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Winner Takes All Chapter 233-234

Chapter 233

Under the escort of the patrol squad.

Chen Dong hobbled towards the Black Hell City pool.

The heat from the water of life that Drought had given him to drink earlier was now gone.

His arms and legs were stiff as hell.

His gaze was firm as he looked at the approaching Black Hell, but there was battle intent raging in his eyes.

“Live …… If someone got out alive ten years ago, why can’t it be me ten years later?”

“Mom, Xiaoying, Kunlun, Long Lao, you wait for me, wait for me to come home!”

“Old Mrs. Chen, the Qin family, your calculations, they will surely come to naught, I will stand before you again.”


The heart kept admonishing.

As he approached the Black Prison, the shadows under the cover of the lofty city gradually engulfed Chen Dong.

This gave Chen Dong the illusion that the originally clear sky was covered by dark clouds.

Boom click click ……

The thick alloy gate slowly rose upwards under the machine brake.

It was nearly a metre thick!

In such a place, such high walls and such thick gates were obviously not windproof, but to prevent the escape of the prisoners in the Black Prison.

“Drought, I didn’t expect you to have a windfall? Who is this prisoner that has been sent here?”

A snickering, flirtatious laugh came.

Chen Dong saw a beautiful blonde woman, one meter seven and wrapped in a beast’s robe, slowly walk out from within the Black Prison, her face full of a flirtatious smile and a million smiles.

“Alice, I’m sorry, I don’t know who sent this, but the only ones who have come to this forsaken land are the prisoners, apart from us.”

Drought greeted her, opening her arms with a wicked grin on her face.

The pretty blonde girl called Alice, however, catapulted around Drought and walked up to Chen Dong.

A pair of deep blue eyes looked at Chen Dong curiously.

It was as if she had seen a rare treasure, flushed with a strange figure.

Chen Dong stood in place, looking down at Alice, somewhat uncomfortable.

Half a long time later.

Alice suddenly lifted her slender index finger, pointing it at Chen Dong’s chest and gently sliding it down, satiated with deep admiration.

“Oh my God, is this the gift you bestowed on Alice? What fine skin and tender flesh, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a man like this.”

Chen Dong was speechless for a while.

Subconsciously, he took a step back.

Alice was stunned, then turned to Drought and said, “Drought, can you send him to my quarters first so that I can spend a wonderful night with him before putting him in prison?”

“Obviously not.”

Drought shook her head and said with a fake teasing smile, “I could, though.”

“You’re too old for that.”

Alice rolled her eyes and waved her hand in some disappointment, “Fine then, send him to the Black Prison.”

Under the escort of the patrol squad, Chen Dong slowly walked towards the Black Prison.

As he pa*sed by Alice, Alice shook her head and sighed, “Ugh …… such fine skin and tender flesh, but it’s a pity that it will be spoiled soon.”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows tightened and there was some anger in his eyes.

Alice, however, turned to remind, “Protect yourself, I hope to have a wonderful night with you one day.”

The anger tumbled for a few seconds.

Chen Dong eventually forced it down helplessly and sulked on.

An abandoned place, an abandoned black prison.

One could not really expect the rules here to be as strict as they were.

“Man-eat-man” might be enough to describe it, right?

Through the darkness of the entry tunnel.

Led by the drought and the patrol, we turned into a dark alleyway.

The way was straight ahead.

Inside the alleyway, there was only the sound of dense footsteps.

It was oppressive.

Drought, who had been talking and laughing with Chen Dong on the chariot, was also serious and did not say a word.

It was as if everyone had become depressed after entering the Black Prison.

Ahead of them, there was light.

“Kid, we’re almost there, remember, the weak are strong, don’t die too quickly because you’re holding back.”

Drought finally spoke, his tone heavy.

Chen Dong suddenly smiled.

His eyes looked at Drought with determination, “I will walk out of here.”

Drought’s beard-covered face visibly froze in shock for a moment, then shrugged and smiled, “Although I know it’s impossible, I believe you.”

As the walked into the place of light.

Chen Dong subconsciously squinted his eyes.

Without waiting for his vision to return, a mountain of cheers rang out in his ears at once.

“It’s coming! A newcomer has arrived! My goodness, how many years has it been?”

“Nashville, you can’t compete with me for this fresh goat tonight, he belongs to me, the Iron King!”

“Get lost! I Nashville have been through the sands, I can give you the head, but there is no way I will let you have the man!”


Gradually, Chen Dong’s vision returned.

He frowned in confusion.

Into his eyes was a cell, each of which was large, yet they all housed only a few people.

But when the prisoners in all the cells were brought together, it was still not a small number.

At that moment, he was standing in the middle of all the cells, in what resembled a moving field, with thick toughened gla*s overhead, covering the sky.

What really puzzled him, though, was the cheering roar, all of which he could understand, although the accent was a little awkward.

“It’s specially arranged for you, I hope it’s a blessing to you.”

Drought saw Chen Dong’s confusion and smiled, “The one from ten years ago, left from this prison area, I forgot to tell you that he and you and I, are the same kind of people, and it is because of his power that everyone in this prison area has learnt our words.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, “Thanks.”

At Drought’s gesture.

Chen Dong was escorted to a cell by two members of the patrol squad.

“Goodness, Drought, why did you send the little fresh goat to Nashville’s cell? He’s a beast, he has hundreds of lives in his hands, he’s extremely cruel!”

A reluctant roar.

Inside the cell, a burly, burly man with cloaked blonde dreadlocks and a full blonde beard snarled violently at the man who roared.

“Get lost! You piece of Sh*t!”

“All be quiet!”

Drought let out a roar, silencing the entire prison block.

Immediately afterwards, the members of the patrol squad opened the cell door.

Chen Dong walked into the cell and slowly made his way towards it.

The burly man from Nashville, however, was gazing at him with a fiery gaze, as if he was looking at a rare treasure.

The remaining four prisoners, too, had burning eyes, but all stood behind Nashville.


The cell door was relocked.

Nashville finally exploded, smiling and saying, “Submit or die!”

There was no unnecessary nonsense, and the icy laughter brought the law of survival of the weak to life.

The prisoners in the other cells, at this point, once again erupted in a mountain of cheers.

It was as if they were watching an unprecedented concert.

Chen Dong turned around and straightened his back.

At this moment, his aura suddenly rose.

It was like a sheathed sword with a sharp edge.

The biting killing intent even instantly caused the temperature in the cell to plummet.

There was no longer the dishevelled and frail look of a moment ago.

The faces of Nashville’s five men changed dramatically at the same time.

Then, Chen Dong smiled wickedly and said in a cold voice, “Submit, or die?”


Chapter 234


Nashville cursed with a steely grimace.

In this cell, he was the boss.

Such words had always been spoken to others by him.

Now, a new fresh lamb was actually provoking his authority!

In an instant.

Like a fierce tiger coming out of its cage, Nashville raged furiously and charged directly at Chen Dong.


A sudden attack and a powerful impact.

It instantly sent Chen Dong flying backwards and hitting the cell wall heavily.


Inside the prison cell, the mountain roared with wild joy.

“Nashville, are you a P***y? That didn’t even kill him?”

“Oh my God, Nashville’s met a bomb, Nashville, be careful, don’t lose your title of bloodthirsty wolf.”

“Kill him, Nashville kill him!”

There were shouts, cheers and banter.

The whole cell block seemed to be in a frenzy, and the crowd was in full swing.

Nashville’s battle spirit was high as he raised his fists in triumph and moved in front of the cell door, erupting into a beastly roar.

Chen Dong’s expression was cold, his eyes shining with raging wariness.

Raising his hand, he wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth.

The evil cold smile at the corner of his mouth, however, grew stronger and stronger.

The weak eat the strong, man eats man?

He remembered the drought’s dictum that since this was the law of survival, he had to eat everyone in this cell, right from the start!

Kunlun’s devilish training of him had long made his physical strength and fighting skills far superior to those of ordinary people.

If he were to merely follow this rule of survival, Chen Dong would not be afraid at all.

Taking a deep breath.

Chen Dong slowly bowed his body and raised his hands, with his left hand in front as a palm and his right hand leaning back as a fist.

Instead, his right foot was backed up against the wall.

Nashville, who was roaring with glee, suddenly stopped.

Turning around, he looked at Chen Dong.

His brow, however, frowned slightly.

At the same time.

The entrance to the prison block.

Drought and the patrol squad did not leave.

Looking at the rapturous prison area.

Drought’s eyebrows were knitted together, somewhat helpless: “I thought you were someone who could endure, but I didn’t expect you to still be impulsive and prone to anger. It’s true that pre-emptive strikes are advantageous, but pre-emptive strikes without understanding the other side’s situation are too easy to seek death.”

“Drought, Nashville was a First Realm God of War back in the day, that new guy is dead.” One squad member laughed playfully.

In the Black Prison, no one cared whether people died or not.

Lives were cheaper than gra*s.

A prisoner of the Prison of Abandonment in the first place, the moment one stepped into it, one’s life was abandoned as well.

“Alas ……”

Drought sighed, the strength of a First Realm War God was more than clear to him.

He had even foreseen the scene of Chen Dong’s tragic death.

As he sighed, Drought slowly looked towards the cell where Chen Dong was.

From his angle, he could just see Chen Dong inside the cell.

“Huh! This is ……”

Drought’s pupils suddenly tightened, somewhat stunned and suspicious.

And within the cell.

Nashville suddenly let out an explosive roar, and like a humanoid bursting bear, he blatantly charged towards Chen Dong.

With a sandbag-sized fist and a terrifyingly strong wind, he blasted directly towards Chen Dong.

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s right foot slammed the wall and dodged with the force.


Nashville’s fist left a crater in the wall and brick chips slid down.

But he was fast, and as Chen Dong dodged, his right fist swept out directly across the wall.

One was dodging, the other was attacking.

Chen Dong was fast, dodging and dodging, dodging Nashville’s attacks narrowly and narrowly.

And Nashville was like an explosive bear, swinging his fists and feet and attacking with lightning speed.

Such a fight enraged all the prisoners in the cell block.

“Fight! Are you a man, you little fresh sheep?”

“Oh my God! Why is there such a fight? Is that little fresh lamb only dodging?”

“Come on Nashville! One punch to kill him, a fight like that, why are you letting him continue?”


The roar of the prisoners.

It enraged Nashville completely.

Once he was a war god of the first realm, who had fought through the sands, invincible, with countless blood on his hands.

Now, in a small prison cell, he could not kill a newcomer?


Nashville suddenly let out a roar as his tall body lunged forward, his right arm muscles gnarled and graved as he built up his strongest punch.

It even made an ear-shattering buzzing sound as it blasted at Chen Dong.

This punch was enough to kill Chen Dong!

In an instant.

The entire prison area fell silent.

Everyone’s eyes were on fire, eagerly anticipating.

As for Chen Dong, his pupils tightened.

Like a falcon, he watched the fist coming at him.

Just at the moment it was about to hit his face.

His body snapped like a strong bow and he dived down, dodging Nashville’s fist blade.

And then.


A fist blasted Nashville’s lower part.

A powerful blow.

A blow that hit.


Nashville’s tiger body shook and roared miserably while his hands hurriedly covered his lower part and his face went pale as he fell limp on the ground.


The whole cell block was dead silent.

Nashville’s miserable scream, as miserable as a pig killing, sent chills down everyone’s backs.

All the prisoners were dumbfounded.

No one had expected that the battle would be decided in an instant.

And the victor was the newcomer who had just entered!

Chen Dong slowly got up and stomped on Nashville’s chest.

A cold breath escaped his mouth, “Submit, or die?”

“Submit, submit ……”

Nashville’s face turned pale to the extreme, and in shock and fear, he responded in a panic.

He knew that in the Black Prison, killing someone really wasn’t much.

At least, the ones he had killed before, he had never received any punishment.

Chen Dong smiled.

Raising his head, he swept over the remaining four prisoners.

Overbearingly and arrogantly, he asked, “Submit, or die?”


The four prisoners knelt down at the same time.

They were supposed to have Nashville as their superior.

Nashville had chosen to submit, so they naturally had no choice.

With that, Chen Dong walked up to the cell door.

His back was straight and una*sailable.

His eyes swept over the dumbfounded prisoners in each cell.

With extreme openness, he said, “Welcome to the challenge, I don’t mind, beating everyone to death!”

With a single word, the prisoners in the daze instantly exploded.

In an instant, wild roars of rage echoed through the cell block.

The entire prison area became like a colosseum where wild animals gathered.

“Hoo ……” Drought exhaled heavily, “Not bad for strength.”



The two days after the return journey, Gu Qingying was still confused and his thoughts were in turmoil.

Haiya’s last night was always floating in her mind.

It made her unsettled and always difficult to calm down.

Has Chen Dong …… really changed?

It was close to noon.

Gu Qingying received Chen Dong’s WeChat.

“Xiaoying, are you free at noon? Let’s go see Qin Ye together, right?”

Gu Qingying hesitated for a moment and replied.

“Yes, I’ll pick you up at noon.”

“No, I bought a car, I’ll pick you up at Yingli building materials later.”

Looking at the WeChat reply, Gu Qingying’s gaze flickered.

This stingy landlord, has he finally given up on buying a car?

When she first returned, it was she who had gone and bought a Porsche 911 in order to avoid the rain, while Chen Dong, at that time, already had money.

Although Chen Dong had mentioned buying a car many times subsequently.

But which time was it not Long Lao’s Rolls-Royce or the company bus that he rubbed up against?

The company’s business is a very important part of the business.

Thinking about it, Gu Qingying asked curiously, “What kind of car did you buy?”

“Bugatti Veyron, not much money.”

A WeChat reply caused Gu Qingying’s pupils to tighten and her brows to frown even deeper.