu looked at this guy who was not sure whether he was a monk or a “Yin Yang Master” and felt some pressure.

So, he took a closer look at his profile.

As a result, he saw that this guy was simply crazy. In order to be able to perform a stronger “God Summoning”, he had modified his body, similar to the “Fusion Bloodline” ability that “Gla*ses” had given to Ye Lu, but his ability was obviously a half-baked one.

So, at this moment, this man could be considered a half-human, half-beast monster.

When he saw this guy, Ye Lu nodded his head.

“Let’s use you to complete the final breakthrough.”

With those words, Ye Lu raised his hand, and a fire-red blade appeared in his hand.

It was a pity that few people from the “clan world” and the various hidden families were paying attention to this duel, otherwise someone would have known the true identity of the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior”, because this “Blazing God Blade” was one of the “Ten Ancient Fierce Armaments”, and it was also a unique fierce blade in the world.

“Since I’m allowed to use the blade, I hope you won’t disappoint me, and that you’ll be better than the guys I met before.”

Ye Lu held the “Killing God Blade” and looked at the “Venerable Round Light” and said with a smile.

This was already the top of Mount Fuji, and there was snow everywhere around, so even though it was already dark, the surrounding area still looked bright, which made it easier for the crowd around to see what was going on.

Moreover, this time Ye Lu did not destroy the formations outside, for one thing, these formations had become stronger and stronger as the level of the gatekeepers inside had increased, and quite a few could be destroyed in one or two blows, and another thing was that he did not want to hurt the people around him by firing at full power.

“Good, will not let you down.”

“The Venerable Round Light bowed with his hands together, while on Ye Lu’s side, there was a “boom!” With a loud bang, terrifying flames poured out in all directions, and the entire formation was suddenly surrounded by tumbling flames.

This was not the flame released by Ye Luo himself, but the flame power released by the Blazing God Blade after Ye Luo had unlocked the Blazing God Blade.

“Come on!”

With Ye Luo’s words, the “Heavenly Vine” had already wrapped itself around Ye Luo’s entire body.

The moment he saw the “Heavenly Vine”, the pupils of “Abe Haruaki” on top of the mountain shrank sharply.


Chapter 518

This “Heavenly Vine” was stolen from “Kunlun” only after he had gone through a lot of trouble and almost died, so how could he not know about it?

“It looks like at least one thing will come to hand today.”

The other “nameless beast egg” was definitely not in Ye Lu’s hand, so he had no way of knowing if it was on Ye Lu’s body, but he could see that the “Sumeru Ring” was indeed on Ye Lu’s finger.

As for the hatching method of the Beast Egg, even Abe Haruaki himself did not know, because he had inadvertently obtained the Beast Egg, or to be precise, he had found it.

It was 1498, before he fell into a deep sleep, when an earthquake of magnitude 8.3 struck Japan’s Far Island Beach and triggered a tsunami that killed more than 30,000 people, and in the centre of the waters of the tsunami, Haruaki Abe was given this “nameless beast egg” from the sky. “In the centre of the tsunami waters, Haruaki Abe was given this “nameless beast’s egg” from the sky, which, in his opinion, had caused the tsunami.

After that, he held the “nameless beast egg” for hundreds of years, but did not find a way to hatch it. Of course, to be precise, he did not find out what kind of “beast egg” it was, because in fact, “Abe Haruaki” did not try to hatch this beast egg, because he had his own “original spirit beast”, and when he found the “nameless beast egg”, he had already cultivated it for hundreds of years, so there was no need to try to hatch the “nameless beast egg”, but this did not affect his judgment of the “nameless beast egg”, which was definitely an unbelievable thing.

At this moment, when he saw the two items Ye Lu was wearing, even his mind, which had been trained for thousands of years, rippled a little.

At this moment, the monk “Venerable Yuan Guang” had already started to summon, and indeed, unlike the guy before him, he mainly used his own blood to do the summoning, and the thing he summoned was the famous Japanese demon “Yaki Orochi”.

It was a terrifying beast with eight heads and eight tails, and it was so huge that half of the formation was almost filled with it after it was summoned.


After this creature came out, all the heads roared at the same time.

Looking at the red lantern-like eyes and the green scales all over the body of the “Hachiku Snake”, Ye Lu was astonished. What made Ye Lu even more surprised was that the eight tails of this creature were actually holding a long sword, which was a replica of the “Tian Cong Yun Jian”.

“Eight heads and eight tails? Actually, I should summon a ‘nephew’ to play with it.”


However, Ye Lu had not really fought with the “nephew”, so he did not know whether the “nephew” was more powerful than the “Orochi Snake”.

Of course, this time he did not think of using the Summoning Technique, he had to rely on the Blazing God Blade and the Flame, as well as the Tongtian Vine to finish the battle.


“One of Orochi’s tails swung the Heavenly Clouds Sword and stabbed at him, and before the sword arrived, the terrifying blade arrived first.

The “Heavenly Clouds Sword” was a wind-attributed sword, so it thrust out with a terrifying wind blade.


The fused flames were increased by the “Blazing God Blade” and directly dispersed the huge blade from the “Heavenly Clouds Sword”, but The flames failed to sever the snake’s tail, and the aftermath of the flames caused the tail to hiss. but it quickly repaired itself.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu frowned, but did not feel much surprise.

Almost every one of these multi-headed demonic beasts was good at self-healing, he had long been used to it, it seemed to be a common feature of this race of demonic beasts, not to mention the burns, even if they cut off a head, they would grow another one.

“Go you!”

After slashing away the sword, Ye Lu waved his Blazing God Blade and launched an attack, using the group attack “Rain of Fire”, countless white fireballs descended from the sky and blasted at the eight heads of the Orochi Snake.


With a terrifying roar, terrifying winds began to appear, all in the shape of “tornadoes”, twisting and swirling, stirring up the fireballs and immediately changing the direction of their descent.

Seeing this scene, there was once again wielding the “Blazing God Blade”. It seemed that a group of wide-ranging attacks would not be able to deal with the opponent, so the only way was to hit them individually.

This time it was a bright, hot, crescent-like blade of fire that slashed towards one of the snake heads of the “Yaki Orochi”.

It was a terrifying single-attack spell that compressed the flames into a crescent-shaped fire blade, which was almost indestructible.


A head was chopped off, but instead of splashing blood, it fell directly to the ground with a “bang!” It fell to pieces with a bang.

It was as if the head was not a flesh and blood body.

This was quite surprising to Ye Lu, because the head of the Nine Infants was not like this when it was chopped off, it was really a bloody scene with blood splattering.

Then, almost at the same time as the head was chopped off, another head came out of the broken neck.

“Holy f*ck!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu was also taken aback, this growth rate was simply not too fast.

“This one’s so bullish, I don’t believe it.”

Seeing the performance of the Orochi Serpent, Ye Lu’s brute strength kicked in, and he quickly waved the Blazing God Blade in his hand, and a crescent-shaped blade of light flew out, but to his dismay, those heads really came out again as soon as they were cut off, and as soon as they were cut off, they came out again, and while he was attacking, the other side also started to counter-attack.

Eight heads, seven “Heavenly Clouds Swords” swarmed on him, but the “Heavenly Vine” was not that easy to deal with, countless vines circled around to block all kinds of attacks, but the attacks were easy to block, the impact still made Ye Luo drift back and forth like a kite.

“Looks like we’ll have to do something.”

Seeing that the Blazing God Blade alone could hardly cause fatal damage to the opponent, Ye Luo quickly took out the leftover scraps from the World Tree, and each vine of the Tong Tian Vine was holding one of these weapons, and he was ready to attack in a group.

However, at this moment, he suddenly felt a terrifying pressure appear.

This pressure was so terrifying that under it, the breakthrough that Ye Lu had been waiting for for so long finally came, and the “Solid Dan” began to collapse for the last time, fusing, coalescing and forming a Golden Dan in Ye Lu’s dantian.

“The long-awaited “Dao” had finally come true.

Previously, Ye Lu had tried to use “pills” to make himself enter the “Golden Dan Dao” through pills, just like Ye Yan and the others, but he found it difficult because this breakthrough was not simply a breakthrough in cultivation, that is to say, it was not a breakthrough in the physical body, but also a breakthrough in the understanding of the “laws”, and Ye Lu’s trouble was that he did not know what his “Dao” was.

Ye Yan’s dao was obvious, it was the “Law of Fire”, Long Feixue’s was the “Law of Wood” and Qin Shiyu’s was the “Law of Darkness”, all three of them were extremely clear in their direction, so they broke through quickly with the pills, while Ye Lu was completely at a loss, only at that moment just now did he understand what his dao was, it was “Nothing”.

To be honest, Ye Lu didn’t know what kind of law “nothing” was, but he had indeed entered the Dao through “nothing”.

“The ‘Golden Dan Dao’ has become a reality!”

Feeling the changes in his body, Ye Lu felt that he was becoming more and more in tune with heaven and earth, this was the feeling of “enlightenment”.

At the same time, he also saw the source of the immense pressure he felt.