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Super School Student Chapter 471-472

Chapter 471

Hearing Ye Lu’s question, “Big Wind” smiled and said.

“Of course we demon beasts have our own method of perception, and they don’t know how to collect their breath at all, so of course I know.”

This was a reminder to Ye Lu.

“It looks like we need to cover up their scent a bit before we can do that.”

So, after they returned, Ye Lu taught them a “spell” to hide their scent before leading them towards the “Beast Alliance”.

The “Beast Alliance”, like other sects, did not appear to be very powerful on the surface, as the main body was inside the “Secret Realm”, but when he had just reached a distance from the “Beast Alliance Secret Realm”, Ye Lu felt the fluctuation of a “formation”, apparently there was a rather powerful “formation” outside the “Beast Alliance”.

What surprised Ye Lu was something else. Just as the four of them were approaching, a butterfly suddenly spoke.

Yes, it was a butterfly, which could have been missed if he wasn’t paying attention, but when Ye Lu observed it, he found that it was actually a powerful demonic beast that had crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue”.

“Do you want to enter the ‘Beast Alliance’? Please follow me, you know that you have to pay the appropriate fees, right?”

For those who entered the Beast Alliance, the Beast Alliance did not do too much checking, because these people were not here for the Beast Alliance, but to enter the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” which belonged to the Beast Alliance.

So, they leave the cost of entering and staying in the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”, and then check the cultivation of the people who come and don’t pose any threat to the “Beast Alliance”, and that’s basically it.

To be honest, due to its monopoly on the resources related to the “native spirit beasts” and “demon beasts”, the “Beast Alliance” has become more and more powerful over the years, and some people say that they are already the “number one sect” because the “Pill Alliance” and “Dan Tower” are also in a monopoly position, but firstly, they are two sects, and secondly, the combat power of pill refiners is not too strong, and most of their efforts are on pills.

The “Beast Alliance” was different. First of all, the “Original Spirit Beasts” were extremely powerful, and many of them were even stronger than themselves, and they themselves were mainly fighting, so the people of the “Beast Alliance” were all extremely powerful in battle.

He looked at the butterfly and said with a smile.

“We don’t need any help, we only need the time to stay in the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’, which is about thirty days for four people.”

The “Beast Alliance” could provide various services, such as helping to find the designated “beast eggs”, helping to hatch the “beast eggs” brought in, and providing bodyguards for everyone to enter the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, etc.

Of course, each of these services is worth a lot of money, and as long as you provide enough payment, they can provide enough services.

When she heard that Ye Lu and the others were only staying for a month, the butterfly immediately lost interest and muttered.

“I thought there was some big deal, but it turns out to be poor people again.”

People who only spend “days of stay” are usually those who come to buy money and try their luck, or to put it bluntly, those who want to make “a fortune” and “wolf for nothing”.

For the “Beast Alliance”, such people have nothing to gain.

Ye Lu did not feel uncomfortable with this butterfly’s attitude, anyway, in his opinion, there were so many people who despised him, so one more butterfly was nothing.

In this way, the four of them followed the butterfly into the formation of the “Beast Alliance”.

Only after entering the “formation” did Ye Luo discover that the “formation” had a similar scanning function that could detect the cultivation level of those who entered.

Ye Lu and the others didn’t have to worry about this, as they all appeared to be at the level of “Jindan 9”, which was not much in the “Beast Alliance”, and was considered to be a relatively low level, as the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” was too dangerous after all.

After walking through the formation, the scanning was completed, and Ye Lu paid a certain fee, not money of course, but various materials or “magic weapons”, “magic treasures”, and even various “gong methods”, “martial arts”, “spells” were all allowed.

Of course, the amount of money paid was related to the length of stay, and Ye Lu and the others stayed for a month, which was not a very long time, so just like the butterfly said, there was no oil and water, so no one thought about them.

The only thing that everyone noticed was the faces of the three women, each one was beautiful and not like the average mortal on earth.

“This kid has been blessed in several lifetimes, to have such three extremely beautiful women at once, just give me one of them and I’ll be worth it in my life.”

“Yeah, give me one and I’ll stay up all night.”

“You’ve got a point, I’d die of laughter even if I died of exhaustion in bed with such a beauty.”


Before they could say more and more unpleasant things, Ye Luo walked in with the three girls.

After walking in, Ye Luo saw that this “Beast Alliance” headquarters was really big, bigger than all the secret realms he had seen before, and the climate inside was very complicated, some places looked cloudy and rainy, while some places were sunny and shining, and some places were snowy.

In short, this place was perfectly suitable for all kinds of demonic beasts to survive.

“It looks like this ‘Beast Alliance’ is really more powerful than the ‘Pill Alliance’ or something like that!”

Ye Luo muttered with some emotion as he looked at the huge demonic beasts that kept flying up.

Because many of the demonic beasts were at the level of “Golden Dan Da Dao”, and occasionally some of them were actually at the level of “YuanYing Old Monsters”, which made YeLu a little surprised.

However, when he thought about it, he was relieved, because this was the “Beast Alliance”, and the “Original Spirit Beast” was something that could be more powerful than himself, so it wasn’t surprising that an expert at the peak of the “Golden Dan Da Dao” had a “YuanYing realm” demonic beast, but of course, it wasn’t that easy to train an “Original Spirit Beast” to the “YuanYing realm”.

Many people will have more than they can handle, and the other thing is that many demonic beasts live far longer than humans, just as it is said that crows can live for 300 years, if your “native spirit beast” can live for 500 years, if it can become a “YuanYing realm” when it is 400 years old, and you can only live to 100 years old, then something unfortunate will happen, because you will not survive much longer than your “native spirit beast”.

Therefore, cultivating an “Original Spirit Beast” is actually a very complicated process.

“When will I be able to have a ‘spirit beast’ this powerful?”

Ye Yan looked at a spirit beast not far away and said enviously.

For her part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t be envious of them, soon you will have your own ‘Original Spirit Beast’, moreover, your Spirit Beast will become even more powerful because we have the ‘Hwagamir’s Spring’, don’t worry, we will become more and more powerful.”

Just kidding, what Ye Yan was holding was a “Vermilion Bird Beast Egg” with 100% royal bloodline, after cultivating it, it would definitely be a powerful thing.

“We have everything prepared, so there is no need for us to stop at the ‘Beast Alliance’, let’s go straight into the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’.”

Ye Luo said as he looked at the road ahead and the “flying car” on one side.

“Because the entrance of the Beast Alliance and the entrance and exit of the Secret Realm of the Beasts were very far apart, it was necessary to rely on the “flying car” to get there.

Not only was it not free, but it was also extremely expensive. The fare for each person was actually enough to stay in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” for more than ten days.

“Grandma, this ‘Beast Alliance’ is really dark!”

Ye Yan said with some emotion as she sat in the “flying car”.

From a certain point of view, the “Beast Alliance” was indeed a bit shady, but in reality, it was a matter of “one wants to fight, one wants to suffer”.

So, Ye Lu didn’t say anything.

However, he saw people from the Xuantian Clan appear near the starting point when the car was leaving, and one of them looked like Zhang Tian, but it was just a flash, so Ye Lu was not sure.

“It can’t really be ‘Zhang Tian’, what is he doing here?”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but frown.


Chapter 472

To be honest, when he saw “Zhang Tian”, Ye Lu was really moved because, obviously, the key to the whole thing seemed to be “Zhang Tian”, so Ye Lu also wanted to catch Zhang Tian and ask him what was going on.

However, he knew very well that he did not have the strength to do so at the moment, and if Zhang Tian knew that he was here, I was afraid that not only himself, but also Ye Yan and the three of them would have to go down with him, so Ye Lu definitely could not let such a thing happen.

“It’s better to avoid them first.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

He had already experienced the power of the clan, so he felt that there would definitely be an expert protecting Zhang Tian’s side, and they must have left a backhand, not to mention that he was not entirely sure that the person was Zhang Tian.

“The “flying car” was indeed worth its weight in gold, because the one pulling the “flying car” was a super powerful demonic beast that had truly crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue”, so the speed of the “flying car” was much faster than that of the plane.

The four of them sat in the car and played cards for a while, but they didn’t feel bored.

The result was that they were completely crushed by Qin Siyu and Ye Lu, and later, even Long Feixue looked at Qin Siyu with wide eyes.

“Sister Siyu, you are too good at playing cards too.”

She said with some surprise.

As a result, Qin Siyu smiled and said.

“It’s because I’ve been helping my grandmother to look after the shop since I was a child, a shop that buys things from the dead.

Everyone didn’t expect such a lonely story behind such good poker skills, so they couldn’t help but sigh and lament.

Qin Shiyu, on the other hand, said generously.

“It is also because of such a reason that I cherish a good friend like Ye Lu.”

It was only then that Ye Lu understood why Qin Siyu was so good to herself. At that time, before Liu Mei came to the school, the only people who made Ye Lu feel warm and fuzzy were Qin Siyu and his nemesis Zhao Yang.

For Zhao Yang, Ye Lu did not want to involve him in the muddy water, so he only helped him secretly so that he would not have to worry about eating, drinking and picking up girls for the rest of his life.

To be honest, the further he went down this path of cultivation, the more Ye Lu felt that this path was too dangerous, and someone like Zhao Yang, who had no bloodline, no base card, and no talent, would have absolutely no benefit in getting involved.

Ye Lu suddenly had some understanding as to why Granny Yun did not want Qin Siyu to be exposed to anything related to cultivation.

However, the current Qin Siyu, as a “candle dragon”, could not help herself anymore.

“Cultivation and world peace aside, I have to protect these women no matter what, I guess the ‘Shadow of Death’ will not be able to withstand it.”

Previously, it was the Underworld’s Shadow of Death that was protecting Qin Shiyu, but as things escalated, Ye Lu felt that the Shadow of Death would soon be unable to cover them, after all, they were only a “secular” organization, and when the fight escalated to a “Saint”, that is, above the “Ninth Circle of the Golden Elixir”, it was beyond their capabilities.

In this way, amidst all the fun and nonsense, the group arrived at the entrance to the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”.

It was only then that Ye Lu discovered why the Beast Alliance did not completely own the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, because the two secret realms were magically connected here.

That is to say, the two were not contained by each other, but were connected, and this connection was also one-way, as people could enter the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” from the “Beast Alliance” Secret Realm, but the demonic beasts of the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” could not come out of the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”.

This is indeed a unique advantage.

“Let me talk to you four about the precautions.”

At the entrance and exit, an old man said in a somewhat lazy manner, guessing that he had already said this explanation countless times.

“After entering from here, it’s a world without order, so whatever happens inside, it has nothing to do with us, the ‘Beast Alliance’, and, most likely, there will be some killings, arson and robberies.”

After saying that, his eyes then glanced at the three women’s bodies, meaning clearly that these three women were the ones who would easily provoke a robbery.

However, Ye Yan, Long Feixue and Qin Siyu were not the type of weak women, so none of them were afraid when they heard his words.

However, this old man didn’t think much of the three women, and he shook his head and continued.

“Secondly, you had better not go too deep into the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’, because only the area close to our ‘Beast Alliance’ is relatively safe as it was developed very early and has always been entered, the deeper you go the the more dangerous it is, be sure to remember that, remember that.”

Having said that, he got to the point this time.

“The most important thing is the third point, once you are in any kind of trouble, there is something here that can be used to call for help inside, you can use this to call the police, people inside who belong to our ‘Beast Alliance’ will go to rescue you, of course, there is no free lunch in the world, everything has to be charged, including these props. ”

To put it bluntly, he introduced half the day is also to make money.

The first thing you need to do is to get a few “magic treasures” and exchange them for a few of these distress devices.

When he saw how generous Ye Lu was, the old man’s eyes lit up, as if he was much younger all of a sudden, and he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Little brother, we can also provide you with various weapons to deal with demonic beasts, such as this ‘Heavenly Thunder Bead’, and this ‘Demon Slaying Crossbow’, “Demon Catching Rope” ……”

In response to his sales pitch, Ye Lu smiled and refused, because this time he came in firstly to look for the “Star Destined One”, secondly to “hatch” the beast eggs, and thirdly also to practice.

The three women, except for Long Fei Xue who had actually fought with cultivators, Ye Yan had only sparred in clubs or PK’d with street thugs, and Qin Siyu, who had never fought at all, so this time Ye Lu wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone some more experience in actual combat.

Seeing that Ye Lu was not interested, the old man reverted to his old-fashioned appearance. The three women all smiled and followed the group into the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

Just after entering the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, Ye Lu was startled by what he saw in front of him.

He finally understood what “Big Wind” had said to him earlier, that this place was really huge, with mountains towering just short of the clouds.

Moreover, this place was so wide open that from time to time, huge demonic beasts could be seen flying through the sky in the distance, and the equally wide river felt like the sea.

“What a big world!”

The three women were also shocked by this scene, and everyone looked around with astonished faces. However, this was an area they had just entered, so there were no large demonic beasts out there.

“Don’t get sentimental, let’s go first, I guess we’ll have to spend more than a month here.”

Ye Lu smiled and said, following which he was the first to walk towards the front.

After finding a relatively remote place, Ye Lu called out “Big Wind”.

However, what Ye Lu and the others did not know at this moment was that they had been watched since they entered the secret realm of the Beast Alliance, and it was the guys from the Beast Alliance who were watching them.

To the Beast Alliance, these outsiders are also a kind of prey, anyway, after they enter the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, it is a world that is unattended, so it is useless to complain, they are only responsible for being safe in the secret realm of the Beast Alliance.

What made these guys’ hearts flutter was, of course, the beauty of Ye Yan and the others.

“Such beautiful beauties, but they are not hiding from suspicion, do you think they are luring us to make a move?”

A lecherous guy looked at a few other brothers and said with a smile.

“Hehehe, I think it’s just a wave rush, it’s cheaper for a few of us today anyway.”

“I’m going to be on the first round later, don’t any of you compete with me.”

“I want to get on that hot girl, it makes me itch just looking at her.”


Hearing the guys’ words, the bearded one at the head of the group said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, all have a share, but wait until they walk in some more to do it, don’t let the nosy ones crash through the good stuff.”